Death of Chewie Celebration Day!!

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by jhc36, Oct 5, 2011.

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    It?s that time of the year!! Death of Chewie Celebration Day! Where all the castes gather together (not the shamed ones of course) to celebrate one of our historic feats.

    Location: Yuuzhan?tar

    Time: Today

    Who?s invited: Everyone?but it may be the last party for most of you. (oh, who am I kidding, all those not Yuuzhan Vong will be ungloriously killed?but it will be a fun event nonetheless!)

    Food: We?ll be serving up stewed wookiee, fried wookiee legs, moon pies, wookiee cookies (yes, we sometimes have a sense of humor), and a tasty brew that our shapers have concocted: Crashing Pale Moon Ale. (I believe there are even bits of wookiee blood in this!!)

    Entertainment: Along with the usual ritual scarring and sacrifices, we have a giant villip choir that will be performing the famous Yo?Gand?s Core tactic of Dobido, complete with sounds and screams. And the night wouldn?t be complete without the Supreme Overlord himself there to cheer on Dobido!

    So come stop by and join us in our 12th annual Celebration!!
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    It was about time for someone major to die.
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    About time? Chewie died 12 years ago, in the books. :( Sadly, Anakin Solos death upset me more....
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