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Dawn of Darkness -EP III AU A/A and SO (Updated 6/8 9:29 PM)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by PadmeSolo, Jul 3, 2002.

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  1. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    I've decided to update my welcome message a little bit considering I'm not exactly that new anymore ;) .

    First, Dawn of Darkness is a major work that's been going on since July '02, as you probably have figured out by now. It started out as a small idea of trying to write a possible Episode Three, but it's gone far beyond that. Although the story does describe Anakin's fall from grace, it takes a lot more time than I orginally planned. Two hundred pages into it, and he still seems relatively good.

    I've added many of my own characters, Viva and Ari being the most important. Keep in mind, I'm trying to do this as realistically as possible. I've mulled over how Anakin must turn for hours and still he seems too innocent to decend to the dark side. Now that we've all seen ROTS, I should also add that this is entirely AU. Well, that in mind, I hope you enjoy my interesting creation.

    :) _PSK_ :)
  2. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    Chapter 1: The Premonition

    Twilight settled on the hills surrounding the city of Theed. The last traces of sunlight faded into the sky. There were no clouds, nothing to obstruct the sunset. It was perfect, at least it should have been perfect. But it wasn?t. No, Padme Amidala reflected, it was far from perfect. The light of the sunset had shone bright red, like the blood being spilled by the Republic?s army. She didn?t know what had gone wrong, or where it had gone wrong. One minute the Republic had been saving lives and the next instant it was destroying them. Not that the Republic was Amidala greatest concern at the moment. Perhaps it should have been, but it wasn?t.

    She felt tears well up in her eyes. Anakin. Damn him! How could he leave her, betray her, now? A slight smile fleeted across her face, too worn for her age. He hadn?t left her, not really, but he was hardly around. Most of his time was spent with the Chancellor. Days ago, Obi-Wan had come to her with his concerns. Anakin was spending too much time away from his training, did she know why? Then, Padme had been puzzled at his worried expression when she told him that Anakin was spending time with Palpatine. Now she understood what Obi-Wan had not voiced. Palpatine was a danger to the Republic, let alone Anakin.

    She turned from the edge of the balcony and returned to her quarters. She wished she could stay, stay in the warm interior of the palace, stay in the city of Theed. In a day, she would have to return to Courscant, the galactic center. Padme would have to deal with the falling moral standards of the Republic, and with Anakin. She didn?t know if she could deal with losing him to the devices of Palpatine. A hand on her shoulder startled her out of her thoughts.

    ?Senator Amidala, you need to rest,? Sabe smiled down at her. Padme returned the smile, Sabe was always here when she returned. She always had been and probably always would be.

    ?Sabe, will he leave us?? her eyes pleaded with Sabe for the answer.

    ?I do not know, but all the same you must sleep. When was the last time you slept the whole night?? she implored, and nodded when she saw Padme?s blank look, ?That?s what I thought. We will worry about our other concerns in the morning. Tonight, however, you are going to get some sleep.?

    ?But Sabe..?

    ?No arguing tonight,? she replied as she led Padme to the bed. When the senator made no actions to take off her robe and get in, Sabe did it for her. Just as Padme was starting to fade into unconsciousness, she sat bolt upright and turn to the door where Sabe was exiting.

    ?Where is Obi-Wan??

    Confused, Sabe exclaimed, ?What? I mean? excuse me??

    Padme frowned at her friend, but explained, ?Obi-Wan. I need to tell him something. It?s urgent! Please go find him.?

    ?I?m sorry, senator,? started Sabe, obviously confused by her counterpart?s behavior, ?but Obi-Wan is on Courscant, nowhere near Naboo.?

    If anything, Padme frowned even more and looked a slightly puzzled, ?Are you sure? I just talked to him earlier. Did he already leave? But how could be there so quickly??

    ?Padme, listen to me, Obi-Wan hasn?t been here in weeks, maybe even months,? Sabe said with genuine concern, but a trace of fear accented her voice, ?You, on the other hand, live on Courscant. I?m sure you?ve seen him much more lately.?

    ?Oh?? Padme?s eyes seemed distanced, but a moment later they snapped into focus, ?Never mind where he is. I need to contact him.?

    Sabe contemplated her before nodding and responding to her request, ? I can get you the comm. if you want??

    ?Please,? Padme said as she watched her longtime friend run off to find the nearest comm. unit. Moments later Sabe returned. Still uncertain of Amidala?s motive she hastily set it before her, ?Thank you, Sabe.?

    ?It was no bother, milady,? she answered. Then it was as if Padme had woken up, even though that could not have been the case. She looked at Sabe with crystal clear eyes and then at the communicator an
  3. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    The fingers of dawn broke into the corners of Padme?s room. The sky outside was changing from a soft pink to a brilliant blue. Native species? cries echoed around the palace. She shifted in her bed to stare out the window. What a beautiful day, Padme thought smiling. Abruptly she frowned. What was it that Sabe had said last night? Oh, yes, that she had thought Obi-Wan to be on Naboo. Why would she think the Jedi Master was here? She shook her head, letting her auburn tresses dissipate around her. She would to Kenobi upon her return, until then she would give the matter no further thought.

    Quickly, she dressed and entered the other room where Sabe had already put the morning meal on the table. Padme sighed, Sabe was far too good to her. She took a seat in one of the giant wooden chairs seated around the oval table.

    ?I trust you slept well, milady?? Sabe questioned as she reentered the room with steaming tea.

    Padme nodded reaching for the tea, ?Very well. Truthfully, much better than I ever have in the past few months.?

    ?Even with Anakin?? Sabe realized her mistake almost immediately after she spoke when Padme bowed her head and turned away, ?Forgive me, Padme, I forgot.?

    ?No, don?t apologize. I need to acknowledge this now. I can?t deny what?s happening forever,? she said lifting her sad eyes to meet Sabe?s.

    ?Forgive me for asking, but what is happening. You haven?t told me,? Sabe?s eyes pleaded with her to share, ?I understand we hardly see each other and that it?s formal when we do, but please remember I?m your friend. I?ve always been and will always be.?

    Padme took Sabe?s hands in her own, ?You have no idea that means to me, Sabe. And I, also, will always be there for you. But I don?t really know how I can explain.?

    ?Don?t worry how it comes out,? Sabe smiled reassuringly, ?Just say what?s on your mind.?

    ?I?d been noticing for awhile. Anakin wasn?t around as much and he was never at the Jedi Temple either. At first, I didn?t give it much thought. Then one day Obi-Wan came and talked to me. He asked where Anakin was spending his time. I was surprised he didn?t know and tried to remember where Anakin had said he was going. It took awhile, but I finally remembered that he was seeing the Chancellor. Oh, Sabe, Obi-Wan?s expression was devastated,? Padme lowered her head, ?And now I always feel so alone. He?s never around. I haven?t even been able to tell him I?m pregnant. It?s almost like I?m afraid of what he?ll do, that he won?t care.?

    ?Oh, Padme,? Sabe got up and moved to embrace Padme. As soon as she felt Sabe?s arms around her the tears started flowing. Try as she might to stop them. Sabe felt helpless. She could do little more than offer comforting murmurs in Padme?s ear.
  4. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    Sabe let her friend cry on her shoulder, doing little to stop her. She knew Padme had been having a hard time lately. It had never occurred to her that Anakin was the root of the problem. From the moment she had met the bright blue eyed blonde boy she had known he was fascinated with Padme. She remembered her amusement at the expression on his face when he found out that Padme was really the queen. So much had changed since then, but as far as Sabe had known Anakin had still been utterly in love and probably still fascinated with Padme Amidala. In her opinion, there was no reason to believe otherwise.

    Padme sniffed again and looked up at Sabe, ?what time is it??

    ?A little before 10, you have plenty of time before your meeting with the queen,? she answered with a slight smile.

    ?Good,? Padme nodded. She didn?t want to have to think about politics or the state of the republic just now. Some voice inside of her said she was being selfish, but at the moment Padme didn?t really care. She turned again to glace at her companion. Sabe was staring at her with a slight frown on her face, ?What??

    ?I was thinking of last night. Don?t you remember anything?? as before Sabe?s eyes pleaded with her for honesty.

    ?I remember standing on the balcony watching the sun set. I believe I was thinking of the Republic and later of Anakin,? this mention caused the lines in Padme?s worried face to increase slightly, ?I remember coming inside and that?s it.?

    Sabe tilted her in thought before responding, ?you don?t remember anything of our conversation about Obi-Wan?? Padme shook her head, ?that?s odd, but the conversation was odd as well. Could you have been thinking of time when Obi-Wan had been on Naboo??

    ?I doubt it. I mean the last time he was here, so was Anakin. I didn?t mention anything about Anakin did I?? she questioned.

    Sabe shook her head, ?No. All you wanted to know about was Obi-Wan. Something about having news to tell him.?

    ?Peculiar that I don?t remember anything. I?ll have to find him, Obi-Wan, and ask him about this. In the mean time, Sabe, I need to get dressed in time to meet with the queen,? Padme stated rising from the table and heading towards the doors to her rooms.

    Sabe had risen as well, ?What about the rest of breakfast? You need to eat more than a few little eggs.?

    ?Food will have to wait. I have a duty to fill,? Padme told Sabe sharply.

    ?Alright,? she sighed, ?I?ll be in my rooms if you need any help dressing.?

    Padme?s expression softened, ?Thank you, for everything.?

    Sabe just gave her the ghost of a smile and drifted into the other rooms. Padme set about to the annoying task of dressing and doing her hair. She was extremely grateful that she was no longer the queen. The dresses had been elegant, and even exquisite at times, but they had weighed her down like a pile of bricks. It still fascinated her that some of the dresses had almost weighed as much as she had. Being a senator entailed fancy dresses, but simplistically fancy and definitely not overdone. It took her moments to find a simple deep red dress. It was strapless and had a long scarf to go with it. The cut was modest and didn?t show more than it needed to. Padme decide a simple braid with red ribbons down her back would do fine. Her fingers expertly wound the ribbon into her hair and proceeded to braid it.

    Minutes later, she was drifting down the corridors of the palace. The queen, a delightful young woman by the name of Vivianala, had been recently elected to the throne of Naboo. She was much older than Amidala herself had been, at age 19. She had a strong sense of right and was good for her people. Today, she and the senator of Naboo had a meeting concerning the affairs of the Republic.

    Padme entered the throne room with a sense of nostalgia. She still remembered the days when she would be the one sitting on the throne at the end of the vast room.

    ?Welcome, Senator Amidala. We are pleased that you could come,? Vivianala said in her strongly accented v
  5. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    The sleek golden craft lifted off of the beautiful Naboo terrain. It carried important cargo heading for Courscant. Inside, was the senator from Naboo returning to the center of the Republic government to continue her duties.

    The break from the galactic chaos had been extremely helpful. Padme Amidala felt revived. There were a few items, however, that still disturbed her. Anakin, her husband and soulmate, was at the top. She prayed with all her heart that he would be there at the landing pad when she got to her destination. In truth, it was not the company that he was keeping that disturbed her most. She trusted Palpatine as much as any other member of the galactic Republic. The fact that Anakin had stopped coming home every night to share the bed with her, to keep her company disturbed her far more than anything else. Where had the loving and doting Anakin gone?

    No matter what, Padme knew, she would always love him dearly. She could not think of a single situation where she would not love him until the end of time. A thought fleeted across her mind. Did he still love her? And even at that, would he always love her no matter what? It sacred Padme that she was thinking of such things. A month ago the thought would never have crossed her mind. Only in the last few weeks had she noticed that he was distancing himself from her.

    Padme?s mind told her that she must rest if she was going to go to the senate meeting tonight. She willed that she would not dream of unhappy times or even the times to come. Now, she wanted to remember the past. Padme wanted to dream of their first meeting on Tatooine and their first kiss on Naboo. That way, even if it wasn?t well when she returned, she would still remember the happiness. With those thoughts running through her mind, she slipped into a peaceful slumber in her small, yet elegant cabin.


    Light years away from the resting senator, in the depths of Courscant, was an entirely different scene. Anakin Skywalker stood watching his friend and mentor explain the workings of the force. In the beginning, he had been surprised by the Chancellor?s knowledge of the force. Palpatine was a politician, not a Jedi. In time, however, Anakin learned not to question the source of his knowledge. Many of the things Palpatine knew and taught him, Anakin doubted Obi-Wan even understood, let alone knew.

    It made Anakin furious that Obi-Wan was still holding him back. Sure, he said that Anakin would face the trials the next month, but that?s what he?d been saying for at least a year. He wanted some action. All Obi-Wan ever told him to do was meditate. There was also the constantly annoying reminder to remember to control his emotions. It wasn?t that Anakin didn?t love him dearly, just that Anakin was sure his skills far surpassed Kenobi?s. The idea of telling him that he had been training with Palpatine crossed his mind more than once. If Obi-Wan knew that Anakin was getting extra training maybe he would realize that he was ready. In the end, however, Anakin worried that Obi-Wan would be hurt by his lack of confidence in his training.

    ?Anakin, you must focus,? Palpatine chided him, snatching him out of his deliberations.

    ?Sorry, Chancellor,? Anakin bowed his head, ?What was your request??

    ?Ah, it?s alright Padawan,? the use of the learners title couldn?t help but make Anakin flinch slightly, ?I was saying? do you see those canisters at the end of the ally??

    Anakin nodded, ?Yes, sir.?

    ?Move all of them at once,? Palpatine ordered.

    ?All of them?? Anakin stared aghast at the pile of at least fifty durasteel canisters. He had moved three or fours of them at the same time before, but definitely not all of them, ?Are you sure??

    ?Quite positive. How large or how small an object is, does not determine limits when we use the force. When you become strong enough you will find lifting this many quite easy,? Palpatine seemed to inwardly smile at this and he quietly added, ?Which will be soon, my friend.?

  6. StarBlazer

    StarBlazer Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 2, 2001
    I'm glad I stumbled upon this! The title seems very fitting to this fic. The ever present Palpy is going about his malicious business, I see. This fic is very intruiging, do you plan to stay with canon, or make it AU?

    Great job, keep it up! :)

  7. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    Thanks! :D

    I started out thinking about going AU, but in truth I write better when everything isn't going perfectly. For some reason I like to inflict suffering on my characters (not that I like them to suffer). I decided that I would go through and have Anakin turn. So I guess in the end it's sort of like an episode three fic.

    And yes, Palpy certainly is working that wonderful 'charm' of his.
    -Padme Solo
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    Jul 3, 2002
    The craft carrying the Senator from Naboo leapt out of hyperspace minutes from the galactic center. Padme Amidala had packed what little things she had taken out of her bags. Now, she made her way to the cockpit of the space ship. Little was on her mind, except that desperate desire for Anakin to be there. She walked swiftly though the interior of polished white until she came upon a door of black. Upon her arrival the panel swooshed open and Padme advanced into the cockpit.

    ?Welcome, Senator Amidala,? the female pilot addressed her, ?we?re only minutes away from Courscant.?

    Padme gave her a slight smile, ?Good.?

    ?We have other good news as well,? the male pilot added, ?we?re going to be early.?

    ?Early?? Padme said before she could think. What about all those people coming to meet her? What about Anakin? Would she arrive long before they even thought to meet her?

    ?Don?t worry, milady,? the female informed her, ?the arrival time is only a few minutes before scheduled. And anyways, we informed all the parties that were coming to meet you. Everyone should be there when we arrive.?

    ?Thank you,? she said with a sigh of relief. Anakin would surely be there now. Even if he had forgotten before they would have contacted him and told him. Everything was going to be okay she thought as she exited the room to prepare for disembarking.


    Anakin Skywalker could seriously not remember another time in his life where he had been in such a hurry. Sure, before he had to run to save his life, but somehow this was a lot different. It was almost more than his life that he was running to save. In the days that Padme had been gone, Anakin realized how much he missed her. He also realized that he missed just a much when she was here, on Courscant. After hours of thinking, he determined that it was entirely his fault. He was the one who wasn?t around and right now he needed to find her and apologize for his earlier behavior.

    It wasn?t like he regretted it, however. He had learned so much from the Chancellor, that he had no idea where he would be without him. Palpatine understood that he was being held back. And he did everything within his power to make sure Anakin was allowed to gain new experience and new skills. In truth, Anakin was afraid of what life would be like without Palpatine?s guidance. Now, however, was not the time to contemplate such matters.

    Anakin glanced around and saw the nearest turbo lift closing. He reached out with the force to stop its doors until he was inside them. But luck was not on Anakin?s side. Three floors up, still some 200 stories below his destination, it stopped. He tried to give it a boost with the force, but the old machinery would have none of it. Finally, someone was able to work the door open and the disgruntled passengers filed out onto the dirty streets. It took five minutes for another lift to arrive. By that time, Anakin was sure he was going to be late. A glace at his chrono confirmed this. It was 7:10. There was no way in Sith hell that he was going to be able to get to the top of the city in five minutes. Not that Anakin was going to accept defeat. He hurried to nearest speeder dealer.

    ?Hey!? he called at the lowlife dealer, ?Can I get you best speeder??

    The lowlife studied him, ?That depends on how many credits you have.?

    ?Believe me, I have plenty,? Anakin assured him, ?Now can I see your speeder??

    ?Alright,? the being replied, seeming to believe Anakin for the moment, ?Right there.?

    Anakin stared at the craft the thing was pointing to, ?What a piece of junk,? he muttered. The speeder must have seen far too many drag races in small confines because there were scratches all along its bright green hull. Anakin glanced at the speedometer and determined that it probably wouldn?t go any faster than a crawling bantha. It was, however, a better option than taking a lift that might not even work, ?Fine, I?ll take it. How much??

    ?One thousand credits,? the lowlife stated firmly.

  9. StarBlazer

    StarBlazer Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 2, 2001
    I hope for Anakin's sake that he gets there before she leaves the platform. Padmé might get very angry at him, and that can't be good, especially in Anakin's...confused state. Great post, I'll be looking for more! :D

    I see what you mean about the 'inflict suffering' into stories. You do have to keep the readers on their toes, and that's a darn good way to do it! ;)

  10. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    SB: Thanks for the post on the Ani/Ami board, I didn't expect it!:)

    Padme watched apprehensively out the windows of the sleek golden star ship lowering onto the landing platform. As the ship set down, she identified Obi-Wan Kenobi and a number of delegates from the senate. She did not, however, see Anakin. Her spirits dropped instantly. He hadn?t come. A small voice in her head told her to be rational. When was the last time Anakin had ever come to meet her anywhere? But she wouldn?t believe it. He had to be there. Maybe they didn?t contact him. Not contact her husband? She doubted that.

    With sadness and disappointment in her heart, she exited the senatorial ship. Immediately the delegates swarmed around her, ?Senator Amidala, you have no idea what a pleasure it is to have you with us again.?

    ?It?s a pleasure to be here,? she said to the man trying to make her smile look genuine.

    One of the Chancellor?s cronies, as Padme now thought of them, came up to her, ?The chancellor expresses the deepest remorse that he was not here to personally see you. He, however, would like to express his happiness at your safe return.?

    ?Tell Chancellor Palpatine that I am grateful for his concerns and that I thank him for the good wishes,? Padme started turning away almost before she was done talking. Was that where Anakin was? Holed up with Palpatine. And neither had the respect or dignity to see her personally.

    ?Senator Amidala,? the slight accent in the voice immediately told her to whom it belonged.

    ?Master Kenobi,? Padme smiled a genuine smile for the first time in days.

    ?It?s good to see you back,? he
    smiled back, ?I trust your vacation was delightful??

    ?Delightful? I can?t quite say it was delightful. I did, however, enjoy myself,? she replied laughing.

    ?That?s good,? Obi-Wan told her taking her arm and leading her away from the crowd, ?I?d like to apologize for my Padawan. This morning he assured me that he would come to meet you.?

    Padme?s smile disappeared, ?You shouldn?t be apologizing. It?s not you that didn?t show up. Do you have any idea where Anakin is??

    Obi-Wan shook his head and dryly replied, ?I have no idea. But then again, it is not like he tells me where he?s going these days.?

    ?I will speak to him later, if I see him,? she added with a note of sadness, ?But now I have matters to discuss with you.?

    ?With me?? he retorted, surprise gracing his features for a second.

    Padme nodded, ?I had the strangest
    experience on Naboo. Sabe and I decided it would be best to discuss it with you.?

    Obi-Wan looked at her with interest and motioned towards the transport that was stopping at the platform?s edge, ?Well then, Senator, let?s go discuss these important matters in somewhere more private.?

    With that Padme gathered her bags and accompanied Obi-Wan onto the transport. Within moments, they were flying away from the ship and towards the Jedi Temple.


    Somewhere, not that far away, a bright green object sped through the Courscant air. Anakin Skywalker gunned the engine even more. He was already late and knew that he was only around three-quarters of the way to the landing platform. A million thoughts about what he was going to tell Padme flew through his mind. First, he had to apologize for the time he had spent away from her. He didn?t quite know how he was going to explain that he had been training with Palpatine. Maybe he would leave the explanation out and just apologize.

    Minutes later, he arrive at landing platform 10098. Just in time to see a transport leave. Anakin dumped the speeder at the side and ran towards the remaining people. His heart sank the moment he realized Padme wasn?t one of them. He?d failed, again. Now, he was sure that she had been on the transport that had just left.

    ?Jedi Skywalker!? exclaimed one of the senatorial delegates.

    ?Has Senator Amidala already left?? Anakin questioned the man as he approached.

    ?The senator just left with Obi-Wan Kenobi,? the man
  11. StarBlazer

    StarBlazer Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 2, 2001
    Yes Ani, listen to yourself! If you are around more often, she wouldn't have to go with Obi-Wan. I can't wait for the next post!

  12. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    SB: Thanks for the input!! :)

    Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi held out his hand to help Padme Amidala down from the transport. It was obvious she was stressed about numerous things and he felt the sooner they could have a good talk, the better. He couldn?t help but notice that his Padawan was spending too much time away from his wife. Padme, however, had put off the topic of Anakin for something else. This intrigued Obi-Wan. What was more important than her relationship, or lack thereof, with Anakin?

    They entered the Jedi Temple acknowledging the numerous Jedi Knights and Masters whom they were acquainted with. Once inside, Obi-Wan led her to the simple quarters which he and Anakin had shared. Obi-Wan remembered the times well. Now, Anakin lived with his wife. It had been a battle with the counsel to allow Anakin and the senator to be married. Later, Anakin had confided that they had already been married at the time that they asked permission. Obi-Wan had not been amused. When Master Yoda asked his opinion, however, he had told him that he believed it would be the less dangerous course of action to allow the two to be married. And so it had been done.

    ?What?s troubling you?? he asked as they entered the simple living room.

    Padme gave a slight snort, ?Everything??

    Obi-Wan nodded, he really didn?t expect her to share all her troubles at once, ?You said you wanted to speak to me about something? Would you like some tea??

    ?Yes to both,? Padme replied, taking a seat on the nearby couch, ?It happened last night on Naboo.?

    ?What happened?? Kenobi questioned as he drifted into the attached kitchen to prepare their tea.

    ?I was standing on the balcony outside my room. It was evening and I was watching the last of the sunset. After awhile I went inside, but I was troubled about the Republic and Anakin, so I wasn?t ready to go to bed yet. I guess Sabe came in and put me to bed, you remember her, right?? Obi-Wan nodded as he returned with their tea. She continued, ?I don?t really know what happened after that. In the morning Sabe tried to explain. She said that I was asking for you.?

    ?Asking for me? But you knew I wasn?t anywhere near Naboo,? he stated.

    ?I know, but this wasn?t really me. Sabe told me that I said I had something to tell you. That when I found out you weren?t on Naboo I asked for a communicator,? Padme paused to take a sip of her tea, ?Then I snapped out of it. I remember almost waking up and finding a communicator sitting on the bed next to me. It?s all very puzzling.?

    ?That certainly is peculiar. The only explanation I can think of is that you were day dreaming, or something to that effect,? he replied looking extremely puzzled himself.

    Padme reflected, ?It was like dreaming. I distinctly remember waking up, but I couldn?t have because Sabe said I was awake the whole time.?

    ?Interesting. I?ll give this some thought. In the mean time, let me know if you have any other experiences like it,? Obi-Wan told her.

    ?Thank you,? her expression darkened just a hair, ?When did you see Anakin today??

    ?This morning, as I said, we actually had training. Which, might I add, these days is a real achievement. I must say, however, that he definitely is ready for the trials. I just worry that his emotions are going to take over someday,? the Jedi explained, ?He?s just so impulsive sometimes.?

    Padme grinned, ?Don?t I know. But I love him for it all the same.?

    ?But back to business. You?re troubled because Anakin isn?t around anymore.?

    ?You?re a mind reader,? Padme exclaimed with a short laugh.

    Obi-Wan shook his head, ?Hardly. I just happen to be in the same position you are. Do you trust Anakin with Palpatine, because I certainly don?t.?

    ?Really?? she questioned, ?I don?t see any reasons to dislike Palpatine personally. He?s helped the Republic. Now, however, I don?t see what he?s trying to do by increasing the use of that clone army.?

    ?He?s certainly trying to dominate everything. But for me,
  13. StarBlazer

    StarBlazer Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 2, 2001
    Hmm, I wonder what Padmé needed to tell Obi-Wan in her 'dream-state'. Will it come up again later?

    Great post PadmeSolo, you're just whipping these out! ;)

  14. Jedi_jem

    Jedi_jem Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 1, 2002
    Great story PadmeSolo! :D
    Hope you continue soon!
  15. PadmeSolo

    PadmeSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 3, 2002
    Thanks for the comments guys!! :)
    SB: It's actually the main element of the story, so yeah that'll be coming soon!!
    Discouraged and almost sadder than before Padme left the Jedi Temple. There really was nothing that she could do, but hope that Anakin was around. Her odd experience on Naboo was another thing entirely. Because she didn?t remember the incident, it was hard to find or even start to think about the cause. Padme was glad that she had gotten Obi-Wan involved. He certainly would know what to do to find an answer.

    She followed the walkway in front of the Temple for several meters. Then she found a yellow transport stop sign. Hopefully it would arrive without a wait. She wasn?t in the mood to walk the mile or so back to the apartment. As she waited, she studied the sky. It was artificial, entirely generated by the machinery of the planet. It still was beautiful, flawless in its coloration. The simulated sun was low in the sky symbolizing that it was getting to be late evening. Padme sighed and sat upon the bench positioned near the stop. A few minutes later the transport arrived and she climbed on board.

    Almost instantly, she was taken to their apartment. Padme walked to the turbo lift and keyed the up button. As soon as she did so, another button flashed. The lift was broken. So much for that idea. She turned away and started climbing the never ending stairs that led to their 56th floor apartment. She remembered that they had bought it because of the view. Now, and this was not the first time the lift had failed, she decided that the climb was definitely not worth it.


    Anakin had discovered the malfunctioning lift earlier. He had dutifully trooped up the vast staircase to their floor. After today, he decided that all turbo lifts were the bane of his existence. He would never take one again. His legs reminded him that it might not be the case. Did he really want to walk up 56 floors of stairs each day? Probably not. Anakin reached the desk in the corner of their living room and seated himself at it. It was an antique, from days before durasteel and other synthetics took over. The desk was pure wood. Padme used it when she was forced to take work out of the office and take it home.

    That?s when Anakin realized that she wasn?t here. He definitely would have encountered her by now. He conceded to resting his head in his hands on the desk. Maybe all his problems would disappear. Anakin remained in the position for minutes, maybe hours, he wasn?t keeping track. The faint sound of the door to the apartment opening penetrated his ears, but he didn?t not recognize it.

    ?You didn?t come.?

    ?What?? Anakin?s head snapped up to meet blazing brown eyes.

    Padme?s eyes narrowed even more as she repeated herself, ?You didn?t come.?

    Anakin blinked once, twice then realized what she was talking about, ?Oh, I know??

    ?You know?? Padme questioned her voice rising with each second.

    ?No, no not like that,? he understood her anger at his outright dismissal.

    She placed her hands on her hips and stared him down, ?Then like what??

    ?Just let me explain,? he said throwing his hands up in surrender, ?For some reason they didn?t contact me about the earlier arrival time, or at least they couldn?t get through. I did try to get there, however,? Padme did nothing more than raise her eyebrows in a signal for him to continue, ?Well you see..?

    ?No, I don?t, so keep explaining,? she snapped.

    Anakin flinched a little, but continued, ?First the turbo lift wouldn?t work. I got in and we went three floors up and it stopped. Then I had to find a different way to get up the landing platform because there was no way in Sith hell I was going to get into another one of those evil things,? he paused for a breath of air, ?Anyway, I found this dealer that sold speeders. Oh Sith! I left it on the landing pad! Now I?ve wasted 500 credits on a piece of junk speeder that I?ve now lost.?

    ?Poor you,? Padme said sarcastically.

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    That Anakin! He thinks he can just mooch his way out of every situation! ;) [face_mischief]

    Great post PadmeSolo!

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    Wow PadmeSolo. This is really good. Keep up with it. I know I'm going to check in regularly. :D

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    Wow, I never thought I'd have this many comments!! :) Thanks for all the 'wow''s. :)
    Chapter Two: The Morning After

    Obi-Wan Kenobi frowned as he entered the common areas of the Jedi Temple the next morning. He had slept little. Most of the night had been spent thinking of Padme Amidala?s strange behavior and also that of his Padawan. Around one in the morning, he had decided it was best to go to Master Yoda about both matters. He really couldn?t think of any rational explanation for Padme?s experience. She must have been dreaming or something to that effect. As for Anakin, Obi-Wan could think of many more solutions. First, however, he had to find out what Anakin was doing with the Chancellor.

    Master Yoda was sitting in his small chair in the viewing room. The small room was mainly used for meditation, as Yoda was doing now. Obi-Wan entered without a word and came to stand near Yoda?s dainty chair.

    ?A question you have, Obi-Wan?? the green being spoke turning to face Obi-Wan.

    ?Yes Master Yoda. Actually two questions,? he responded.

    ?Then ask them you will,? Yoda told him.

    Kenobi nodded, ?The first concerns the Senator from Naboo. Last night we spoke and she told me of an experience she had on her visit to Naboo. Senator Amidala said that as she was going to bed she asked her friend, Sabe, if she could get me. This obviously made no sense. She then asked for communicator to contact me because she had something extremely important to tell me. Now, however, the senator doesn?t remember any of it.?

    ?Troubling this is. Say anything else did she?? he questioned Obi-Wan.

    ?Not much,? Obi-Wan said shaking his head, ?Just that she didn?t remember any of the experience. She also, however, said it was something like dreaming. She remembered waking up, even though she was awake already.?

    ?Meditate on this I will. Now, another question you had, Kenobi?? the being asked from its chair.

    ?Yes, and this one concerns me more than the other. It?s Anakin. He?s been spending a lot of time away from his wife and his home?? Obi-Wan started to explain.

    Yoda frowned and his ears lowered in thought, ?Knew this marriage was bad I did.?

    ?If you don?t mind my saying, Master Yoda, I don?t think the marriage has anything to do with this. Anakin is spending too much time away from his training as well. Not that he isn?t improving, but he?s not putting in enough time and effort,? the Jedi Knight clarified.

    ?Disturbing that is. Questioned Anakin you have?? the Jedi Master wondered.

    ?Not yet. First I asked Padme, Senator Amidala, about where he had been. Where he?s been worries me more,? Kenobi shared with the green being, ?He?s spending all his time away from home and his training with the Chancellor.?

    ?Odd that is. I thought not interested in politics young Skywalker was. With the Chancellor what business could Anakin have?? the smaller being wondered.

    ?I don?t know. That?s what perturbs me the most. He?s not interested in Politics or anything else that Palpatine does,? he shook his head, ?It just doesn?t make sense.?

    ?True that is,? Yoda conceded, ?Talk to Skywalker today you will. Uncover this anomaly we will. May the force be with you.?

    Obi-Wan nodded and returned the sentiment as he exited. Now, he had to figure out how to approach Anakin. The young man was volatile and a wrong approach could lead to disaster. One thing Obi-Wan knew was that he could not tell Anakin that he had already spoken with Padme. For once, the Jedi Knight was dreading the arrival of his Padawan.


    Anakin Skywalker awoke early in the morning. His first sleepy sight of the conscious world was the sleeping figure of his wife. His angel. Her auburn hair cascaded around her bare shoulders and her face wore an expression of complete calm. Anakin loved her with all his heart, that was for certain. It pained him more than anyone could ever know to have to lie to her like this. But he saw no other way. He was terrified of losin
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    Once again, great post! I wonder how the training session between Anakin and Obi-Wan will go. Despite Anakin's wishes, I think Obi-Wan will have many questions for him. ;)

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    Indeed!! ;)
    Hours later, Padme Amidala woke to an empty bed. She vaguely remembered waking up in the early morning as Anakin left. She was happy, no one could dispute that, but she wasn?t satisfied. Yesterday, she hadn?t really gotten any answers out of Anakin, just kisses. Padme laughed at herself. What had she been thinking giving into Anakin?s nonsense? Not that it was a regrettable action. Today, however, she was going to find the Chancellor at work and ask him about this little food for the needy operation. She certainly hoped Anakin was telling the truth in this situation.

    Padme sighed as she climbed out of the massive bed. Time to get up. She had meeting in the senate at one in the afternoon and had no intention of waking up only hours before then. Her stomach churned at the thought of the senate. Over the years, many of the rebelling factions had been wiped out. Now, she believed a major uprising was on the way. The Republic was using force far too often. Padme believed the only way to hold it together would be to try and use diplomatic solutions, not violence.

    Walking into the closet she slipped on a bathrobe and some warm bedroom shoes. No need to get formally dressed until later. As she was walking to the kitchen to find breakfast she realized that she hadn?t told either Anakin or Obi-Wan she was pregnant. It must have just slipped her mind considering she had just found out a week before. Somewhere in the back of her head she doubted that. As before, she believed that she was too afraid of Anakin?s response to tell him. In Obi-Wan?s case, she might really have spaced it in the many other topics they had been discussing. Padme sighed, that issue could definitely wait for later.

    After a hearty breakfast similar to Anakin?s she made her way to the wooden desk. Before she left she needed to catch up on activities in the senate. Quickly she keyed up a datapad and started reading the notes from the latest senate sessions.


    Anakin Skywalker was in a good mood when he arrived at the Jedi Temple that morning. Everything was going his way, well not exactly, but he could pretend. The first thing he noticed when he entered the building was a feeling of unease coming from his master. This was not entirely unusual. Obi-Wan was known for worrying far too much about unimportant issues. Today it was different, however. The feeling of unease was almost being broadcast directly to him and not the others around. All of this intrigued Anakin. What was Obi-Wan so upset about?

    He made his way down the steps of the main lobby and into one of the training centers used by Padawans and their Masters. As he had suspected, Obi-Wan was waiting for him there, ?Hello, Anakin.?

    Anakin noticed a lack of enthusiasm in his greeting, ?Good morning, Master.?

    Obi-Wan nodded, if Anakin was going to play dumb, let him play dumb, ?I?ve determined that you?re ready for the trials, Padawan. I?ve talked to the counsel and they agree.?

    ?Thank you, Master,? Anakin gushed. He certainly hadn?t expected this. Could the trials be the reason Obi-Wan was so upset?

    ?Hardly my doing Anakin,? Obi-Wan stated dryly, ?Over the past few weeks, I?ve noticed you improving greatly. Have you been putting more effort into your studies at home??

    Anakin did not see the trick question. He had no reason to believe that Obi-Wan knew he had not been at home. In fact, he was extremely pleased that his training with Palpatine had paid off, ?Yes, Master. I?ve been studying a lot at home, working on perfecting the skills you?ve taught me.?

    Obi-Wan eyed him carefully. The young man must not have had any idea of the consequence of his answer. One thing was certain though, Anakin?s skills in using the force had been perfected by a tenfold, ?I?m glad you?ve been doing that; however, I don?t think it?s wise to skip training to train on your own.?

    Anakin?s heart stopped and he gulped. Did Obi-Wan already know about his training with the Chancellor? He shook his h
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    Those lies will catch up to you Anakin! I wonder who will find out first?

    Great post as always, PadmeSolo!

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    Yes, he definitely has it coming. ;)
    The senate chamber was empty for the time being. It wouldn?t be in session for a couple more hours. Senator Amidala stared down at the vast area. Truthfully, she had missed it. The chaos and constant disagreement had somehow found a place in her heart. Although, she really couldn?t understand why. She had gotten here early today to finish up work that was days overdue. Padme also had an ulterior motive. She needed to talk to Chancellor Palpatine on issues both work related and personal. She sincerely hoped that the mess about Anakin would be straightened up.

    The corridor surrounding the great area of the senate contained all the offices for the senators. She was lucky enough to have an outside office with a window looking out over the vast city. Quickly she walked to her door and entered. One glace at the holo-message machine told her that she didn?t want to look again. She had 438 new messages. And she had only been gone a week! She shuffled over to her desk and took a seat. She needed to start work on a new bill for the senate. It wasn?t a major one, having nothing to do with the clone army and such. It was, however, important. Padme was starting a bill for more money for maintenance of the turbo lifts. After Anakin?s experience with the lower lifts and hers with their apartment lift she had decided something needed to be done.

    Later, maybe a couple of hours, she was ready to submit the bill to committee. She had no doubt that it would pass. It was simple enough and requested a small amount of credits. Considering she had to give the bill to Palpatine, she would take the opportunity to ask about Anakin. Padme exited her office and walked to the other side of the arena where the Chancellor?s office was. She tapped the door chime. Moments later she was rewarded by the door sliding open.

    ?Senator Amidala!? Palpatine exclaimed, ?what a wonderful surprise.?

    Padme smile warmly, ?Thank you Chancellor.?

    ?No, thank you, Senator. What business brings you to my office,? the man asked ushering her into the spacious office.

    ?I?ve written up a new bill and needed to submit it,? the senator explained.

    Palpatine paused for a moment, ?About what??

    Padme gave a little laugh, ?About the turbo lifts. Yesterday, both Anakin and I had problems with them.?

    ?A good cause. I trust Anakin was there to meet you yesterday?? the Chancellor asked. In truth, he knew he had not been. It had simply been impossible for Anakin to get there because of the earlier arrival time. But Palpatine certainly wasn?t going to tell her that.

    Padme frowned. What was the Chancellor up to? Didn?t he remember that Anakin had been with him? ?Actually, he didn?t make it.?

    Palpatine did his best to look remorseful, ?What a shame. I would have hoped he would be there to greet his lovely wife.?

    The young Senator?s eyes narrowed. What game was he playing? She wanted answers and she wanted them now, ?You didn?t know? When I talked to him later he said he had been with you.?

    He started. Had Anakin uncovered their secret? Or did Padme know more than she was letting on? Either way, it could be dealt with swiftly enough, ?Yes, you?re right. I had completely forgotten. How awful of me.?

    Really Chancellor?, ?He?s been meeting with you a lot lately,? the young woman added.

    ?Yes,? Palpatine confirmed. What did the Senator know? There was only one way to find out. Quickly he reached out with tendrils of force. Padme had numerous inadvertent blocks to her mind, but they were easily broken. The young woman?s mind was filled with doubts and fears of deception. He dug deeper. Ah yes, here was her pitiful love for Skywalker. Even further down he found her memories of last night?s conversation with Skywalker. He had told her that they were helping the poor lowlifes of the lower city. It was a good deception Palpatine had to admit, ?Anakin and I have been looking for areas underneath the main city that need supplies.
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    Sorry all, this is a short post, It was supposed to be with the other one! Oops! :)
    In the Jedi Temple training room, Anakin Skywalker was tired of training. He?d already done all these exercises with Palpatine and did not revel in having to do them again. Truthfully, he?d rather have been anywhere but here. Obi-Wan had him doing each Kata five times. Five times! He already had them perfected. Why did he need to keep doing them?


    ?Yes, Padawan,? Obi-Wan replied from his seated position.

    Anakin gave him a slight glace, ?Do I really have to do ALL of these??

    Obi-Wan gave him a quit whining like a baby look, ?Yes, Padawan.?

    ?Master, it?s not that I don?t want to do them, but I?ve already perfected all of the Katas,? the Padawan explained, ?For force sake, I?m taking the trails next week!?

    The Jedi Knight looked at him mildly, ?all the more reason to practice.?

    ?But I don?t need anymore practice,? the young man said before he even realize what he was saying. Instantly, Anakin regretted the words. He did not, however, take them back.

    ?Oh, really?? an amused Obi-Wan countered.

    ?Really, Master. I?m perfect at these, I know it. I?m probably better than you!? Anakin ranted.

    ?Anakin! Get yourself under control,? the older man admonished.


    ?No?? asked Obi-Wan, ?What in the blazes is wrong with you today??

    ?I don?t need you help anymore, Kenobi,? Obi-Wan eyes widened at the use of his last name instead of Master or even Obi-Wan. Anakin was definitely in a volatile mood.

    ?And why would what be?? the Knight questioned.

    Anakin was about to respond when he realize what he would be saying. He couldn?t expose his relationship with Palpatine. On the other hand, he could certainly cut his ties with Obi-Wan. That way he could spend all his training time with his real teacher. It wasn?t that Obi-Wan wasn?t a good Jedi, he just wasn?t very powerful. Plus he had been holding Anakin back. That thought made him seethe with anger. How far he could have gotten if he had not been held back. How powerful he would be. It made Anakin want to kill Obi-Wan, ?You?ve held me back for too long.?

    Obi-Wan was surprised at the venom in his Padawan?s voice. Moments ago, the anger had been superficial. Now it was extremely real, ?Anakin, let go of the anger. It only leads to the dark side.?

    Anakin knew if he relented that he would be forced to continue with Obi-Wan. He couldn?t let go of the anger now. It was his lifeline. He spit, ?So be it.?

    ?Anakin, don?t be like this,? Obi-Wan pleaded, suddenly wary of the young man standing above him.

    ?No,? Anakin replied, his eyes burning with accusations, ?You only want me to fail and I promised my Mother I wouldn?t.?

    With that Anakin half-stormed half-fled from the training hall. Obi-Wan Kenobi was left speechless. One thing certain, Anakin had been having other training. From who he did not know. He knew he shouldn?t be afraid, but he was. Who knew what Anakin could do in a state like that? A state where he was embracing the dark side.
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    He knew he shouldn?t be afraid, but he was. Who knew what Anakin could do in a state like that? A state where he was embracing the dark side.

    You have every right to be afraid, Obi-Wan, you and the entire galaxy. :_|

    Great post, I especially enjoyed the chat between Padmé and Palpy.


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