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  1. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    Based off of AFI's newest album release, I give you the Rp where their songs come to life and much much more.

    The dark confines under the earth, where the misunderstod, but the ones with the biggest hearts flee. If you can reach Decemberunderground, which only few can accomplish, everything you wanted will come to you. Yet, in the times where your life is perfect, you will change inside, and the coldhearted demons will be forced to kill you. There is only one, the one searched for for decades, that can go and remain the same. The one who can connect, remain loveless, and still find no home in Decemberunderground.
    When the demons attack for no reason upon the underground, he or she will be the only one to help the defenseless, the ones who have lost faith, the ones who are no longer loveless. The one can calm the spirit, for the one remains the same by heart.
    The demons will lay to rest, and Decemberunderground will become peaceful once more. Until the time in which the one equal to the peacekeeper comes along-and wakens the demons again.

    Where it is December everyday, where your dreams come true, will you be the savior? Will you save Decemberunderground?

    Basically, people that are misjudged for who they are, have no love in their life, feel there is no reason for being alive, But understand the world in a way many cannot, come to be accepted in decemberunderground, where December lives everyday, and you shall love Like Winter. But during your stay, you will change, and the demons will come from their rest. The special one that truely understands life will save Decemberunderground.
    Okay, I will tell you now-if you HAVE read thus far-this is a horror/fantasy RPG. Things that don't happen in the ordinary WILL happen. You will have powers dreamt impossible and such and such.
    1. you may swear, but heed my warning, do not take advantage of that.
    2.Obey GM/CoGM
    3.No Godmodding. As hard as it seems in this game, please-don't.
    4.RESPECT! if I catch you, or your actions come across me, I will become your worst nightmare.
    5.This is a Horror RP, details are vital.
    6.Keep up with the plot, don't try to change it. What happens, happens for a reason.
    7.please interact. Communtication between the characters is important.
    8.PM the character sheet to me, otherwise you will be ignored.
    9.limit OOC's.
    10.FOLLOW TAG/IC. state full name, location, your post, then the TAG-if no TAG-put NONE by TAG.
    In Decemberunderground, you can be a vampire, you can be a werewolf, banshee, goth, punk, emo...blah blah blah.
    But please-don't get this too happy. It is a cold underworld. you must be human, BUT-you can have traces of vampire/werewolf/whatever heritage.
    Character Sheets:
    species:(human but state bloodline)
    -appears:(first thought when seen)
    -hair colour:
    -hair style:
    -eye colour:
    special talent(s):
    traumatic experiences:
    -other(anything you might like to add)

    You do not have to like AFI to join, I just got the idea from the album. It's just a wintery place under the Earth.

    "decemberunderground is a time and a place. It is where the cold can huddle together in darkness and isolation. It is a community of those detached and disillusioned who flee to love, like winter, in the recesses below the rest of the world."-Davey Havok
  2. Darth_X360 Jedi Youngling

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    name:Davey Stopholese
    species:(human but state bloodline)bloodline?
    appearance-light skinned, Tall, Atletic
    -appears:(first thought when seen)Shadow
    -hair colour:black
    -hair style:shoulder length
    -eye colour:black
    -clothing:black shoes, Black suit, red tie, pentagram necklace
    -tattoos:A big tatoo on his lower back saying "GET DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS"
    -scars:3rd degree burn marks from a house fire
    -makeup:white makeup covering up his burns
    -jewelry:pentagram necklace
    -other:His shoes are black hightop Nike airforce ones
    personality:deep down in his soul and heart he is a very caring and loving person but, on the outside he is a blurry shadow.
    dislikes:fire, needles
    special talent(s):Davey can levitate.
    traumatic experiences:fire
    bio: Davey Stopholese grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in America. His family really struggled barely living each day. He lived in a small broke down shack. At a young age Davey took up smoking and one night he dropped a lit cigarette which caused a wildfire. He and his mother barely made it out of the blazing shack alive his mother untouched but, Davey was seriously injured. His Father and sister didn't make it out alive. Davey was rushed to a hospital immediatly, were Davey was in a coma for two and a half weeks. During the time of his coma he said that he expierinced Hell, saw visions of his family burning before his eyes. His mother sent him away to an orphanage. Nothing was going good for Davey he had no family, no friends, no life. Eventually he ran away from the orphanage and ever since the he's been trying to find a shelter to live at and anything to eat. He found a special power that no one else had, Davey could literraly float in the air. Davey joined the circus were he was labled a "freak". One day sprawling through the freezing streets Davey started falling through the ground, he fell and fell and eventually he hit the ground. He looked up and saw white every where. He was surrunded by snow.
  3. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    Character Sheets:
    name:Zelda Black
    species:human/pure bloodlines
    -hair colour:black
    -hair style:[link=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/dd/Davey_havok_new.JPG]click to see[/link]
    -eye colour:ice blue
    -clothing:faded black pants, black AFI Miss Murder shirt, Black AFI jacket with Havok on the back and autographed by him, black mono converse with red laces.
    -piercings:double piercings on the the right eyebrow, one on the right of the lip, and a tongue ring. Earrings from the top to the bottom on both ears. all piercings are sliver.
    -tattoos:Decemberunderground logo that covers the back, many tattoos that cover the arms down to the wrists, smaller decemberunderground logos on the hands. In the middle of the left hand logo is the words Sing the Sorrow, on the right Decemberunderground. Miseria Cantare tattooed over the knuckles on the left. Havok's name on the back of her neck.
    -scars:one long scar that runs from the hairline to the jaw on the left
    -makeup:black eyeliner and shadow
    -jewelry:studded wristbands
    -other:always pale
    personality:quiet, shy, has a short temper and a very obnoxious side. Doesn't trust many people.
    likes:hard rock/goth rock/hardcore music
    dislikes:hates alot of people being around.
    habits:writing on the walls. Usually dark messages or drawings.
    special talent(s):Has a third degree black belt in Shotokan style Martial Arts.
    traumatic experiences:Killing someone in a Martial Arts competetion.
    Band's tour bus crash
    bio:She was originally born and raised in New York, but at the age of six, moved to Ukiah, California.She was a Normal person until her parents decided to move back to New York when she was 14. She refused to go, and ended up staying with a friend. After that, a bit of depression sank in. The same year, she began an unhealthy obsession with AFI. For two years the obsession grew worse to the point where her friend could find her writing letters in her own blood. After that, she noticed nothing worsened, and believed the Obsession had hit it's peak and would soon stop. That theory was soon proven wrong. One night, after returning with a group of friends from a concert of the beloved band, her friend noticed multiple permanent tributes to them.
    Zelda went off on a trip with her local Martial Arts studio, her being their prize fighter. She returned home to give the news that she accidentally killed a sparrer in weapons division. her friend and her friend's family left, afraid for their lives. She just gradutated from High School, and the band her and her friend formed were to go on tour. The night of the tour's beginning, they all got into a fight, and the bus driver lost control of the bus, sending the bus off of a bridge. She managed to escape, but the band wasn't as fortunate.
    In her sleep one night, she escaped the world. she woke in a wintery place she'd wondered about. Decemberunderground

  4. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Character Sheets:
    name:Kira Saunders
    species:(human but state bloodline):Vampire
    -appears:(first thought when seen)She's just a child!
    -hair colour:Black
    -hair style:Straight,falls to the top of her hips. Sliky and smooth and thin.
    -eye colour:Bright violet
    -build:skinny and breakable
    -weight:140lbs(she is SKINNY!)
    -clothing:Tight fitting(not to the weird point) blue jeans. Black long sleeved shirt the luna phases in a circle with a star in the middle in silver.
    -piercings:two in each ear lobe(a moon and star in each ear) and her cartilege is peiced on the right side(A small sliver hoop). Her left eyebrow twice (towards the outside,a half hoop that is silver and a small gold hoop)Her naval(her shirt is just short enough that when she streches you can see it,a gold star)
    -tattoos:Many simbloic(almost evil looking)all over her body. They are all done in black infused with red.
    -scars:To many to count. The most obvious are the one on her right cheek made by a bander in the shape on a cross. One on the plam of her left hand that seems to take the whole plame and you can not make out her hand lines. The one on the back of her neck a vampire bite.
    -jewelry:Her earings. A Saint Peters medalion on a braclet on her left wrist. The cross of Lorain hangs fron her neck. On the ring finger of her right hand she wears a black gold rose with diamons in the outer petals.
    -other:Her jacket(normaly tied around her waist or in her pack)it is black. Her pack which is black and red and holds her hair broush,several ponytail holders,tooth brush,pajama(a short tank top or long sleeved fleece shirt and short that are boxers or long pj pants.)and a picture of her dead mother.
    personality:Despite her harsh looks Kira is a very kind and good hearted person. She loves most peoplpe and adores children. Has a nasty temper when you get her worked up.
    likes:reading,writing,children,animals,and music.
    dislikes:alot of people crowding around her,being part vampiric,and incredably loud noises or getting surprised.
    habits:Biting her lip with her slightly longer than normal fangs. rubbing the cross scar on her face. Fingering the cross of Lorain around her neck. Very shy around new people.
    special talent(s): Is very handy with a computer.
    traumatic experiences: Was raped when she was 15. It was very traumatic and it still plauges her mind. Her mother was killed in front of her eyes when she was 17 and that has never left her thoughts. At 10 was biten by a vampire though it did nothing because she was already part vampire.
    bio: Those above are the important things in her life. The rest will be revealed in time...

  5. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    come on people! I need more people to join!
  6. Jedi_xLathrem Jedi Knight

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    Character Sheets:
    age: 21
    gender: F
    species:(human but state bloodline) gothic
    -appears:(first thought when seen)dark
    -hair colour: black with white colored ends.
    -hair style: short straight,layered hair covering face.
    -eye colour: green
    -build: killer
    -height: 5'9
    -clothing: black cape,skiny-leg leather pnats,black corset
    -piercings: ears all around
    -tattoos: on the back of my neck, a star.
    -scars: on lip and on my right arm.
    -makeup: black lipstic,powdered face.
    -jewelry: silver earings,studed copper choker
    -other: black leather gloves.
    personality: serious,carefree.
    likes: stareing, cuting things open.
    dislikes: demons and whitches
    habits: laughs at people suffer.
    special talent(s): can kill someone with out breathing
    traumatic experiences: brother died from a witch.
    bio: my past is erased from my brain ever since my brother died.
  7. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    Sep 4, 2005
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    okay. I don't think are going to be many more joining, so I will start this now.
    Please, if you want-do not hesitate to join later!

    Just post your arrival into Decemberunderground. And yes, this does have things from their albums. Mostly Sing the Sorrow and Decemberunderground. IF you do not understand something-or want to know something PM me. I will explain.

    Where AFI's world comes to you.

    IC:Zelda Black

    ~The bus was filled with people yelling at one another. he arguing was blinding. There was a car horn and the sound of the bus skidding, their screams filled the bus as it broke through the bridge. She ran towards the door, and jumped from it along with the bandmembers as the bus exploded. She hit the rocks, and lost conciousness.~
    She woke from the dream in the midde of a snow covered street, filled with black bunnies. She sat up and picked up one of the bunnies, and pet it's soft fur.
    Where am I? black bunnies and snow covered trees. It's like I'm in Decemberunderground's album cover.
    She saw someone at the corner.
    No. it can't be-is it?
    She looked back down at the bunny.
    "I'm delusional."

    TAG:Decemberunderground arrivals

  8. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    There was a blinding light. A crunching noise and then Kira was flying. Suddenly,everything went black.

    A while later she awoke. It was cold. Snow covered the ground and she had no idea where she was. There were black bunnies and another girl. "HEy,do you know where we are?" Kira asked and walked over to the girl who was petting a bunny.

  9. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    IC:Zelda Black

    She sat down the black bunny and stood up brushing the snow off of her clothes.
    "I have a feeling I do, but it seems ridiculous. I think we're in-Decemberunderground. you know-like....AFI's Decemberunderground?"

  10. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Kira nodded and made a 'huh' noise. "So what's your name. I'm Kira." she said.
  11. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    IC:Zelda Black

    She stared towards the corner where she thought she has seen someone.

    "oh, I'm Zelda. Zelda Black. Have any idea why we're here or how or...what?"

  12. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Kira shook her head,causeing her earings to jangle. "NO. I was in a car. A bright light,a crunch sound,flying,then here." she said.

    Carefully she looked around just waiting for something bad to happen.
  13. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    IC:Zelda Black

    "uh...okay. different than me, although it was a dream of our wreck."
    She scratched the back of her messy hair, attempting to solve the weirdness.
    "I could swear this is underground, in a place that is made up."

  14. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Kira shrugged. "Maybe we're dead." she offered.

    The thought didn't scare her. Death was not something she was afaid of. She had never been afaid of much anyway.

  15. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    IC:Zelda Black

    She whimpered at the suggestion.
    "no. can't be dead."

  16. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    "You're probably right. If we were dead why would we come here? We should stick together and find someone else." Kira said with as much confidence as she could muster.

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