Lit Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith #13-18: Burning Seas (6/6 Released)

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    I don't think there's anything to suggest Vader has forgotten about the Carrion Spike. And he doesn't strike me as the sort of warrior to want to rely on stealth technology, except in extreme cases like this.

    Vader can't deflect slugs back at the shooters.

    That they were throwaway was the point; he was using them as disposable in order to slowly build up his own knowledge of Vader.

    Same as any prequel story, then. But the tension comes from trying to work out why they're hunting each other, and how it will be resolved. Tarkin walking out into no man's land had a great air of finality about it even though we know the outcome. It's one of those examples of something being compelling enough to make you briefly forget you know how the story goes as you're reading.
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    I just realized that issue #18 is essentially the Star Wars version of the movie Predator (1987).
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    yah lotta fun, I love done in ones and Tarkin made for a great POV (and his outfit / blaster made him look like a Great White Hunter on Savannah) issue in summation: Vader's a freakin' nutbar. Oddly a very simple trick to make the issue's conflict work.

    Let's just say this particular species hide only does that particular cloaking trick on that particular planet and call it a day.
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    It's not some kind of digital cloaking. It's just chameleon skin.
    1. a special animal cell, usually dermal, that contains pigment granules: it is often capable of expansion and contraction in such a manner that the skin color changes, as in the chameleon
    2. a plastid containing chlorophyll or other pigments
    Vader can probably cloak visually and electronically using the Force if he wanted to (assuming he can mind trick people to get by visually and use the Force to interfere with electronics)

    The only thing the skin allows is to not have to concentrate on also using the Force to get past people visually. At least not as much.
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    Ever since the preview for #18 was released I thought Tarkin was wearing over-the-knee / thigh-high boots... Only today do I realize they're probably just regular cuffed knee boots worn up instead of folded down. That went from a giggle to a d'oh. My brain, I swear. Him shuffling about the Death Star Overbridge in slippers is something we'll always have, at least. A man of many soles.

    Charles Soule posted his writer's notes for #18 (emphasis mine):

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    yah more one-shots, please. I liked Aaron's exit arc on Star Wars which was just basically a series of one-shots, I think that would work great for Vader.
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