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    Poor Luke. That's not how love works. Not the way you are trying at least. Hint. You did great, but you weren't suppose to tell your SO you only did it to get them to love you. Patience man, and stay silent. It's a slow and natural process.

    Oh Mara, what a mess. Don't worry I'm still rooting for Marazra. I'm sure Ezra will forgive you.

    May the Force be with us all.
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    Oh, @Raissa Baiard -- that was so, =D= =D= I adored reading vulnerable!Mara. :D All that jumble and tangle of emotions, so realistic and heart-felt. @};- Kanan's support was terrific, although a bit awkward at first. His advice is definitely spot-on. Now, then. Here's a fangirl set of [:D] [:D] for Luke. :* :* [face_laugh] Seriously can't wait for more. :)
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    That was a very emotional update and my loyalties are severely split between all the three "loving/ hating" parties now (= Mara, Luke and Ezra").

    There indeed has to be some serious talking now.

    I am even a bit grumpy with Luke for having an almost Anakin like approach on the subject of love. Our update reminded me of a line of text from the EotS book that I wanted to use for the next update of my "Legends of the Force, book 1" fanfic:

    Two liquid gems, indescribably precious-because they were his. He had earned them. As he had earned her; as he had earned the child she bore. He had paid for them with innocent blood.”

    This is tainted love, obsession.

    I hope Luke can realize that or he walks down his father´s path.
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    Woohoo, @AzureAngel2 what insightfulness in your review & what an eloquent compelling quote! =D= You can always tell the quality of the fic by the quality of reviews it inspires. :cool: @};- =D=
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    Blush, blush, blush, blush, blush, blush!

    * has brain turned into melting bantha butter due to sweet compliment

    But @Raissa Baiard is the true genius here! Because she writes a fic that is deep even though it deals with teen stuff. There are a lot of bad teen TV series, even fantasy and SF ones, but her take on the love triangle (for "Mélange-à-trois" would be too far fetched a term!) between Mara, Ezra and Luke is far from being trivial. Even supporting characters, in the truest sense of the word... ;), like Kanan can burn bright like diamonds.

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    This was perfect. Sure it was full of TEH ANGST, but it was masterfully written. :)

    The sad mooka pup is walking a fine line between a lovesick eccentric and a Nice Guy here and Mara, despite totally falling apart, is still reasonable given the fact that she didn't hit him. Because...who wouldn't have? I love Luke as much as the next SW fan, but I would have slapped him upside his face for this.

    At the same time, Luke's way of thinking is ridiculous to begin with and it has been so all along. You don't become a Jedi to impress somebody, you wermo. You don't learn the Jedi code because you were "meant to be" with somebody. You don't go through all this for a girl, you do all this because you were chosen by the Force and you have chosen the Force.

    Mara had to break sooner or later. Her mistake could be attributed to amusement, to not wanting a conflict; but it was indeed a mistake and it had to backfire. And her break is very emotional, very believable. Say, are you actually a teenager posing as an adult? The fact that she didn't want to turn around, hugging self and eventually crying was depicted so well that it looked like a scene from a movie.

    Kanan shines even brighter than in the previous entry. He is there to solve the situation and I love it that he didn't scold Mara, but instead suggested how to deal with the problem - in the most obvious manner. And the comparison to Doran was great. It's wonderful that Mara has somebody to confide in and that the crew of Ghost are basically like her family away from the family.

    Can't wait for this to continue!
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    MarAngst! :D OK, yes, I know we've been throwing around the word "angst" a lot during the genesis of these chapters, and it's an apt word—but hoo boy, it is all perfectly justified in Mara's case right here. I totally don't blame her for letting Luke have it. I totally don't blame her for wanting to kick the poor little mooka pup. Because, oh good skies, look how immensely misguided his priorities are—you don't learn the ways of the Force just to impress someone and prove to them that you're better! Even a muggle like me knows that's not how it works. And the Force aside, the moment you start doing things to prove that you're better than someone else—well, 99% of the time it only proves the opposite.

    Mara is perspicacious enough to know that—go her for speaking up so forthrightly. "I'm not the prize you get from the Force for becoming a Jedi"—a fantastic line, with echoes of Princess Jasmine's "I am not a prize to be won" in Aladdin. (Appropriately so, since her true love is Space!Aladdin himself! ;) )

    Kanan really shines here. Just oodles of kudos to Space!Dad for the wise, compassionate consolation and advice that he offers Mara at this moment of self-doubt and uncertainty, and for the way he overcomes his own moment of awkwardness and returns her hug. And I can't say enough how much I love the fact that his hug reminds Mara of her dad's hugs—which also highlights the many wonderful commonalities between Kanan and Doran. [face_love] Kanan was of course originally billed as a rogue, a "cowboy Jedi," but he's always had that gentle, caring side that's come out at the right moments. (And isn't that the truth with all the main Rebels characters—they've all turned out to have so much more to them than meets the eye, even over just the two seasons I've caught up with.) A loving father figure is just what Mara needs right about now, and this Space!Dad's advice is spot on: she and Ezra need to talk to each other and get on the same page communication-wise if they want to make things better. You can do it, Marzra—I have every confidence in you! [face_love]
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    Luke does have a few things to learn about love, chiefly, if your love interest is already involved with someone, (especially when, despite what you, think he's fundamentally a good person) it's unlikely that any amount of good works is going to sway her. If Mara was unattached, then maybe it would impress her. And yes, for the love of the Force do not tell her that's your devious plan. It's a mess all around, with those who should be talking to each other staying quiet, and those who ought to keep their mouth shut spilling everything.

    Thank you! Mara tries so hard to keep her emotions under control and hidden, but eventually even the strongest walls have to give way under the weight of those tightly wound feelings. And everything just pours out... I think it would be a little awkward for Kanan to have his space!kid's girlfriend suddenly weeping on his shoulder, but Kanan has a good heart. He's a supportive space!dad and he's learned all those lessons about talking to the one you love even and especially about the difficult things the hard way.

    Luke does seem to be treading awfully close to his father's path. He needs to learn that love can't be earned like that. The Force is not going to give Mara to him for being the best Jedi ever. Mara and Ezra aren't the only ones who need to talk. Luke needs to talk to them, too ("I'm sorry" would be a good place to start) and he needs to get his priorities straight. In his favor though, instead of a Sith Lord whispering in his ear, Luke has some friends who can steer him straight; Leia will certainly have a few words for him and he's probably not going to escape getting a good talking to from Space!Dad and Jedi Kanan, either. Perhaps the combination can kick him hard enough to put him on a new path.

    Blush blush blush indeed! [face_blush] Thank you so much! Star Wars has always focused on young people (Luke & Leia, Anakin, Rey), but it has so much appeal to all ages because it also focuses on universal themes of love and family, good and evil, loss and change. I hope that in some way, I've captured some of those themes, too.
    I looked up "Nice Guy" in the Urban Dictionary...hmm, Luke's not quite there yet, but getting there. I guess I wouldn't put him quite there yet, because he really does like Mara, and he's trading on all those good nice guy things to get him love and not...action. But yes, the point stands, it's all very well to do nice things for someone you're interested in, but it isn't the currency that buys you love or anything else. He is lucky that Mara fell apart rather than exploding, because she could have opened a serious can of whup-shebs on him even before Kanan could have stepped in. :p

    Yes to everything you just said. Luke's let his motivations get pretty skewed along the way here (what happened to "I want to be a Jedi like my father"?) He needs to get a few things straight in his mind before he continues.

    Yes, I am a teenager who has constructed a rich fantasy life as a 40-something housewife. Because isn't that every girl's fantasy? :p No, seriously, thank you [face_blush] I was just a very stupid teenager in my day, and now I'm doing something useful with the vivid memories of my own stupidity and angst...therapy? A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B?

    It's hard to let kids make their own mistakes, but at some point, all the scolding in the Galaxy doesn't help. It may be just a touch easier for Kanan to steer Mara the right direction rather than than lecturing , because she's not his Space!kid or his padawan, and somehow it's easier to be objective when you have that bit of a remove from the situation. At the same time, he does have the compassion that Mara desperately needs at that moment. Kanan's similarities to Doran are actually what set this whole universe into motion; reading A New Dawn I was so struck by the similarities between the two, I immediately started looking for ways to bring them together. Little did I know that Ezra was going to want in on the act (as he is wont to do). And the whole crew of the Ghost has really taken Mara under their wing which bodes well for the future, don't you think?

    Yep, that's not how the Force works, and it's not how love works, either. And for the bolded part--ouch!--but you're totally right. Luke has in no way proved himself to be the better man here (which is not to say that Ezra has been a paragon lately, either, but still...). The Better Man is not actively trying to woo someone else's girlfriend away with bad poetry.
    Thank you! I think it must have been unconscious--Disney on the brain!--but I love it

    I wholeheartedly about the characters from Rebels. They are all so much more than they initially seemed; even Chopper has hidden depths of character. And I hope that the same is true of Doran, who's not nearly as cynical as he liked to pretend at first. Though after reading Kanan's backstory comic, I'd dare say that Doran is in some ways even more of a rogue than Kanan. (And someday, I'd love for Doran to meet Yoda again. I bet he'd have a few choice words for the little gnome...and likewise the little green gnome might have a few words for him).

    And now for Ezra to get a little good advice and space!parenting....
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    As always, thanks to @Findswoman and @Ewok Poet for beta reading and support @};-


    I did not exactly meditate once I went back to my cabin, unless by “meditate” you mean “sit on Zeb’s bunk and stare blankly into space wondering why the Force hates me.”

    Am I destined to lose everyone and everything I love? My parents are gone, my home was destroyed, I haven’t even seen my planet in years. And now I’ve lost Mara, too….

    I thought the Force brought us together. I thought the way it hummed when we were together meant something. I thought she was my journey’s end... How stupid was I to believe any of that? How stupid was I to believe the Force really sent messages in sabacc cards? How stupid was I to think it cared anything about Ezra Bridger once the Chosen One was involved?


    I didn’t hear the door open, didn’t notice Hera standing in the doorway until she said my name. The worried mom look was written all over her face. Behind her, Zeb peered into our cabin, and even he looked uncharacteristically subdued.

    “Are you alright?” Hera asked, stepping tentatively inside. “We heard all the shouting outside.”

    No, I wasn’t alright. I was empty, nothing left inside but a hollow ache. I should have locked the cabin door; I couldn’t to face anyone right now, not even Hera, and especially not Zeb. But I didn’t even have the energy to turn away from her. I didn’t want to talk either, but the words ripped out of me anyway. “I’ve lost her, Hera. She doesn’t love me…”

    “What? What happened?” She crossed the cabin floor in two quick strides and sat down next to me on the lower bunk, putting an arm around my shoulders.

    “Skywalker.” The name left a bitter taste in my mouth and a bitter note in my voice. “He’s been after Mara since she came to Yavin...mooning after her, staring at her. And now...he’s been writing her poems. For weeks. She never told me.” I shook my head, closing my eyes so I wouldn’t have to see the looks of pity that Hera and Zeb were giving me. “I think… I think she loves him…” As painful as it was to think it, saying it out loud was like twisting a vibro-shiv in my heart, because admitting it made it real.

    “Oh, Ezra…”

    “Right.” Zeb slammed one solid purple fist into the palm of his other hand. His face contorted into the look that said he was ready to do some serious bashing. “I’m gonna go pound that mooka-faced flyboy’s worthless shebs so far into the ground they’re gonna need an excavator droid to find him! You with me, kid?”

    I have to admit there was something a little attractive to the idea of setting Zeb loose on Skywalker. I mean…fourteen Force-awful love poems to my girlfriend? He kinda deserved a good bashing, at least a little, right? But I knew Kanan would say it was Not Worthy of a Jedi and Wouldn’t Solve Anything. Hera apparently took the same view; she shot Zeb a reproving frown. “Zeb! Let me handle this, please, before you do anything rash.”

    “But, Hera, this is about a man’s honor!” he cried, all righteous indignation. The fact that he referred to me as a man and not “the kid” might have cheered me a little, except I got the feeling Zeb was just as concerned with his honor in being associated with me.

    Hera wasn’t having any of it. She pressed her lips into a flat line and raised an eyebrow. “Zeb.”

    I guess even Zeb is not immune to Hera’s “mom” looks. “Oh, all right,” he huffed, turning to go. He paused in the doorway, adding, “But I’ve got your back when you’re ready to show mooka-face who’s boss.” which earned him another Very Stern Look from Hera.

    She sighed as he stomped off down the hall muttering about where certain mooka-faced runts got off stealing other people’s girls. “So, what happened out there, Ezra?” Hera asked, her green eyes searching mine. “Did Mara sayshe was in love with Luke?”

    “No, but she didn’t have to.” How could I not have seen it? How could I not have known all this time? “Moof-milker” did not even begin to cover the level of my stupidity. “He’s written her fourteen love poems and she never said a thing to me. Why would she do that unless she wanted the poems...unless she wanted…” I broke off, choking under another wave of despair, and laughed bitterly. “He’s the Chosen One; of course she wants him! Why did I ever think she’d want a Loth-rat like me?”

    “What do you mean he’s the ‘Chosen One’?” Hera asked, brow furrowing.

    “You remember my vision? The one about the key to defeating the Sith?” It kind of made me sick to my stomach now, everything I’d gone through for that vision, everything I’d done, everything I’d lost--everything my friends had lost--only for it to lead to Skywalker. Only to lead to this.

    “The one about Obi-Wan Kenobi?” Her frown deepened. She knew how hard Kanan and I had both looked to find the answer, probably better than anyone else did.

    “…” I shook my head again. “I mean, I thought it was him...but I was wrong. Obi-Wan was on Tatooine with Skywalker. Protecting him. Training him. He wasn’t the key to defeating the Sith. Skywalker is.” How could you choose him? I wanted to ask the Force. Why does he get everything? Haven’t I done enough for you? You really do have a perverse sense of humor, don’t you? No, don’t think about that.

    “You’re sure about that?” Hera’s voice cut into my latest wave of self-pity. She looked almost as dumbfounded as I had felt when I’d figured it out. “Kanan’s never said…”

    “I kind of never mentioned it to him.” I admitted, hunching my shoulders. Just what I needed right now--one more thing to feel guilty about.

    She raised an eyebrow at me, her lekku twitching. “And you kind of never mentioned it to Mara, either, did you?”


    “The two of you might be having a bit of communication problem.” Hera gave a slight shake of her head, her eyes rolling skyward--in a silent plea for patience in dealing with stupid moof-milkers, probably. “Ezra, besides not mentioning these poems, has Mara ever given you any reason to believe she has feelings for Luke?”

    “Well…” She’d always been nicer to him than I thought she should be, but not any nicer than she was to, say, Zeb. And there’d been a lot of times I thought Mara should have told Skywalker to kark off, but I guess that didn’t necessarily mean she had feelings for him.

    “And did she say why she didn’t tell you about them?”

    The tiny bit of hope I’d started to feel squashed flat. “She said she was protecting Skywalker!”

    “Mara said that?”

    Okay, not exactly, but… “She said she was afraid of me getting angry at him!”

    Hera raised her eyebrow a little higher this time. “And did you?”

    “Well, yeah....but, Hera, he deserved it! Fourteen love poems! And he’s always staring at Mara and following her around. Since Sabine gave Mara those green streaks, he’s practically been panting after her! What was I supposed to do, just politely ask him to please leave my girlfriend alone, Master Chosen One? Okay, thanks! Yeah, I’m sure he’d have been more than happy to listen, since we all know how much Skywalker likes and respects me!”

    She listened without speaking until my resentful diatribe finished and I waited for the inevitable rebuke--control your emotions, Ezra. A Jedi doesn’t act out of anger. And, oh by the way, the Council was obviously right to forbid attachments if this is the way you’re going to be. Except that this was Hera, not Kanan, and her eyes were understanding even though her mouth was still set in a flat line. “Mmm-hmm. Ezra, listen to me. Mara’s been working very hard to train Luke because she feels the Force has called her to do it. You and Luke sniping at each other constantly hasn’t made things easy for her. She feels caught in the middle.” Hera sighed. “Mara might not have made the best decision when she didn’t tell you about the poems, but that doesn't mean she doesn’t love you. And if you love her, then you have to trust her. And talk to her.”

    It was my turn to sigh. Just talk to her. Like it was really going to be that easy. What if she didn’t want to talk to me? What if she and Skywalker were together right now? “What difference will that make? Skywalker’s still the Chosen One, and I’m still just a Loth-rat.”

    “Ezra,” Hera said gently, her arm tightening around my shoulders. “You've never been just a Loth-rat. Especially not to Mara. Talk to her.”
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    Wonderful advice. I hope it sinks in and does some good, like Ezra immediately, this very second, goes and talks to Mara. Because Hera is right. She never did say she wanted Luke, and being the Chosen One in and of itself wouldn't make Mara fall in love with someone else. The absolute central fact is Mara should have said something about the poems but she definitely felt caught in the middle [face_thinking]

    I'm always so happy, happy when this is updated. :D @};-
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    Communication is the key! Even if Mara reject you, Ezra, let her have the opportunity to tell you herself, with her own words, from her own mouth. It's useless to fantasize what may go right or go wrong. Talk to each other!

    edit: Hey, Ezra, you and Master Chosen One can still be friends! lol ;)
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    Yes, communication is exactly the key in any relationship, @DARTH_MU! =D=

    But luckily we have Hera who is fantastic at that. I hope Ezra will listen to her advice.
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