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    It was the year 2014. The war between vampires and humans raged on. For humans, they fought for the good cause. For vampires, they fought for power over the weak humans. The war between freedom and slavery continued until...

    The war was lost.

    The vampires now rule over the human race in the year 2018. But deep within the human race, there was said to be a prophecy. A "Chosen One" may come along, and fight the evil Vampire Lord, who rules all vampires and humans. The prophecy also mentioned of the Sun and Moon Pendant. One that can shine so brightly, even in the darkest places.

    If this "Chosen One" comes along to end the Vampire Lord's reign of terror... humans will once again form a new society of peace throughout the Earth.

    Here are the rules:

    - PM me your character sheet.
    - No Godmodding.
    - You may play up to 2 characters ONLY.
    - PM me if you have any questions.
    - Keep this RPG "PG-13" with less swearing.
    - Be kind to one another in OOC.
    - Most of all... HAVE FUN!!!


    Vampire or Human

    Character Sheet:



    Name: Allene Blair
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Appearance: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d38/dark666sorceress/Anime/Girls/anime_girl_fav293784.jpg
    Occupation: Farm Girl, "The Chosen One"
    Personality: Quiet, Adventurous, and Kind
    Weapons: A Silver Sword (which will be revealed in the RP) a stake, and the Sun and Moon Pendant. The Pendant looks like this: http://www.evesaddiction.com/images/450/nlz10514.jpg
    BIO: Young Allene Blair was living a normal life when suddenly, the vampires came. Humans, as well as the vampires, built an army to fight against each other. The war went on in 2014, but eventually, it was lost...

    After the war, vampires ruled the human race. But the most powerful being that ruled them all was the Vampire Lord. Allene believed that there would be a time where mankind will take the Earth again. She had a spirit of hope within her. One day, a prophecy amongst the humans was said that a "Chosen One" would rise. That person would defeat the Vampire Lord. If "The Chosen One" does... humans will once again have peace in their beloved world.

    Allene believes this, but doesn't know that she's the "Chosen One" yet. She also lives with her beloved mother, who takes good care of Allene. Her father, however, died in the war before the vampire's hands.

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    GM Approved

    Name: Louis du Codroy
    Age: Lost track after 100
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    Appearance: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i295/shadows_kill/anime%20guys/Rei02.jpg
    Occupation: None, daddy's the king of the vampires.
    Personality: Louis has grown tired of the whole vampire supremecy thing. He's the white sheep in the family(white as in he isn't the typical black hearted vampire)he secretly hopes that someday everyone can live in harmony, lycans, vamps, and humans.
    Weapons: An old japanese style longbow and two wakizashi.
    Bio: Born to the royal family of the vampire race his father, the Vampire King, raised him to assume the throne once he grew too old, or rather too lazy to rule. He doesn't want it, he's what one would call a human in a vampire's clothing. He doesn't like the suppression of the other races by his family, or the many all you can drink buffets that his family held in their court. He is secretly working to find the 'Chosen One' so he can help to end the reign of his father.
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    Welcome, chanbill5390. Now to get a few more players, and I'll start the RP.
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    GM approved and accepted!

    Name: Mavik Dorin
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Species: human
    Appearance: http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/us/ga/buzz/promo/fable_lg1.jpg
    Occupation: blacksmith
    Personality: very too himself, paranoid, and shifty, but is helpful when it benefits him.
    Weapons: http://www.cs.sun.ac.za/~jcombrink/images/NBroadswords.jpg
    BIO: Mavik?s parents were both strong soliders in the Vampire-Human war. They both fought hard and he even had a few chances to fight with them. Two years after the war began his parents were captured and taken into a enemy stronghold. He used all of his skills to get his way around only to see them be turned before his eyes. He did have to fight them but he never could kill them in the end. By the age of 17 he left disappointed at the major loss of the humans after the war. By 18 he built his own blacksmith shop to be able to support himself and keep up his combat skills. So now when people go by his shop they say ?Hey that?s the scary blacksmith guy. ?
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    Welcome to fun, jedipassion! :)
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    Both CSes are SS approved!

    Name: John Seward
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: [link=http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k141/demon2010/guykj5.jpg]John Seward[/link]
    Occupation: Student
    Personality: Cold, determined, intense, vengeful
    Weapons: [link=http://airrifleaccessories.co.uk/images/CROSSBOW_TORNADO_FS.jpg]A stake gun made for him by his father[/link], a crucifix worn around his neck
    BIO: John Seward lived a rather ordinary, mundane life until the fateful day four years ago that mankind lost the war with the vampires. Since that time, he has lost his mother, father, and brother to the vampires, each death causing John to grow more distant and thirsty for vengeance.

    Now a freshman in college, John is a top student who routinely outscores the vast majority of his peers on tests. But this is merely a facade. The crucifix around his neck wards off the vampires at his school and so far has kept him safe, but he knows that one day he, too, will be attacked. As a result, he is preparing to leave, armed with his prized stake-firing gun, to kill the Vampire Lord himself. He long ago decided that waiting for some sort of "Chosen One" was pointless.

    Name: Vincent "Vince" Seward
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    Appearance: [link=http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f253/DecimusJuilii/Animeguy4.jpg]Vince Seward[/link]
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Personality: Surprisingly laid back and kind, ruthlessly efficient on the job
    Weapons: Twin handguns, Bowie knife, and a shotgun
    Bio: Vince grew up resenting his younger brother: John got all the attention for his intelligence; Vince, while physically much stronger, was mentally average. Still, after the death of his parents following the takeover in 2014, Vince was forced to care for his brother, making sure he made it through high school alright, while Vince was forced to abandon his college years.

    This changed two years ago, when Vince was supposedly killed by a Vampiress named Yvette. In reality, Yvette took him into the fold, training him to become a top bounty hunter by combining his physical prowess with his vampiric talents.

    Now Vince works alone, hunting down the enemies of vampire-kind... And doomed to a collision course with his younger sibling.

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    OOC: Glad to have you here, darthramza! Okay, guys! I'm gonna start the RP now. Let the fun begin! :D
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    IC: Allene Blair, Ohio countryside, Ohio

    The Sun was setting from the sky, as animals began to rest in their homes. It was a beautiful sight. A young woman, clothed in a beautiful white dress, began to play with the roses on her front lawn. Roses were her favorite flowers to play with.

    Allene was a beautiful young woman with a spirit of hope. Since the past years, vampires took over the human race all over the World, forcing them to do whatever they wanted them to do. This hurt Allene... but she knew there was hope.

    The village had a secret meeting with the humans the other day, making sure no vampire heard. A wise old man had a vision, which he called a prophecy. The prophecy was said that a "Chosen One" will save all mankind from the evil vampires, and restore peace on Earth again, by killing the Vampire Lord, ruler of all humans and vampires.

    Allene believed this as well.

    After Allene got up, her mother, Bethany, called for her. "Allene? Come inside, sweetie. I... I have something to share with you."

    "Okay, mom!" Allene answered, smiling. After her mother went inside the house, the young farm girl went inside as well.

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    IC: John Seward
    University of Illinois

    "Hey, Seward, look alive!"

    John turned around just in time to see a book hurtling in his direction. Luckily, he was able to duck out of the way of the makeshift projectile, and Principles of Modern Chemistry, Seventh Ed. went whizzing by inches above his head. Rolling to his feet, he sprang at the person who had thrown the book, one of his fellow students, a sophomore named Dmitri.

    "What was that all about?" John demanded as he tackled Dmitri. "That would have hurt!"

    Dmitri just laughed. "Word's gotten out that little orphan Annie is gunning for the vampires. A lot of us don't take too kindly to that."

    John grabbed Dmitri by the collar, shaking him. "So, what, you prefer it like this? To live like privileged cattle? They could get you, too!"

    "You know," Dmitri chided, "That's something I'm willing to live with. They pay my folks' bills, after all."

    There was a thud as John's fist connected with Dmitri's jawbone. "You pathetic sellout..." he cursed as he got to his feet, straightening his tie.

    "You won't get away with this! They'll come after you! You're dead, Seward!"

    "Bring 'em on," John smirked, walking off. That was that, then. It was time for him to leave.

    IC: Vincent Seward

    The wind whipped Vince's scarf by his face, the night air refreshingly cold. Looking down from his position atop a stone gargoyle, Vince couldn't help but appreciate the atmosphere of night time in the Windy City.

    The fact that he was about to make quite a sum didn't hurt, either.

    Leaping from the gargoyle, he caught hold of a horizontal flag pole on the building opposite, and used the pole as an improvised single bar to swing himself up and onto the roof of a nearby hotel; more specifically, the hotel where his target was holed up.

    He attempted to open the rooftop door and, finding it locked, opted to simply blow the lock off with his trusty shotgun. Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly at all, the thunderclap that was the gun shot didn't bring anyone running in his direction. Rapidly darting down the flights of stairs, he eventually found what he was looking for: Room 345, the residence of one Noma D'Plum. Another locked door, another clap of thunder from the shotgun.

    The room seemed deserted, but since the TV was still on and the windows were still closed, Vince figured that his target was somewhere in the room. And he was right.

    Hunched over in the bathtub, cowering in fear, was Noma D'Plum herself. She was wearing a dress of some sort, Vince wasn't terribly concerned. He was more concerned about the knife in her hand.

    "Ms. D'Plum, I presume," Vince sneered, his fangs glistening in the flicker of the florescent lights. "Tell me, do you often bathe while fully clothed and armed?"

    She let out a primal scream and rushed him. He responded by shooting the knife out of her hands. "Now, now, no need to overreact. I mean, you didn't really think you could get away with killing six vampires unnoticed?"

    D'Plum cried out again as Vince drew in towards her, mouth wide, fangs glistening...

    His job was done.

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    IC: Louis du Codroy

    Louis had been wandering the streets of Chicago, wandering about a mere speck of land owned by his father, he walked for what seemed like hours before he bumped into a human. Louis could smell the reek of mortality on him and looked at him for a moment as though he were trash. 'Your father's rubbing off on you Louis.' he thought, he then turned back to the man. "Sorry, I thought I smelled something, must have been something from the sewer." he said apologizing as he pointed to an exposed manhole. "I am awfully sorry for the look I just made." he added, and he was almost afraid that he let his fangs flash as he gave a nervous chuckle. Louis could only imagine what his father would say.

    "Louis du Codroy you moron, you absolute waste of blood. How dare you apologize to a lowly human, kill him and feast now, or no crown for you." yeah, that would be about right. That would be the type of hing his father would say. But Louis hated it, he was more likely to bite into a packet of blood from a hospital then bite the neck of a human, to be honest he hated how his kind treated the other races, it was no wonder that vampires had been portrayed as hideous monsters for millenia. He then got a phone call on his cell, he was told that his father was looking for him and he decided he had best leave.

    "Sorry, I have to go, say if you're going to be around here tomorrow evening I'd like to actually talk to you, but unfortunatly my father called and want's me home before dinner." he added to the young human, he was truly sorry he didn't get a chance to learn who the kid was. But he had no choice but to leave, or else his father would rip him apart, literally.
    He hadn't gone far when he heard the familiar sounds of a vampire attack, he ran as fast as a vampire could, which all things considered is better than the fastest Olympian marathon runner. He turned down the next street and into an old house, the door wide open hardly a light on. Louis smelled the air, he smelled blood, and...Vincent. He ran upstairs to see the vampire feeding on an older woman, a knife still tighly clenched in her fist.

    "Vincent, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" he shouted. "Do you know why humans hate us so much, why they kill us?" he asked as he pulled at the vampire's coat to get him off of the woman before it was too late to save her. "It's because we go around treating them like livestock...they deserve more rights than that." he added as he yanked as hard as he could to get the blood thirsty beast off of his prey. "Besides, we've killed thousands of them, what's six weakling vampires? I'd say they got the short end of the stick on that trade." Louis continued. "Listen if you get off of the old bag I'll tell my dad to invite you to one of his parties, then you can kill all the humans you want." Louis added hoping that would be enough to get Vincent off of the human he was feeding on.

    TAG: Vincent, John
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    OOC: John is actually down in Urbana-Champaign right now, because I need him to be away from Vince, even though I think there might be a UofI campus in Chicago.

    IC: Vincent Seward

    Vince looked up from his meal and contract, blood trickling down his chin. "I was human once, not too long ago. You think I don't know how it is for them?" He tossed his victim to the floor, the loss of blood now guaranteeing her death. He wiped the blood from his chin with the back of his black gloves. "I know all too well. I don't care. And you know what else? It's not about the food."

    He twiddled his fingers on one of his handguns, which was still in its holster at his side. "It was never about the food. It's all about the one thing more powerful than any vampire: Money." To emphasize his point, he pulled a stack of bills out of his back pocket. "I've got over $30,000 right here, and this is the advance. You should see the sum total."

    He sighed. "I suppose what I'm getting at, is... Forget your buffets. I can get all the blood I need to survive from the hits I take, almost like a... perk. Besides, having your meal simply handed to you is no fun at all." He glanced over at his latest kill. "Granted, she didn't put up much of a fight."

    TAG: Louis du Codroy

    IC: John Seward
    Private apartment

    The small bag closed with a click, and the same click signaled the end of John's former life. He was leaving tonight, and he wasn't coming back. That was abundantly clear. The real problem was where to head to. He couldn't stay in Illinois, at least not for now, and he had no idea where the Vampire Lord was. That wasn't the sort of information a human, much less an unimportant human, was privy to. Or perhaps he had just missed some kind of unspoken memo.

    He pulled out his lucky coin, the second memento his father had left him, the first being safely hidden inside his bag. "Heads I go West; Tails, East." The silver circle soared up and twisted in the air, rotating in what seemed to be slow motion, coming back down...

    "Tails," he noted aloud. East it was.

    Looking at his room one last time, John opened the door of his apartment. And stepped into his destiny.

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    IC: Allene Blair, inside the house, Ohio countryside, Ohio

    Bethany offered her daughter to sit on the couch of the living room. Allene could tell the sadden look on her mother's face. "Mom? What's wrong? Is everything okay?" the young woman asked.

    Her mother sat on an opposite chair in front of Allene. When she sat, Bethany sighed sadly. "How can I put this?" she said to herself, not answering Allene's previous question. Then she looked up at her daughter's twinkling blue eyes.

    "Sweetie? Do remember the village's meeting we had the other day? About the "Chosen One"?"

    Allene played with her long blonde hair nervously. "Yes ma'am. Why?" She couldn't point out where her mom was getting to. But she knew that it was probably important.

    Bethany got up, and went into her room. After she came out, she sat back down, and held a small shiny brown box on her lap. "Allene... I want to share with you something that your father and I never told you..." Suddenly, Bethany opened the box, revealing a beautiful pendant.

    It contained a large silver Moon, while it enclosed on a golden Sun with a small crystal inside it. Allene stared at it with awe. "W-What is it, mom?"

    "It's called the Sun and Moon pendant. This pendant was handed for many generations in our family. Your ancestor, Joey Blair, was the best vampire hunter there was back in 1930. This pendant was said to have powers that no one else could control. When you place this around your neck, you open your heart and mind to it, revealing a bright glow to come. This glow from the pendant wards off any vampires. They think of it as the Sun and Moon's light being put together."

    Bethany then stood up, as did Allene. When the young woman turned around, Bethany placed the pendant on her daughter's neck. After this, Allene turned back around, and looked down at the wonderful pendant. "Thank you, mom," Allene said smiling.

    Her mother smiled as well. "You're welcome, dear. But that's not all. I have one more gift for you..."

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    IC: Mavik Dorin-Smithery

    Mavik walks around his smithery thinking hard about the next sword design he will make and takes out some paper and begins scetching the sword. "hmmm lets see. it should have a slight curve, and lets make it from lightend alloy, the hilt from.... hmmm this may be more difficult than i thought." Mavik says to himself and continues to walk about the smithery and grabs his keys. "well maybe a walk will do me good. perhaps fresh air will help me think of a hilt design." Mavik mumbles to himself as he exits and locks the smithery for a few hours as he begins to wander around.

    Tag: anyone (i guess)
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    GM Approved CS

    Name: Tyler "Kilowatt" MacLeary
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Height- 6'1''
    Weight/Build- 201/slightly larger than average but very athletic (think career soldier or fighter)
    Hair Type/Length/Color- Slightly Wavy/ Medium-Length/ Dark Brown
    Eye Color- Green-blue with flecks of gray
    Tattoos/Scars- Tattoo on right forearm of fire station logo, scars along right shoulder and right side.
    Fire-Station: Typical Chicago Fire Department gear (blue duty wear, baseball cap, black and yellow turnout gear etc.)
    Civilian: anything ranging from basic t-shirt and jeans to well-made suit
    Hunter: Urban-camouflage MARPAT style gear, black paratrooper boots, scent-lock Under-Armor type shirt and pants, black duster type trench coat, gray or black baseball hat
    Occupation: Chicago Fire Department Firefighter/ Vampire and human vampire associate hunter/killer
    Personality: Dedicated, focused, sarcastic, sometimes pessimistic, struggling alcoholic, hidden absolute hatred of vampires, loyal and trusting with his allies friends and remaining family, thinks the "Chosen One" is false hope
    - Black armor vest with neck protector extension, padded and re-enforced to prevent crush and puncture injuries

    - Multi-mode tracking goggles that have Infa-Red, NVG, and motion tracking modes
    - miniaturized directional microphone

    - 200 feet of black climbing rope and climbing gear
    - 1 roll of duct tape (universal tool baby!!)
    - Deluxe multi-tool
    - med-kit

    +Meele Weapons+
    - 2x re-enforced combat gloves (re-enforced palms and knuckles, first two knuckles weighted with pellets)
    - 2x hardwood fighting sticks (silver inserts)
    - multiple combat knife types (all silver-edged)
    - Multiple 3/4 and full-sized sized stakes (Ash or Oak with a Silver piercing tip)
    - Tabak-Toyok with silver alloy chain and silver blades (basically a nunchaku with a longer chain and 4 inch handles)
    - 1x Pinuti/Kampilan hybrid sword, silver-edged

    - 1x H&K USP Compact (.45 ACP)
    - 2x H&K USP Elite (.45 ACP)
    - ARES FMG (re-chambered for .45 ACP)
    - H&K UMP with rail system and underslung XM26 Combat shotgun system (.45 ACP and re-chambered 10 Gauge Magnum respectively)
    - Ithica 37 Featherlight, Short version (pistol grip/no stock, short barrel, 10 Gauge Magnum conversion)
    - Benelli M4 Super 90 (10 Gauge Magnum)
    - H&K G36C with under-slung AG-36 Grenade Launcher (re-chambered to 7.62mm NATO, 40mm Grenade)
    - H&K MSG3 with mid-power scope, bi pod, bayonet, and under-slung HK71 Grenade launcher (7.62mm NATO, 40mm Grenade)
    - Walther WA2000 Marksman rifle, high-power multi-mode scope, mounted bipod, silencer (.300 Winchester Magnum)
    - differing types of hand grenades (Frag, HE, White Phosphorous incendiary, UV Flash)
    - Semtex Explosives plus det-cord and electronic detonators

    +Specialty Ammunition Types+
    - .45 ACP (Tungsten/Silver piercing, UV chemo-burst)
    - 10 Gauge Magnum (Silver-coated Ash stake penetrator, Silver/Holy water buckshot)
    - 7.62 NATO & .300 Winchester Mag (Tungsten/Silver piercing, UV Chemo-burst, Holy-Water hollow-tip)
    - 40mm Grenade ( Tungsten/Silver Frag, UV Flash, Holy Water burst, HE Breaching, White Phosphorus Incendiary, Garlic/Wild Rose/Hawthorne Extract burst, standard HE and Frag rounds)

    Civilian: Blue Pontiac G8 Sport Truck/ Black Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle

    Hunter: Heavily modified 2006 Pontiac GTO (Matte black paint, black heavy-duty brush guards on front rear and along the sides under the doors, Supercharged and race-ready motor and drivetrain, run-flat tires plus lightweight racing wheels, bullet-proof glass, interior kevlar/carbon plate lining, UV projection lights, Navigational and detection hardware, electroshock-flamethrower security system, racks for various weapons and ammunition)

    (note: Not all weapons are used simultaniou
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    IC: MacLeary, Chicago, Ladder 10 Firehouse

    *The night had been a long but a good one. For the most part, the creatures of the night had been at rest, and the work that the crew of Ladder 10 had gone through was good solid firefighter work. They were only denied access to a patient once by one of the vampires, a small victory in most peoples minds.

    However, to Tyler "Kilowatt" MacLeary, once was one too many. The woman had been injured by a fall, but because it was during the course of a vampire feeding, the creeps had barred them from helping the woman. As a result, she was most likely dead, probably too late to be turned.

    Despite the fact that he was personally responsible for pulling a young boy out of an inferno early that morning, a dark cloud hung over his head that visibly showed on his face, and most likely reflected his inner monologue*

    Another night, and another life wasted thanks to those suck-heads. That peon is lucky I was at work, otherwise I would have buried the spike end of my Halligan into his heart. Maybe he'll be at that club tonight...

    *his thoughts were interrupted by a rather small impish-looking vampire staring at him. It was the smallest ones that were responsible for virtually all attacks on women and children, and tried to play up their immortality as a show. MacLeary however was unimpressed, instead he walked purposefully towards the little vampire, stone scowl affixed to his face, beckoning with a sharp repeating hook of his index finger.*

    "Hey you, runt! Wanna try and take a chunk out of my neck? C'mon, im just some Hu-Mon aren't I..."

    *The little creepling shreiked and ran. He didn't care where he went at this point, although he was sure that Ladder 10 was sure to get a complaint from the Vampire "Community" later, albeit for naught since Ladder 10 always maintanied that "They didn't know which one did it but they will investigate."

    As MacLeary donned his motorcycle and turned the machine on, he reflected on the small victories that he had attained that previous shift, and what was to come later tonight...

    8:30 PM, late sunset, VIPs Gentlemen's Club

    With the passage of time, MacLeary had undergone a transformation in appearance and mindset. No longer in his Firefighter mentality, MacLeary had some other work to attend to. Arriving at the club, he was admitted by a human bouncer, and shown through a side entrance, slipping in unseen or unnoticed, just the way he had intended

    VIPs was a high-class gentlemen's club even before the Vampires descended on it, and even after the war not much had changed, only some of the decor and the music had changed.

    MacLeary entered as a completely different person. Dressed in a well-made chocolate-brown business suit, red tie, brown shoes, nice watch, and dark sunglasses, he looked like a prominent businessman that the Vampires had allowed to continue and flourish, under their watchful eye of course.
    His disguise was completed with a nondescript looking brown briefcase, something which would be instrumental later.

    Sitting at the bar, he looked at the barkeep and asked for his drink*

    "Dark and Stormy, and no ice"

    *This of course was a ruse. The drink was nothing more than tonic water and dark cola, designed to conceal the napkin itself which is what his focus was on now. Making sure that the individuals on either side of him were enthralled by the "entertainment", he checked the message on the napkin itself, which was a rather confusing sentence to the outsider:*

    The Rear Harbor is Closed

    *While it seemed like a random bit of nothing, it was pure code for his purposes. It meant that the only individuals that weren't Vampires or Vampire collaborating humans were the dancers that were currently occupying the stages and poles at the front of the club, and that the bonus target would be here as well, performing one of several shows that night shortly.

    This was an unconventional hit, one that he had been planned with and been given the green-
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    IC: John Seward

    The route he was taking would most likely go through Southern Indiana, Ohio, and then from there it was a straight shot to Pennsylvania and his first major stop, Philadelphia. It was doubtful the most powerful vampire in the world was holed up in the Americana capital of the world, but it was worth a shot. The car drove on, humming marvelously. John was pleased that he'd managed to hot wire it so well.

    There was a ringing noise. A very specific ringing noise. Which only meant one thing, that his special phone was ringing. He'd gotten an engineering grad student to whip it up, a fellow sympathetic to John's cause. There seemed to be more of those these days than ever.

    He picked up the cell and flipped it open, keeping his right hand on the wheel.

    "Johnny, it's Mac. That stuff you sent me worked great."

    "I figured it would, I did run the old "Holy Water" through quite a few... field tests before sending it up to you. I can send you more, if you'd like, killing them quickly just isn't my style anymore. Not nearly as satisfying."

    TAG: MacLeary, Any
    IC: Vince Seward
    The Hotel

    There was a bang. A loud one. Which, as Vince had come to learn, meant only one thing: Explosion. And judging by the size of it, there were grenades involved.

    There was a ringing noise. VInce reached into a pocket on his outfit and answered his cell, being sure to keep Louis in view at all times. "Uh-huh... yeah, she's a goner. Yes, I did hear... What? That's off Michigan, right? Oh, I can be there, but can you... $100,000? Why didn't you say so before? I'd already be there."

    He clicked the cell off and moved to the window. "Sorry, Louis, but I can't stay and chat any more. It appears I've got another job to do, so if you'll excuse me..."

    He didn't wait for a reply, and within seconds Vince was off towards the nightclub. "Lordy, lordy we're having biscuits tonight!" he quipped cheerfully as he proceeded through his usual acrobatics.

    TAG: Louis du Codroy, Any/>/>/>
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    IC: Louis du Codroy

    Louis was sickened by the sheer lack of any lingering human decency in his fellow vampire. 'Why can't we just evolve already, you'd think we wouldn't fall to such...disgusting habits.' Louis thought as he headed back to his families mansion. He walked flew for a few hours just to lessen the length of walking back to his father's spring mansion in Philadelphia. Why he chose that place was beyond him. He landed about a few miles there, he hadn't fed in a while and he was a little weaker than usual. from what he could tell he was somewhere in Southern Indiana, he saw the lights of a vehicle heading his way so he pulled an old human trick and hitched his thumb out to get a ride.

    'Why fly, why walk, when I can get a chauffeur.' he added with a grin, careful not to reveal his fangs. He then started waving his other hand when the vehicle started to approach him. "Hey!!" he shouted. "Could I get a ride to the next city?!" he added to the driver as he came within range of shouting. He seriously hoped he could get a ride easily, he didn't want to have to use his...special means of persuasion.

    TAG: John.
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    IC: Allene Blair, inside the house, Ohio countryside, Ohio

    Allene stood there, as her mom turned around, and took from behind her room door... a sword inside a black-leathered sword holster. Bethany stood face to face with her daughter, holding the sword holster with two hands.

    "This sword was handed down by your grandfather. He gave it to your father before he died. Your father never used it... but he wanted to give you the sword after your 25th birthday." She smirked heartily. "I guess... now is the right time." Bethany handed Allene the sword holster.

    Allene hesitantly took the sword holster, and looked down at it with sadden eyes. "Yeah. Maybe now was the right time..." And with quick speed, Allene took out the sword. It shone beautifully with the light's reflection, as the young woman stared up at the long blade.

    Bethany smiled. "This silver blade can cut through any vampire's heart. It can also defend you from other dangers that may try to harm you. Your grandfather named this sword? Draco. It?s Latin for Dragon.?

    The young farm girl placed the sword back in the leather sword holster. Then she looked back at Bethany. ?Why are you giving me all this, mom?? To Allene, this was all too sudden. But there had to be a reason?

    Her mother sighed sadly. Then she answered, ?Because you, Allene... are the Chosen One.?

    Allene's eyes widened, both shocked and amazed. "R-R-Really? But... how?"

    "The prophecy needs someone with a heart of purity. One that will understand and save mankind, no matter the circumstances. You are our only hope, Allene. I know it..." Bethany then glanced around quickly.

    "It's not safe around here anymore. We have to get you out of here. Come on." And with that, she and Allene headed off to get the young woman's things packed.

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    IC: MacLeary, streets of Chicago

    "Maybe later, you sent enough for about 4 months for my purposes. And it kills fast enough, especially when its packed with silver buckshot."

    *MacLeary whipped the GTO around a turn, making the tires squeal but never letting the car break lose and slide.*

    "Speaking of, the vamp on the business end of the new round was their version of Marylin Monroe, Brutallia De Jure, or whatever the hell her name was, I don't care.
    The point is, in addition to her the count is at least in triple digits tonight, and this time it was a 50-50 split between suck-heads and collaborators, meaning theres more vampires on the street during their waking hours.

    Needless to say, I know what you're temper is like, because I have the same problem, so keep a low profile on the death-to-vampires stand for a bit, they'll be looking hard at rabble-rouser's. Keep a low profile, no fighting, just work in the shadows and make sure Colby is kept abreast of what you know."

    *making one last turn, he hit the lights on the GTO. Now in an abandoned railway yard, he drove along the tracks, then suddenly made a sharp turn, going over a crude vehicle crossing and between two broken-down Amtrack trains. Public transportation, one of the finer points of Chicago before the war, had gone to hell, to the point that the Amtrack commuter lines were closed down and CTA run METRA, or the L-Trains, were somewhat reliable at best.
    This however worked in favor of Snakeroot. The abandoned train yards served as hideouts, caches, and rally points for Snakeroot operations, albeit in random usage due to the Snakeroot doctrine of constantly shifting and moving bases of operation.

    The end result was that the Vampires and their human "Pets" (an insult used by the Snakeroot to describe humans that willingly served the vampires directly) could never truly find anything of value to the Snakeroot. It had been so effective that the name of the organization was still unknown to the Vampires, just that it existed, and that it was an anti-vampire organization.

    As he neared the underground storage area, MacLeary gave John one last update*

    "I've still been looking John, but I haven't found your brother Vince, yet. If hes not dead or turned, ill make sure you at least talk to him and that he goes into Snakeroot protection. If hes been turned... nevermind, Ill keep the faith that he is out there somewhere.

    Anywho, stay safe. Ill update if we find anything that could assist you in your works. Later."

    *MacLeary hung up, and brought the GTO to a stop. A couple of agents had set up his new safehouse, tucked neatly behind a few derailed and broken Amtrack rail cars. They had set up railroad ties to form a makeshift driveway, one that could be entered and exited in a hurry, but was also well shielded from prying eyes from the street.

    Getting out, he slammed the door home. The agents had set up his gear in an intact car nearby, and had carefully shielded the items by cleverly placing spare parts in positions where most of the view was blocked from the ground level.

    *Stripping off the now ruined suit and handing it to the agent, he threw on some basic street clothes, then hung the keys to the GTO and the various crates that held his supplies on a concealed hook
    After thanking the two agents he started up a nearby ladder that once served as an escape route for former Amtrack workers. Using a covert perescope that had been bored in and concealed by a light post, he checked the surroundings, seeing nobody nearby.

    Popping out of the hatch, he strode over to a nearby apartment building then let himself in. Briskly walking up the stairs to the third floor, he knocked on apartment 3C. The renter opened, a strikingly beautiful readhead who smiled, let him in, then embraced him.

    Lola was also part of Snakeroot, and while as mentioned previously incredibly attractive, she was more of a friend to MacLeary than anything. However, she would provide a convincing alibi in case by some freak coincidence he had left a hint o
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    OOC: Couldn't have put Vince's reaction better m'self, but I'll still go ahead.

    IC: John Seward
    En Route to Philadelphia, currently near the Illinois - Indiana Border

    "Later, Mac. Stay safe." John flipped the phone off, returning both hands to the steering wheel. He let out a sigh. "So Vince is still MIA and presumed dead, huh..." he mumbled aloud. At least, he hoped Vince was dead. The other likely alternative was a disturbing one.

    It was getting late, but John had to get out of Illinois before he could even consider stopping. Onward he drove, until he finally passed the border. Safety, or at least some semblance thereof, and Indiana.

    Which was when he caught an odd sight. There, just inside the visible range of his headlights, was a hitch hiker. "At this time of night...?" he wondered, making sure his bag was in quick reach. After all, at this time of night the most likely scenario was it was a vampire. Still, if nothing else he'd get a chance to off one of the filthy things.

    "Can I get a ride to the next city?" the hitch hiker called out. John slowed to a stop and rolled down the window.

    "I can get you as far as Indianapolis, at the least. I'm Philly bound, myself." That was it, sound casual. That's what Mac had suggested.

    TAG: Louis du Codroy

    IC: Vince Seward
    Smoldering Wreck, Chicago

    "Blast it..." Vince spat, looking around. It was them again. He didn't know who they were, or how many of them, but the style was the same. Always no clues, no apparent motives, nothing aside from... Terrorism.

    He flicked his scarf over his shoulder in disgust as he leaned over to examine what was left of Brutallia De Jure, the up-and-coming vampiress celebrity. And there wasn't much. A glove hand picked up a scrap of cloth. He couldn't be sure through the thick black material he wore, but it seemed like... it was wet. Not blood, just... wet.

    "Where have I seen this before...?" he wondered aloud, when his phone rang again. "Hello, it's Vince... No, not a thing... Yeah, I think it's Organization 'X' again... No, not much left of the body..." He closed the phone. "Just a lot of broken dreams," he sighed. That was twenty people now, in far too short of a span of time. And they didn't know a thing about the enemy. "Organization 'X'" was just the government code name. Of course, the press got a slightly different story...

    And speaking of press, there they were. "Sir, you're Vincent, the famous mercenary, correct?" a young vamp' with a microphone asked.

    "Yeah, that's me."

    "What have you concluded about the attacks?" another inquired.

    "At this time, we believe this is another in a series of unrelated attacks. The investigation is ongoing, so we can't release too many details." At this there was a cacophonous din that erupted from the press members. Vince struggled to keep up his appearance of frustration and disgust, stifling a grin. The media never got to cover him too much, but he was infamous as 'The Huntsman', an avenger of vampires everywhere, a beacon of justice for undead, but only in casual conversation. Actual press coverage was limited on purpose, they couldn't risk John finding him.

    Walking away from the wind, he let out a long breath of air. "I need a vacation," he groaned. Perhaps Ohio. It was nice this time of year...

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    IC: Allene Blair, Ohio countryside, Ohio

    After hugging her mom, Allene went up on her trusty horse named Jesse, a light brown male horse with black mane. After getting on Jesse, Bethany gave Allene the family picture of her, Allene, and Bethany's husband.

    "Here. It's for you. So that way you'll never forget me or your father."

    Allene looked at her mother and smiled. "Thank you, mom." And with that, she placed the picture in her bag. Bethany had one more thing to say. "Stay safe, my child. And free mankind from the vampires."

    The young woman nodded. "I will, mom. For mankind." After that, Allene and Jesse went off into the woods. Bethany stared at the sight of her daughter, now going into the world of chaos.

    "Lord... keep my daughter safe. Watch over her as guardian angels lead her into a path of freedom for us all..."

    *** Later ***

    Through the woods of Ohio, Allene rode on her horse from any sights of vampires. Jesse galloped as fast as he could, trying to keep his master on his back at all times.

    After a long ride, Allene and Jesse came across an old abandoned shack. Allene walked her and Jesse towards it nervously. Didn't look like anybody lived in it.

    The young woman got down from her horse, and pulled Jesse's reins gently to follow her. First, she checked the inside. Then she went back out, and tied the reins on a nearby tree. Allene pulled out 3 apples, and laid it on the ground by Jesse.

    "There you go, boy," Allene smiled, patting her horse on the muzzle. As Jesse ate his apples, Allene went inside the abandoned house. She found one small bed when she entered it, along with one sink and a round table in the middle of the room. The other room must've been a bathroom.

    Allene laid on the bed gently, and covered herself with her purple hooded cloak. Then she fell asleep...

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    IC: Louis du Codroy

    "No way. I'm heading to Philly to. I just got a call from my dad in the last town over that my mother just passed. I'm heading to the funeral, if you wouldn't mind bringing me along I'll see to it that my father pays you for the trouble, he runs a clinic downtown so he should have enough money." he said. It wasn't entirely false, after all his mother was dead, she had been killed after his twentieth birthday by a band of lycans. "I really need to rest, I was training for an upcoming marathon and I'm exhausted, I could really use the rest." he added to the driver.

    Louis then realized he headn't introduced himself, or at least one of his many aliases. "Oh sorry, I'm Fredrick by the way, or Fred. You?" he asked as he got into the car. He then smelt something strange...garlic with a mix of perfume, almost like...Holy Water. "Hey what's that smell?" he added to the driver. "Smells like a pizza that turns tricks." he added with a slight chuckle, careful not to reveal his fangs. "Seriously, did you pour some garlic or something?" he added with a slight smirk. "Not that I mind, I'm just the type that prefers a nice pine scent to my car." he added looking at the road as the car started moving again. Then his phone rang.

    "Yeah dad?" he said as he flipped it open. "Mhm, yeah, okay dad I'm on my way...No probably a day or so...How are Sera and Andrea, they holding up okay?" he added to his butler, then he whispered for him to play along. "I'll be glad to get back when we get home...We, oh I've invited someone over...Yeah he was nice enough to give me a ride...I don't know his name yet but I'll call once I do...Yep...mhm...Yeah bye." he said then he hung up the phone, truth was his father was absolutely furious that he had left again before one of his meetings, and that he had recently heard of a massive vampie slaying. Louis was worried, but nowadays there were more vamps than mortals, so personally he wasn't too worried about it, but he was sad for all of the deaths that seemed to occur because of his family.

    "Sorry, my dad is really choked up about this, so are my two sisters." he said turning back to the driver, he had a saddened expression on his face, tears froming in his eyes. "Sorry, I'm just a little sad, I mean my mom was the only person who really listened to me. The only one who could actually calm my dad down and keep him from doing anything stupid." he added, he sorrow turning into mild frustration. "Sorry he added again, looking outside the window at the rain that as now falling.

    TAG: John
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    IC: MacLeary, Chicago appartment

    *The two days off had passed without incident, and MacLeary actually looked forward to going back into the fire station for once, even if it meant having to deal with the vampires and their totalitarian rule.

    It was 7:00 AM that morning, and after a quick bit of calesthetics and a decent breakfast, the only thing left to do was get on the motorcycle or in the car to go to work.
    He had barely set foot out of the door when he heard a ringing. It wasn't his normal cell phone, or even the fax that he had acquired, rather it was the dedicated cellular phone that was exclusively for Snakeroot purposes.

    Sprinting back into his bedroom, he fished it out of the drawer and answered it, making a mental note to acquire another one since this was the last "safe" use he could get out of it before the pets would start to get a fix on the phones location or the numbers dialed.
    Rather than a cheery standard greeting, he preferred to get to business quickly*

    "Go ahead."

    *The voice on the other end was so heavily warped and distorted that not even the vampire with the most acute hearing could tell anything about what the other person was like, other than the fact that they were speaking English. With that, MacLeary knew, came with the most sophisticated and headache-inducing jamming and coding that had ever been applied to a cell phone. It was CIA technology that had been pulled from somewhere, and with it the only copy of the technique. Whomever had gotten it had burned the bridge behind them then dynamited the cliff it was attached to, making sure that no amount of clever trickery could ever locate this particular phone.
    The high degree of secrecy and electronic camouflage meant that this could only be one kind of person: A Snakeroot planner and organizer. These people were responsible for assimilation of all information from agents, then discerning the credible from the bull, then planning and ordering any operation to be carried out.
    The fact that Snakeroot had nearly 100% success rate in all endeavors meant that these particular individuals were most vital to the organization, and therefore were the most heavily shielded. Nobody was completely sure as to how many there were, or where they were located, they weren't even sure who the others were.

    It was the way of Snakeroot: Loose attachment and detachment. Smaller groups could be formed, and often operator-level individuals knew each other personally. However that stopped with any intelligence or planning personell. All that the planners knew of their operators was their designated codename and their missions. Other than that, nothing else.

    The planner addressed MacLeary*

    "Excellent work Claymore, the vampires will be on the defensive and paranoid for weeks to come. This proves that you are undoubtedly the best operator that we have in the Midwest.
    It is with this in mind that I present you with a new operation.
    However, before we proceed, this is a completely voluntary assignment, and you must tell me yes or no before I proceed."

    *MacLeary considered this. These special ops always entailed either gaining information in order to better weaken and eliminate the vampires, or a large hit that would do permanent, lasting damage and throw them further off-balance.
    With such an opportunity at stake, it pulled at MacLearys pure hatred of vampires to the point that he could not refuse*

    "Accepted, give me the mission"

    "Good, because we need our best on this one. Cover will be provided, so do not worry about your life here, it will be taken care of.
    You will be heading to central Ohio, to the town of Westerville. Intelligence gathered has inidcated the director of the Vampire Daylight Protection Service (VDPS) will be in that town in approximately one day, give or take a few hours.
    He will be meeting with high-ranking vampires in the town to discuss a possible safe haven for elderly vampires. It is assumed that the meeting is taking place in Westervill
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    IC: John Seward
    The Car

    "Oh, the smell...?" John asked inquiringly. There was no smell. So the only scent that the hitch hiker could be picking up on was...

    This wasn't good. John drummed on his bag instinctively. "Oh, er... yeah, I had a garlic ramen the other day, and I spilled a bit. Guess I didn't get it all up with the FeBreeze."

    "I'm John, by the way. Charmed," he added, looking straight forward. "Fredrick" seemed to be on the level, but the conversation he had had on the telephone didn't seem right, either. Best to keep an eye on him. "Since we're just going to Philly, I figured we can stop at a little town I know in Ohio and just gun it through Indiana. Sound alright with you?"

    TAG: Louis du Codroy

    IC: Vince Seward

    Yes, a vacation. That was exactly what he needed. Of course, the voice on the other side of the phone wasn't quite as receptive. "No, I know it's a big deal... Look, just leave it to the police for awhile. I'll pick it up when I get back... Yeah, three days is enough, sure."

    He closed the phone. "Where to...?" he asked himself. "I guess Ohio it is."

    He unwrapped his scarf and placed it draped across his back. Suddenly, the scarf extended and took the form of large bat wings. "Gotta' give it to those IT guys, this thing is pretty useful." He checked the wingspan, which, as promised, was a full 20 feet on each side. Too cumbersome for the city, but for interstate flights, nothing beat his magically augmented scarf.

    There was a beating of wings, and Vince took off.


    He flew for several hours before he decided it was time to take a rest. He'd made great time, too, arriving in Ohio already. Swooping to the ground, he looked around.

    It was dark, and the only visible shelter in sight was an old barn, or something. Vince was never one for details. It'd do.

    He re-wrapped his scarf, which had reverted back to normal, and walked over to the door. It opened with a slight creek, and Vince peered inside. Sink, table, a door that, presumably, led to the bathroom, bed, large purple pillow.

    "Large pillow?" he asked incredulously. "Is anybody... in here...?" he asked.

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    IC: Allene Blair, inside Abandoned Shack, Woods of Ohio

    Allene covered her whole body with her purple hooded cloak. She was dreaming peacefully, since that long journey she had. It was a good thing she kept her sword on Jesse's saddle side. He was a smart horse not to run away...

    But when she slowly opened her eyes, she heard a voice. "Large pillow?" he asked incredulously. "Is anybody... in here...?"

    The young woman turned around, and saw a guy with a scarf around his neck. Allene screamed, and staggered off the bed. Then she stood a few feet away from the stranger. By looking at his eyes and pale skin... he totally looked like a vampire!

    Allene grew frightened. "W-Who are you?"

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