Chatt, TN December 2005 meeting

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    I forgot to post the meeting notes here until today. It's confusing to try and keep up with two boards. If there are any lurkers that visit here, but not [link=][/link], please go there to our message boards (Mos Nooga Cantina). You'll be more up-to-date as there's a lot more posters and ALOT more going on. Anyway...

    Meeting notes

    Christmas paradeLordJohn brought the awesome trophy that Chattooine won. Thanks again to everyone who was able to help out, and thanks again to Orion Knight-Star for getting us in. Mark it on your calendars... next year's Lookout Valley parade is December 9, 2006.

    Jedi and/or Mandalorian armor
    Nightmarez will be placing an order soon for this. If you are interested, please PM him soon. If we have enough people ordering, we may be able to get a better deal. Here's a link to the different armor "Schuby" has for sale:

    Chattanooga Cosplay group
    Scarlet (known as "a-tastic" to the cosplay group) would love to have all you aspiring costumers to check out the group she's helped put together. [link=][/link].

    Christmas Party
    The party will be this Thursday, December 15th @ 6:30pm (until midnight) @ "the clubhouse" at the Concorde Apartments (directions can be found in the "Christmas Party" thread). Please park in the unmarked parking spaces.

    We'll have the 2nd annual Jawa Gift Exchange (at 8:00pm), RPG and/or other gaming that evening, and also a raffle ($2 per chance) for a lightsaber hilt made by Eelem. We'll also have a few door prizes to give away.

    We ask that everyone chip in $1 to help cover the rental fee of the clubhouse.

    Feel free to bring your own drinks or whatever snacks you want. We'll be ordering pizza from somewhere close by.

    Chattooine Cares
    Through the auctions that YaYa set up, we have managed to raise $157. She told us that the kids that have been displaced from their homes (and have been staying in Chattanooga) have been taken care of, so we will use the money for as many kids as we can off the Angel Tree. The time to shop is here. If you can help shop for what a couple kids off the Angel Tree needs or wants, please PM YaYa to set up a time you can do this.

    CHATTACONMembership for Chattacon (until December 31th) is $40.00. At the door, it'll be $50.00. Please go to for details and to print out the membership form to send in. I'll contact the guys from the 501st that expressed an interest in coming to make sure we can all meet up.

    We'll also have our own "fan table" at Chattacon. Before then, we need to rig up a way for our banner to be "free-standing" by using PVC pipe and/or mic stands. The easier it is to set this up and take down, the more we can use this wherever we go. The table will be a great way to meet local sci-fi fans that would be interested in our club. We did this at DragonCon this past September and we talked to alot of people... just no one from Chattanooga. LOL. BUT, this is a much better place for us to reach people who don't know about us yet.

    We can also promote...

    1st annual Star Wars vs Star Trek debate
    Azrael, who is the Star Trek coordinator, has arranged this debate to be held at Books-A-Million on January 23rd. Each "side" will consist of a 4 person team (to be randomly drawn by those who wish to take part). The winners to be decided by the audience. We're working on prizes for the the ones who take part in the debate and also door prizes for everyone who didn't get chosen to be in the debate. We're hoping to get a sponsor on board to help with the prizes, otherwise we may have to ask for $1 donation from the participants to help defray costs.

    Build-A-Prop Day II
    On January 14, 2006, we'll hold our 2nd Build-a-prop day. This time, we're going to try to make a few blasters and ho
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