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  1. Diamond_Revelation Jedi Master

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    I am so glad that Anakin has Obi-Wan and Tru to help him! I loved the exchange between Anakin and Obi-Wan!

    Looking forward to the next chapter, thanks again VaderLVR64!

  2. LadyLunas Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 31, 2005
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    Anakin recognizes his past mistakes. I'm glad- he's really changed. And he has Obi-Wan and Tru with him, which I hope makes a large difference.

    Good update. I look forward to the next one.
  3. Gina Jedi Master

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    A few moments later, the young farmer was back, and swinging on his belt was his saber. Obi-Wan merely gaped while Tru smirked and nodded his head with satisfaction.

    ?About time, Skywalker,? he commented as Anakin climbed back on the swoop.

    Yea!! [face_love] [face_love] Luke's one smart little boy. ;)

    I don't think Anakin realizes how much he has grown and changed. I mean, he is being placed in his own worst nightmare and memory, but this time he is making the right decisions. Yet, he is still afraid of what he might do, and I can understand that. But, the fact that he is aware of it just proves how far he has come. Does that make sense? :p

    I happen to know that she is a great fan of the Henry VIII song. We can even sing it in a round. [face_devil] (Revenge is sweet, LOL!!!)

  4. obsessedwithSW Jedi Master

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    Henry the VIII ? Which song is that Gina? I'd help you sing it if I knew it. I find "We are the World" particularly annoying. I could sing that.;)

    I love that Anakin picked up his Saber and that him and Obi-Wan are "doing this together" this time. The fact that Anakin admits his fear to Obi-Wan really demonstrates his maturity. I still picture him as 20 I this post but not in all the others. How strange. [face_thinking]
  5. musingmiyu Jedi Youngling

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    Oh. My. Gosh.

    This fanfic is just awesome, the characterization, the realness of Anakin realizing his mistakes, and the growth of his character... I love the twins, and the relationship between the Skywalkers and the Lars. I love the way you wrote Anakin 'watching' the 'What ifs' and 'what could've beens'.

    It's just so darned wonderful that you've managed me to keep me here, completely negleting my Biology homework. :_|

    It's just wonderful. *in awe* Can't wait for what happens next! :) This chapter was such a parallel of Ep II.

    Add me to your PM list please? :)
  6. Darth_Marrs Jedi Knight

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    Feb 24, 2006
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    Wow, am I so glad I wondered out of Beyond the Saga. This was some great writing, Vadey. Since I don't get to this board often, any chance you'd be willing to PM me with your next post?
  7. lost_lauries_grapes Jedi Youngling

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  8. Darth-Buddy Jedi Knight

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    Aw that little talk between ani/obi was so good. Thanks for the update, I hope things turn out better this time for Anakin.
  9. Independence1776 Jedi Youngling

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    Thanks for the PM! And I'm sorry for not replying sooner, but Darth College has taken over my life.

    A few moments later, the young farmer was back, and swinging on his belt was his saber. Obi-Wan merely gaped while Tru smirked and nodded his head with satisfaction. *blinks in shock*

    Anakin shrugged, but a proud smile lit up his face. ?Luke told me it was time?? he murmured. Then he blinked. ?And he?s got good instincts.? For a moment, the three men were silent, and then Anakin help up three pairs of goggles and Obi-Wan gave a sigh of relief. ?Thank the Force!? Luke is Luke.

    Without another word, Anakin nodded grimly and jogged back to the swoops. He hopped on and revved the engine, his expression tight. ?We need to get moving, they?ve got a too much lead on us.? Yeah, I bet they do.

    The three of them moved swiftly over the sands. Anakin could not help but compare this wild flight to the one he had taken so many years ago, searching desperately for his mother. He remembered too well the helpless feeling of holding his mother?s body in his arms, the terrible weight of her, the absolute stillness of her limp form. And with that memory, came a reverberation of the horrific rage that had engulfed him, carried him on its hot, uncontrollable currents. He could hear the faint echoing cries of those he had cut down, the screams of the women, the utter terror of the children, the harsh shouts of the males. There had been a certain dark satisfaction in cutting them down, letting the rage drown out the grief and the pain. And there is a a good similarity...

    Would the Force give him the strength to resist that terrible revenge he knew he had the power to exact?
    Anakin was troubled when he realized he did not know the answer.
    I don't think anyone knows the answer to that question until they actually find out.

    ?Yes,? Anakin answered. ?He?s fine.? Oh, good.

    Their eyes locked for a moment and Anakin finally shook his head. ?No, Master,? he whispered. ?I can?t plan this.? Wow...

    Shaking his head, the young man replied, ?No, probably not, but Tru can circle around from the east and I?ll come around from the west.? His lips twisted. ?It?ll be faster if we can just carry Cliegg out, so one of us will need to be ready to take him, while the others make sure no one?s following us.? Let's hope it goes smoothly.

    ?Good enough,? Obi-Wan answered. ?I?ll go with Anakin,? he told Tru, ?and keep an eye on his back.? Then he glanced at Anakin. ?You should be the one to approach Cliegg. You?re the only one he knows. Tru and I can guard your exit.? He's not only guarding his physical back, but his mental one as well.

    No?that?s not what I?m talking about. Don?t let me?The last time I used this saber?
    Obi-Wan stared at him for a moment and then nodded. I understand, Anakin.

    You?ll take him home to his parents yourself, and that?s the end of it. Good Obi!

    I?m scared, Master. It was a terrifying admission for Anakin to make, and Obi-Wan knew it.

    There is no need, Anakin, Obi-Wan reminded him gently. You are not alone.
    No, he isn't. And he knows it.

    The three of them crept out into the night, Anakin clutching at the saber hilt in his hand. I love this image. He's trying so hard to fight against the visions, his past, and what he knows he has to do.

    Wonderful update! And that cliffhanger...
  10. naadi Jedi Youngling

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    I hope they get cliegg safely, and i hope it works out better for anakin!!!!!
  11. ginchy Jedi Master

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    Oh, Luke told his Daddy it was time to take up his lightsaber again! Love it!

    Now, I hope they save Cliegg! :D
  12. Galactic_Girl Jedi Youngling

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    Whew, have just a enough time to pop in and read this, before I go to my night class. AND yes sleep is sacred! I never seem to get enough. [face_tired]

    I hope all goes well with rescue operations. [face_praying] Don't let Ani loose it.

  13. Robo_Jesus Jedi Youngling

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    Quite honestly, the sand people capture people from time to time to torture them to death. And finding an abandoned infant and capturing an infant are VERY different things. The Tusken Raiders do not CAPTURE children to raise them. They however DO capture people for the violence and blood rites that some of the Tusken tribes are known to perform.

    So there is a HUGE difference between a Tusken Raider finding a child abandoned and taking pity on the kid, and a Tusken Raider going out and KIDNAPPING a child when the parents are nearby and/or alive.

    You'll excuse me if I have absolutely no empathy for the Tusken Raiders, especially considering their habits of repeating past behaviours that are beyond acceptable by any measure. And if you think this post is heartless, it is heartless. I have no heart for those who would willingly kidnap, beat, rape, torture, or kill others.

    No they don't. Every child that's been taken in by any tusken tribe has either been abandoned, or orphaned. The rest are always killed. And considering the fact that the kid has been kidnapped, in the same fashion that Anakin's mother was, means that the kid is going to be used more or less as a punching bag for a young male Tuskens "coming of age" ceremony. And that ceremony involves killing the captive slowly and painfully. As shown by Shmi Skywalkers bloody corpse.
  14. Nienna_Narmolanya Jedi Padawan

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    :eek: How did I miss this? What an evil cliffie! I hope the rescue attempt goes as planned, though I doubt it will. Since when have one of the Skywalkers been involved in a plan that went as expected? :p

    I?m scared, Master. It was a terrifying admission for Anakin to make, and Obi-Wan knew it.

    I loved this line. It shows how far Anakin has come from the man he was that he will admit his fear. :) I was so excited when he went inside to grab his lightsaber. I've been waiting for that moment the entire story. No joke. ;) Somehow I think this time he'll use it right. Maybe the weapon is the same, but the man who wields it is anything but.

    I know it's kind of late in the game, but could you add me to the PM list please? With school running my brain around in circles, I find it helpful to have little reminders... [face_blush]
  15. BrightFeather Jedi Youngling

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    Please add me to your PM list for this story, Vadey. I'm still very much enjoying it.
  16. Yodan Jedi Master

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    Could you believe that I haven't posted to this story since april? :eek:

    It was as wonderful as I remember. Bravo. I can't wait to see how this works out. The viewing Vaders life was really good, and the way he had dinner with Bail was wonderful as well.

    Please add me to the PM list so I don't miss any more of this story.

  17. Darth-Buddy Jedi Knight

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    uppies! Waay way up! Please update soon.[face_praying]
  18. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    cdmcc Soon, I'll update. I promise! :D

    Jedi-Leila We're probably about five chapters from the end. :p

    VA_Parky I wrote it for me, I admit! :) I needed something happy too!

    timerift22 Not sure Anakin will resume his role as a Jedi, but he is willing to use a saber again and that's progress.

    WANNA-BE-JEDI-KNIGHT Me too! [face_worried]

    Kelli_LB I'll add you, and thank you!

    randomangel22 Anakin has grown a lot. :)

    FitJedi We'll see won't we. [face_whistling]

    HandmaidenVeme Aw shucks, thanks! [face_blush] But I'm immune to off key singing. I've got too many animals and loud kids for noise to bother me! [face_laugh]

    JediMasterRev They are EXTREMELY important! At least for Anakin.

    Diamond_Revelation Glad you like it! :D

    LadyLunas He HAS changed and now HE just needs to realize it.

    Gina It's his very uncertainty that proves how much he's changed. [face_batting]

    obsessedwithSW Well, I still hate You Light Up My Life if that helps! :p

    musingmiyu Thanks for reading, I'll add you. Now get to that biology homework! [face_shame_on_you]

    Darth_Marrs I'll PM you and thanks for reading! :)

    lost_lauries_grapes Thanks! And great user name, btw! :D

    Darth-Buddy Me too! [face_mischief]

    Exactly, Obi-Wan is watching out for him in EVERY sense of the word.

    naadi I have hope it will. :D

    ginchy Luke's a smart boy! [face_mischief]

    Galactic_Girl Anakin's changed quite a bit!

    Robo_Jesus They are a hard people, there's no doubt about that. But I wasn't able to find any confirmation that children are killed from the resources I used (Guide to Alien Species and novels).

    His fear shows his growth.

    BrightFeather I will, and thanks! :D

    Yodan No worries, drop in when you can! :p But I'll add you.

    I'm working on the next post. It's written, but now I'm in the editing phase. Which is taking longer than expected. :p I hope to update this before I leave for Las Vegas next week.

  19. Lea-El Jedi Master

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    Aug 13, 2005
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    I started this story yesterday morning and just came to a screeching halt at an evil evil cliffy.

    I have boo hooed more in the last two day than I care to admit.

    You couldn't wait one more post before you took your vacation or what ever you've done for the last month.:mad::p

    It's hard for me to start reading stories but once I get into them I am hooked. And this one has had me hooked. I've repeated several time over the last two days this is the real story and Lucus' is just a nightmare.

    I cried for Obi-Wan and love the family down on the farm. I didn't like Owen in the movie(he was mean to Luke) you even made me like him. I love the visit with Bail and Anakin realizing what Leia's life would have been like. I loved Tru's entrance and Padme going into defender mode. Now we just need to know what happens in the village.

    Please get in a writing mood.
  20. ikarit Jedi Youngling

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    I just started reading this fic early this morning and I cannot believe I'm unlucky enough to have started reading it when you have this awful cliffhanger!

    Truly amazing fic, though. Your characterization of Anakin is perfect, as well as... well, everyone! It's a joy to read.

    Please, please PM me when you update!
  21. Jaira Jedi Master

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    May 3, 2005
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    Hey Mama Vader!!! It took me a few months to read, but I'm all caught up, I'm on board, and I'd like to be on your PM list! Please?
  22. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Lea-El I've had this post ready for a few weeks. Oops. [face_blush]

    ikarit Here's the last. SORRY!

    Jaira Will, and thank you! [:D]

    Chapter 45: Homeward Bound

    As Anakin followed his Master and good friend, he felt the ghosts of his past walking alongside him. The echoing screams of the dying, the soft urgent voices of those who had begged for mercy ? these were his constant companions. He swallowed hard and tried to release all of it to the Force, but was only somewhat successful. With every step, however, he felt Obi-Wan?s constant reassuring presence through the bond which had flared into vivid life. No matter what they might find on this night, or what obstacles Anakin would face, he would not do it alone.

    Tru sent a reassuring wave of the Force to him as well, even though he did not grasp the enormity of what Anakin faced. When they reached the edge of the camp, Tru veered off to the east, while Anakin and Obi-Wan crept silently to the west. Each of them kept their target in sight as well as using the Force to detect any alarm among the Sand People. Just before they entered the encampment, his son?s words came to him, as clearly as if Luke was beside him, whispering his innocent wisdom in his ear. You?ll do fine, Dad. You?ve got the Force. And it?s always been there for you. It won?t let you down now when you need it the most. That was Luke?s gift to him, his childlike trust in the Force, a faith that Anakin needed badly right now.

    Trust in the Force, he had told Luke and Leia so many times. Perhaps it was time that the father heeded that lesson as well, he told himself. Taking a deep breath, Anakin motioned to Obi-Wan. You lead, I?ll follow. Let?s go directly to the tent. Following Obi-Wan had always been wise in the past, Anakin thought, and he would put his faith in his Master again.

    Sensing that Tru had encountered no resistance and that no alarm had been sounded, Anakin and Obi-Wan crept toward the hut. When they reached it, Anakin gave a silent sigh of relief, which he felt echoed by his Master. Silently, they slipped into the hut.

    Cliegg was curled up against the cold desert night, sleeping on a pallet made of old pelts and ragged blankets. Quietly, Anakin went to him and gently put his hand over Cliegg?s mouth. The boy came awake with a start, his eyes wide and frightened. ?It?s Uncle Anakin,? he whispered to Cliegg. Immediately, the boy relaxed and Anakin felt him smile against his palm. He removed his hand and murmured. ?Care to get out of here??

    ?Took you long enough,? Cliegg whispered dryly. But Anakin could sense his overwhelming relief in the words. The boy got swiftly to his feet. He winced as he moved and Anakin?s lips thinned. He could well guess the reason for the boy?s discomfort; the Sand People were not known for their kindness. However, there did not seem to be any serious damage done, a few scrapes and some rather colorful bruises. He flashed back to his mother?s broken body, so terribly limp and heavy in his arms.

    Enough! Deliberately, he thrust the memory away. It would only distract him from what must be done here?now.

    Gathering his composure, Anakin grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Cliegg?s shoulders and put his finger to his lips, reinforcing the need for silence. Then he pointed to Obi-Wan. ?That?s Master Obi-Wan,? he reminded him. ?If he tells you to do something, you do it. If he tells you to run, you run and don?t look back.? He leveled a stern look at his nephew. ?Understand??

    Rolling his eyes slightly, Cliegg nodded. ?I got it,? he muttered. ?I?m not a kriffin idiot,? he added under his breath.

    Playfully, Anakin ruffled his hair. ?Language my boy, language!? he said very quietly. ?Your mother doesn?t allow that and you know it.?

    Something surged in Cliegg. ?They?re all right, aren?t they? My parents and Shmi??

    ?They?re fine,? Anakin assured him. ?And waiting impatiently for us to bring you home.?

    Cliegg nodded and fell in behind />
  23. rocketscientist Jedi Youngling

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    <Rubs hands together> I was SO ready to get into this story again! Since I was behind anyway, I got to read a nice chunk all at once. :)

    I'm so happy for Ani in this tale. He has an opportunity fix so many things here.

    This latest chapter had me worried there but thanks to good old Master Qui-Gon, our Anakin has overcome another obstacle.

    I just love Qui-Gon - seems like everyone does. It really says something about how compelling that character is. Even Lucas had to pay homage to his memory in EP3.

    Uhm... now that makes me wonder? Will Qui-Gon appear to Yoda in this universe as he did at the end of RotS? What would that mean to the Jedi order to gain the knowledge to become one with the Force and keep your identity? Would it become a formal part of their training? Will Obi-Wan learn to "commune" with him - and will he teach Ani? Couldn't hurt.

    You've really got me thinking here...

    Lovely update!

    Edit - NO WAY!!!! Hehehehehehe! I got first post! :p
  24. VA_Parky Jedi Padawan

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    Wow! What a chapter! It had a little bit of everything, didn't it? Angst, suspense, humor... I was on the edge of my seat throughout!

    It was so fascinating to see Anakin confront one of the worst memories a person could have - and in the end, he came out stronger. It seems he has finally made peace with the past. And how wonderful that so many of his loved ones had a hand in it: Obi-wan, Padme, the twins, Yoda, Tru, etc. It just makes me grin from ear to ear! :D

    Whew - no matter how long we go between updates, allI have to do is read the first paragraph of your latest post and I am wrapped up in the story just as much as I was the previous time. And the time before that... and the time before that...

    Amazing! *happy sigh*
  25. Lea-El Jedi Master

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    Poor Beru and Owen sitting there for weeks waiting for their son wondering and worrying while their writer forgot to post.:p

    I loved this post from the It's about time to the hey that hurt. The kid is great. I loved Luke words of encouragement to his father.

    I loved the raiders realizing who they were going up against and deciding not to challenge him again.

    At last Anakin is free.

    good work

    Can I get a PM when you post
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