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  1. amidalachick Jedi Master

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    Loved this chapter, especially the Cybertronians! Ruckus' yelling, Armorhide being part of a new Great War-free generation, everyone telling Skywarp to shut's great. :D
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    Sil-Thanks! That's where I got the inspiration from, actually.

    SSM12-Glad you liked that one. And yeah, I never did like AT-ATs. They do seem rather... flawed.

    Geith-Thanks. Yeah, Raynar and Lusa got screwed over big time by the NJO. :mad: It's been something of a goal of mine here on the boards to show how they could've been properly used.

    Stooky-Yeah, they are pretty junky. I'm not usre if it's 'just about over', but it is semi-winding down... sorta. ;)

    Lanna-LOL. I like Huffer, too. Actually, I didn't name my car. HK can be a jerk sometimes, yes. Unicron is huge, yes. And mean and evil.

    Sory about the short post, folks. I'm working overnights at work for three days and it's been messing with my schedule/energy. :( [:D]

    Here we go!

    Chapter Twenty-Six: Final Plans
    Deep Space
    Cyclonus dropped out of hyperspace with a flash of croneau radiation. His sleek, violet-colored hull blended in with the surrounding void as he coasted along. His powerful subspace transceiver quickly tapped the holonet and he began downloading vast amounts of data, looking for some way-any way-to cause as much havoc as possible before he was inevitably destroyed.

    He harbored no illusions about a miraculous victory and annihilation of the galaxy at his hands. No, all he could hope for was to destroy as much as possible before the Cybertronians and organics melted down his chassis and snuffed his spark.

    ?Rebuilding of Duros? infrastructure continued, with a definite eye to conservation of their environment. One spokesman said it was the only good thing to come out of the Vong Incursions??

    ?In a speech today, Chief of State Triebakk indicated that unless necessary, he?d only serve one term. The Wookiee disparaged Palpatine and Borsk Fey?lya, stating he?d step down when the time was right??

    ?Rumors of unrest among Vong settlements on Dathomir persist. Former High priest Harrar dismissed such rumors, stating-?

    Cyclonus? engines powered up and his navigational computer calculated the coordinates for Dathomir. He swung his nose around before his entire hull elongated, snapping forward with a flash as he entered hyperspace.
    Dathomir, Vong Settlement 1138
    They trickled in, in groups of two or three. Not all at once, thank the Gods-if they ever existed. The Leader did not take the word of some filthy Jeedai in matters of religion. His single eye looked out at the thirty of his brethren crammed into his small hut. ?You all know why we?re here,? he began as they settled down. ?We are the last true Yuuzhan Vong, the last true members of our race!?

    He waved a scarred arm at the door. ?Those traitors and cowards out there do not deserve the name ?Yuuzhan Vong, nor will they deserve our mercy when we overthrow the infidel government and wipe them from the galaxy!? He shook his hand, ?Are you with me??

    ?Yes!? the thirty shouted, standing up and snarling.

    The Leader sneered, his twisted and pitted face even more ugly in the torchlight. He leaned forward. ?Then we shall begin at Coruscant, Duros and a dozen other planets. And there we shall lay the foundation for our eventual victory.?
    Cyclonus exited hyperspace on the dark side of Dathomir, inserting himself quickly into orbit. Although security had been increased considerably over the past month, he still found it laughably easy to slide by two old Strike-class cruisers with his engines off, inertia sending him coasting by.

    His sensor swept the frontier planet below, quickly picking out Vong life forms from the rest. The vast majority were concentrated near the foot of a rather imposing mountain. Mapping subroutines quickly identified it as ?Singing Mountain?.

    The spawn of Unicron entered the atmosphere, leaving behind a fiery trail as he penetrated the layers of gas. The darkest void of space turned slightly lighter, the stars wavering as he dove deeper. He soared over darkened plains and herds of wild rancors until he approached the imposing edifice of Singing Mountain.

    A s
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    Wow, so the Vong are about to make another move. And Cyclonus is going to be on the attack...
  5. GeithJiseo2 Jedi Master

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    Zikes! I am definitely waiting for more of THIS!

  6. SilSolo Jedi Knight

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    ah the final battle. I knew it wasn't over ;)
  7. Stookymalarkey Jedi Youngling

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    Looks like I was wrong and there's still some fight left in those glorified cannon-fodder lizards, although it's more like roadkill giving a death rattle than a real comeback. Than again, since they're part of the trend of Star Wars books having increasingly sucky villains, that's nothing to weep over. BTW, why don't you have more Zekk and Jaina in one the upcoming chapters, especially since she's been exorcized of the bitchy attitude from the post YJK era and Zekk wasn't replaced by a wussy replicant.
  8. amidalachick Jedi Master

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    I almost feel sorry for the Vong...since I'm pretty sure they're going to get completely pwned! ;)

    I'm really looking forward to the upcoming battles. :D
  9. RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master

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    tylerdjefferson-Ah, thanks. :)

    SSM12-You'll see... ;)

    Geith-Thanks, although not much more... :(

    Sil-Final fight, more like it...

    Stooky-Ask and ye shall receive. ;) And yeah, a bit of a death rattle, especially considering who the rebel leader is...

    amidalachick-Thanks, although these are probably a bit... tamer compared to what you might've been expecting.

    I just realized... this is it. The second to last Rex post! Next week, the epilogue and author notes. I can't believe it!

    And... no best crossover award. *Sigh* I did want one, too. Ah well. Next year!

    Here we go!

    Grimlock stomped, shaking the ground with every step. Swoop flew overhead while the other three Dinobots brought up the rear. ?Cyclonus here,? he snarled. The brutish warrior raised his energon sword and swung it, slicing through the air and leaving a reddish afterimage. He leveled it at the one of the three humanoids standing next to him. ?Big problem for you, Nas Choka.?

    Nas Choka, former Warmaster, looked up at Grimlock before glancing at the village. ?My task is more difficult, but if you think I?ll falter, you?re mistaken, Grimlock.? He started walking to the Von village, but paused after a few steps. ?Wait, what about this Cyclonus? Will you hold him at bay for me while I stop Czulkang Lah??

    Jaina Solo stepped forward and ignited her lightsaber. The violet blade washed out most of the color on her face. ?We?ll stop him for you,? she said. ?Right, Zekk??

    Her fiancé stepped forward, his own lightsaber also ready. ?Oh, yeah. Spawns of Unicron are a Jedi?s specialty,? he quipped. ?Now get going, Nas Choka. We?ll watch your back.?

    The two Jedi moved forward into the night, swallowed up by the darkness save for their lightsabers. Both of them used the Force to enhance their vision as they bounded and leapt at the spawn of Unicron.

    Nas Choka quickly entered the outskirts of the village, darting from house to house. He glimpsed his brethren hiding behind windows and peeking out from doors as he made his way to Czulkang?s house. It wasn?t hard to spot, being the largest one in the village. ?Czulkang Lah!? he shouted, arriving at the stoop. ?Come out and face me as a Warrior, not as a saboteur, slinking around in the underbelly of Coruscant!?

    Silence reigned for a full minute before the door opened and the aged warrior, last of Domain Lah, stepped out. ?So the traitor shows himself,? he sneered. His followers exited behind him, streaming out of the house. Czulkang clenched his fist and shook it. ?We will not be denied, for the Gods-?

    ?do not exist!? Nas Choka yelled, interrupting him. ?Remember the images of the Dark God Unicron? I was there on Yavin IV when he attacked, Czulkang! I saw form afar his terrible visage, and I knew then and there our beliefs were false and that the Jeedai Revan was correct. And it didn?t matter, because we are who we are.?

    A short bark of laughter came from Czulkang. ?Does not matter? Of course it matters, Nas Choka!? He thumped his supportive armor, a dull thud emanating from it. ?We must reclaim our destiny, our birthright!?

    Nas Choka?s feet slid apart and he raised his arms, his fists clenching. He and Czulkang circled each other as a crowd gathered around. ?If you continue with this little rebellion, we?ll be wiped out,? Nas Choka hissed. ?I will stop it here and now!? he yelled, lunging at the old warrior.

    Czulkang grabbed his arms, hip tossing him to the ground in a fluid motion. ?I saw that one coming a kilometer away, young fool. Did I leave enough Pits on you in class??

    The Warmaster rolled with the impact and sprang to his feet, charging Czulkang again but stopping just short of his reach. ??Oh, you left enough for me to learn from them, old master. I also learned some new tricks!? His hand flexed and a durasteel knife sprang out of his sleeve. He grabbed it from the sheath and threw it at Czulkang?s right foot.

    The knife embedded itself hilt deep in his foot and the ground, pinning the old warrior there. Greenish blood oozed
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    Final long with this'll be wierd to end it.

    Excellent chapter.
  11. SilSolo Jedi Knight

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    poor Czulkang, having lost two sons and a grandson. it's interesting that you let him live
  12. MsLanna Jedi Master

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    Ha, so Karrde knows about the 'bots. Of course, he does.:D
    And he alos knows about the new 'old' Jedi. Karrde is just the best with information.[face_love]

    Han plopped himself down into the driver?s seat. ?Okay, which way?? At Winter?s Glare, he shrugged. ?What??

    Ten minutes later, Winter stopped the speeder in front of an apartment building a few blocks from the military High Command.

    [face_laugh] Good try Han, but it's Winter you're dealing with.:p

    The businessman took a deep breath and looked 1-1A in the photoreceptors. ?1-1A, who are you?? He began walking around the droid and his wife. ?What do you see yourself as, a tool? A bodyguard? A person?? He stopped in front of 1-1A. ?Who are you??

    Aw, he's confusing the poor thing.
    Or not.
    The haggling was pricelss.[face_laugh]
    And how do the Cybertonians see them and how they treat droids, I wonder?

    ?Their weapons are more powerful than the Vong?s. And concentrated like this would be very bad on your finish, not to mention your internals.?

    [face_laugh] Prowl[face_laugh]
    They are not good at diplomacy, are they. But such a hilarious scene.

    Sunstreaker gasped. ?And ruin my paint job? You must be insane!?

    [face_laugh] They're just as mad as organics.:p

    Ackbar scribbles the plan to beat the Vong on napkins?:eek:

    Han scoffed. ?Ah, those things actually gonna do anything to you, Prowl??

    Sunstreaker glowered. ?My paint was almost ruined!? he said, kicking at the air and sulking.

    Starscream shook his head. ?You?ve still got yours attached? Skywarp and I made sure ours were placed on transformation joints so they?d be-?

    OMG, this is priceless. *rotfl*
    Sunstreaker is ot really thinking devious enough, is he? He should spend more time around Decepticons...

    ?You look like something Ravage dragged in,? she quipped.
    [face_laugh] How do you think up those, Striker?

    Han looked up, his eyes far away. ?Well, let?s just say, when we get back to our apartment, I?ve got to apologize to Threepio for everything I?ve ever done to him over the years.?

    I believe that when I read it.
  13. Stookymalarkey Jedi Youngling

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    That sucker got pwned real bad. Can't believe there armor out there that can stand up to a lightsaber but then again, I always felt that they're ridiculously overpowered anyways. I'm looking forwards to the epilogue (although I'm sorry to see the story end) and I hope that it's abit longer than the last few posts.
  14. RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master

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    SSM12-Aww, thanks. :) I'm glad you liked it.

    Sil-Thanks. I felt a bit sorry for him, yeah. And I felt it'd be better for him to struggle with his place in the world.

    Lanna-Well, it's Karrde, of course. ;) Glad you liked 1-1A and Lando there. Ackbar scribbling the battle plan on a napkin was almost how he did it in canon... And glad you liked those lines.

    Stooky-Thanks. I found Vong armor/weapons stupid as well. As for longer... well, I've got author notes.

    MsLanna wrote a missign scene for this fic! Read it [link=]here[/link]. Thanks, Lanna. :D

    Here it is, folks. The final post. Thanks to all my readers. [:D]

    Here we go!

    One month later, Yavin IV Temple?s healing wing
    Tenel Ka glanced to the door and shifted in her seat. She turned to Jacen and shook her head. ?I will not be ready for this, and that is a fact.?

    Her husband, lover and best friend took her organic hand in his and smiled. ?You will be, Tenel Ka. And you?ll be a great mother.? He leaned back and grinned. ?I have foreseen it.?

    She slid her hand out of his grasp and punched him in the arm-hard. ?Don?t joke like that, Jacen. I have my doubts about my suitability as a mother.?

    Leia leaned over from her chair across the waiting room. ?Don?t worry, Tenel Ka. I had the same fears when Jacen and Jaina and Anakin were born. It?s actually-oh, Han. Will you stop pacing???? she said, looking and glaring at her husband at the far end.

    Han stopped in mid-stride and shrugged. ?Hey, I can?t help it. Someone?s gotta pace. It?s the unwritten rule of waiting for news in a hospital. Right, Luke??

    The Jedi Master turned to face his brother-in-law and walked away from the balcony where he was talking with Optimus Prime and Elita One. ?I wasn?t aware of that,? he said. ?Did you download anything like that, Optimus??

    Prime?s head tilted slightly and he rubbed his mouth plate, producing a slight scraping sound. ?No, Luke. I don?t believe so.? He looked over at a door to his left. ?Are all organic birthing procedures this laborious and painful? I can feel Bastila?s pain even without the Force.?

    Elita nodded. ?I?m glad Cybertronian reproduction?s so much simpler than this. What agony she must be going through.?

    Mara waved her off. ?Oh, it?s not that bad! And she?s probably-?

    All Force-sensitive beings glanced to the door as it opened, allowing Jedi Master Cilghal to exit. The Mon Cal healer nodded slightly. ?Mistress Bastila has given birth. Please, only a few at a time. And my apologies, Optimus and Elita, but there?s no window for you to look into.?

    Prime held up his hand. ?Thank you Cilghal. I have an appointment with Tionne anyway.? He nodded to everyone before turning away and taking a few steps from the building before transforming into his juggernaut alternate mode. The Matrix Bearer sped off, turning a corner and vanishing.

    Elita watched him go before speaking up herself. ?And I have to head back to Cybertron, myself.? She smiled at everyone before dashing off herself, transforming into speeder mode.

    Luke saluted Prime before he, Mara with Ben, Talo and Brianna entered the room. They found Revan sitting next to an exhausted-looking Bastila, who had a tiny little baby in her arms.

    Talo grinned and patted his old friend on the shoulder. ?Well, this is a joyous occasion!? He leaned over. ?Hello, Conner. I?m Uncle Talo.?

    Mara shot him a look while Ben fussed in her arms. ?You two are brothers??

    The Jedi Master shrugged. ?Well, close enough.?

    Luke?s eyes seemed to glaze over. ?He shall be powerful, and a great Jedi.? His words caught in his throat as he noted everyone staring at him. ?Sorry, but I think everyone knows how visions just creep up on you.?

    Bastila chuckled weakly. ?No problem, Luke.? She looked down at Conner and sighed. ?Hello, my son. I?m so happy you?ve arrived.? A sigh of contentment escaped her lips. ?Now, hopefully, things might settle down for a bit.?
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    Awesome, awesome ending. Bastila has given birth to Conner, Optimus and Elita are discussing Cybertronian births...and finally. Predacons and Maximals!

    Loved this fic. It's awesome.

    1. Did you like this fic? Yep

    2. if you had little/no knowledge of Transformers, was I able to make sense of them? Yep

    3. How was my action? Excellent, you write it really well.

    4. How was my romance? Very well done, I like how you shipped Jacen and Tenel Ka.

    5. how was my humor? It was hilarious.

    6. How was my drama? Very well done. You had me on the edge of my seat at times.

    7. What is your opinion on droid rights in the GFFA? I say it's a long time coming. Without memory wipes, Droids 'evolve' sentience, and thus should be protected by the Old and New Republic's constitution on enslaving sentient beings.

    8. What were your favorite scenes? ...*blushes* too many to name man. Too many to name.

    9. What were your least favorite scenes? I can't think of any...

    10. What do you like about my writing? I like how you can draw people in, and make people care for the characters, as well as keeping everyone in character.

    11. What could I improve? I'd say put slightly more detail into space battles, but other than that, you're at your peek.

    12. What would you ask Optimus Prime? What's stasis like? Is it like a coma or something?

    13. And finally, why did you read this? Because I liked the snippets and previews of it in 'Where no Jedi Has Gone Before', and it made me a Transformers fan.

    14. If/when i post a sequel, do you want a PM for it? Sure! Although, given how we IM, I don't know how much it'll help.
  16. GeithJiseo2 Jedi Master

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    Great story! I really enjoyed it.

  17. SilSolo Jedi Knight

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    wait so Dinobot's a Maxi in this one? and please write the BW version of the sequel. me likes BW very much.
  18. MsLanna Jedi Master

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    Now you did finish before I am even half caught up.:oops:
    At least, I won't have to wait for the showdown when I reach it...
  19. Mirima_Tivos Jedi Youngling

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    Wasn't Bastila's and Revan's first child called Conner?
    The one they lost in that pirate fight when Mission took him in a pod and escaped?
  20. correllian_ale Jedi Padawan

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    MsLanna reminded me with her DR missing scene that I always meant to read this story. I've finished the first three chapters Striker, and so far awesome all round. You've taken my two favorite universes from my childhood and meshed them seemlessly.

    And you're acknowledging the NJO no less!!! [face_laugh]

    I thought from the description though that Megatron was becoming a Tie fighter, but I can aee the Blastech angle too!

    I'll catch up eventually my friend, give it a nice friendly bump every once in a while.

  21. ZebulaNebula Jedi Master

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    Awesomeness. Sorry I kinda vanished from the boards for the last few months ... things have been ... crazy. Wow ... you've sure got a bumper crop of new kids comin' ... nice last stand ... loved Pellaeon's funeral, especially the 21-gun salute ... and you're bringing in Beast Wars characters for Round 2 ... cool.

    1. Did you like this fic?

    Kriff Yeah

    2. if you had little/no knowledge of Transformers, was I able to make sense of them?


    3. How was my action?

    Epicly delicious. :p

    4. How was my romance?

    Pretty sweet ...

    5. how was my humor?

    Pretty dang funny

    6. How was my drama?

    Great ...

    7. What is your opinion on droid rights in the GFFA?

    Give them equality ...

    8. What were your favorite scenes?

    Pellaeon's funeral; the battles of Hapes, Coruscant, & Cybertron; All the J/TK stuff; the Wookiees going to war; Megatron squashing Vergere.

    9. What were your least favorite scenes?

    Can't think of anything ...

    10. What do you like about my writing?

    You manage to take ideas that most writers would balk at and make them work seamlessly; not to mention your skill at rendering well-crafted descriptions of every sequence.

    11. What could I improve?

    Hmmm ... can't think of anything.

    12. What would you ask Optimus Prime?

    Hmmmm ... probably how it feels to change form.

    13. And finally, why did you read this?

    I really enjoy your work, in all of it's uber goodness.

    14. If/when i post a sequel, do you want a PM for it

    Kriff yeah.

    Oh, happy birthday.
  22. Juliet316 Streak for Colors Tiemaster

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    Very fantastic epilogue Jon. You did yourself proud.

    1. Did you like this fic? Liked it? I loved it!

    2. if you had little/no knowledge of Transformers, was I able to make sense of them? If I had little or no knowledge of Transformers, yes I would have made sense of it.

    3. How was my action? Fantastic as always.

    4. How was my romance? Fantastic as always

    5. how was my humor? Fantastic as always

    6. How was my drama? Fantastic as always.

    7. What is your opinion on droid rights in the GFFA? every sentient being has equal rights regardless of whether they are organic or synthetic organisms. */picard like speech*

    8. What were your favorite scenes? Certainly I liked the fights. Everything with the KOTR characters. You brought them to life so that even I with little or no knowledge of the games was able to know and like them. Obviously Chewbacca coming back was a plus for me. And Vergere getting stomped like a bug by Megatron

    9. What were your least favorite scenes? I honestly can't think of anything that was my least favorite or I didn't like.

    10. What do you like about my writing? How everything flows so smoothly and your not feeling like your in one scene one minute and in another the next and left wondering 'whoa, how did we get here?'

    11. What could I improve? Maybe a little less angst in the next story. your characters and muses could use the break, LOL.

    12. What would you ask Optimus Prime? What is it like being an Cybernitic being and able to use the Force.

    13. And finally, why did you read this? Because it's Star Wars, it's Transformers, and you do crossovers so kriffing well! :)

    14. If/when i post a sequel, do you want a PM for it? Yes please!
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    Happy birthday! I hope that you'll write a sequel, especailly since the Beasties (as the series is called in Canada) have finally come out to play :) ! And from an alternate reality too (must be, since events from that show contradict this story abit) And now answers:

    1. Did you like this fic? - Hell yeah!

    2. if you had little/no knowledge of Transformers, was I able to make sense of them? - Yup, especially Megatron.

    3. How was my action? - It hit all the right notes with this piece.

    4. How was my romance? - It was nice but I felt like you skipped on scenes with Jaina and Zekk.

    5. how was my humor? - Not too bad, although Jacen never cracked any jokes.

    7. What is your opinion on droid rights in the GFFA? - About time. The droids were always acting way beyond their expected programing and they've been able to adapt new behaviours (such as C3P0 cooking for the family) through emulation and reasoning, which are the cornerstones of learning. Computers can own do what they have be programed to do in their respected computer languages, unless they are start thinking for themselves. There's even been times when they have acted on their own accord without any prompting, like when R2 zapped Leia's chains in Return of the Jedi. If that isn't sentience, then Han Solo is not a man.

    8. What were your favorite scenes? Megatron + Vergere = SQUISH! That'll teach her not to Mancurian Candidate JAcen and turn him into Darth Unoriginal! Also, Jaina getting the sense knocked into her, as I found her to be just untolerable since Vector Prime. And Chewie comes back. Long live the Hairest badass known to man!

    9. What were your least favorite scenes? Dunno, maybe the denouement with JAgged Fel. I don't like the character but I felt as a writer you could of done the scene better.

    10. What do you like about my writing? - How well you keep the characterizations up. You deserve a gold star :).

    11. What could I improve? - I'd work on the background descriptions abit.

    12. What would you ask Optimus Prime? - Can you see my house from thereÉ

    13. And finally, why did you read this? I liked your other stories and I share a rational hatred of anything published after 2000. Hey, it's your call if you like it or not, but I gotta be honest. Plus, I like Transformers.

    14. If/when i post a sequel, do you want a PM for it? Sure.

    BTW, for a good laugh, check out the video here(itès in the middle of the page):
  24. amidalachick Jedi Master

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    Wow, I can't believe it's over. I've really enjoyed this fic.

    I loved the epilogue. Everyone's like a big happy family now. [face_love] Yay for happy endings!

    Fantastic work, Striker! =D=

    1. Did you like this fic? - Sure did!

    2. if you had little/no knowledge of Transformers, was I able to make sense of them? - Yes, even for me, who had zero knowledge of Transformers. :p

    3. How was my action? - Excellent.

    4. How was my romance? - Excellent.

    5. how was my humor? - Very funny! ;)

    6. How was my drama? - Excellent.

    7. What is your opinion on droid rights in the GFFA? - Droids should have the same rights as any other sentient being.

    8. What were your favorite scenes? - Different space battles, the songfic posts, Jacen and Tenel Ka's wedding...basically, I liked it all. :D

    9. What were your least favorite scenes? - Can't think of any.

    10. What do you like about my writing? - It's well-rounded...there's a little bit of everything. And you're really great at blending the different universes. I loved how characters would actually react and learn from each other instead of just being like "Hey, a new, what's for lunch?" :p

    11. What could I improve? - Can't think of anything.

    12. What would you ask Optimus Prime? - Um...hmmm...I don't know. Probably something about being a Jedi.

    13. And finally, why did you read this? - I'm always eager to expand my reading horizons, and I thought the concept looked interesting.

    14. If/when i post a sequel, do you want a PM for it? - Yes, please. :)
  25. correllian_ale Jedi Padawan

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    I like your version of Ravage, simply awesome! And a nice touch with Lusa putting Starscream in his place.

    Megatron smirked and looked to the sky. ?The Vong think we are abominations, lower than dirt? I shall show them the error of their ways-right before atomizing them!?

    Very fist-pumping moment, with more to come I'm sure (once Prime is introduced)

    The space between the two warships grew thick with massive barrages of laser fire and missile launches from the Nemesis. Within a few minutes, the Jeedai Killer?s starboard hull buckled and split open, spilling its innards not unlike a slaughtered animal. The entire hull soon broke apart while the seekers finished off the last of the coralskippers and returned home.

    Soundwave looked over again. ?Transmission from the capital city.? The viewscreen changed from a shot of the dead Vong ship to an elder Chironian. He wore the upper half of a suit and the horns jutting from his forehead were faded and chipped.

    I could hear the music in my head from the assualt on autobot city in this chapter Stiker. Tremendous job my friend. Megatron won't touch Chiron...heh, yeah right. ;)

  26. MsLanna Jedi Master

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    Prowl nodded. ?It?s unusual, but I fully agree with Starscream.

    Get used to it.:p

    Etahn blinked twice. ?Someone needs a memory wipe?? he muttered.

    ?Try it, and we?ll see how far you can bounce!?

    I'd like to see that!:D

    I like the discussions about alive and not alive. Fuzzy border there. And the idea that 3PO might be alive...:eek:
    Han threatening them with Leia! She'll not be happy about that.[face_laugh]

    Leia smacked her husband on the arm. ?I can?t believe you threatened Sunstreaker and Skywarp with me! Is that all you think me as??

    What did I say?:p

    Han groaned. ?Now I remember why I hate this rank. Paperwork kriffin? stinks.?

    Good ol' Han. I can so understand him.

    Chewie ran up to Han, his metal feet actually denting the duracrete. [Honor Brother! I missed you!] He grabbed Han and gave him a mighty Wookiee hug, almost crushing him.

    Han?s eyes bugged out and his face turned a lovely shade of purple. ?Chewie? air? Mom??

    Getting suffocated in a Wookiee-hug alone must have been painful, but with his extra strenght - . Poor Han.:p

    Lando let loose with an almost blinding smile

    With those little bitsies, you bring the characters really to live. I can see Lando swoosh his cape and saunter away nonchalantly.[face_love]

    The Insecticons are infiltrating the wolrd barin on Corsucant?
    I hope to see a lot of mischief!
    Those Vong stand no chance![face_skull]

    Heeeey, no playing pranks on Bumblebee, please. [face_not_talking]
    *whacks Rumble and Frenzy*
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