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Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by tre_si_san, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. tre_si_san Jedi Youngling

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    Jan 1, 2004
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    Hey Guys, for those of you who were not able to be at the club meeting on the 12, we had a big calendar of events to go through......especially for December.

    Here is a suggestion that I would like everyone to consider to help make the crazy, busy holiday month of December maybe a little more easier to handle:

    We discussed helping with the Elf Louise Christmas project. They will begin their wrapping sessions on the 3rd of December. They will begin the delivery schedule on or around December 15th.

    In between this, the USS Bexar is having their Christmas party on December 10th. The meet time for the caravan to the party is at 3pm. On December 17th is the normal Fan Force meeting.

    So here is what my suggestion is:

    Why not do our Elf Louise wrapping session on December 10th between 11am - 1pm?? Then those going to the Christmas party will have 2 hours to rest up or finish getting their dishes ready for the party and then to meet up for the caravan at 3pm.

    Why not do our special Elf Louise Star Wars Christmas delivery on December 17th in the early afternoon say about 1 or 2pm then when we are finished delivering, we can go to a restaurant or bar and grill and have our FF meeting/Christmas get together???

    This helps make a month full of activities squeeze into 2 days. It's a thought and I hope everyone will chime in with thoughts, questions or alternate suggestions....

    Thanks for your consideration.....
  2. thx1067 Jedi Knight

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    Nov 30, 2003
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    I think it is a brilliant idea!

  3. Chosen_One1 Jedi Padawan

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    May 12, 2005
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    That sounds awesome Alex. I did the Elf Louise thing 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it. I hope I'll be able to get off work[face_praying]!!
  4. JEDI_SHADOWTECH Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 12, 2005
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    Great plan, I would be able to help with some of those events. Since I do not have reliable transportion, my help will be limited though.

  5. starbuck92 Jedi Youngling

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    Jan 21, 2005
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    Sounds good to me, dirty sandtrooper. *g*
  6. Sith_Mistress Jedi Master

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    Nov 12, 2001
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    Awesome idea, Alex! That should make things much easier especially during this busy holiday season. I hope we can have a really great turn out for it.

    Oh, and I'll get that list of events to you this evening, I hope.

  7. ObiJuan70 Jedi Master

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    Jan 1, 2001
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    Very Good Idea Bro - I know that Saturdays are touch and go for me (as you can tell by my absense from this past meeting) - but I will do what I can to make these events.

    Take Care

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