Saga Descent: A Dark Anakin Skywalker Poetry Trilogy

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    Thrill of the Ride (Anakin Skywalker poem)
    By obi?s girl

    A/N: set during episode iii, anakin thoughts as he descends closer into the darkside.

    I don?t what it is
    that attracts me,
    what draws me in.

    I can never have enough
    of it.
    It?s a sickness, I know
    It?s a hormonal reaction.

    I hold Padmé close to me,
    and can?t help but smile.

    She?s mine and
    no one knows it.

    Life was complicated before,
    but now it?s become so
    simple because I have her.

    I can never let her go,
    but there?s another thrill
    that haunts me, a darker,
    seductive thrill.

    I?d been warned to stay away
    from it; it isn?t the way for me
    I?m told?

    But somehow I feel I?m
    supposed to walk that way.

    It?s my destiny;
    everyone has darkness in them?
    I am no exception.

    Suddenly I?ve lost everything,
    I?ve lost so much;
    I don?t want everyone to go away
    but they always manage to
    and I can?t stop it.

    I?ve lost Padmé.
    She?s dead, Obi-Wan says.
    There was nothing I could have done,
    he says?

    Our lives were set;
    now I?m walking on shattered glass.
    I?ve failed; I?ve failed
    all of them...

    But somehow I don?t really care.
    I don?t care about anything anymore.
    I?m in the arms of darkness,
    forever lost in its pit of despair.

    I am dead;
    Anakin is dead...
    and all that?s left is a machine,
    barely holding onto to life.

    I am?
    I have become?
    I am Darth Vader.
  2. Princess1 Jedi Padawan

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    Whoa [face_shocked] that was amazing.
  3. AERYN_SUN Jedi Knight

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    thanks, princess :D

  4. Jedi_Humaira_Blaine Manager Emeritus

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    Well done AERYN_SUN :D

    You've captured Anakin's thoughts so beautifully. It's so realistic! :cool:

    Very nice! :)

  5. AERYN_SUN Jedi Knight

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    thank you, Humaira :D

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