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Deck your opponent-new shutdown strategy

Discussion in 'Games: TCG' started by Bacabachaui, Jul 8, 2003.

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  1. Bacabachaui

    Bacabachaui Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    A card in the JG expansion can really put the shutdown on your opponent. It won't be completely easy, but it doesn't seem to be that hard either, at least in theory.

    The card is:[blockquote]
    Guidance of the Chancellor
    Neutral 1
    "Look at your opponent's hand. Then choose a player. That player counts the cards in his or her hand, discards his or her hand, and draws that many cards."[/blockquote]

    A darkside player can pack 4 copies of this card and 4 copies of Tyranus Speeder A. You are bound to get at least 1 GotC and/or Tyranus Speeder in your hand by the time the game starts. Get Tyranus out there right away and start pulling your GotC, one each turn. Build all 4 (1 BP each) and flip them over 1 at a time on the same turn, resolving each one before going to the next one. Your opponent will know what your up to because of Tyranus Speeder, you have to show them the card you pull, but they better have some Slumming in their hand or they won't be able to stop you.

    Assuming your opponent plays with a 60 card deck like most do, say they build 8 in setup and build 1-4 more in the first 4 turns, that's 12 cards. If you can get 4 of these out on the 4th turn while they have 8 or more cards in their hand, you can make them discard 32 or more cards. That leaves them with 16 cards, 8 of which are in their hand and 8 in their draw pile. Ouch.

    Again, not too easy, but worth a shot. Combine it with other shutdown strategies and they will be hurting.
  2. Jedi_Benji

    Jedi_Benji Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 2, 2002
    Nice Strat, but this will need to have a LOT of backup. You are leaving a lot to luck here with the draw, what if you dont draw a speeder or GC? Or your opponant sees what your doing and targets the speeder.

    Maybe we'll see some other cards in JG that will help this strat ;)
  3. Ketricel

    Ketricel Jedi Youngling

    Mar 24, 2003
    I see one kinda major flaw with this strat, GotC is a mission card and Tyranus's Geonosian Speeder A is only allowed to draw out Battle cards. If this weren't the case then yes this combo would rock beyond compare. But this would still be an awsome way to devestate your opponent, especially if you can wait till he gets between 6-10 cards in his hand in later turns. You can make him discard his hand, even if he doesn't have any cards left to draw. And even though decking an opponent isn't an automatic lose, what can the other person really do to combat even the simplest of strats played against him. Another combo for this card is Chewy B, cause you can remove massive amounts of damage per turn by playing this.
  4. Bacabachaui

    Bacabachaui Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    Yeah I forgot Tyranus Speeder was only for Battle cards, I was thinking Mission too.

    However have 4 of these in your deck along with 4 Remember the Prophecy and you're bound to draw at least 3 of the 8 relatively quickly. Until ESB set comes out, just make the card type "Location" for RTP and then your opponent will draw 5 cards and of course none of them will be location since it does not exist yet and have to discard them.

    Just use whichever of the 8 you get and you will drain them down considerably until all they have are a few cards.

    Again, it won't be super easy to pull off but it will be just as easy as any other strategy out there and it will surprise the heck out of them.
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