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Star Wars Darth Tigris Sith Tournament

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Darth Tigris, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Darth Tigris

    Darth Tigris Jedi Youngling

    Oct 4, 2013
    Having recently conquered a small, primitive and relatively unknown planet in the outer rim, Darth Tigris is shocked and amused to have discovered an ancient and long abandoned sports area, created centuries ago by an apparently extinct race.

    Viewing this as a possibility to make credits via gambling, identify who her greatest potential rivals are and thin the ranks of her Sith peers/competitors, Darth Tigris has extended an invitation to every Sith Lord and apprentice to compete in her first annual "Grand Sith Tournament."

    The Tournament will be a form of Sith Olympics in which Sith and Sith Apprentices of all worlds, races, ages and levels of skill within the Force are able to compete with each other.

    Prizes will be awarded to the winners of events, gambling and the betting on events will be encouraged and a slave auction, and black market selling and trading various illegal items will be held.

    The tournament will consist of multiple events and will include competitions in Force techniques, light saber duels, sporting events and pod races.

    Will YOU be a champion or an embarrassment?


    1: Please submit all Character Sheets to me before entering the tournament.

    2: Respect other players

    3: Sith, Sith apprentices and those that use the Dark Side only
  2. Darth Tigris

    Darth Tigris Jedi Youngling

    Oct 4, 2013
    Character Sheet

    Sith Name: Darth Tigris (Dark Tigress)

    Rank: Dark Lady of the Sith

    Height: 6’1”

    Weight: 132lbs

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye color: Blue, Yellow when exerting herself

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Light saber style: Primary form Makashi, secondary form Jar'Kai

    Light Saber color: Primary Red, Secondary Purple

    Clothing: Black leather pants, White shirtsleeve t-shirt, Black leather riding jacket, Black steel toe capped hiking boots, Black leather driving gloves.

    Weapons: Primary light saber, secondary light saber, fragmentation grenades, mustard gas grenades, proximity mines, remote detonation mines, pressure activated mines, trip wire activated mines

    Base of operations: A previously heavily damaged and abandoned Super Star Destroyer floating in space. Repaired and made operational again by Darth Tigris and her unwilling minions.

    Personal ship: modified two seater Red Naboo N-1 Star Fighter

    Personal Rival: Darth Procellaeque (Dark Hurricane, Tanya’s character, Procellaeque=Hurricane in Latin)

    Equipment: Sleeping gas grenades, Mustard gas grenades, Flash bang grenades, Fragmentation grenades, Tear gas grenades, Incendiary grenades, EMP grenades, Poison gas grenades all housed open carry on belt. Proximity mines, pressure plate mines, remote control detonated mines, timed mines, trip wire detonated mines all housed and concealed in black leather riding jacket. Primary light saber housed open carry on belt. Secondary light saber housed concealed within black leather pants. Handcuffs housed concealed within black leather pants.

    Origin: Born on a primitive and distant planet on which the Force, Jedi and Sith were all unknown, Nicola Rogers was branded as a witch, a demon and possessed by her family and society after manifesting telekinesis at the age of 5. As other weak Force techniques and abilities sporadically manifested over the next four years Nikki faced progressively more fear and ridicule by her own family and village. Disowned and abandoned by her parents and family, shunned by her former friends and banished from her village by her society at the age of 9, Nikki wondered the wilderness for a year, attempting to hone her control over her weak and emerging Force abilities.
    After a year spent surviving in the wilderness and attempting to hone and control her Force Telekinesis and a small number of weak underdeveloped Force abilities Nikki encountered a stranger. That stranger was the Sith lord “Darth Carnifice” (Dark Torturer, Carnifice=Torturer in Latin.) Initially he had intended to take over the village and sell the population on the intergalactic black market as slaves and had asked Nikki to guide him to the village. Nikki had agreed and led him to the village. However upon nearing the village Darth Carnifice sensed Nikki’s increasing levels of anger and hate. The closer they got to the village the more Nikki became silently frustrated and vengeful.

    Resting Darth Carnifice revealed he could sense the emotions and intentions of others and asked Nikki to explain why he was detecting such surging emotions of hate and rage. Nikki explain how she had been branded a witch and driven from her village, abandoned by her family and people because of strange powers she possessed. Intrigued Darth Carnifice asked her to demonstrate those powers for him and after observing her telekinetically lift and manipulate some large boulders set up a few tests to access her Force sensitivity. Discovering Nikki to have incredible power and sensitivity in the Force but little control and understanding Darth Carnifice asked Nikki what she would do if she had greater powers.

    Nikki answered that she would make all the villagers pay for the way they had treated her, especially her own family. Delighted at Nikki’s answer Darth Carnifice changed his mind and retreated from the edge of the village. After a year spent training and teaching Nikki about the Force and the Dark Side, Darth Carnifice and Nikki returned to the village. This time the pair attacked the village, killing indiscriminately and destroying everything in their path. Nikki did not hesitate or hold back and no one was spared. There were no survivors. Proud of the violence and blood lust Nikki had demonstrated Darth Carnifice made her his apprentice and the two left the planet.
    For 15 years Nikki studied and learned from Darth Carnifice. Training and studying day and night, spending every waking moment honing and practicing Force techniques, light saber swordsmanship and several martial arts. Nikki progressed abnormally fast in the Force yet refused to learn and deliberately neglected Force techniques she thought of as useless or impractical.

    Darth Carnifice had previously captured a NightSister and attempted to make her his unwilling apprentice. When the NightSister had resisted he had interrogated and tortured her for months. Torturing some of her techniques out of her against her will. After learning everything he could Darth Carnifice murdered the NightSister. Because of his time with the NightSister Darth Carnifice not only knew some of the lesser NightSister Force techniques but was able to teach them to Nikki to.
    At the age of 26 after studying under Darth Carnifice fanatically for 15 years Nikki was intensely powerful, skilled and yet volatile. Pitiless and Savage, Nikki had no loyalty to anyone and had no value on life. Her rebellious, independent and destructive nature made Darth Carnifice nervous and unsettled at times. He knew he wouldn’t be able to control her much longer. Neither Nikki nor Darth Carnifice believed in the rule of two. Wishing to test Nikki’s loyalty and obedience to him Darth Carnifice sent Nikki to a planet to recruit a powerful Force Sensitive that he had discovered living there.

    Quickly identifying and locating the young man, Nikki approached him and engaged him in conversation. Though very young and naïve Nikki felt a kingship and for the first time since she had been driven from her village actually found she genuinely enjoyed the companionship of another. Posing a peaceful traveler and hiding any traces that she was Force sensitive, Nikki appeared to the young man and his parents as innocent and polite. No one knew she had a five figure body count and was the cause of the mysterious illness that had appeared out of the blue and was infecting and killing off the town’s population one by one. After a few weeks living within the town and spending time with the young man Nikki sensed Darth Carnifice approach.

    Meeting Darth Carnifice in secret, Nikki spoke of the young man and the Force potential he had. Initially Darth Carnifice had told Nikki that if the young man possessed enough potential he would take the boy on as a second apprentice. A meeting between the three was scheduled for the following day. Arriving the following day Darth Carnifice revealed his true plan. He had never intended to train the young man as a second apprentice. He had no use for one. This mission had been a test for Nikki. She was to strike down the young man to prove her loyalty and obedience to Darth Carnifice.
    Furious that she had been used, deceived and made to choose, Nikki chose the young man. Announce he was under her protection. She had learned all she needed to from Darth Carnifice and now that he was no longer of use to her she would take this young man he had sent her to kill as her own apprentice and would strike down her former master if he dared try to stop her.

    Insulted by Nikki’s disobedience and arrogance, Darth Carnifice announced that he would not only kill his former apprentice but would murder the young man she intended to take as her own apprentice and would frame her for it. He taunted Nikki, claiming if she won the duel he would acknowledge her as an equal or superior and that she would have proven she was finally a Dark Lady of the Sith and no longer just an apprentice.
    Though he was powerful and had decades of knowledge and experience, Nikki’s ferocity and youth earned her the victory. Dueling in plain view of the public Nikki struck down and killed her former master in front of the entire town. Having witness Nikki come to the defense of the young man and protect him the town assumed Nikki to be a Jedi Knight sent to the village ahead of time to confront the Sith. Claiming this to be true Nikki lied to the town and to the young man’s parents, claiming to be a Jedi Knight from the Jedi tempt on Yavin 4. She claimed she had come to take the young man as her apprentice and that she was going to raise and train him at the Jedi Temple to become a Jedi.

    In reality Nikki instead dubbed herself Darth Tigris (Dark Tigress, Tigris=Tigress in Latin) Dark Lady of the Sith and took the young man as her Sith apprentice, dubbing him Darth Bagha (Dark Tiger, Bagha=Tiger in Hindi.)

    Since then Darth Tigris has spent her time traveling the planets and Star systems, black mailing, killing, kidnapping, torturing, robbing,, extorting, cheating, manipulating and deceiving her way through the universe while increasing her own wealth, power and influence and training her apprentice.
    The only one to ever show her any form of love and loyalty, Darth Tigris has developed powerful maternal instincts and has formed a strong bond and attachment to her apprentice. Though still ruthless, sadistic, self-serving and using both Dark Side Force techniques and negative emotions, Darth Tigris is far more self-controlled, self-disciplined and less reckless than she once was. Protecting and caring of her apprentice, she still leans heavily towards the Dark Side of the Force but not exclusively and uses both Dark and Light Side Force Techniques, though usually for evil purposes.

    Loyal only to her apprentice and valuing only his life and her own life, Darth Tigris is visibly less sadistic and pitiless since taking him as her apprentice, and is more of a neutral and self-serving entity than a Sith, showing little to no interest in any Jedi and Sith conflicts, yet she is still a dangerous and hostile individual well known among both Jedi and Sith for her reaction to any and all perceived provocation and willingness to casually and remorselessly kill those that oppose her or threaten her apprentice in any way.

    Manipulative and deceitful, Darth Tigris often stirs conflict between other Sith, playing off against each other and manipulating them for her own gain and for her own entertainment. Indifferent to Jedi unless provoked or the Jedi in question attempt to interfere with her multiple plans and plots, Darth Tigris has dueled and killed both Jedi and Sith and will not hesitate to kill and torture either side yet prefers to sit back and observe the two opposites battle each other without wasting her valuable time and energy getting involved herself.

    Well known for her abnormal skill and mastery of Force Lightning and Telekinesis, Darth Tigris is exceptionally powerful in some Force techniques and aspects of the Force yet her skill and mastery over other aspects is all but nonexistent. Despite this she remains a well-balanced and accomplished Dark Lady of the Sith with strengths that compensate for her weaknesses.

    Universally hated, feared, envied, respected and admired by both Jedi and Sith, Darth Tigris continues to increase her own wealth, power and influence and while she will form alliances with any Jedi, Sith and non-Force sensitive beings that prove useful and will aid both sides of any conflict it is well known that any alliance she forms is only temporary and expires the second the other side is no longer useful to her. Darth Tigris has no loyalty to anyone but her apprentice and will either turn on or abandon her former allies at the first convenient opportunity.

    Darth Tigris base of operations is a Super Star Destroyer kept in permanent orbit. Discovered floating in space abandoned and heavily damaged having survived a battle, Darth Tigris repaired the Super Star Destroyer through the use of forced slave labor and has since used the now restored and operational Super Star Destroyer as a mobile base of operations, prison, laboratory, training location for herself and her apprentice, meeting point for her illegal activities and staging post for planetary crimes and invasions.

    Darth Tigris personally ship is a modified two-seater red N-1 Naboo Star fighter. Darth Tigris favorite ship, She chose the N-1 Naboo Star fighter for its agility, fire power and unique design.

    Having encountered Darth Procellaeque only months after ascending to the position of Dark Lady of the Sith, Darth Tigris and Darth Procellaeque have since become fanatical and obsessive rivals, competing in everything and attempting to prove themselves superior to the other on regular occasions. Though each respects the other neither can rest until they have definitively proven themselves better than the other and humbled the other. Darth Procellaeque is the one and only individual significant enough for Darth Tigris consciously go out of her way to inconvenience and cause problems for.