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Saga Death of an Angel (Vader/Anakin/Padme)-One poster

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Oreo_Kenobi, Apr 29, 2003.

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  1. Oreo_Kenobi

    Oreo_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Oct 9, 2002
    Hi Everyone, this is my first fic and I just wanted to share it with all of you. Reviews are greatly appreciated as are pointers. Please be kind 8-} I would like to say hi to my faithful Padawan, Amigirl! :D and a big hello to Breanna the evil Sith!!! [face_devil]

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or situations...they are property of their respective owners and I am just borrowing them for a while.

    Death of an Angel
    Rain poured from the skies. It had been raining all day, but he ignored it and kept running. He ran, disregarding the pain in his body and the blood running down as it mixed with the rain. He ignored the cold water falling on him and his torn shirt giving him no protection. His thoughts dwelled on her?his wife, his angel.
    Organa had told him of the assassination attack and how they had kidnapped her. A wave of guilt passed over him, but he quickly brushed it aside. ?Now was not the time for this,? he said to himself. After he had tracked down the attackers through the Force, he immediately set out to find them. The Force guided him to a forest, a forest in which he had been running inside of for what seemed like hours. But alas, he was close. Just a while longer and he would find them.
    As he thought this, a cabin came into view through the thick forest. He cautiously made his way closer. They were going to pay for what they did to him and to her. He walked closer, the rain blurring his view. When he finally reached the door, he Force opened it and went inside on full alert. No one was guarding the door, and he peered around a on the left that led to another room. There, standing in the middle were the attackers. All their backs were turned to him and he made his way toward them.
    Not giving them a chance to even turn around, he ignited his lightsaber, a blood red laser coming to life. He quickly and easily disposed of the first five and seriously injured the sixth. Before the man hit the ground though, he grabbed him by his throat and pulled him up.
    ?Where is she?? he forcefully asked the man while placing more pressure around his throat.
    ??outside? the man responded.
    ?Who sent you to do this?who?s paying ?!? he asked as the anger flared into his voice.
    Seeing that the man was not responding to him. He tightened his grip and shook him. Finally, he said something barely above a whisper, ?someone beyond you.? And he died.
    In a fit of rage, he threw the now dead body against the wall and made his way to the back door. When he walked out, he did not immediately got wet thanks to a roof which extended a few feet beyond the door. He noted that the rain had become a storm and there, just beyond the end of the roof, was the still body of his wife. He dashed for her, not caring the effect the cold water had on his body once again.
    When he got to her he realized that she was not dead, but she was close?she was so close. He gently lifted her into his strong arms and brought her to the ground. He knelt by her and brought her face close to his. Her white dress was soaked and had smudges of dirt and?blood. Her eyes slowly opened and stared back at his blue orbs. Force , he thought to himself, even now she is so beautiful!
    ?Yes, love, I am here now. I came for you? he responded tenderly.
    She smiled at him, and then she put a serious look ?Why did you leave Ani? Why did you do this??
    He knew that ?this? meant everything he had done in the past four years. The destruction of planets, the dictatorship, the Jedi purges?
    ?Because, Padmé , I did all of this not only for me, but for you. I killed off the Jedi because it was their fault we couldn?t be happy.?
    The anger rose up in him again ?It was their fault!?
    ?Oh, Ani.? She slowly brought up her hand to his face and back to his hair, ??now is it different, love??
    ?It will be different, I promise.?
    He managed a smile and his eyes twinkled. ?now all you have to do is get better, I?ll help, I?ll stay with you, I promise? he said as his free hand moved up and do
  2. leia_amigirl

    leia_amigirl Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 27, 2002
    Hi! *waves* I really enjoyed this story. It was a big tear jerker. Did I ever tell you I like your stories? Well, I do and I think you should post more of them! ;) Great Job!

    Amigirl :cool:
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