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Story [Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu] Summer in the City (Horror Genre)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Darth_Bliss, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Title: "Summer in the City"
    Fandom: Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu/H.P Lovecraft
    Genre: Horror
    Characters: OC (C-Cell)
    Summary: C-Cell investigates an unusual death and get more than they bargain for...
    Author: Darth_Bliss

    Note: As English is not my first language there might be some grammatical errors in the text. I don't mind to have them pointed out so that I can correct them.

    Note: There might be some scenes that can be experienced as disturbing to sensitive readers.

    Note: When you've read every post, please enjoy the following youtube-video... :)



    Summer in the City

    Sunset. The heat of the day was slowly fading away and the air at the middle of the bridge started to cool down. Miriam wished that she had a jacket to cover her bare arms with. Goosebumps appeared on her sunburnt skin and made it stretch uncomfortably. She should be well on her way home, taking a shower, putting on sun lotion, and heating up the leftover Chinese food from yesterday. Instead she was still standing here, three hours later, trying to think of nothing while watching the water lazily drifting away some twenty metres below her, brownish in colour.

    The city skyline on her left was reflecting the dying sun in glass and metal, but the city skyline on her right was already hid in shadow. A warm feeling of relief that she was heading towards the sunlit part of the city made her body relax and lured a satisfied smile to show on her lips. She turned her head to the left, followed every single skyscraper with her gaze, counting them as she always did when she took this way from work. Thirty two visible, all looking down at her. Miriam?s smile suddenly disappeared and a shiver ran through her body. The sound of the cell phone almost made her jump. She grabbed it hastily to silence it.


    ?Claire?? Caesar?s deep voice caressed her.


    ?I need you down at the morgue. The autopsy is finished.?

    Something in his voice suddenly made the air become yet cooler and she embraced herself to stop the hair on her arms from standing up.

    ?Have you called Cyrus or should I?? Her voice was calm and steady, much to her own surprise.

    ?Not yet. Don?t worry about him. I?ll call him. Just get over here, will you.?

    ?I?m on my way.?

    ?And Claire??? Caesar's voice became emotionless. ?I hope you haven?t eaten.?
  2. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    It's been a very long time since I read a horror story...Especially one so closely connected to Lovecraftian (I'm sure that's a word ;) )themes. I'm looking forward to getting deeper into it.

    What an ominous first post! Knowing as little as I do about the Cthulhu genre, it might almost create more nervous anticipation for what comes next.

    I really liked that great line, it's so classic you can't help but wonder what's going on and just how messy things are going to be. Good stuff! Please send me a PM when you update this!
  3. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    Indeed, Master Jedi_Perigrine. That was PRECISELY my reaction when I read the piece. But let me tellya - having insight into the Cthulhu Mythos is no comfort at all. In this case, ignorance is bliss...*shudder*

    Oh, and I certainly can't wait to read some more of this! I wanna be on the PM list, too, cuz, I...I dunno, like to get really spooked, I guess...:D
  4. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Thanks for the nice words! :) You are of course both added to the PM-list. And here's another bit for you...


    The morgue was silent except for the never-ending buzzing from the air conditioner. Miriam fastened the last button on her FBI-jacket while she took the empty stairs down to the lower level where the autopsy room was located. Through the door's window she could see Cyrus leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest and his face as unreadable as always. His red hair had gotten a metallic lustre from the cold fluorescent tubes. She pushed the doors open and stopped abruptly, nearly choking. Her stomach took a turn and she swallowed hard to gain control over it.

    ?Oh, my? What?s that smell??

    A thick layer of something that felt almost visible hung around the room; a stench that resembled that of sour milk left in the fridge for weeks combined with rotten fish. Cyrus gave her half of a joyless smile.

    ?Nice, eh. Don?t worry, you?ll get used to it.?

    Miriam scoffed and didn?t really meet his gaze. Although Cyrus was 24 and thus six years younger than her, he always made her insecure and nervous. She wished for what time in the row that she could read him, but he kept his feelings tightly closed.

    ?So?? She looked around the autopsy room, trying desperately to ignore the stench. The examined body of a young, extremely fat, girl lay on a bier covered by a sheet. On a metal table next to it were clean tools neatly organized in a line beside a big red plastic bucket that more seemed to belong in a cleaning closet than in a morgue. ?Where?s Caesar??

    ?Buying donuts and coffee?.

    Miriam raised an eyebrow. Cyrus shrugged. ?Don?t look at me. I?m not the one working in this stench.? He gave her another glance. ?Did you hear that I went back to question her parents??

    ?Mhm. Did you get anything new??

    Cyrus smirked. ?They?ve moved out.?

    ?What?? Miriam stared at him. ?Moved out??

    ?Yep, the whole place empty as a mousetrap.?

    ?Moved out?? she said again, unbelievingly. ?But what about her?? She nodded towards the motionless body under the sheet.

    ?Come on, Claire. The girl is dead. Apparently they didn?t care about paying for the funeral.?
    Miriam felt a lump in her throat that didn?t have anything to do with the smell. She had been working with crimes like this for eight years and she still didn?t understand how people?s minds worked. That?s why she just investigated the crime scenes and never questioned the persons involved.

    A deep sigh heaved her chest and she turned her back to the bier, grabbed the only chair in the room and sat down. Cyrus? stare at the body was clinical and intense as if he could see through the sheet and into her dead mind, locating the secrets the girl had hidden. Maybe he could. Miriam looked at Cyrus; Cyrus looked at the dead girl. Silence fell in the room while they waited for Caesar to return.

  5. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    First!! :D

    That's the sort of twist that makes this...Cthulhu...and should tell these people to leave well enough alone, cuz there is only bad things to find here. But no, they have to poke around...*shudder*
  6. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
  7. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    You my friend, have an EXTREMELY unfair advantage. :p What do I win if I somehow get first post before you? :D People always have to stick their nose into things that are much bigger than they are...curious people tend to work that way. You know the phrase "curiosity killed the cat"? Have you ever heard the second part of it? "but satisfaction brought him back." That may indeed be true in this case, only the cat would come back as a lumbering hulk of a mooshy rotting corpse.

    Another great, if stomach-churning post! The way Cyrus is looking at the corpse gives me the willies. I can only hope he's not reading her mind. That would be too weird. And gross. ;)

  8. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    [face_laugh] I guess I do. Maybe you could win...honour, glory and wisdom?? I dunno...And I had not heard the second part, so I learned something new today - thank you! :D
  9. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Jedi_Perigrine: I really liked that idea of the cat... Maybe I can use it... :D And I have to admit that I had not heard that second part of it either. And thanks for the nice words. I hope that you'll like the next part as well.

    Danaan: Yup, that it is. And without Cthulhu this wouldn't be much of a story, now would it? ;)


    Ten minutes later Caesar?s robust, comforting body was seen outside the window. He waved with a half eaten donut towards them, then swallowed it and gulped down the rest of the coffee before coming into the autopsy room.

    ?Good!? he said to no one in particular. Then his eyes crinkled as he gave her one of his warm, pleasant smiles. He went to wash his hands at the sink and put on a clean laboratory coat. The white coat brought forward the silver tinges in his dark hair that Miriam thought made him look like an elderly hero in a Jane Austen novel. He handed over two other coats and a pair of latex gloves each to her and Cyrus.

    ?Let?s get to work.?

    They all stepped up to the bier. Caesar?s sympathetic face lost its comforting empathy. The expression was replaced with a facade that showed only mild professional curiosity. He cleared his throat and removed the sheet from the dead girls face.

    ?Sabrina Emilia Stevenson. Female. 10 years old. Caucasian. Parents: Robert and Stella Stevenson. Father called in evening July 9th to report his daughter?s death. We got our hands on it four days later, July 13th. She had not been examined at that time.?

    Caesar pulled up the girl?s right eyelid. Miriam gasped and felt a shiver run down her spine.

    ?Holy?? Cyrus voice sounded shaken. He reached out a hand and touched the girl?s cheek only to quickly draw it back again. He looked urgently at Caesar.

    ?It?s been four days. Why doesn?t she look dead??

    Caesar nodded calmly towards him and held up his hand. As he continued Miriam couldn?t take her eyes from the girl?s face. She felt a sick kind of fascination, looking into that eye, so vividly alive in the dead face. It was as if the girl?s mind had not left her at death?s entrance, as if it was still there, trapped inside of her.

    ?Henry Wittinger, FBI coroner, conducted the autopsy July 13th. I?Coroner Wittinger?? he corrected himself before continuing. ?Coroner Wittinger noticed some very unusual things during the autopsy. The eyes were still moist and had not shrunk into their sockets.?

    Caesar let the girl?s eyelid close and took up an arm. He reached for a scalpel and a small metal bucket and made a diminutive incision at the wrist. Blood started to drip into the bucket.

    ?The blood had not yet coagulated.?

    He put the arm gently back on the bier and started to pull the sheet down, but stopped and looked at Cyrus and Miriam.

    ?Mr Stevenson said that Sabrina had started to complain about stomach pain when she came home from summer school. He had dismissed that since she used to experience psychosomatic response to schoolyard bullying. Two hours later Sabrina fell on the floor, screaming in agony, and before Mr Stevenson got to dial 911 she was dead.?

    Caesar paused and sighed before he pulled the sheet down and uncovered the enormous bluish white belly, clinically opened up, exposing the stomach and the intestinal.

    ?I have not touched this area, because I wanted you to see this in situ. I have seen numerous strange things during my many years at C-cell, but this??

    The stench was stronger here and Miriam took involuntarily a step back, but Cyrus frowned and bent over the stomach, apparently oblivious to the odour.

    ?What am I looking at, C??

    ?She has been eaten alive from the inside.?

    Cyrus froze. Then he turned his head toward the elder man and looked at him.

    ?You are sure of this??


    Caesar reached for the red plastic bucket that was still standing on the metal table, and removed the lid. Something made a splashing sound from it. Miriam gave up a nervous giggle.

    ?Do I
  10. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    Great stuff! =D=

    Now we all want to know how they got there! we...?[face_sick]

    Why is this such a typical reaction for Delta Green agents who have seen a few missions? 8-}
  11. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    What a great update! I love it.

    Why is this such a typical reaction for Delta Green agents who have seen a few missions? 8-} [/quote]

    The real question is, why did she have to ask? I'm sure you develop a "nose" for that sort of thing. Er...ick. :)

    I love the challenge these agents are undergoing, and I'm really looking forward to more of the story! Keep it going! :D
  12. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Danaan: "Why is this such a typical reaction for Delta Green agents who have seen a few missions?" I would never guess that you've played Delta Green before... ;)

    Jedi_Perigrine: "The real question is, why did she have to ask? I'm sure you develop a "nose" for that sort of thing. Er...ick." Heh, funny... :p Well... Sometimes you need an assurance or an affirmation that your "nose" is actually telling you what you think, but not want to think or believe... "I love the challenge these agents are undergoing, and I'm really looking forward to more of the story!" Thank you. It'll be an... interesting... journey for these poor agents before the end, that's for sure. :D

    Here's a new piece for you, a little milder in its appearance.


    Night had fallen a few hours earlier. It was that kind of warm, velvety night that only July could provide. Miriam stood at the open window, taking deep breaths of the gentle, inviting air. A light brown strand of hair had escaped from the hairpins and rested on her sunburnt shoulder. As she let her thoughts wander old memories of childhood pleasantries showed up; sleeping in the hammock on the veranda under the stars, swimming in the balmy lake with its deep, deep green water, taking walks in the nearby wood with Petronilla, her beloved golden retriever? A soft smile lit up Miriam?s face, smoothed it out and made it look as young and naïve as it used to look like six years ago.

    Behind her the whole apartment was lit up by numerous soft table lights and the mild scent from the twenty or so different potted plants filled the air. Classical music on low volume wrapped around her like a warm blanket. Miriam felt perfectly happy. She didn?t want to go to bed just yet, even though it was two o? clock in the morning and she was supposed to get up in just four hours.

    She could see the contour of Henry?s body under the bed quilt, and she was very relieved that he was there this night. He was such a safe and tender embrace to hide in and tonight she needed that. Sometimes he was so engaged in the cases that he never stopped being the C-cell agent Caesar and at those times she felt lonelier than ever. Her thoughts wandered unwillingly back to the dead girl lying alone in the cold, dark morgue with her lifelike eyes closed, and she shuddered. Miriam swept the soft red nightgown closer around her in an attempt to quiet her pounding heart. This was another weird case that they had got transferred from the local PD and she didn?t like the feeling of it one bit. The thin fleece embraced her soothingly and with a deep reassuring breath she managed to calm down again.

    The CD had played the last track. She could hear the disc buzzing some short seconds before replaying the first track again. When was it that she stopped putting out the lights and started to play classical music on repeat throughout the whole night? It must have been the second case as a C-cell, or was it the third? No matter. The important thing was that it helped her relax and sleep without nightmares, and if any kind of unwelcome nightly visitors decided to show up she would not be taken by surprise.

    The soft smile returned when she looked at Henry, this gentle, affectionate and loving man. How he could still be that way after nearly twenty years as a part of Delta Green, she could not understand, but the fact that he was filled her with hope and a great deal of respect. When she got recruited to Delta Green and entered C-cell as agent Claire six years ago, he had treated her as a friend, while Cecilia and Conrad had ignored her at the best and treated her with suspicion at the worst. It had taken a year to come close to Cecilia and she never really got to know Conrad. They were both gone now. Cindy had replaced Conrad. She lasted two years. Miriam had visited her once at the Lincoln Asylum. Seeing her in the white straightjacket was like seeing an image of herself five, te
  13. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    Awww, they are so sweet! [face_love]

    DG turn-over rates sure are high...[face_devil]

    Awesome moment!=D=
  14. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    What a great update! Way to give true personality to these characters, now that they're not face-to-face with the grimness of their jobs. I really like this! I really enjoyed the extra touches you put the poor sop who ended up in the psycho ward. I imagine I'd end up there eventually too, though.

    Very nice! Keep up the good work, oh dark happy one. :D
  15. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Danaan: Awww, they are so sweet! As long as it lasts... [face_devil]
    Jedi_Perigrine: I imagine I'd end up there eventually too, though. Then there's two of us... [face_laugh]

    And to both of you: your lovely words warm my heart. [:D]

    After that peaceful little scene, the ball is set in motion... Enjoy.


    The sun was abundantly drenching the small briefing room in light this lunch hour. Cyrus was standing at the window, looking out over the river and Caesar was laying the cloth covered table. The aroma from the Indonesian food that filled the room made Miriam?s mouth water and her stomach growl.

    ?So, team,? said Caesar when everyone was seated with a food filled plate in front. ?What have we got??

    Cyrus waved with his fork while chewing. He swallowed and took a mouthful of ginger ale.

    ?I made an experiment this morning.? he said at last. ?I went to the butcher and got myself some intestines: sheep, cow, pig and hen.?

    He put another mouthful in and started to wave with the fork again.

    ?First I fed the eels, or whatever they are, the cow intestines. Nothing happened.?

    ?They didn?t eat it?? Miriam asked surprised.

    ?No. Cow was not what they wanted.? The way Cyrus said that made Miriam freeze for a second and the hair on her arms stand up. Caesar watched Cyrus with concentration.

    ?So I tried sheep and hen. Same result. My suspicion was then starting to turn to certainty.?

    ?What about the pig?? asked Miriam and didn?t really want to hear the answer.

    ?Oh, that worked all right, I guess.? said Cyrus with a strange kind of smile. ?But what they really wanted was? this.? He held up his finger where a band-aid was put on. ?I dripped some of my own blood into that bucket and they went totally berserk.?

    Silence filled the room for a moment.

    ?So?? Caesar said slowly. ?They can feed on pigs because of their similarity to humans, but humans are their hosts. That?s why they didn?t feed on each other.?

    ?Right.? Cyrus? voice was filled with dark humour. ?And we don?t know how they spread, so we really need to find the girl?s parents. Who knows, they might carry around on those things as well. Heck, we might all need an X-ray, as far as I know.?

    Miriam scoffed.

    ?That?s ridiculous! We weren?t even near those creatures. If they don?t spread by merely looking at us I wouldn?t be concerned.?

    Caesar interrupted smoothly.

    ?And what about you, Claire? What have you got??

    She gave Cyrus a last annoyed glance before turning mostly to Caesar.

    ?I contacted Alphonse this morning with a description of the eels and how they were found. He gave me the contact information to a biologist who is a friendly to Delta Green. I will meet him after lunch and get his professional opinion. Alphonse also gave me very brief information about two other apparently similar cases, one in India and one in Finland.?

    Cyrus frowned.

    ?Huh. Interesting geographical spread. India, Finland and US. And ?apparently similar???

    ?Yes, Delta Green didn?t get to see the cases themselves, so it?s only testimonies from the locals that we have to work with. Sorry.?

    Cyrus shrugged.

    ?Well, why should it be easy??

    Miriam couldn?t help smiling.

    ?Wanna come too?? she said to him with a conciliatory gesture. ?Or do you have something else to work with??

    ?Nah, I can come. Could be interesting hearing this guy?s opinion.?

    ?Good.? Caesar started to rise. ?I?ll work more with the girl. Don?t take all of the eels with you. Leave me a couple to dig into.?

  16. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008

    Now I'll go read the story and comment ;)

    Awesome work! I really like how you cleaned the post it's really good! Extremely enjoyable and building the tension nicely. I'm still looking forward to where you're going with this. :D
  17. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    The calm before the storm, indeed!

    More! More, I say! =D=
  18. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Jedi_Perigrine: Extremely enjoyable and building the tension nicely. Aww... Thank you!
    Danaan: The calm before the storm, indeed! More! More, I say! Indeed, that it is... [face_devil] And here is more.


    ?Professor Bruchheimer??

    The wrinkled face that was peeping out on them from the chink of the door was painted with suspicion.

    ?Who are you??

    Miriam tried a comforting smile.

    ?I?m Claire. We spoke earlier today. About the??


    The professor popped his head a bit further out and looked thoroughly down the two directions in the sterile hallway. He then fixed his eyes upon Miriam?s forehead.

    ?You never said anything about bringing someone else.? he whispered in an accusing tone, glancing hastily towards Cyrus, not meeting his eyes. ?It?s only you two? No one else??

    ?Just us, professor. May we come in??

    He shot another peek at the empty corridor before pulling his head in and open the door just wide enough for the two slender agents to squeeze in. The elderly man then hurriedly closed the door behind them and locked it thoroughly. Cyrus and Miriam exchanged looks. The small windowless room was reeking with old cigar smoke. Taxidermied animals and animals in glass jars were standing all over on the bookshelves that filled every wall, packed between books and binders.

    ?So?? Professor Bruchheimer nervously wiped off his hands on the worn chestnut corduroy jacket. Miriam held out her hand.

    ?I?m Claire, as I said, and this is Cyrus.?

    The professor stared blankly at her hand, not giving any sign of taking it. Miriam let her hand sink again. She nodded towards Cyrus who held the box containing the eels.

    ?As I explained earlier we need some identification of the creatures in that box.?

    ?Yes, yes. Please put them on the table.?

    He hasted towards the paper filled table in the middle of the room and started to shovel the papers towards the right end of the table. Some of them fell down on the floor. Miriam reached down and picked them up. Before she knew it the professor furiously snatched them out of her hands.

    ?Don?t you dare touch!?

    Even in his anger he never looked her in her eyes, but focused on a spot on her forehead.

    ?I?m sorry.? Miriam said humbly. ?I just wanted to help??

    ?Help? Help me fiddlesticks! You don?t know what you?re dealing with here, and you don?t want to know either, so keep your dirty hands where I can see them, young lady.?

    Cyrus, who had put the white box on the clean spot on the table, gave her a warning glance and interrupted smoothly:

    ?So, professor, I?ve unpacked the eels now, if you please would like to take a look at them.?

    The old man turned around, still with an angry look in his face.

    ?What?? His eyes fell on the open box. ?Yes, of course.?

    As he moved towards the table again with the papers protectively clutched to his chest, Miriam rolled her eyes at his back and gave up a soundless sigh. Professor Bruchheimer reached for his glasses, a pair of rubber gloves, a couple of doctor?s instruments, and bent over the box.

    ?I take it that they?re in the bucket, still alive?? he asked, slightly turned to Cyrus, putting on the gloves.

    ?They were alive when I packed them this afternoon, that?s for sure.?

    Miriam could hear the bucket?s lid open, then a long, silent pause before the professor quietly moaned.

    ?No, not again. Not again.?

    She urgently took the few steps to his side. His face had suddenly become pale and he was staring into the bucket with fear. Faint splashing sounds were to be heard from within it.

    ?Wait!? he said suddenly. ?There are only four! Why only four? There should be six.? A white face turned towards Cyrus. ?There should be six! Have any of them escaped??

    Cyrus held up a calming hand.

    ?Nothing to worry about, professor. The other two are in good hands.?

    A brittle chuckle found its way out of the old man?s throat.

    ?You don?t know what this is, do you? There are no ?
  19. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Danaan is slipping! First post again! ;)

    Great update! You created a scary old professor with great ability here. I love the interaction between Miriam and the crazy old coot. Nice job! Looking forward to more!

  20. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    [face_laugh] - another DG moment [face_devil]

    Oh, waitaminute, why am I laughing:cool:

    And salt. Need to pickup more salt! [face_hypnotized]
  21. Darth_Bliss

    Darth_Bliss Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 22, 2008
    Jedi_Perigrine: I love the interaction between Miriam and the crazy old coot. He was really fond of her, now wasn't he... :p
    Danaan: Oh, waitaminute, why am I laughing Heh, because you anticipate the downfall? :D

    And here's next update for you, my dear friends. Enjoy. [face_devil]

    Even though the sun turned the small car into a sauna, Cyrus and Miriam had the windows closed.

    ?You really should get yourself an ac.? Miriam puffed.

    ?Yeah? Well, tell Alphonse to raise my wages and I?ll think about it.?

    Silence fell for a while. Miriam wiped away sweat from her forehead, while thinking about the old professor, locked up in his studying room.

    ?You know,? Cyrus said thoughtfully, his eyes fixed on the road, ?I feel sorry for him. Always in the dark. Always knowing a little too much, but never getting the full picture. Always knowing that you one day might speak to the wrong person and get whacked. The life of a friendly.?

    Miriam glanced at him, but didn?t see any expression in his face that corresponded to the sympathetic tone in his voice. She looked out of the window again.

    ?Did you notice what the old fox didn?t mention, Claire??

    Surprised she turned towards him. Cyrus smiled.

    ?He didn?t lie. Not a single white one slipping out of his mouth. He knows that most DG:s pick up lies as easily as spreading jam on a sandwich. The sly bastard.?

    Cyrus tone was bland and he was still smiling to himself.

    ?I think that I?ll let you off at HQ and go back for another little chat.?

    ?Cyrus!? protested Miriam.

    He looked at her.

    ?He didn?t like you, Claire, and he certainly didn?t trust you. You must have noticed that??

    She scoffed annoyingly and silence fell for a second while she quietly debated with herself before giving in to curiosity.

    ?Well, go on, tell me. What did I miss??

    This time she could read him and that didn?t make her day any better. He was clearly amused.

    ?All right. He knew that there should be six eels, not four. Why is he so sure that six is the correct quantity if they are planted by someone? Why not five or seven? What?s so special with the number six? That?s the first.?

    ?And the second?? asked Miriam, listening attentively.

    ?If they can?t breed, why was he so terrified that they might be on the loose??

    ?Huh?? Miriam frowned.

    ?And the third? but this has nothing to do with the professor?s knowledge; we really need to get to the Stevenson parents before it?s too late.?

    ?I?ll work on that today, then.? Miriam said and gave him another look. ?Did you see what he kept in his bookcase, by the way, Cy??

    ?No, what??

    She smiled a little.

    ?He had a couple of glass jars with our friends the eels in them.?

    ?Really? Way to go! Did you see anything else??

    She shrugged.

    ?Nothing that I think has anything to do with our case. A lot of strange animals, some that I?m not sure I?ve seen before, but then I?m not a biologist. Lots of books in Latin and German. I think there were some in Russian or maybe Greek, as well, and a couple in other languages. The papers he was so afraid that I should read were encrypted.?

    Cyrus chuckled.

    ?Yep, an old fox, that?s for sure.?

    ?Other things that were interesting were that the whole room reeked of cigar smoke, but he didn?t have any tobacco stains on his hands, and that everything in the room was organized in a specific pattern. I noticed it, but didn?t really have the time to make any sense out of it. It?s not important though.?

    Cyrus suddenly got a strange look in his face.

    ?Are you sure about the lack of stains??

    ?Yes. Why??

    ?He never said that he was the professor, Claire. ?

    Miriam felt as if someone had kicked her in her belly.

    ?It?s probably nothing, but? Almost there now. As soon as I let you off, I?ll go back. You know, just to check things out.?

    Another silence fell in the car, a tense, worried silence. Miriam tried to think about what she
  22. Jedi_Perigrine

    Jedi_Perigrine Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2008
    Indeed there is work to be done. This is getting curiouser and curiouser... Very nice update! You're really keeping us guessing as to what the heck is going on here. :) Can't wait for more!
  23. Danaan

    Danaan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 23, 2008
    [face_beatup] *gulp* :eek:

    [Hmm...I'm lacking a "loosing my sanity"-smiley in the menu ;) ]

    Way to capture one of those horrid moments of revelation when you start to realize just how up a certain creek without a paddle you really are...But one really has to question Cys and Claires judgement here - if that was NOT the prof they met, then Cy shouldn't really be going back there alone, should he...[face_worried]
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    I just got horrible news...Darth_Bliss' computer is malfunctioning, so she won't be able to update her story! Don't worry everybody, she'll be back as soon as possible.
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    Thanks, Jedi_Perigrine! I have to say that the "as soon as possible" didn't really come soon enough for me, but now I'm up again and will be able to post some more scenes in the next few days. Thanks for your patience, guys!