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    Another JA fan fic this time by another great author. the Author is Tenel'ka and please feedback(this is her first fanfiction)">


    Feed back: PLEASE! This is my first attempt at a fan fic. And I need some motivation to write part 2
    E-mail me at:
    Summary: Qui-Gon has a decision to make that could endanger his apprentice's life.
    Rating: G
    Time period:eek:bi-Wan at age 15
    Spoilers: Maybe to Jedi-Apprentice books
    Warning: If you don't like Star Wars, DON'T read this story!!!
    Disclaimer: All these characters are owned and licensed by George Lucas. I am making no money for this. So Please don't sue me!!! I don't have any money anyway!!!

    Part One

    Qui-Gon sat watching the sun rise from a chair by the large windows in the quarters he shared with his apprentice. It was still too early for Obi-Wan to wake up.

    Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi were to leave the planet Darious, where they were on a mission to find out if this new company was what it said it was, and not trying to trick the small planet into investing in the company. A shuttle was scheduled to pick the Jedi up a little later in the morning.

    Qui-Gon looked over to the sleeping pallet where Obi-Wan was asleep, debating if he should let his young apprentice sleep a little longer. He decided to give the boy a few more minutes. So Qui-Gon went to his own sleeping pallet, and started packing his things. After a few minutes, he walked over to Obi-Wan and put a hand on the boy's arm. Qui-Gon shook his Padawan gently.

    "Obi-Wan, it's time to wake up. We must leave soon." Qui-Gon said. Obi-Wan mumbled something that Qui-Gon couldn't make out. But slowly Obi-Wan got out of bed.

    Qui-Gon had brought two trays of food, from the kitchen, earlier that morning. So they both went to the table to eat their breakfast.

    Obi-Wan looked at his Master and asked "How long until we have to be at the shuttle?"

    "About half an hour." Qui-Gon answered.

    Qui-Gon had been Obi-Wan's Master for about two years now. Obi-Wan was now fifteen years old; he had hair the color of Corellian soil. Obi-Wan was tall for his age, yet next to his Master he looked rather small. Qui-Gon was middle aged and had dark hair that went bellow his shoulders.

    After breakfast they finished packing, and started for the hanger bay. When they reached the place where they were to meet their pilot, they saw a small cargo ship that looked like it was about to fall apart.

    "Ready to leave Jedi?" a voice asked as a small elderly looking man came around the rickety old ship.

    "When you are." Qui-Gon answered.

    Obi-Wan looked up at his master with a questioning look on his face. Qui-Gon could tell what the boy was wondering. He was wondering if this was a ship they should trust, after all just looking at it was enough to make Obi-Wan uneasy about trusting the old ship to make it through the atmosphere, and flying through space to Corusant, which was halfway across the galaxy.

    Obi-Wan saw Qui-Gon shrug. /Great, my Master isn't even sure if this ship will make it. That's reassuring./ Obi-Wan thought.

    "We better get going then. I don't want to be late delivering this cargo." The pilot told them as they walked up the boarding ramp.

    Obi-Wan was still a little nervous about the condition of the ship, which was supposed to take them back to the Jedi temple.

    Qui-Gon put a hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder after feeling the unease in his apprentice.

    They found their seats, and buckled in, when the pilot came in (after doing some last minute checks) and said, "Don't judge a ship by it's outside. This ship has been fairly reliable for over the thirty -five years that I've been piloting it."

    Obi-Wan glanced at Qui-Gon who raised his eyebrows at Obi-Wan in amusement.

    When the ship lifted off the platform and took off, it was a surprisingly smooth ride. Once they were in hyperspace, they took off their safety belts.

    "There is some food in the small room on the right when you just walk
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    Hey everyone any comments????


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    Look I know part one is sort of boring, but bare with me, I promise it gets better, I just had to do some explainng of things first. So keep reading, and tell us what you think!
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    Boring it's not. More please?
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    Kim-Kenobi & Tenel'ka I read this on the 2nd just before routine maintainence happened and I don't see my reply.

    Let me reiterate:

    Exciting and intriguing, Post often, post soon.
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    Sorry Healer Leona I promise to update on a daily basis from now on(untill I reach the part which is unwritten). This incident is no fault of Tanel'kam, so please don't blame her.

    Beleve me the story gets REALLY interesting in the later parts.
    Kim B

    Author's note: / means thoughts, and * means talking through the Master padawan bond thingy.

    Bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience. Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together.

    Ephesians 4, 3-4

    Part Two

    When the planet Noga was in view, the Jedi prepared to exit the transport.

    "Be prepared for the unexpected my young padawan." Qui-Gon told Obi-Wan.

    "Yes Master." Obi-Wan answered.

    Qui-Gon paid and thanked the pilot for the transportation, then left the ship. The Jedi were on their own now. They had to somehow find the palace, and find a way to enter it without being seen. Once they were in the palace, they were supposed to meet the other Jedi Master there. If by chance they were seen... well, they would just have to make sure that never happened.

    The two Jedi walked away from the shuttle that had taken them to the outskirts of the city.

    Once they reached the edge of the city, they stopped. Qui-Gon turned to Obi-Wan, and said, "We must not ask for directions to the palace, and we must try to find it without being noticed." Qui-Gon had told Obi-Wan that on the flight to Noga that these people were familiar with how Jedi looked, and they would know they were Jedi if they saw Obi-Wan's padawan hair style.

    Obi-Wan nodded. Before they had left the shuttle, they had changed into some clothes that looked similar to the ones that were worn in Noga, so they would blend in. It was too bad that none of the styles included hoods, that would have hidden Obi-Wan's hair.

    As the two Jedi were working their way down the side of one deserted street, they heard someone coming quickly in their direction. Qui-Gon looked around for cover. A few feet in front of them, he noticed an old escape balcony. It was several meters up the building, and just their luck; there was no ladder.

    "Obi-Wan, if I give you a boost, do you think you can climb up to the escape balcony?" Qui-Gon asked quietly.

    "Maybe. I'll try." Obi-Wan answered.

    "Do, or do not, there is no try." Qui-Gon muttered, quoting Master Yoda.

    The Jedi hurried toward the balcony, and stood under the railing of it.

    "Give me your foot." Qui-Gon instructed.

    Obi-Wan put his foot in Qui-Gon's large hands, and pushed Obi-Wan up until he could grab the railing and climb over. Once he was up, Obi-Wan looked down at his Master wondering how he could get up.

    Qui-Gon gathered the Force around him, and leapt high into the air, then gripped the edge. Obi-Wan then grabbed his Masters arm, and hauled the tall man over the side.

    "Get down." Qui-Gon instructed.

    Both he and Obi-Wan ducked just in time, three Nogarians hurried around the corner, and headed down the street towards where the Jedi had just been moments earlier.

    "They are on watch." Qui-Gon whispered to Obi-Wan.

    "What are they watching for?" Obi-Wan asked in a whisper.

    "For people who aren't following the city's laws." Qui-Gon answered.

    "Or... they could be looking for two suspicious looking characters, who can leap the side of a building in a single bound." Obi-Wan whispered with a sly grin.

    Qui-Gon rolled his eyes, and thought, /Why does he have to always make cracks in the middle of something serious. /

    After a few minuites, the three Nogarians reached the end of the barren street and turned out of sight. Qui-Gon stood up, and leapt over the railing to the ground, and Obi-Wan followed.

    The two Jedi continued in the direction that they were headed, shortly before they heard the Nogarians coming.

    Qui-Gon stopped at the end of the street, and listened to see if anyone was near by. There was no sound of footsteps, so Qui-Gon motioned for Obi-Wan to follow. They hurried across the street and kept walking in search of a back alley.

    "There is another back alley
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    Hey wait! I couldn't tell which one got hit by blaster fire, Obi or Qui? Please hurry and post more so I can find out!
    This story is real good, BTW. Keep going!
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    Thanks for reading! Wait you must, reveal the one who was shot I will the next part.
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    A cliffhanger ending. Just gotta love 'em.
    I hope you have enough prewritten to last a while. I look forward to a daily post.
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    Feed back: PLEASE! This is my first attempt at a fan fic. And I need some motivation to write part 4 E-mail me at:

    Summary: On the planet Noga, Qui-Gon was shot, and they have to make it to the palace.

    Rating: G

    Warning: If you don't like Star Wars, DON'T read this story!!!

    Disclaimer: All these characters are owned and licensed by George Lucas. I am making no money for this.

    Bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience. Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together.

    Ephesians 4, 3-4

    Part Three

    The blaster fire hit Qui-Gon in his left arm, sending intense pain in a chain reaction through the upper half of his body. Qui-Gon stumbled to the ground. When seeing this, Obi-Wan rushed to his Master's side.

    "Master, are you all right?" Obi-Wan asked, obviously very worried.

    Qui-Gon took several deep breaths to clear his head, then attempted to speak, but the pain was still intense, so he simply nodded.

    "Can you continue on?" Obi-Wan asked, looking over his shoulder to see how far back the Nogarian women was.

    Qui-Gon cleared his throat, then said, "Yes, We must continue."

    Obi-Wan tore a piece of fabric from his shirt, and tied it around the bloody wound on his Master's arm. Qui-Gon winced as Obi-Wan tightened it.

    "Thank-You padawan. Let's continue now." Qui-Gon said calmly, trying to ignore the searing pain.

    Obi-Wan could sense the pain his Master was feeling, but he knew it would have to wait, until they lost this confounded female Nogarian.

    Obi-Wan helped Qui-Gon get to his feet, then told him, " We better hurry, she's gaining on us." So, they took off running again. Qui-Gon went slower than before, but he used the Force to block out some of the pain that was penetrating through his arm.

    They ran through the streets, they never used the Force to increase their speed because Qui-Gon was in too much pain and had to use his energy on healing. Obi-Wan wouldn't leave his Master behind, so they continued on together. They realised long after it was dark that their pursuer must have an awfully good reason for chasing them for this long, she must be being paid lots of money to either kill or capture them. But they ran, or jogged all through the night.

    The sun was rising just as they reached the end of one street and stopped to make sure there weren't too many people around to notice them. But just their luck, it was the market place. There were lifeforms buying, and selling stuff at stands set up along the sides of the street.

    /How are we going to get by all these people without being seen? / Qui-Gon thought. /What if we are spotted by one of the gang members? Well, there are no other ways to go, so I guess we will have to take our chances, and maybe we will lose this Nogarian that is chasing us. / Then as Qui-Gon was looking around at the stands and people, he saw something that could help them.

    "Follow me." Qui-Gon told Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon led his apprentice to a stand near where they were a moment ago.

    "Can I help you sir?" the elderly man who was managing the stand asked.

    "How much are your hats?" Qui-Gon asked.

    "Ten credits, but the ones on the left are only five credits." The man told him.

    " I'll take one of the five credit ones." Qui-Gon said, trying to hurry before the female Nogarian caught up with them.

    "Which one sir?" the old man asked.

    "Surprise me." Qui-Gon said with an irritated tone. So the old man grabbed a pink and yellow toque, and handed it to Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan was just about to protest about having to wear the ugly toque, when he saw his 'admirer' come out of the alley, and start looking around for them. He grabbed the hat, after Qui-Gon paid for it, and put it on. As they hurried through the crowd, Obi-Wan tucked his padawan braid up into the toque.

    After a few minuites of making their way through the
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    I'm glad you people like my story. I just finished typing part 9 last night! I think it will end up being 10 or 11 parts. M.T.F.B.W.Y.

    [This message has been edited by Tenel'Ka (edited 04-08-2000).]
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    Oh yay! I like this story very much! That Qui-torture was a refreshing twist, you don't find much of that around here.
    And now they're being attacked! Aaaah, what's gonna happen?! I'm glad I won't have to wait long to find out, since you already have it typed!
    I eagerly await your next post.
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    I'm not telling! Keep reading, it gets better!
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    KIM B



    By Tenel'Ka

    Feed back: PLEASE! This is my first attempt at a fan fic. And I need some motivation to write part 5 so take 30 seconds, and E-mail me at:

    Rating: G

    Warning: If you don't like Star Wars, DON'T read this story!!!

    Disclaimer: All these characters are owned and licensed by George Lucas. I am making no money for this.

    Bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience. Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together.

    Ephesians 4, 3-4

    Part Four

    As the dust settled, Qui-Gon could make out Obi-Wan's figure among the rubble. Luckily the palace was only one story high, but it was about a kilometre in diameter, this was the safest way to build it because then if a bomb went off it would only ruin a part of the palace.

    "Obi-Wan, can you hear me?" Qui-Gon called as he freed himself of the rubble. He only had a few minor cuts and bruises, but his apprentice wasn't as fortunate.

    Obi-Wan remained where he was, Qui-Gon could sense he was still alive, but was badly hurt. Qui-Gon made his way to his padawan, knelt beside him, and started digging him out.

    "You're going to be alright Obi-Wan. Don't worry." Qui-Gon said calmly tying to reassure himself more than the unconscious boy.

    Just then he remembered that Jallist had been in their kitchen. He looked down at Obi-Wan, and knew his padawan would be alright if he was left alone for a few minuites, so he made his way to the kitchen. Above him was a few beams and panels, but he could see the sky that night was overtaking.

    Once he was near the kitchen, or what used to be the kitchen, he called out, "Jallist, are you alright?"

    "I'm okay, I just have a few cuts." The medium height, reddish brown haired girl answered as she came into Qui-Gon's view. He observed that she was shaking slightly.

    "Could I get your help?" Qui-Gon asked.

    "I am here to serve you Master Jinn." Jallist replied almost methodically.

    "But the circumstances have changed, this is not part of your responsibility." Qui-Gon told her.

    "As long as you are here to protect the princess, I will be here to serve you in anyway I can." Jallist explained, but before Qui-Gon could object, she added, "I insist, and I really don't mind. After all it's not everyday I get to serve Jedi."

    "It's not everyday we are served in this fashion." Qui-Gon responded. Then he led Jallist to where Obi-Wan lay. They both knelt down, and started removing the remainder of the rubble very carefully. Once Obi-Wan was free of the weight, Qui-Gon examined him through the Force for any sign of broken bones. Much to his dismay, his padawan's collarbone was broken.

    /We have to get that put in place right away, we don't want it to start healing like that. / Qui-Gon thought.

    "We have to get him to the medical infirmary." Jallist said voicing Qui-Gon's thoughts.

    "I got him." Qui-Gon responded and picked up his padawan's unconscious body very carefully. They made their way towards the direction of the medical infirmary. Luckily there was a hole in the wall leading to the hallway that was large enough for them to fit through. Once they were in the hallway, they noticed the palace security hurrying towards them.

    "What happened?" asked a man who Qui-Gon assumed was the chief of security by is uniform.

    "Another bomb. We were the only ones in the room when it went off." Jallist replied simply. Everybody knew it was the 'Kriffs' who had planted it. Then she added, "We need to get the younger Jedi to the infirmary."

    "Alright, go ahead." The chief agreed then motioned for his officers to come forward. As Jallist and Qui-Gon, who was carrying Obi-Wan were walking away, they heard the chief giving instructions. "Start sealing up the room so nobody can enter it, then
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    KIM B


    *Bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience. Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together.

    Ephesians 4, 3-4

    Part Five

    Qui-Gon called Jallist on the comm. system. "Jallist, I know it's late but..."

    "Don't worry, I'm coming." She interrupted, and ended the communication.

    "Can you take me to this place first?" Qui-Gon asked showing her the co-ordinates.

    "Sure, follow me." She instructed. She led him to a large storage room inside the palace. There were five security guards in the room who appeared to be searching for something.

    "I'll see you later, take your time." Jallist said, then left.

    "Ah, Master Jinn, let me fill you in on the situation. A person was seen running from the palace just after the alarm went off, and we found a broken window. So we suspect a bomb was planted, and we are currently searching for it." The chief explained.

    "May I take a look around?" Qui-Gon asked

    "Yes, of course. Feel free to go anywhere you need to." The chief offered.

    Qui-Gon thanked the chief, then thought, /Now where should I start? Let's see I will start with checking the window for evidence. /

    Back at the Jedi's quarters, Jallist entered quietly, so she wouldn't bother Obi-Wan who was sleeping. She went to the couch and sat down. /What should I do now? /she thought, then spotted the two cups sitting on the side table. /Perfect, I can wash those, then I'll make something warm for Master Jinn to drink for when he gets back. / Picking up the cups, she headed for the kitchenette.

    After they were washed, dried and put away, she realised /Master Jinn could take quite awhile if they are searching for a bomb, he won't be back until it is found, so there is no point in making something warm for him to drink because it might be cold by the time he gets back. I think I will make something for myself though to keep me awake. / So she made some of the famous Noga coffee, and sat on the couch contented as she drank.

    Meanwhile, Qui-Gon had found some dried mud from a boot by the window. So he looked all around for more that might have fallen off. After some time of searching the floor, he spotted part of a foot print by some storage containers in one corner of the room.

    "Chief Mettar." Qui-Gon called.

    "Did you find something?" the chief asked.

    "By the window, I had found some dirt from a boot earlier, and now I found a matching print by these containers. I think we should open these containers up and check inside." Qui-Gon suggested.

    "I agree." The chief then motioned for some of his team to come over. "Get these containers open right away. We think the bomb might be in one."

    After several of the containers had been searched, they were beginning to have doubts when one of the men said, "We found it!"

    "Good, get it disabled. How much time is left on the counter?" the chief asked.

    "Two minuites and forty two seconds, sir." The security officer reported.

    "Just in time, thanks to you Master Jinn." The chief said patting Qui-Gon's back.

    "Exactly how long have we been searching for the bomb?" Qui-Gon asked.

    "Over three hours." The chief told him, then turned to his men whom had just disabled the bomb, "We all better get some rest now. But first someone seal up that window."

    "If you will excuse me, I will retire for the night." Qui-Gon said.

    "Yes, goodnight to you." The chief called out as Qui-Gon left. "And thanks again!"

    Qui-Gon hurried back to his quarters, feeling guilty at how long Jallist had been there. When he entered, he found the girl curled on one of the couches sleeping. He was going to wake her, but decided against it. Instead he found an extra blanket, and laid it over her. Then he switched off the lights and went into his room to retire for the remainder of the night.

    Jallist was surprised when she woke up, and realised it was morning. /Master Jinn must
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    AGHHHHHHHH no reply, is everyone just too busy? Please feedback!!!

    *Bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience. Do all you can to preserve the unity of the Spirit by the peace that binds you together.

    Ephesians 4, 3-4

    Part Six

    After they had eaten, and Jallist had taken a meal to Master Belac, she returned with a small square tin.

    "Sit in front of me." Jallist instructed Obi-Wan.

    After he had obeyed, he asked, "What is that?"

    "Turn your face to the right." She said, ignoring the question. "You will have to wear gloves, but this will take care of your face and neck." She opened the tin and rubbed a small cloth in the gray liquid/powder substance. She wiped it carefully on his face, trying not to leave streaks.

    "I think it will work so long as he doesn't rub his face or neck." Qui-Gon commented from behind Jallist.

    "The Kriffs aren't known to be the cleanest people anyway." She said, starting on the right side of Obi-Wan's face.

    /Nor is Obi-Wan. /Qui-Gon thought.

    *I heard THAT Master. *Obi-Wan complained through their link.

    "When do I leave?" the gray-faced apprentice asked.

    "Tomorrow morning." The Jedi Master answered.

    "So soon?" Obi-Wan asked in surprise.

    "There is no need to delay this mission any further." Qui-Gon responded.

    "Yes Master." Was the reluctant reply.

    Jallist put the finishing touches on Obi-Wan's neck. "Done." She announced, admiring her work. "You look like a true Nogarian... except for the Jedi outfit, and the hairstyle." She turned the Qui-Gon "What are we going to do with his hair?"

    "We will need a hat." Qui-Gon answered.

    "PLEASE don't make me wear that toque again Master." Obi-Wan pleaded.

    "No, you need to look tough. And you looked 'anything' but that when I first met you, and you were wearing that toque." Jallist giggled, and Obi-Wan frowned. "I'll find one for you. You had better get some sleep though, you might need it."

    "Agreed. Obi-Wan go get ready for bed." Qui-Gon instructed.

    "The makeup should stay on for a long time, unless you really scrub your face. Goodnight to the both of you." Jallist said as she left.

    "Goodnight." Both Jedi answered, then went to bed.

    The next day, both Jedi were up early. Jallist arrived and made a quick breakfast for them to eat as Jallist gave Obi-Wan a crash-course on being a Kriff.

    "And remember not to be so darn polite!" Jallist scolded, but was grinning. "The Kriffs are tough. If you want to fit in, you have to use slang and have bad grammar. And you have to be gruff. Don't look people in the eye so much, and we have to work on your posture and walk."

    "What's wrong with my posture and the way I walk?" Obi-Wan asked, frowning slightly.

    "Nothing if you are a Jedi, but the Kriffs don't walk or stand as straight. Jedi don't make any noise as they walk your boots just click a little. Now, go stand over there." Jallist instructed, pointing across the room. "Now, walk back here, but kind of shuffle and don't walk so straight."

    Obi-Wan did as he was told, but it was harder than he thought it would be.

    "Do it again. Lower your head, and don't look me in the eye." Jallist instructed.

    This went on for quite awhile. Jallist ended up demonstrating how to do it. This amused Qui-Gon, who was sitting in a chair watching. After some time Jallist was finally satisfied with the walk, so they sat down, and Jallist applied the grey liquidy powder to Obi-Wan's arms and hands.

    "Now, if some one asks you your name, say that it is... Anoml Min'Lu. You have lived in this city all your life, and your parents died in a speeder crash two years ago, so you worked at a stand selling hats for awhile. Got it?" Jallist asked.

    "Yes, my name is Anoml Min'Lu. Got it." Obi-Wan said, repeating his new name so he would remember it.

    "Now as for your speech, if they ask your name, how would you answer?" Jallist tested.

    "My name is Anoml Min'Lu." He answered.

    "No, no, no. You say 'I'm' Anoml Min'Lu, as if it's any of ya business." Jallist growled.

    "I'm Anoml Min'Lu, as if it's any of ya business." Obi-Wan said, deepe
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    Well everbody, any guesses to what will happen at Kriff head-quarters? Any guesses to if the Kriffs will find out Obi-Wan is a Jedi? Hope you like the story. I love hearing from you all, so keep writing!
    Kim-kenobi, did you get the other parts I e-mailed you?
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    Fascinating story and lots of possibilities for more Obi-torture. Go! Tenel'ka
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    Three new posts to read, very cool! cool.gif
    Ooh ooh, I wanna guess what's gonna happen when Obi-Wan get's to Kriff headquarters! It's gonna be Obi-torture! Mwuhahahahaha! Maybe they'll tie his wrist to another Kriff with a big knife and make them fight it out! Yeah, that's the ticket. And Obi gets stabbed and is bleeding everywhere, but he still manages to kick the other guys butt of course. So am I close?
    Anyway, excellent story, and I eagerly await more.
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    Glad you like it, but guess again! It is a little more complicated than that.

    Warning: Spoiler for The Phantom Menace!

    Hey, this is off topic(sort of) but for those of you who own TPM, did you notice the red mist that appears when Darth Maul is sliced in half? That was NOT in the theaters.
    MTFBWY All!
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    sorry for the late post(too many assignments and thesis I left till the last second)

    Chapter 7
    The comm. system buzzed a few times before someone answered it on the other end. "Yes?" the voice asked.

    "Master Jinn, I just wanted to let you know that we made it to the Kriffs headquarters safely, and I made it back alright." Jallist informed the Jedi Master.

    "Thank you Jallist, you have been most helpful." He replied.

    "It was no trouble. I'll be over shortly to make your midday meal Master Jinn." She told him.

    "Why don't you take the day off and get some rest?" Qui-Gon offered.

    "Thank you, but are you sure?" Jallist asked.

    "Yes of course. I can make my own meal, it may not be as good as your cooking, but you deserve a day off from being my personal attendant, you deserve it." Qui-Gon insisted.

    "Thank you Master Jinn, you are most kind." Jallist replied.

    "Your welcome." He answered, and ended the transmission.

    Obi-Wan walked towards the Kriffs hideout. He circled part of the building until he found a guard. /Well, here goes nothing. / He gulped.

    "What do ya think your doin' here?" the guard asked sharply. The Nogarian towered over Obi-Wan and looked very strong.

    /He might even be stronger than a wookie. / Obi-Wan shuttered slightly at the thought. It took everything Obi-Wan had to not be afraid or intimidated by the goon. /Fear is the path to the Dark Side. / The apprentice repeated in his head over and over.

    "Is this the Kriffs headquarters?" Obi-Wan asked, trying to sound tough.

    "A'int none of ya business. Now get lost." The guard ordered.

    "I've been lookin' for the Kriffs for weeks now, and I wanna answer! Is this the Kriffs headquarters?" Obi-Wan tried again, glaring at the guard.

    /Too bad the Force doesn't work on Nogarians, or I would just tell him to let me in, and he would. That would be so much simpler. / Obi-Wan thought.

    "Why do ya wanna find the Kriffs?" the guard asked.

    /At least I'm getting somewhere. /

    "I wanna join them. I wanna get rid of that grytin' princess. I would do just about anythin' to get a new system of government." Obi-Wan told the guard.

    /I was SO close to using the word 'Sithly' but they don't use that saying on this world. That would have given me away for sure. /he thought.

    "Follow me." Was all the guard replied.

    The guard took him through the door he was guarding. It creaked as if screaming in pain from lack of care. The guard led Obi-Wan down a long hallway.

    /These people sure don't waste money on lights, or heating. /Obi-Wan observed, noticing how dim the lights were, and because he was close to shivering. /I wish Master Qui-Gon had let me take my lightsaber. / Qui-Gon had insisted that it be left behind incase Obi-Wan was searched. But if they did, he would still have to think up an excuse for having a communications transmitter, but there was no excuse for having the weapon of a Jedi. Instead, he had been given a small blaster that could be easily hidden in his boot.

    The guard turned into a room with Obi-Wan following closely behind. "Griffner sir?" the guard asked. Obi-Wan could sense the guards' fear of this man.

    "Wadd'ya want?" came the angry reply from the chair that was facing away from the door. The man appeared to be working on something at his desk.

    "Sir, this kid wants to join us." The guard explained.

    "Leave us." The guard was told.

    "Yes sir." The guard said before he retreated from the room.

    Obi-Wan tried to look confident and tough. The man that the guard called Griffner, stood from his chair, and walked towards Obi-Wan. The man was a few inches taller than he was, but his appearance made him seem like he could control even those who were towered over him.

    "What's your name kid?" Griffner grunted with a big cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth.

    Obi-Wan quickly recalled the name Jallist had told him to use. "Anoml Min'Lu." He answered.

    "Where d'ya live?"

    "This city. All my life."

    "Hmm..." the man was obviously thinking. "Why do you want to join?"

    "Because I wanna get rid of that grytin' princess. We need some people like the Kriffs
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    Good story! I like the way Jallist has to teach Obi-Wan how to walk and talk tough! I also like the "initiation ritual" of planting a bomb in the Palace. Go, Agent Obi! Worm your way into this terrorist group, find out their secrets, and report all to Qui-Gon. Unless, of course, you get caught and TORTURED! (Take the hint, Tenel'Ka!) Heh, heh, heh.
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    This is getting really good. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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    Cool! I like a tough talking Obi. Can't wait for the next post, when he plants that bomb. Kaboom!!!
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