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    August 2017—Discussion and Mini-Challenge

    Here are some last-minute items for August, provided by Kahara.

    Discussion: Time Travel

    If your character could time travel to anywhere, any time in the history of the galaxy, where would they go? Assuming that they were willing to jump in a time machine... ;)

    Mini Challenge: Mysterious Objects

    Your character finds something they don't recognize. Explore how your character reacts to this find, whether they investigate it or not.
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    Discussion: Time Travel Ah, Linza might go back eight hundred years ago so she could see the events of the War of the Stars. David on the other hand is a little tricky. There are several time periods he would love to visit but he'd be worried about accidentally changing the Past and maybe wiping out a huge chunk of history.

    Mini Challenge: Mysterious Object This might be easier than I originally thought but a lot of my fic is centered on mysterious objects. Hm.
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    List of OCs

    Lintai Skywalker: Taking the time machine to the time before the Killik mission. Around 30 ABY
    Xin Skywalker: Same
    Honor Tur-Hazy: Take the machine to 26 ABY to Chusan X to stop Jedi Academy massacre.
    Nisha Windrider: Take the machine to the the Flagship of Grand Admiral Sloane and kill Snoke.
    Kebin Windrider: Take the machine to 9 ABY, the Stardestroyer Murderer, to save his sister from the Jedi
    Show Spoiler
    His sister is alive, and his fiancee, the Snoke agent Lael, (Is Lael her real name?) lied to him

    Daire Dhu: Take the machine to 1000 ABY to Syned and wake herself up.
    Haster Zhor: Take the machine to 1000 ABY to Ruusan to fight the Jedi.
    Lady Lees Azedio: to 27 ABY Corulag prison, break herself out, and start smuggling to make profits. The take the machine to Naboo where she runs her own bounty hunter agency.
    et al.

    Too long, didn't read: Get the machine and start correcting past wrongs, and then start enjoy life. Maybe.
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    September 2017—Discussion and Mini-Challenge

    Here at the penultimate minute of the month, and presented by Pandora.

    Discussion: Changes

    Change. As a certain wise woman once said, you can no more stop it than you can stop the suns from setting. At this point, your narrator has no doubt experienced changes in their life—both minor and significant, and for the better, and for the worse. (And after all, change is generally considered necessary for good fiction.) Let’s talk about them.


    Mini-Challenge: “Unleaving”

    Your narrator is grieving/over Goldengrove unleaving. Literally or figuratively.
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    Well Linza learned that there is life in the galaxy and is adjusting to all sorts of new revelations (she also thinks the first alien she met is hot). ;)

    David is going to break a few laws to get Linza to Coruscant; something he would never do but it is the right thing to do.
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    I think Talon Tantiss' greatest changes involved the women he loved. He fathered a child with one woman who hid the pregnancy from him until two years later when he discovered the truth. He also married Karrde's daughter Zylie which probably surprised him more than anything since they were both at each other's throats as children.

    The biggest anticipated change for him should happen this year. He will find out the truth about everything that was hidden from him and afterwards he will be given two changes that he had hoped for, but never thought he would acquire.
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