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TOR Darth Nox is stronger than the Wrath

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Emperor Sauron, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. The Emperor Sauron

    The Emperor Sauron Jedi Youngling

    Mar 11, 2013
    I have no idea why I can't post on the official forum of the game - it sucks - but I have to comment on this. People have ridiculed the power of the Sith Inquisitor with lame arguments. I hope some people will see common sense.

    One of the principal premises used in arguments by Sith Warrior players/fanboys is that the Sith Warrior was hand selected to be Wrath by none other than the all-powerful Emperor. So logical conclusion, then, is that the Wrath is more powerful. FLAWED argument!!!!!!!!!! Did it ever occur to any of these people that Darth Nox and Darth Vitiate (The Emperor) have more in common with each other than the so-called champion of the Empire: Darth Lackey/Wrath has with Vitiate? Not convinced?

    - Darth Nox/Vitiate are rulers
    - Darth Nox/Vitiate consume ghosts
    - Darth Nox/Vitiate principally utilise Force Lightning/Storm in combat
    - Darth Nox is based on Darth Sidious.... also known universally as Emperor Palpatine

    Furthermore, fans like to show how the Sith Warrior is respected from the very beginning all the way to the very end. These guys point out how the Sith Inquisitor was nothing but a slave; that he was spit on by the no-name-guy (not talking about Wrath here) who - apparently - can spot talent from a mile; that the Sith Inquisitor merely ascends to the title of Darth Nox: Lord of Knowledge; that Darth Nox is just a Councillor ([face_rofl]), which is clearly not the pinnacle of Sith Society. Why of course Nox's master is NOT Darth Vitiate because ONLY the Wrath deserves such acclaim and the Wrath only ever receives orders from the Emperor. The Dark Council is merely an advisory body of diplomats who don't even have any power lol. The Wrath can proceed to walk into the chambers of the Dark Council and decapitate whomever he wishes and people are so terrified of him!! not because he's the Emperor's pet.

    What makes a forcer user strong is not just their lightsaber, though of course that is partly why they are so strong. All force users - Sith Warriors are no exception - use the force to guide and amplify their attacks. The Sith Inquistor's connection with force is GREATER; his knowledge is DEEPER; his range of force powers is EXTENSIVE. So what if Darth Nox doesn't have heavy armour? His connected with his force ghosts affords him more than merely superficial protection. In addition to force ghosts, he uses Sith Sorcery to protect his body from injury.
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  2. Khalil O.

    Khalil O. Jedi Padawan star 1

    Mar 9, 2013
    Saying that the inquisitor merely ascends to the title of Darth Nox is a paradox; it's like saying John D. Rockefeller merely became the wealthiest person in history, or Michael Jackson merely became the most accomplished entertainer to date. Both worked very hard to reach their accomplishments. Rising from the lowest of the low to a position that is in some ways second only to the Emperor himself is no small feat. Especially if the player's character was not a Human or a Sith was this difficult, since the character had to deal with various disparaging remarks about his or her species being inferior. The inquisitor was betrayed by almost everyone that he/she came into contact with - fellow acolytes at the academy, the mentor that presented herself as a caring and loyal friend, only to lure the inquisitor into trap to steal the inquistor's body, and the Dark Council member that the inquisitor eventually supplanted. Unlike the Wrath - who had been born into a position of honor and prestige, everything that Darth Nox had earned had been fought for. Life was a constant struggle, yet Nox came out victorious. So, if only the character's stories are considered, I would say that Darth Nox is more accomplished than the Wrath.

    As regards combat, I do not think that one is superior to the other.
  3. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    It's a pointless distinction.

    I suspect both are equally powerful given their similar levels.
  4. Darth-Vassago

    Darth-Vassago Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2004
    I'm guessing you can't post to the SWTOR forums because you aren't a Sub.

    As for the discussion, it's literally pointless. I don't see how you can argue which class story has a more powerful character. Each class has intense "hero" or "epic" moments that makes the player's character look immensely powerful.
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  5. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    Besides, Darth Nox doesn't exist.

    It's Darth Imperius.

  6. Mzukiller

    Mzukiller Jedi Padawan star 2

    Sep 5, 2012
    Exactly. It's hard to measure a player characters power because, like in KOTOR, power levels are usually only there to make you feel better.