Denver Outlaws (the other may the fourth event)

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    Hey everyone,

    The Denver Outlaws have extended the offer to be a part of their May the Fourth event to the RMFF since there are more than a few here with Approvable Pilot costumes as well as handlers. This is an official LFL event.

    I know that the Wings event will still be going on when some of us leave for the Outlaws game and appreciate anyone that stays to support that event and help close it up.

    I need to get an accurate head count for anyone trooping the Outlaws game. If you have not signed up yet please do so here. Blasters are a go for this one but please no handing off your weapon to any patrons, a request of the Outlaws. Weapons will likely be checked by security and approved.
    Busses will be leaving the WOTR at 2:00 and 3:00pm and will return after the game probably leaving Mile High at 6:15 or so and 7:15pm.
    Anyone needing a parking pass for Mile High Please let me know.
    Gates are at 2:00pm and the game starts promptly at 3:00pm. Before the game we will be greeting fans at the gate and at the start of the game anyone suited up in X wing and Stormtrooper costumes will make a tunnel for the players to pass through as well as after halftime.
    After the game we will probably be seeing fans out as well as taking photos on the field with the teams.
    Free tickets are available for immediate family (Mom, dad, Spouse ect) Discounted tickets are also available for friends and other family. Link will be up in the next day or so.

    They are very excited to have us and this should be one amazing day!
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    Im planning on going but im not sure if ill make it to the WOTR event, so I will probably need a parking pass
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