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Beyond - Legends *Delurk* LEGACY (The Force Evolution Series, Post-DW AU, J/J) - Complete

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by TKeira_Lea, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Happy birthday, JMJ! :D

    And I never touched alcohol until college, but teens having a drink under their parents' supervision seems a-ok to me. :)

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    Hey! the first story that I reply to without it already it being over already!!!! Great opening scene, looking forward to the next post!
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    I voted at the cantina. Can we have a teaser now? Please? *does sad puppy dog face*

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    NEW STORY!!!!!!

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    Awesome so far, 'Keira_Lea! ;)
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    Hey guys!! I gotta get off cuz theres a storm coming. (I actually should be off already but I got back on) I just wanted to tell you all that I finally updated my story. It's J/J when they first start dating. I'd really like it if you checked it out. :D

    [link=]Driven a.k.a. Beyond Appearance[/link]
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    Nov 21, 2002
    UP!!!! Teaser or post soon????

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    Oct 10, 2002
    OKAY - teaser is up in the Cantina! Thanks for voting guys and I have one more poll over there. If you can help out a pick your top 4 of the ten scenes listed, I would greatly appreciate the input!

    Page 4 and I haven't even posted the story. EEEEKKK!

    I will reply later, but this excerpt stuff is killing me right now!
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    Aug 11, 2002
    Chickie is bored, so when Wraith Lead is bored, WraithLead performs sneaky Wraith mission and UP's senselessly. ;)

    For those of you who haven't voted, here is choice number one for the current poll as to exerpts from Echoes...


    Scene #1 ? The Prelude (Dreams of the Future)

    Jag halted midway through the door to the pilot?s ready room at the unexpected sight before him. Standing with her back to him, staring down into the hangar bay of the Chimaera, was the slight form of none other than Jaina Solo; the petite body, comfortably wearing the New Republic orange flightsuit, was unmistakable. He ventured a couple of steps into the room for a better look. As her profile came into view, Jag realized that regardless of the brown hair plastered to her head in a braid from hours under a helmet, there was an undeniable air of beauty surrounding her.

    He paused for a moment and pondered the fortune that had brought her to the Remnant Star Destroyer, when his eye caught the sight of the shuttle in the bay. It was covered in strange growths. Around the shuttle, technicians buzzed about, performing any number of scans and tests. There was an obvious tension encompassing the bay and pervading Jaina?s aura.

    He took a deep breath and braved some words. ?What they have done there is unusual.?

    Jaina turned to face him as he made his way across the room in her direction. She studied him with a strange disdain he was unable to discern. Jaina folded her arms across her chest and looked back to the deck as she replied.

    ?Pretty much everything the Yuuzhan Vong do is unusual, as far as I?m concerned. They?ve spent an hour scanning the thing. I can?t imagine there is much more they can learn without cracking it open.?

    Jag thought it odd she had the patience to stand there for an hour and observe the workings of the technicians, but then he realized everything about Jaina Solo seemed to be an enigma. He moved closer, drawn to her like a magnet, despite the peculiarities of the young woman that made her his polar opposite.

    ?There isn?t. That?s not what they are doing.? He stared at the reflection of her face in the transparisteel window. Perhaps, if he took a close look again, she would not be the same girl he had imagined in his dreams. The closer look, muted in the reflection, made him more certain than ever she was that very specter. ?They don?t know what is in there, and they?re making sure that if it?s harmful, they don?t get blamed for releasing it.?

    ?You say that as if it?s a bad thing to be cautious.?

    The comment took him by surprise. Nothing about her had ever given him the impression she was ever cautious. On the contrary, from where he stood, she seemed to dash headlong into every situation. He shook his head at her and at the quandary she represented.

    ?They know they cannot be certain of what is in there. All they can do is reduce uncertainty to statistically insignificant levels. What they are wasting is time. We are at war. There is no absence of risk. There are times when one just has to do what needs to be done to win.? Oh boy, Jagged, you just about summed her up in one mouthful. Perhaps she?s not so hard to understand after all.

    Jaina turned to look at him, and he was engulfed in the blazing depths of her brown eyes. For a second, he was sure his body had forgotten to breath. ?In theory you?re only two years older than me, but you?re talking like you?re old enough to be my dad.?

    No, I am expressing in mere words what you seem to do instinctively. She probably is her father?s daughter, now that I recall Father?s tales of the infamous Han Solo. He nodded once as he thought. ?Forgive me. I was judging you based on your accomplishments, not your age.?

    She blinked, and her eyes reopened to reveal a well-kindled fire burning in them. Her voice confirmed that he had hit a nerve. ?What is that supposed to mean??

    Something about the venom in her words goaded him to rise to the challenge as if his very being was questioned. Jag?s eyes hardened
  15. Twin_Suns_Leader

    Twin_Suns_Leader Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 11, 2002
    I'm making it easy for you guys, so here's number two...



    The swirling wind whipped snow flurries all around him, sometimes blinding him in a sheet of white. Other times he could just discern the outline of a figure in the distance. The figure was moving across the glacier, through the blizzard at a slow run, as fast as the elements would allow. A violet light illuminated the hooded form from behind. The light moved back and forth in rhythm with the figure?s gait.

    He called out, fearing for the person on the glacier. The figure stopped for a moment at the sound of his voice, but never turned to face him. Then the form resumed its trek through the storm. The pace was more urgent than before.

    He left the relative protection provided by the proximity to the main estate building to follow the misplaced traveler. His hunt was made all the more difficult from fighting through the drifts of snow, but he trudged forward, undaunted by the task. Some force was pulling him like a magnet, driving his feet faster and faster.

    He thought he would never catch up, but then the figure stumbled and fell. As he approached he could make out the tiny shape of a blue robe, cloaking a petite figure kneeling in the snow. He called again, driven by a gnawing desire to protect this being?s life.

    The figure turned at the sound of his voice. Instead of a stranger under the hood, there was the delicate face of Jaina Solo. The features held him captivated, just like the first time he saw her on Ithor. Her skin was flawless. Brown hair cascaded out of the hood, capturing snowflakes in its tendrils. Those eyes beckoned him to come to her and take away the sadness hidden there. He had known those eyes his whole life, and yet he had never seen them sad like this. Her eyes reflected the brilliant violet rays emanating from the lightsaber grasped in her hand as they drowned in a watery pool.

    Then the tears fell, like a dam breaking. Her hand came up; her fingers outstretched, beckoning for a touch. He reached out, his farthest finger hungering for the feel of her. Their fingers were so close he could almost feel the electricity spark between the two.

    In a cruel twist, the wind swirled heavier gusts. The electric edge he felt came to life in a swirl of violet lightning pulsing amidst the flurries. As he blinked away the piercing snow buffeting his eyes, he realized she was being barraged by the streaks of energy. Each strike diminished her presence until she was just a ghost. The lightsaber dropped through her hand, which was no longer corporeal.

    Jag fell to his knees and grasped her in his arms. He met the warmth of her body, beneath his embrace. Some part of her was still whole. There was still a chance. Her arms wrapped around him, clutching his waist in a desperate attempt to anchor herself. She cried into his chest.

    ?Please save me!?

    He pulled her closer still, but the warmth of her body was fading with the wind. Energy still crackled through her, catching him sometimes in painful bursts where they touched, but he refused to release her to the cruel fate that begged to be fulfilled. He tried to adjust his grip, to find something real to grasp. When he did, she slipped into the rush of the wind, pieces of colored snowflakes disappearing into the heavens.

    He sobbed. ?Don?t go.?

    A pleading voice cried out on the wind. ?Jag!?

    Her voice was carried away, and then she was completely gone. Even in spirit he was alone. All that was left in her wake was the blinding fury of the storm.

    Jag shot up in the bed. Sweat beaded down his bare chest. His lungs begged for air. It was not the first time in his life he had been assaulted by such a vivid dream. They came often since he had returned to the Unknown Regions. Even though he had not seen Jaina since Ithor, she haunted his slumber, like she had taken up residence in his soul.

    Jag recalled the last time he had really been with Jaina, the day on the Chimaera before the battle for Ithor. He had drummed up the nerve to as
  16. jagsredlady

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    Oct 7, 2002
    Hey there leader, I'm still awake. ;)

    Scene #3 ? Flying X-wings

    Back from a routine patrol, Jag lowered himself hand over hand out of the cockpit until his feet met the floor of the hangar. Once down, he moved with a quick but efficient stride in the direction of the debriefing room. The time in the cockpit had been a welcome distraction from waiting for the Jade Shadow to return. His step faltered slightly as he caught sight of the running voxyn adorned snubfighter parked near the back of the bay.

    He quickened his step, arriving at the debriefing room in half the time it should have taken. The door slid open, and Jag passed through, pulling up short when the smiling face of not only Tycho Celchu, who usually conducted the debriefings, but Wedge Antilles as well, greeted him. Wedge spoke to his nephew as he motioned for him to take a seat.

    ?We?ll make this quick. I am sure you have more pressing matters to attend to.?

    Jag remained serious as he took a seat despite his uncle?s apparent relaxed attitude. ?Nothing unusual to report, sir. Vanguard Two reported a point four decrease from nominal shield efficiency. Vanguard Three??

    Wedge raised his hand as he interrupted, addressing Tycho. ?Is he always like this??

    Tycho responded with a succinct nod accompanied by a mischievous grin. ?Strictly business.?

    Jag watched the two men curiously. Wedge waved his hand. ?Leave it at nothing unusual to report. Then I assume you want to get out of here and see Lieutenant Colonel Solo.?

    ?I don?t want to shirk my duties sir.?

    ?Sithspit Jagged! Cut the sir garbage out. Haven?t you learned when to turn it off??

    ?I apologize. I suppose not, si-. I mean, I suppose not.?

    Wedge and Tycho both chuckled. ?Well, if you want to get certified for flight status in the X-wing, as you requested Tycho here to help you with, then you better learn how.?

    ?I?ll work on it.?

    Wedge leaned forward, resting his arms on the table. ?So any particular reason you made this request before leaving on patrol today??

    Jag gave no outward indication of the discomfort he was feeling from the line of questioning he knew had been inevitable. ?Just trying to broaden my horizons, expand my skills. I believe you both flew TIE fighters at some point. You must have learned something from the experience.?

    ?Why don?t you ask Jaina to train you then??

    ?I don?t want her to know. Besides it wouldn?t look right, not with all the Rogues thinking we have the makings of a couple.?

    Wedge leaned back. ?I see. I?ve authorized Tycho to proceed. I am sure it won?t take you long.?

    ?Thank you.?

    An uncomfortable silence fell over the room until Jag broke the moment. ?How is Jaina??

    ?She?ll live. I?ll let her explain the specifics of her bumps and bruises. She didn?t look so great when she reported in, but she brought back some valuable data she swiped from a Peace Brigade Intelligence officer after she introduced him to the hot end of her lightsaber. It could really turn this war around. Anyway, she?s resting in her room. I told her I would send you there as soon as you got back.?

    A puzzled expression crossed Jag?s face. ?You mean you didn?t lay into her for running off??

    ?Is that what you were hoping for, seeing that she wouldn?t listen to you??

    ?No, it?s just that I know about the ultimatum.?

    ?Oh, you were worried I would send you off to one of the farthest corners of the galaxy??

    ?The thought had crossed my mind.?

    ?No, I didn?t lay into her. Technically, she is a Jedi, and I have to make concessions when Jedi pilots are required to uphold their other responsibilities. Jaina was the only one with the ability to rescue Tahiri. She did an admirable job of using the resources available to get the task completed.?


    Tycho interjected. ?He?s just in a forgiving mood because he had the excuse to fly Lead for Twin Suns since we were short pilots yesterday.?

    ?Says he who flew Lead for the Dozen.?

    ?Okay, so we?re both a little giddy about the whole thing. I, for one, enjoyed t
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    Aug 5, 2002
    *Out of breath*

    I finally found this!!!!!For some reason i've been getting through less than i usually would after school.Strange, no?

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    Oct 10, 2002
    TSL: were you bored?
  19. Twin_Suns_Leader

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    Aug 11, 2002
    I'm going to finish, too. I can't help it my 'net connection crapped out on me before I could. :mad: [face_pout]


    Scene #5 ? Tycho?s Run

    Moments after engaging the wing of skips, something in Jag?s gut warned him that he was missing something, and it was not simply the comfort of clawcraft. He questioned himself. What did the Vong have to gain by engaging them in this manner? The answer hit him like a cold Csillia wind, sending chills down his spine.

    ?Three to all Twin Suns. Abandon positions. Return to the Great Hall.?

    As Jag finished his urgent call, his astromech squeaked a warning. He side-slipped, then spiraled as flashes of plasma blazed past. He decided the extra pair of eyes provided by the droids was a definite advantage in the X-wing. His uncle?s voice sounded in the headset as Jag spiraled to present a difficult target.

    ?Break to port, Three.?

    Jag never hesitated; turning so hard he thought he would blackout. He revised his previous thought; he preferred the clawcraft ten to one purely on maneuverability. The astromech tweeted excitedly as the threat disappeared from the tactical display.

    A new threat materialized just as quickly. Heading for the Great Hall was one lone skip with several Twin Suns snubfighters closing quickly from the opposite direction, but not quickly enough. Jag was farther away because of his brush with the skip moments before. Wes was calculating distance and speed over the squadron frequency. A quick recheck of the tactical display showed one snubfighter stretching out a slight lead, Twin Suns Six ? Tycho Celchu.

    Tycho ordered his astromech to divert all power to the engines, denying shields and most other vital systems. The droid vehemently protested so he simply voiced an override code. He would have one shot at getting there or every member of the delegation would be lost to this suicide run. Tycho also understood the kamikaze pilot would not have to maneuver, simply fly straight to reach his objective, allowing his dovin basals to concentrate on the incoming fire. There seemed to be only one option for stopping the coralskip from crashing into the Great Hall.

    Tycho keyed his comm. ?Five, give Winter my love.?

    Wedge?s reply was strained. ?Six, it will be my honor.?

    The skip was in range bearing down on the Great Hall. It was not even firing. The skip planned on simply hitting the structure. At the speed the two fighters were approaching, Tycho could put his fighter between the coralskipper and its objective. Hopefully the sacrifice would keep the occupants alive.

    Tycho laid down a trail of stutter fire, which was easily absorbed by the dovin basals. He kept firing as quickly as his lasers would recycle; every laser flash disappeared into a miniature black hole. Tycho did not have time to regret his lack of experience against this enemy, experience that might have given him an edge. He did not have time to regret not kissing his wife one last time. He did not even have time to wish he had told everyone how much he or she meant to him, although this simple act would ensure each one of them knew. Tycho was a heartbeat away from not being able to regret anything at all.

    ?Five, give Winter my love.?

    Wedge heard the voice of his friend and comrade-in-arms. The evidence on the tactical display told him what the Alderaanian figured he had to do. It was a noble sacrifice ? one life for all the members of the delegation. An act few could ever conceive, but then again Tycho Celchu was a hero in every sense of the word.

    ?Six, it would be my honor.?

    In pursuit from behind with the rest of the Twin Suns, Wedge watched the ineffective laser fire against the suicidal skip. He willed the hot energy bolts to make a hit, but none came. Tycho?s snubfighter blasted over the Great Hall. In a blink if an eye, it would all be over. Wedge refused to blink. He forced himself to watch.

    Wedge?s body braced for the agony of watching his best friend?s death. Just as the inevitable should have happened, th
  20. TKeira_Lea

    TKeira_Lea Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 10, 2002
    TSL: I assume this is the Wraith Mission I read about over on J&J's thread?
  21. Twin_Suns_Leader

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    Aug 11, 2002

    Here's another....everybody better get their two cents worth in!


    Scene #6 ? The Uncle (Dreams of the Future)

    The voice belonged to one of his aides. ?Sir, there is a representative of the Chiss delegation waiting out here to meet you. Would you have time to see him??

    ?I don?t have any other appointments scheduled for today, but I need to get ready for the reception on the Tafanda Bay. Ask him to come back tomorrow.? Wedge shrugged at Tycho. ?Right now I don?t need some more Imperial posturing.?

    After several moments, the aid replied. ?Sir, he is quite insistent about seeing you today. He says you have a mutual acquaintance ? a Miss Starflare.?

    Wedge sat motionless, his mouth agape with disbelief. Seconds ticked past. Tycho was just as dumbstruck as his friend. Wynissa Starflare was the pseudonym Wedge?s sister had used during her acting career. She had married Soontir Fel, an ace Imperial pilot and Wedge?s mortal enemy, and fled with him, never to be heard from again.

    There had been a rumor that the Chiss commander had implied something about being on loan from General Soontir Fel, but Wedge had originally dismissed the rumor as nothing more than Imperial pilots playing mind games with the Rogues after questioning some of the Remnant officers. After twenty years, Wedge was beyond trying to get his hopes up again.

    ?Sir, shall I send him away??

    ?No, send him in.?

    Wedge ran his hand across his face as possibilities raced through his mind. Maybe Syal and Soontir had made it as far as Chiss space safely, but the Chiss had always been considered intolerant of humans. Perhaps this Chiss commander had brought a message from his sister. The scenarios were endless.

    Suddenly the door was sliding open, and Wedge rose, preparing himself for the unsettling sight of a tall, blue-skinned humanoid with fiery eyes. To his surprise, a human male marched into the office and snapped to attention before offering an impressive bow. The young man, probably not more than twenty, returned to an upright stance, perfectly still, awaiting a response from the superior officer.

    Wedge studied the features of the man. The young officer bore the rank of colonel on his black uniform marked with red Corellian blood stripes. He was taller than Wedge with a wiry build. His ebony hair was cut short and interrupted by a shock of white hair, following a scar from his right eye. The eyes were what startled Wedge the most, green and piercing, like a reminder of the past. He knew those eyes.

    Tycho noted the man?s unflappable patience as Wedge sized up his guest. There was not even a trace of movement from the junior officer. The control was remarkable. Wedge finally came to his senses after Tycho cleared his throat.

    ?Oh, at ease, Colonel.?

    The young officer split his legs and pulled his hands behind his back. His stance was no less rigid. The formality of his ways and strict imperious nature, combined with his looks, forced Tycho to mutter under his breath as a realization struck him.

    ?Son of a Sith.?

    Wedge had come to the same conclusion, but had, much to his credit, decided to play this one out. He retreated behind his sabacc face before taking a seat. Wedge motioned for the young colonel to do the same.

    ?Please, have a seat.? The guest did as he was instructed. ?So, we have a mutual acquaintance, I understand.?

    Finally the man spoke, in the efficient manner of so many Imperial officers. ?Yes sir, my mother.?

    Nothing like cutting to the chase, Wedge thought. He added, ?Your mother would be Miss Starflare??

    ?Yes and no. Some people may have known her as that, but I believe you knew her better as Syal Antilles, your sister.?

    Wedge remained behind his game face. ?Oh, I see, and that would make your father, General Baron Soontir Fel.?

    The young man puffed his chest with pride. ?It would, sir.?

    Wedge looked at Tycho and finally smiled. ?So, I guess there was some truth to the Rogue?s whisperings. And please forgo the sir ? Uncle or Wedge or both will
  22. Twin_Suns_Leader

    Twin_Suns_Leader Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 11, 2002
    Yet another award-nominated scene from the much esteemed Echoes of the Past...

    As usual Jag arrived early to the briefing room. The large room had a series of semi-circular rows, each a little higher than the next, all facing down at a large holodisplay unit used for presenting tactical data. Other than the techs working on the terminal linked to the holodisplay, the room was empty.

    Jag suspected, by the choice of briefing room, a major action about to take place. He climbed up to one of the upper rows and then traversed the row to a seat far enough down to provide an unobstructed view of the door. Now seated, he pulled out a datapad and reviewed his action list. It suddenly looked like the day was going to become very busy, in his estimation.

    Jag looked up as his peripheral vision caught sight of a person entering the room. An older brown-haired pilot dressed in a yellow and black flight suit strutted into the room sporting an impish grin. Jag returned his attention to the action list, adding new items and deleting those he deemed unimportant or complete.

    A serious voice interrupted Jag?s train of thought. ?Is this seat taken??

    Jag brought his eyes up to greet the yellow and black clad squadron commander. Jag?s face did not reflect the amusement obvious in the older man?s handsome features. ?It appears not.?

    The older man flopped down on the seat next to Jag and stuck his hand out. ?Colonel Fel, right?? Jag tipped his head in acknowledgement before taking the man?s hand. ?Wes Janson, Yellow Aces.?

    ?You flew with my uncle. He?s mentioned you.?

    ?Only good things, I hope.?

    Jag kept his face expressionless. ?I think you came up in the same sentence as headaches and heartburn.?

    Wes laughed, and his face lit up like that of a much younger man. ?So, the infamous Jag Fel does have a sense of humor.?

    Jag broke a hint of a smile. ?It?s a well-guarded secret. Let?s keep it between you and me.?

    Other participants began trickling into the room; most were squadron commanders, a few were Jedi, others were a mix of higher-ups in Starfighter and Fleet Command. Wes commented.

    ?Looks like something big.?

    ?I would be inclined to agree.?

    Jag?s eyes followed Han and Leia Solo into the room. The couple took seats in the front by the door. Luke Skywalker, his uncle Wedge, and Tycho Celchu came in next. Wedge took a moment to speak to Han and Leia.

    Wes leaned over and whispered to Jag. ?It?s starting to look like they found another Death Star.?

    Jag started to respond, but was interrupted by the low whistle Wes emitted as he eyed the door. Jag fought the smile forming on his lips at the sight of Jaina parading into the room in true Goddess fashion, flanked by Kyp and Mara like some honorary guard.

    ?If only I was twenty years younger. Han better lock her away; that girl is quite a looker. Gets the old ticker going, if you know what I mean??

    Jaina?s gaze stopped at Jag for less than a second, before she turned to greet her parents. Jag turned to face Wes, his face a blank slate.

    ?I believe Lieutenant Colonel Solo should be admired for her fine piloting skills and achievements as a Jedi Knight rather than her looks.? Jag replied, as he marveled at the depth of emotion shared by Jaina and her parents. He watched as both parents showered all their love on her, without hesitation or concern for appearances.

    Jag envied the exchange and secretly wished for the day he, too, could do the same. The current situation of secrecy was not entirely a struggle for Jag because his nature was not to be openly affectionate in front of others. He mentally noted that he would not let those leanings affect him when he was finally able to share their relationship with others. Everyone would come to know how much Jaina meant to him.

    Wes?s grin grew even more wicked. ?Fel, you must have some of that blue Chiss blood coursing through your veins if you can?t appreciate a beauty like that. There are plenty of exceptional pilots in Starfighter Command but not enough pret
  23. Kitsune

    Kitsune Jedi Youngling

    Jul 5, 2003
    *pops onto thread in Ewok suit*

    *grins devilishly*


    Scene #2 ? Outflying Jaina

    Jaina eyed the drink in Jag?s hand and grasped it with her two hands on either side of his. She gently teased his fingers as she pulled the drink out of his grip. Jaina put the glass to her mouth and tipped back her head, allowing the cool amber liquid to slide down her throat. In four deep swallows, the contents of the glass were gone. Jaina plopped the empty mug on the counter and grinned at Jag. The shine of the ale reflected off her wet lips.

    ?Why thank you for the drink Jagged. Come on Tahiri, let?s dance.? Before Jag could respond, Jaina grabbed Tahiri, who was finishing her own refreshment hurriedly, and disappeared into the gathering.

    Jag turned to Kyp, whose shoulders bounced in a silent chuckle. ?She means to torture my Corellian soul, doesn?t she??

    ?Don?t look at me. I had to fly that crazy diversion with her today. She simply means to be the death of me.?

    Kyp signaled the bartender for another drink for his partner. Once they were both armed with a drink, the two men searched out a less crowded area of the room. They chose a small remote table with a good view of the entire room.

    Kyp leaned back in his chair and kicked his feet up on the table. The events of the day were catching up to him, and he grew weary. Jaina, unfortunately, did not show any signs of slowing down, and he was stuck here until she did.

    Jag was the first to speak, his mood suddenly serious. ?Kyp, thank you for today.?

    ?For the fifteen minutes alone, sure no problem.?

    ?No, for flying her wing. For doing what you are doing right now.?

    Kyp was unaccustomed to people thanking him, most of his life had been spent accepting people?s wrath not kind words. ?Oh sure, no problem. All in a day?s work.?

    Jag noted the man?s discomfort. ?Thanks for the fifteen minutes, too.?

    Kyp noticed the mischievous grin on Jag?s face. The Jedi grinned back. ?You?re welcome.?

    There was a silent moment. ?Kyp, do you remember on Hapes, you said the only man Jaina would be with would have to out fly her.? Kyp curiously tipped his head. ?Why did you say that??

    Kyp thought for a moment before responding. ?Jaina has so many strengths being a Jedi that I suppose it would require a man that could better her somewhere to accept her for who she is. Otherwise she would always feel like she was limiting herself for the sake of her partner. With you, there are so many things you do as well as, if not better than her, that you present a challenge not a hindrance in her life. It doesn?t hurt that you happen to be an arrogant full blooded Corellian either.?

    Jag laughed at the last comment, as he contemplated the rest. ?I guess it?s lucky for me I am as good as I am.?

    ?Say nothing for modest either.? Kyp?s eyes sparkled with amusement. The funny thing about getting to know Jagged Fel was that none of his demeanor was hubris without the skill or intelligence to back it up. Jag truly was exceptional at everything he did.

    The glint in his eyes suddenly disappeared, and Kyp sat up in his chair, pulling his feet down from their perch. Jag followed Kyp?s stare. He could see Jaina leaving the dance floor following another Jedi Knight.

    ?Dammit Zekk. Why couldn?t he just do as I asked??

    Jag sat up in his chair as well. ?Is there a problem??

    ?Zekk has been pining for Jaina for as long as I remember. Now he?s back, and I think he has decided to act on his feelings. I tried to warn him off. Obviously, he didn?t listen to my advice.?

    Both men watched the two Jedi leave out the door to the balcony overlooking the Mon Calamari ocean. Kyp started to rise, but was stopped by Jag?s hand on his shoulder.

    ?Let them sort this out. Obviously a warning from the Jedi Master didn?t sway him. He will just have to hear the truth from the source.?

    Kyp settled back in his chair. ?You just want to let this happen.?

    ?Zekk won?t be the first or the last to try to start something with Jaina, especially sinc
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    *Ewok-type cackle* E.W.O.K. looks around again, and decides its time to help out WraithLead with the posts. We Wraiths want only the best to go up for nominations....



    Jag blinked his eyes slowly, rousing from his slumber. It took a few seconds for him to recognize his odd sleeping position, propped awkwardly in a chair beside the bed in Jaina?s room. A noise from the refresher caught his attention. Jag checked the bed, illuminated solely by the light filtering out of the open refresher door and found only the shadowy depression in the sheets.

    He pushed out of the chair, glancing at the backlit face of the wall chrono ? 0200. Arriving at the refresher door, he spied Jaina hunched over the toilet. Jag stepped into the small space, then knelt down behind her. Her hands clutched the toilet in a white knuckled grip. He reached over and gently pulled her hair out of the way. He sat silently as her body expelled the remains of her dinner. The heaving of her sides subsided, and Jag simply placed a comforting palm on Jaina?s back.

    Jaina had felt the gentle hands brush her hair back as her stomach finally decided to finish the job it had been threatening for the past several minutes. When all that remained were a few dry heaves, a comforting palm splayed across the back of her tank. Jaina, confident the worst was over, spit the last bit of foul taste out of her mouth in disgust.

    She braced her arms, but before she could push up, two strong arms helped her stand. Jaina shuffled to the sink; the arms were never far away, always offering a comforting, supportive touch. She picked up her toothbrush, and one hand stayed on her waist, the other offered an application of toothpaste. She brushed her teeth and found a cup of water held out for her as she straightened up from spitting out the bubbles.

    Taking the cup, Jaina looked into the mirror to find the reflection of her husband. Instead of the terrible fury that had burned in his eyes earlier, there was an overwhelming sorrow, coupled with uninhibited love. Jaina tried to smile at his reflection, but her overtaxed body and angry stomach made the effort nearly impossible. She raised the cup to her lips and drank. Then she broke the eye contact to spit out the water.

    A hand took the cup to set it away and before Jaina could think of what to do next, Jag scooped her in his arms, maneuvering out of the refresher and back to the dimness of the bedroom. Nestled in his strong arms, her head and hand rested against the taut skin of his bare chest. She could feel the heartbeat beneath his muscles. The sound spoke of his love.

    This was the moment she had waited for over the last few weeks. She had held onto the knowledge Jag would come back, and all would be right in his arms. All Jaina needed was his love and comfort to go on. Jag was offering it to her now freely and willingly in their bond, accompanied by a request for forgiveness.

    Jag sat down on the edge of the bed, maneuvering around so he could deposit Jaina back in the position she had slept in, her back to him as she curled on her side. Jaina felt the bed rise as Jag started to stand. She caught his hand still on her shoulder and pulled, guiding him back to the bed until he was lying beside her. Jag cupped her body with his. He brought his hand around and started to splay his hand across her stomach as he always did to pull her closer.

    Jag hesitated and started to pull his hand away. Jaina wrapped her fingers around his hand. She gently returned it to the skin of her abdomen, resting her hand over his. She felt the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck. The rhythm was steady and sure, like Jag was for her. A gentle kiss caressed the back of her neck just as Jaina?s eyes drifted close. Her family was whole.

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    I assume this is the Wraith Mission I read about over on J&J's thread?

    You could say that... [face_mischief]

    It would have been better if I could finish it last night, though, instead of having my 'net connection poo on me. *sigh*

    Last one-

    Jaina flashed a wicked glare at her suitor. ?Why Jag Fel, did you think one bauble would merit my unbridled passion? Jaina took her hand from where he stopped it at the button just below her collarbone and reached inside her shirt. She pulled out the charm in the shape of a clawcraft for him to see. Jag?s face flooded with joy as he saw it there in her hand.

    Jaina looked from the charm to Jag. ?It will never leave me so you will always be close to my heart.?

    Jag was so happy he could not think of words to express his emotion. Instead, he bent over to kiss her. Jaina opened her mouth, inviting him in. Jag savored the taste of her like a refreshing drink. He left her lips for a moment and stepped back. Behind him was the seat to the datastation. Jag sat down, dragging Jaina with him. He scooped her up by the waist and eased her slight form onto his lap, her legs straddling his.

    Jag kissed her neck as his arms went under hers and encircled her back, pulling her closer still. Jaina?s hands brushed his shoulders before landing in his hair. The sensation of her fingertips caressing his scalp radiated like ice water down his spine. One hand freed another button and then brushed aside the shirt, exposing her shoulder. His hand stroked the smoothness of her skin. Jag?s lips dropped lower to brush her collarbone, captivated by the sweet taste beneath his lips. The fresh scent of her skin filled his mind, drowning his thoughts.

    ?Any further Colonel, and you?ll be a dead man.? Jag jolted out of his reverie by the fierce growl from behind him, standing in one swift motion. Jag lifted Jaina as he went; she landed gently on her feet as he supported her waist. Jag spun around and came face to face with Han Solo. Few things intimidated Jag, but the sight before him surely was one of them. Jag did not need Jedi senses to feel the fury emanating from the man.

    Han?s eyes bore into the man who had been romantically entangled with his daughter a few moments ago. Jag had sense enough to not look away. ?Fel, when I talked about having children, I wasn?t suggesting that you have them with my daughter.?

    Jaina, who had been frantically fastening her shirt buttons behind Jag, emerged from behind her shield, stepping between the two men. ?Dad, stop it. It wasn?t that bad.?

    Han?s eyes darted from Jag to Jaina. She actually fell back from his glare, leaning into Jag. Jag naturally put his hand to her waist to support her. The touch further incensed the older Corellian. ?In the Falcon, Jaina Solo. With a Fel no less.?

    Han grabbed Jaina by the wrist, jerking her away from Jag. ?I want an explanation right now. What is going on with?? Han stopped in mid-sentence as his eye caught the flash of a ruby red gem encased in a small pendant in the shape of a clawcraft dangling over her shirt. He cradled it in his free hand. ?You?ve got to be kidding. Don?t tell me you are serious with this flyboy, young lady.? He squeezed her wrist even harder.

    Jaina winced. ?Yes.? She swallowed. ?Very.?

    Han spun away from them both, throwing his hands in the air. ?Great, my daughter has the hots for a Corellian pilot. I guess it?s fitting, isn?t it? Paybacks from some horrible misdeed I performed in my youth.? Han spun back to the couple and flew in Jag?s face, pointing a finger into his chest. ?I don?t like this one bit Fel. Not my daughter and a pilot, I don?t like this, not one bit. You don?t deserve her.?

    Jag stood his ground. ?You are absolutely correct sir. I don?t deserve her.?

    The admission caught Han off guard; he lowered his threatening hand to his side. In a slightly milder tone he said, ?What are your intentions Colonel??

    ?I love Jaina. I have only her best interest at heart.?

    Han?s eyes squinted as he b
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