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    ***For all of you in the D.C. Area***

    Saturday, July 16th 2005 at Dr. Dremo's ( www.drdremo.com ) there will be another showing of Star Wars: Revelations on the "big" screen (ok it's not THAT big, but big enough). The showing is free to all comers, no tickets necessary. There will be a band - Verbal ( www.verbalmusic.com ). They will be playing cantina music and their usual set. Also, during their performance they will have an AV show with a Sci-Fi theme put on by Radar Theory. Once again, this is a FREE show. Costumers are welcome! PM me with questions or comments.

    ... oh yea - show starts at 7:30 - Hope to see you there!!!

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    Star Wars: Revelations was created by the wonderful folks at Panic Struck Productions. If you haven't seen their website (or haven't seen it recently) check it out: www.panicstruckpro.com

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    *Starts thinking up a way to get Revelations to Philly*
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