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    Now the stage is set, the council session is now set to begin

    ?Call this meeting to order I do,? Yoda announced confidently.

    Yoda then turned to Master Windu and nodded for him to proceed with the standard procedure for impeachment that must be declared against those accused for breaking the Jedi code. It was all a formality really; but a necessary step that must be made and addressed before the real motion to be decided was made to save him from being disgraced. Master Windu got up, faced Anakin, and addressed him, ?Master Skywalker, you have been charged with breaking the Jedi Code of Attachment. Please stand and make a plea regarding the charge.?

    He sat back down as Anakin rose to make his plea.

    Anakin stood ready to be judged. Yet despite all the preparation he had done to control his fear and anxiety, it was with him nonetheless and had a hard time not showing it. ?I am guilty of breaking the Jedi Code of attachment, but I will not resign.?

    ?Let the record be shown that the accused has entered a plea of guilty to the charge,? Master Windu declared. The council nodded in agreement that he had done so and Master Ki-Adi actually looked pleased that he had done so. But the purpose behind Anakin?s declaration of guilt was not to disgrace him. It was his refusal to resign that would force the real issue decided here today. After that, Anakin?s fate would be decided.

    Mace Windu then ordered him, ?Very well, place your lightsaber on the table. You may chose to make a statement before we commence deliberation concerning your position in the Jedi Order.?

    Anakin complied. He slowly made his way to the thin marble table which was grooved in the middle and sat his lightsaber down upon it so he could be judged. It was a harrowing feeling to surrender his blade; for he was trained to never let out of his sight and felt naked without it. There was the grim possibility that he would never be able to hold it again. If he was impeached; his lightsaber would be destroyed so that it could never be used again; his robes burned, and his life as a Jedi would be over. His name would be added to the list of lost Jedi and a bust made to commemorate his infamy, along with his name being stripped from every record taken by the archives about him. It would almost be like he?d never existed, and that in his opinion was worth than death.

    Anakin turned to his colleagues and stood ready to address them. He had originally thought he would remind the Jedi about everything he had done for the Order and the Republic. But the more he thought upon it, the more it appeared completely unnecessary for him to do so ? for they wouldn?t even be here considering to keep him among them if they didn?t value his contributions. His actions of late had helped earn their trust and prove their worth far more than any words ever could. No, the only way he could get through to them in regards to what must be done would be to speak from his heart and tell the Jedi how he really felt about being a Jedi not holding anything back. If he did that, he just might be able to convince even Master Ki-Adi to support this change.

    He directed his attention first toward Master Kenobi and from his heart told him, ?Before I begin, I would first like to thank my mentor and friend Master Kenobi from taking me as his apprentice. I know there were times when we disagreed and there were times I did not appreciate your training, but I want you to know I would not be standing here as a Jedi Master if it wasn?t for you. More than that, you took me on as your apprentice when no one else would, and gave me the guidance I needed during that difficult time in my life. You are the closest thing I ever had to a father Obi-Wan and I love you for what you have done for me and my family.?

    Anakin bowed to him respectfully.

    Obi-Wan could not contain the emotions he was feeling inside. He stood and embraced Anakin with a tearful hug. He was overwhelmed with feelings of love as a father would for a son combined with pride for what he had be
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    Now Obi-Wan makes his speech to save Anakin

    ?Very well,? Yoda told him. ?Move on we do to Master Kenobi, who as his former master has requested to speak on behalf of Master Skywalker.?

    Master Kenobi stood up and bowed respectfully to Yoda and Master Windu. Unlike the others, he remained standing in front of his chair and did not pace around the room like the others had done. He was not a natural speaker and did not feel comfortable in doing so, but as Anakin?s former master he hoped his words would be well received.

    ?Fellow members of the Council, I like you was disappointed when I learned the truth about Anakin Skywalker?s marriage to Senator Amidala. However; once I learned of Anakin?s commitment to his wife and the love they shared for each other ? I could not condemn it. I have trained Anakin in the ways of the Force since he was a small boy and have watched him evolve from the recklessly powerful youth to the mature Jedi Master that stands before you now. He has proven to me beyond a doubt that he is the Chosen One and, like Qui-Gon before me, I now believe that it is Anakin?s destiny is to bring balance to the Force.

    Anakin has done everything I have ever asked him and despite his heritage he has become a Jedi whom is now both accepted and respected by all of us. No one can doubt that he is a hero, whose bravery and courage has saved the Republic countless times ? not to mention my own life. His strength and determination led us through the Clone Wars with victories that otherwise would not have been possible had he not been there. He is our guardian against the Sith, who defeated Count Dooku during his valiant rescue of the Chancellor and came to the aide of Master Windu to defeat Sidious. Let me remind each of you now that we would all be dead if Anakin had not come with his reinforcements to save us from the Sith army sent to destroy us by the resurrected Palpatine. His actions and deeds have proven to us that he stands for everything pure and good in the Force. He is the savior Master Qui-Gon promised he could be.

    All we have to do is give him that chance.?

    ?The risk is simply too great to take,? Master Ki-Adi objected.

    ?For you, maybe,? Obi-Wan responded. ?I however see this as an opportunity to improve ourselves not only on a fundamental level, but we can make ourselves stronger by encouraging our members to seek out love and have families of their own. We can forge a legacy here today that will make us far stronger than ever before and found a New Jedi Order that will still be heavily based on the principles and traditions of the old Republic. Whether we like or not, things are changing and we must actively seek out change if we are to survive.?

    Obi-Wan paused to allow Master Ki-Adi the opportunity to object further. But when he failed to do so, he continued, ?I would also like to take this opportunity to speak on how Master Skywalker?s family has changed me for the better. As many of you know, I love Anakin like a brother and since becoming aware of his family I?ve felt that they are now family as well. From the moment I saw Luke and Leia I knew that I loved them and will always do everything in my power to protect them. And it is not just because they are strong in the Force like their father that I?ve grown so attached to them or that they are the future of the Republic, it is because I see so much of their parents in each of them. That is why I will adamantly support how they chose to raise their children and oppose any effort to seize their children to be trained the traditional way.?

    ?You?ve already heard the council declare we would make no such attempts,? Master Windu told him. ?I remind you again that this session is to determine the fate of Skywalker, not his children.?

    ?I understand that, Master Windu,? Obi-Wan responded to him. ?But in my view Master Skywalker and his children are linked. That is why I believe we must embrace this change so that Skywalker?s children and their children?s children will choose to become Jedi themselves.
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    Now the conclusion to the Council Session that will determine Anakin's fate and the future of the Jedi Order

    ?Deeply moved I am by the words spoken here today,? Yoda told the Council. ?Convinced I am that we must allow Master Skywalker to bring balance to the Force and fulfill the prophecy. Make a motion I do to revoke the code of attachments.?

    ?I second the motion,? Master Windu immediately declared.

    Within moments of doing so; Masters Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, and Barriss Offee also vocally supported the motion.

    Now the real debate was about to begin.

    This motion would require a unanimous vote to pass and Masters Ki-Adi, Luminara, and Roan Shryne had abstained from adding their support. Ki-Adi was certainly against it, but Luminara and Roan Shryne?s silence did not necessarily mean they were against the motion, but that they had yet to be convinced to vote in favor of it.

    ?Master Yoda, you cannot honestly ask us to forsake our most sacred traditions and principles ? for they embody what we truly are,? Ki-Adi objected.

    ?We are not talking about casting aside the Jedi code Master Ki-Adi, but to change it to balance the Jedi Order. We must change or once again we may find ourselves on the brink of destruction before another Sith Lord,? Master Windu told him. ?We must change if we are to survive.?

    ?Anakin is but the first of a new breed of Jedi whom will come to embody the new Jedi Order,? Master Yoda explained. He intended to make it clear that what he was proposing would form the foundations of a new Jedi Order. Master Yoda continued by saying, ?The code of the Jedi must be balanced if we are truly to evolve to the next level of understanding of the Force and so that the next generation of Jedi will have the same potential as Master Skywalker. The code of attachment must be abolished so that Jedi can have families and are encouraged to love. The code of possession must be changed to encourage Jedi not to fear ambition and strive to fulfill their potential. Once that is accomplished, only then will we become balanced.?

    Master Ki-Adi was dumbfounded with disbelief.

    ?I cannot believe what I am hearing from you, Master. This would mean the destruction of everything that we hold dear if we abandon our most sacred principles just to keep Anakin Skywalker within the Order!?

    Master Yoda however rebuked him calmly, ?Do what we must we will Master Ki-Adi if we are to survive. Opened our eyes his marriage has to our failure in becoming one with the Force. We must obey the will of the Force, but also follow our hearts to become more enlightened Jedi so we may better understand its mysteries. Only then will we become truly one with the Force.?

    ?Are you saying that everything that has happened is the will of the Force?? Master Luminara questioned skeptically. ?Because I believe the cause of what plagues us is right here in this chamber with us.?

    ?Anakin was conceived by the Force itself,? Master Kenobi reminded the council. ?He is the agent of its change and works through him through the choices he has made. If you accept Anakin as the Chosen One, than you must believe that he is acting through the will of the Force and that it his destiny to bring balance to the Force.?

    ?I do believe that,? Luminara admitted openly. ?My only concern is whether he is ready to take on the responsibility we are asking of him.?

    ?I am,? Anakin swore to her.

    ?I believe you mean that, Anakin.? Luminara then turned to Yoda, ?Do you really believe he is ready to bear this burden??
    ?No,? Yoda answered truthfully. ?But if we fail to do this now, have to wait another millennia we will to bring balance to the Force.?

    ?I see?? Luminara replied hesitantly, still not sounding convinced.

    ?This also isn?t going to be something that happens overnight,? Master Windu told the council. ?This transition is going to take years, if not decades to achieve. What we decide here will only determine if he is given that chance, and to do that we
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    Great chapter. Can't wait to see the debate.
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    Council Chamber

    Anakin watched Shaak Ti and Roane Shryne leave together. He was quite certain he had overheard him ask to discuss the New Jedi Order and what it meant to him over drinks. It sounded innocent enough, but could also see that years of sexual tension and restraint was now being released and it was only natural to pursue those feelings at the first available opportunity. A grand celebration was taking place throughout the temple upon hearing the news and Anakin wondered how many Jedi would have more than just hangovers to regret.

    Master Windu had also been in a hurry to leave. Though he knew he was expected to meet with him and Yoda immediately after the session, he could sense that there was something else that was bothering him. Perhaps he too had noticed that a love bug was quickly running through the ranks and was alarmed by it. He sure hoped everyone remembered that there was still an honor code still in effect and they were sworn as Jedi to uphold it. There was also the possibility that he too had been struck by the love bug and had seen how Master Luminara had approached him earlier. If the latter was the case, he prayed to the Force that whoever the lucky lady was that they?d be able to handle the advances of the iron willed Jedi master. He was not someone who you wanted to say no too.

    It made him thankful he was married and did not have worry about such things.

    ?I?m going to go check on the children,? Padme said to him discreetly.

    Anakin nodded in approval.

    ?After am through here I have to meet privately with Yoda and Master Windu,? he told her. ?Not sure how long that is going to take.?

    ?I?ll be waiting,? she promised with a seductive smile.

    They kissed, and then he let go of her. He watched her leave, while savoring the fact that now it was ok for them to be together and that nothing would come between them now. Whether she really resigned from the Senate or not, no longer mattered to him because she would be closer to him now than ever before, with no restrictions placed on where and when they could be together. It would make him feel even better, if she agreed to live in the temple where she and the children could be kept safe, but knew she would never to agree to that. He also did like the freedom of living outside the confines Jedi Temple in her apartment and it was close enough that he didn?t really have to worry about her safety. The place was really a fortress with all the modifications they installed to insure their privacy and safety, with a security system in place that would make even the chancellor envious.

    They were also fortunate enough to be able to afford such a nice place to live and knew it paled in comparison to the estate she owned back home on Naboo. She was so wealthy in fact that they could both retire now if they wanted too and spend the rest of their days doing whatever they wanted. Unfortunately; they both were doing precisely wanted to do and the wealth she possessed was simply a tool to buy whatever comforts they needed to pass the time. He smiled again as he realized now he would be able to more freely share those comforts with her and that truly the best days were ahead of them.
    Anakin proceeded to join Obi-Wan, who was currently with Plo Koon and Luminara and talked about some of his memories with Master Qui-Gon. Anakin always listened intently every time the he talked about Qui-Gon because he seldom did. Often it was simply too painful for him to reminisce about his former master after what had happened to him on Naboo. But Master Qui-Gon?s return seemed to heal whatever wounds were left and he was now happily talking about his memories of what he gambled on and their disbelief at the some of the things he managed to get away with.

    ?He was a true maverick,? Obi-Wan told them. ?None of this would have been possible without him.?

    ?It is very suiting that he was the one who figured out how to cheat death,? Plo Koon said.

    ?And come back to tell the tale,? Luminara pointed out.

    Anakin then noticed th
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    Qui-Gon?s spirit lingered inside the chamber and proudly watched them go. Their many achievements honored him, but it was their fellowship of brotherhood that really endeared them both to his heart.

    ?How close you were Anakin to nearly destroying yourself for the one you love,? he commented warily. ?How fitting that same love is what has saved you and those you most care about.?

    Qui-Gon left the chamber and his essence followed both of them until they split up. He overheard Anakin tell Obi-Wan that he had to meet with Yoda and Master Windu to discuss his future. Qui-Gon nodded in approval and knew that Anakin?s future was now secure; now that they were taking it upon themselves to complete his training and to teach him everything he needed to know in order to fulfill the prophecy.

    He waited until they said their goodbyes and proceeded to follow Obi-Wan, wanting to spend what time he had left with his former Padawan before he had to return to the Neverworld where he belonged.

    There was something he needed to tell him.

    Before it was too late?
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    Medical Ward

    Barriss returned to the medical ward to be promptly told by one of her aides that Master Windu was waiting in her private office to speak to her privately. The situation was much more manageable for her now that all the clones had been transferred to Republic run medical facilities and that all that remained were those Jedi too seriously injured to return to their quarters. All the bacta tanks were full and when able she managed to double dunk two patients into the same tank to maximize space. Only the most critically wounded were allowed to have their own tank, with droids monitoring their condition constantly to ensure no complications emerged during their healing cycle. It also helped that all the wounded she cared for were Jedi, whose natural abilities to heal with the Force amplified their recovery times to a matter of days instead of weeks.

    Barriss took her time and determined she would see to her patient?s well being before attending to Master Windu.

    She was still unsure of how she felt about him and after his refusal to resign for her it made her seriously doubt that he really loved her. Of the seventy-eight Jedi who were brought in for treatment, only three died of their wounds. The rest Barriss expected to make a complete recovery and conceivably could be ready again for active duty by the end of the week. In addition to the clones, she also had a small team of healers assigned to her by Master Windu to help oversee all the patients care and to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.

    ?Is it true my lady that the code of attachments has been abolished?? One of the injured knights asked her groggily as she walked by his examination bed. He lost both an arm and a leg during the battle, along with a serious of cuts and bruises over his entire body. He had been struck down early on in the battle in the Great Hall and had been unfortunate to be trampled under the feet of the enemy for the rest of the battle. He was scheduled for limb replacement tomorrow and was expected to make a full recovery.

    ?Yes, it is,? she told him softly.

    ?Miraculous!? he cried out in disbelief. ?I never believed I would see that happen in my lifetime.?

    ?Well now you have,? she told the young man affectionately. ?When you?re through healing here, I hope you will make the best of it.

    ?Yes ma?am!? he replied excitedly. ?You bet I will.?

    ?That goes for all of you,? she told all of her patients. ?The Council expects each of you to embrace this change that Master Skywalker has brought for all of you. Any of you who waste this opportunity will be answering to me.?

    ?Yes, ma?am!? A chorus of voices acknowledged. Those who could gave her mock salutes and began to whisper eagerly with whoever as next them the very first thing they were going to do the moment they escaped her clutches. When permissible she allowed the aides to serve champagne to those well enough to be able to handle it.

    One thing was certain: They had better celebrate while they could because she was convinced that it wouldn?t last for long. There was still the score of dead that would need to be ceremoniously buried and that would put a sour note on the dawning days ahead. There was also Darth Sidious to worry about. With their failure to destroy his forces after the invasion, it was only inevitable that a new war with the Sith was on the horizon and she doubted Darth Sidious would give them much time to lick their wounds after the destruction and death he inflicted upon them. That was the biggest reason Master Windu was insistent that the wounded be treated as quickly as possible so they could return to active duty ? for he would need them ready to fight very soon.

    She entered one of the private rooms to visit the lovely young Padawan who was nicknamed Scout by her friends. She lay unconscious on her stomach on the examination bed due to a hole in her side where her liver used to be and would need to receive a transplant in order to survive. Currently she was hooked up to same machine that had
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    Master Windu stood as she entered to greet her.

    ?Master Barriss,? he addressed her respectfully. ?I was beginning to wonder where you were.?

    ?I had to escort Master Ki-Adi back to his chamber,? Barriss told him. ?He was adamant that he sleep in his own bed and since I needed the space here was happy to comply with him.?

    ?Eager to get him out of your hair already?? Master Windu teased her.

    ?Not, not at all,? she replied to him as she walked around to her desk to take her seat. She proceeded to give him a pleasant smile as she sat down. ?But not having him here frees up that private room that can I can now give to someone else.?

    Master Windu sat back down and asked her, ?Are the aides that I assigned working well for you??

    ?For the short term, they are fine,? Barriss answered her. ?But soon I would like to have a permanent staff and am not sure they would be my first choices for healers.?

    ?They were the best of whom were available,? Master Windu reminded her. ?Once everything calms down, you may select whomever you wish from our surviving ranks and also put in orders for any additional equipment you need.?

    ?That is very gracious of you,? she told him happily. Having another half-dozen of bacta tanks would be nice and some of the medical tools available to her were woefully out of date. She?d used better gear to treat wounds in a field hospital for forsake! It was amazing that she?d been able to save as many lives as she did.

    ?We?d never anticipated the medical ward being used as a field hospital for so many all at the same time,? Master Windu told her. ?I assure you that the council will approve anything you might need to make our medical ward better than it is now.?

    ?It won?t take much to achieve that,? she assured him. ?Just need more equipment and space.?

    Master Windu nodded in agreement. ?When the great Hall is renovated, we will make plans to at least double the size of the Medical Ward and equipment.?

    ?And staff,? she reminded him. ?We can?t afford to be shorthanded of healers ever again.?

    ?Yes, of course.?

    Master Windu was being way to accommodating then he usually was. That made her believe he was using his position to try and endear himself to her. But she didn?t want to love him because he was Yoda?s right hand man and would have to win over her heart. So far he was failing miserably.

    Master Windu paused nervously, before continuing, ?Can you give me a timetable on how soon most of the injured can return to active duty.?

    ?Most of them will be back on their feet within a week,? Barriss estimated. ?I figure that there will be roughly twenty to thirty Knights and who will require rehabilitation and continued treatments for their injuries.?

    ?We may need them sooner than that,? Master Windu warned her.

    ?Well if I had more staff I could treat them more quickly,? she told him bluntly. ?There?s no other assurance I can give you other than we are working diligently to get the wounded back on their feet. I also must tell you that I will only clear them for active duty if their healthy enough to resume their duties and I won?t release them otherwise.?

    ?I have no problem with that,? Master Windu told her. ?Though I fear there is still the threat of an imminent attack still from the Sith, I do believe that Darth Sidious is going to lick his wounds before he moves on his next target. That should give us some time to regroup and prepare for his next attack.?

    ?How long do you think we have??

    ?A month if we?re lucky. Three months max.?

    ?Well then, plenty of time if we?re lucky,? she said optimistically.

    ?It?s what I hope.?

    ?Meanwhile; I would recommend that Master Ki-Adi be placed on restricted duty.?

    ?Why?? Master Windu asked her abruptly.

    ?He still is not completely recovered from his injuries and would like to also closely monitor him to make sure there are not any adverse side effects from that what we did to save him,? Barriss advised him. ?Since he is the first patient every healed with such a procedure, we need to closely
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    Here is the trivia question of the week

    What is the Polis Massa?

    A. A moon
    B. An Asteroid Belt
    C. A Planet
    D. A space station

    Good luck
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    Holly Sith, fantastic updates. Looks like you really enjoyed writing Part 5 (after the motion was passed) - where many jedi ae looking to have big night in the temple and find some romance - funny. [face_laugh] They might aswell have some fun - Sidious will return soon enough. nice touch with Qui-Gon didn't expect that so soon in the story.
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    Brilliant! Simply brilliant! =D= But now I expect to see the effects of this new Code on the Jedi order!
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    Beautifully done! And wow...what an update! :eek:

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    Wow Milteck, this was certainly well worth the wait and the read. Love the divine intervention of Qui Gon in the proceedings and the thoughts of what a number of jedi will be getting up to now that the code on attachments has finally been abolished. But my worries on Mace Windu remain intact. Given Bariss's rebuttal of him and my earlier thoughts on his assuming too much over becoming the next GrandMaster, I think that he could have serious dark side issues that could be exploited by a certain Dark Side Lord. Is that what Qui Gon wants to see Obiwan about, I wonder? Can't wait for the next update.
  15. Darth_Drachonus Jedi Master

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    Bravo. Excellent. Polis Massa is a space station in an astroid belt
  16. Darth_Sidious_1983 Jedi Knight

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    Maybe this culprit is the new Sith apprentice. [face_thinking]
  17. Raptor517 Jedi Knight

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    An interesting would also allow for Whie's vision of being killed by a Jedi to still come true.

  18. Force_Chick Jedi Youngling

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    [face_hypnotized] WOW!=D=

    This was well worth the wait. I'm going to go back and read it a second time to absorb more of it.
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    Darth_drachonus is correct [face_dancing]

    The answer is Polis Massa is a asteroid belt.

    Next question

    What is the name of the hut in which healers use medicinal plants and magic to cure the ill in Bright Tree Village?

    a. Hut of Health
    b. Place of Sickness
    c. Wellness Barn
    d. Hut of Wellness

    Here is a hint. This is an ewok hut from ROTJ

    Good luck
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    Woah, that was excellent, few other words can describe it. Interesting scenes between Windu and Barris, I hope their relationship can recover from this, maybe that master (whos name i can't remember) will move in on Windu and get Barris jealous.

    looking forward to the next chappy
  21. Milteck Jedi Knight

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    The answer to the last question is:

    b: Place of sickness
  22. Milteck Jedi Knight

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    Here is the next question for the week

    Why did Darth Sidious send Darth Maul to kill Neimodian Hath Monchar prior to the Battle of Naboo?

    A. He stole the designs to build battle droids
    B. He had discovered Darth Sidious' true identity
    C. He was threatening to assinate Nute Gunray
    D. He fled the Trade Federation with information on Darth Sidious' invasion plans
  23. megacrafter2 Jedi Knight

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    Hmm, to be honest i have no idea, but I'll guess A cus it seems like something a Neimodianwould do
  24. Darth_Sidious_1983 Jedi Knight

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    On the other hand, that would mean that the Rule of Two was broken by Sidious (too soon to recruit, especially with Maul around).

    Milteck: My answer is D.
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    sorry that I havent replied in a while the server wouldnt let me login but i have been following the story and I like that it has come to this changing of the code. Loved thet you are gonna write a sequle and hope that you will put me on the pm list for that one

    thanks in advance

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