V.C, CA Deep Space 101, Ventura Cty [Doo Daah Parade and JPL Open House] club having a July 10 Potluck BBQ.

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by brusqueTusken, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. brusqueTusken Jedi Master

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    Hello Sci-fi Friends~ WE have had so much fun with the Fan Force. I hope things are well with everyone. It has been nicely hectic for the DS101 club. There is much DS101 news to catch you up on.
    First, I would like to invite you to become a member of Deep Space 101 permanent Yahoo group. This online group will be used for major club announcements and to share photos and have LIVE CHAT sessions.

    Deep Space 101 permanent Yahoo Online Group
    group name... Deep_Space_101SoCalclub
    website at.. http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/Deep_Space_101SoCalclub/

    DS101 invites YOU to a "Sci-fi POTLUCK BBQ" and club meeting with evening's entertainment featuring several Trek fan videos premiere! Bring your own fan videos to share!

    *WHAT- Potluck BBQ of burgers and hot dogs. Please bring something to share: chicken, various salads, soda, beer, snack chips, paper cups/plates & utensils, fruit, ice cream. **Bring anything to play in the Park or share with those attending!

    *WHEN- On June 10, 2004, Saturday afternoon, 4:30 pm.

    *Where- Simi Valley, California. LOOK for the DS101 banner in the park. Maps directions supplied with your return email on this matter.

    BBQ articulars will be posted also on the DS101 yahoo online Group at

    Love to see our SW friends and some new ones also!
    DS101 STAFF, our email Deep_Space_101@yahoo.com
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    Thanks for the invite...

    One quick thing: am I correct in assuming this is slated for July 10, rather than June 10?
  3. brusqueTusken Jedi Master

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    Sorry for any Potluck BBQ date mixup....[too much to do.]

    It's on July 10, July 10, July 10.

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