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~Deliverance~ (AU - DE - Supreme Commander Skywalker)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Valaryc, Mar 17, 2002.

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  1. Valaryc

    Valaryc Jedi Youngling

    Mar 6, 2002
    (Note this is a darker form of Luke Skywalker in his DE days, but reborn 217 years after ROTJ by a disturbance in The Force)



    From the smoldering fires, set upon the barren waste-land of Yavin IV, a great emergence was about to reveal itself to those who inhabited the 20 mile barren wasteland known as the ?Barren Zone?. In this twenty mile barren plot of land, plantlife once flourished, and temples once stretched to the heavens above?After the ?Twelve? and the last orginal living Dark Lord of The Sith were vaporized by a energy ring, the likes of which none had ever seen?did the ring abolish all life, and all structures from this ?zone?. So bare, so plain?its like passing into a endless desert with no sand dunes, just nothing but barren rock like fields.

    However, in this territory, there were STILL some new inhabitants that took refuge here, for the only resource that survived the purge was water?and water was a valuble commodity in this area, for beyond this place, water would be plentiful, but those who controlled the water supply within the circle, could amass great wealth in trade, from thirsty oulanders?

    It was not just water however, that led people through this stretch of land, no it was also the ancient secrets from some of the still, barely standing temples, BEYOND the vanquished Massassi, these temples were once laid to waist, yet some Force believers known as the ?Force-Followers? built shrines to the Jedi and Sith of old, they cared not for their deeds, just the awesome powers they held?the people of Yavin IV?s ?Barren Zone? are not Force Sensitive, and wish to one day find the key to give them Force powers and allow them to understand the ways of old?

    Before the dark times?.before the Trade Federation?..


    From within one of the temples, many people gather?to worship the Force Users long dead, the likes of Anakin Skywalker?as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and even shrines to Ben Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn were erected within.

    One this day though, the people would know that the Force was not gone, the Trade Federation had not gained ?control? over it?and that you must be careful what you wish for?for it may not be as glamerous as you wish it to be?


    The sun was setting within the Barren Zone, the people?scavengers, followers were settling into their make-shift lofts, as the skies above began to illuminate with shades of orange, hues of red, streaks of yellow?the birth of sunset, spreading along this place?like a blanket to comfort them. The temples within the Barren Zone, were unguarded, for statues, books, artifacts, images, pictures?anything related to the Force, were kept in these places, the Trade Federation did not care for this stretch of land, for they assumed that with no possible elements to sustain life, other than water, this land was not worth their efforts.

    If they only knew the massive loads of Force related material stored here, they would be outraged.

    Inside one temple, a great war is brewing?a stranger the likes none have ever seen?paces into one of the darkend, touch-lit temple interiors?

    A voice calls out from the darkness, as a figure?s sihiouette is strewn along the dusty rock walls, outlined from the torches around him?.

    YOU! This is your fault?..YOU cursed me, WHY??why must I suffer for YOU!?

    The voice emerges from a dark indivdual, standing infront of a grand statue of Lord Darth Vader?the flames casting ominous shadows of his eerie faceplate, to the one speaking to him?as if her were standing there?

    ?No matter??..Lord Vader, I do not care for compassion anymore, you cursed me, you have made me who I am?serving your Emperor who didn?t give a DAMN about you. You had to forge a family legacy build on the bloodshed of others, and serve a madman who seeked to destroy all who posses these?abilities?

    The figure?s long black cloak, swirls with his approaching footsteps the the statue?his black boots, clattering along the stone floor moving swiftly then stop short. The man?s blue eyes pi
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