Beyond - Legends Dawning (L/M and all the rest - Post-FOTJ?! "AU" - Completed - 04/10/11 - Now With A Cover!)

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    Heya! I'd just like to do a little update!

    First of all, Jade_eyes wrote a little accompanying piece to Dawning you can find it [link=]HERE![/link]

    Also, I told you guys that I was going to be posting a sequel in September or October. It is coming, but don't expect it until probably December or January, possibly later (I only have gotten four chapters done in three months [face_blush]). If you would like a PM notifying you when it is up, let me know. Of course, encouragement always speeds up the writing process!


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    Thank goodness I was directed to this fic. I was going nuts watching the plumber work on my hot water heater. This was a great distraction. Very nice fic. I like how Mara stuck by Luke's side for 4 years while he was in a coma. That is true love.
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    what a lovely fic! ONTO THE SEQUEL!
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