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    Jul 30, 2000
    OOC: Antar has full permission to disavow this description. I just have no time to post this but now.

    Episode IV 2.0

    A New Beginning

    The Sitharia has been revealed. Instead of Anakin Skywalker, it turns out to be the destroyer of the Universe in the mysterious Darth Omega, whose true identity remains a mystery. Having eventually emerged victorous despite the delaying efforts of the Fodai, a strange order that incorporated both Sith and Jedi teachings, the evil Darth Omega at last eliminated all life in the universe.

    Before his ultimate triumph, the Fodai Order turned to discover that there were arcane techniques that could allow them to go back into th past and set right what has gone wrong. By discovering the secret of Darth Omega's seeds of victory at various points in history, they could undo his triumph and ensure a future for all the universe.

    Little do they realize that they were only following in the footsteps of their very enemy. Darth Omega's agents had gone backwards into the past to begin preparations for the annihilation of life. It is his goal that not only shall life cease but that it shall never have occurred.

    It is the beginning of The Time Wars that will change the nature of the galaxy and its future forever.


    The Palace of Black Hole Organization

    Darth Grave was quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. Her long platnium blonde hair was done up in a bun above her hair with Mystll Shadow Guard needles. Behind her, a collection of Handmaidens followed her that were collected from the far corners of the galaxy for their beauty and deadliness.

    "Now and forever...the past.....MINE...." Darth Grave said as she laughed to her hand in a very ladylike fashion.

    "OURS...." the voice behind her spoke as a cold and menacing voice came up from behind her. It was the second of her 'partners' in this activity. The figure wore a mask that was a mirror and the Dark Robes of a Sith. Long white gloves covered his hands up his sleeves and heavy slippers over black socks. There was absolutely nothing distinguishable about him whatsoever.

    Darth Chrono was a character that could appear and dissapear at will. His dopplegangers were located across the Empire at any given time and it was difficult to say which was the 'real' Darth Chrono. In truth, Darth Grave knew that they all were and none. Chrono had a unique Force relationship with time and though he'd long since died in the future that he'd come from, he continued to exist in a physical form.

    "Yes yes...ours," Darth Grave smirked. "Honestly, can't you just sit back and ENJOY the fact that we're in a LIVING galaxy?"

    "I don't enjoy that we're in a living galaxy at all," Darth Chrono said "I've spent most of my existence serving the Dark Lord for the preparation for the time that the galaxy, ANY galaxy for that matter, will have no life at all."

    Darth Grave sighed, Chrono was one of the fanatics of the Shadow Sith brotherhood. An organization that Grave herself was a reluctant member of.

    "You're no fun," Darth Grave sighed as she leaned on her hands and pouted.

    "The Master has sent us back in time for a very specific purpose. To make sure that not only is his eventual triumph over the Force ensured but also to begin the 'Cascade effect.' We have begun gathering allies from all points of history but that will be nothing if the Fodai undo our cause...." Darth Chrono muttered. "You yourself spent far too much time lying beneath that fool Jedi master."

    Darth Grave remembered fondly the caresses of Master Dovanan.

    "So how shall we scrizz with history today?" she then turned to Grave.

    He lifted a small black box.

    "The Chosen One...."



    Archon Dovanan spoke. "I would take the words of the man seriously. The Ancient Sith at the dawn of the Republic experimented with tearing rifts into the fabric of space and time in order to visit o
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    Oct 3, 2001

    Sorry to do this to you folks, but I would like to PAUSE the game as a few players have yet to check in and post bios.

    I am asking that no one post more than twice until 07/04/2005. Those of you who know me already know I'm NO stickler for rules so expect exceptions to be made, just PM me.

    Thanks, Antar

    EDIT: For the time being, please disreguard the preceding "Episode IV 2.0" and bios as Charlie and I work out a few details. The following is still in play:


    Archon Dovanan spoke. "I would take the words of the man seriously. The Ancient Sith at the dawn of the Republic experimented with tearing rifts into the fabric of space and time in order to visit other ages. It is said that the monsters that they released from Otherspace overwhelmed them and caused such practices to be forbidden but we Jedi use our perception to peer through the folds of space to the future all the is very possible that one can transform oneself to energy and physically make the traverse as well."

    Yoda looked at him "Disbelieve him, did I say?"

  3. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001


    "Disbelieve him, did I say?"

    Shaden smiled again. "This entire situation is just so surreal that I think it'd be best if I spoke honestly and bluntly. First of all, you are all no doubt sensing something confusing and different about me." Shaden began, briefly making eye contact with everyone present and opening himself in the Force.

    "I once went by the title of Darth Valarys and was a Sith Lord, within the Greater Fodai Order." He looked at young Antar Fodoh and Archon Dovanan briefly. "The Greater Fodai Order was governed by the Fodai Council and encompassed all Force users. Jedi, Sith and hundreds none of you have even heard of, from far off Galaxies. I joined the ranks of the Fodai six years ago with my Master and we renounced the Dark Side to learn the full ways of the balance of the Force. I will tell you now that I am no Jedi but I represent the Force as much as any of you."

    "My family are all replicant droids and go back almost two hundred generations. As you can no doubt sense, I am both alive and in contact with the Force."

    Shaden then looked to Archon again. "And you are right... Even the Fodai forbid the use of such time traveling alchemy but in their wisdom, still researched it and guarded it for millenia. History shows... Or showed, that our earliest holocrons on the subject were recovered from your ancient Jedi Order," Shaden finished, laying his eyes on Yoda.

    "According to our history, an ancient Dark Lord will rise in approximatly 45 years. Antar Fodoh and Archon Dovanan led a band of Force users including Jedi and Sith against the Dark Lord and seemingly defeated him. Antar was the first Fodai and a Martyr that united Dark and Light, mending the schysm that began long ago. The Dark Lord returned in my time, however and destroyed everything. The council decreed that the Force was on the verge of death anyway and ordered the use of the Machine. We were attacked and those that were meant to come back were killed or turned. As far as I know, I am the sole surviver."

    By now, Shaden was into his speach and not holding much back. "Bluntly, I am here to raise the Fodai early. We have to round up all remaining Jedi or Force users willing to help the cause. My mission is to recover Anakin Skywalker from the forces of evil so that the Chosen One can face the Dark Lord as destined."

    Force be with me, Shaden thought to himself. If anyone were to believe him, it would be this group. Most of these Jedi would be participants in the fight against the Shadow Sith Lord, Arr'Agonas Shiva...

    TAG: Well... Pretty much everyone on Dagobah. lol
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Swamplands, Dagobah....1 yBBY

    The rain poured down. Daneil watched all, with a sense of curosity. 'Humph... some hideout.' he thought to himself. Their normally quiet world was getting busier by the moment. He watched Yoda's response of the stranger.

    Yoda looked at the man. "Come from the future you claim, to save the Force no less you say..." Yoda slowly got down from his perch and approached Shaden. He made a skeptical sound once he reached Shaden's feet and looked up at him. He even tapped him with his cane, as if trying to confirm his solidity. Nearby, the leaves rustled.

    "A powerful vergeance around you I sense ; danger, conflict, darkness, death. Already in motion these are." When Yoda shook his head and looked towards Daniel, Daniel knew he should pay very close attention to what was comming. He concentrated, as he listened to the tiny master. "Clouded the Force is around you, difficult to discern clearly it is. More difficult still, your claim is." A deep and heavy sigh escaped from the Jedi master, and suddenly he look well over 900 years old.

    "At least, hear your story I will, then a conclusion I will make."

    Yoda began to turn towards his Hut, but he suddenly stopped. He then straightened and looked over his shoulder. "A long way from home are you Antar Fodoh, and you Master Dovanan, an unexpected pleasure this is."

    At least these Jedi Yoda knew. Yoda began to move again, this time, he turned west from his Hut. "Come, Come. A dry place I know of, there can we all meet, Come. Follow me."

    And so, the diminutive Jedi master led Shaden and the other Jedi that had suddenly come to see him. Daniel already knew the tiny masters destination. He smiled at the thought. It was a perfect setting. A nearby grove-like enclosure not too far from his home. The canopy there was so layered, that the rain hardly reached the ground. Without say as much as a word, Yoda casually climbed a pile of logs, then simply turned and watched.

    As Yoda made himself comfortable, Daniel looked over the Jedi there. He then streached out, reaching himself deeper into the surrounding eddies of the Force. It seemed, that with each arriving Jedi, the flow of the Force was changed. Wether it was for good or bad, he did not know. Hopefully, they would find out soon. Patiently, he watched and waited. He listened as Shaden tell his tale.

    Tag: Antar,Kev Mas, Charles, GreyJedi
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    Feb 28, 2003

    The hands of Cardinal Gray were clasped as he spoke, his eyes closed. He knelt at a red altar, his white robes carefully arranged around him, his face serene, shadows dancing on the ancient ceiling as he prayed silently. This was a moment of concentration. Of communication. Of perfection.

    The cold winds crept in from the open doorway, stealing through his blond hair. He rose, elegant and graceful, his eyes still shut, his hands spreading out in front of him.

    ??my chains are broken,? he whispered, the last words of the Sith Code with which he would always end his prayers. His eyes opened. Truly, this daily ritual was wondrous: it never ceased to refresh him, and his connection with the power of the Force was as strong as ever. He could feel it pulsing through him, speaking to him. It had a divine and dark message for the galaxy, and he was the mouthpiece by which such noble work would be done.

    He left the ancient altar slowly, stalked down the dank hall, and soon came upon the creature he had left to wait for him. It was a rather large and wolf-like, and had attacked him earlier on in the day. The Cardinal had promptly severed the beast?s legs from its torso, and secured it outside the Prayer Chamber, so that he could murder it when he had finished with his meditations. Not for the sake of enjoyment (though there would no doubt be an element of such during the kill) but rather to release the energy that had built up inside of him. Catharsis, if you will. Until he could find his enemies, it was necessary for Gray to ritually slaughter these beasts, if only to satisfy the longings within him.

    He extended the right hand of his body and reached out with the hand of the Force. Grasping around mentally for a moment, he found his spot in the animal?s lungs. His hand turned claw-like. The animal began to whine and splutter. He increased the pressure, hissing with fury as his arm began to physically tremble, yet the attack continued. He could feel the creature?s lungs, and was tearing them apart, crushing them and smashing them, even though by now his victim was already dead.

    Eventually he stopped, and his face returned to normal as he gazed impassively upon the remains of the monster. Enough, for now. Now it was time to head to the murky laboratories that lay in the caves. Work for the day could begin.

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    Bastilla almost immediately goes for her lightsaber at the mention of the title of Darth before it causally flies into the hands of the Jedi Knight Archon Dovanan.

    "I remind you Bastilla that the names often stay the same in religion but the meanings change. The person here claims title in the Sith Order but the systemic radiating evil that she speaks of is something that you do not sense nor I."

    Bastilla paused and looked down.

    "Please forgive my apprentice," he bowed his head.

    Archon himself had experimented with the combination of Sith magic and the way of the Jedi Knight. It was a punishing and demanding series of trials to try and master the Dark Side energies rather than be consumed by them. The Power of the Light and Dark when combined, according to the writings of Darth Traya whom he'd found the holocron of, were almost ungawdly powerful. They had allowed Darth Sion to continue on past death and Darth Nihilus to destroy whole planets. They sadly had lacked the fortitude to continue practicing higher disciplines once they'd discovered their power. Palpatine knew much of the Light Side himself but he did not attempt to combine the energies or he would have been destroyed. Other Jedi who had tried to merging had largely fallen to the Dark Side as well from Dooku his own master to Xandrick of Krestol.

    Indeed, in the end, Archon's studies had ceased because of Yoda's influence and the belief it was better to be a Jedi in these troubled times than to experiment with the slightest hint of corruption.

    "I'm afraid that I'm not likely to be alive in forty five years.....and the Chosen One is not what he once was. The Sith alchemy and machinery in his body have twisted him that he has but a fraction of the potential he once did," Archon said dryly. It was ironic that the woman looked at him as a great hero whom would help defeat Arr-aganos-Shiva when in fact it would be his grandson who shared both his name and looks.

    Bastilla couldn't help her hatred of the Sith that had ruined everything in her life. The memories still haunted her despite Archon's 'rough' apprenticeship that was designed to torment her enough to break the power of them over her. Yoda knew that Archon had finished his training under the Dark Woman after Dooku abandoned the order and there's was a great similiarity.

    He also looked to Antar Fodoh, an individual that Archon knew from the early days of the Order. Archon knew Antar Fodoh better than anyone else in the galaxy after all. He'd been Antar's master. Antar Fodoh was strong in the Unifying Force and seemingly unnaturally controlled. The young man endured the punishing regime he'd given him and then had sought out Dark Side knowledge with his master before Archon had departed to help in the Clone Wars while Antar had continued his studies. Archon suspected where his apprentice had been hiding, learning the ways of the Sith directly.

    "Even so, you'll find few friends of Anakin Skywalker here. Childkiller, Butcher, Warlord. Even his own mentor Obi Wan has abandonedhim."

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    Jedi Temple, Coruscant, 1yBBY

    [blockquote]The Force Explorer made his way calmly through the ruins of the once great Jedi Temple. He had spent most of his life here, learning of off the teachings left behind. There was not much left though, as scavengers had arrived shortly after its destruction. In his normal routine he sat in a makeshift meditation chamber and started to concentrate on the Force. He was no Jedi or Sith, but someone who used the whole spectrum.

    As he concentrated on the Force around him, there was quite a surge that was not expected. Usually he recieved these surges if Darth Sidious was looking for more Jedi to purge, but this was quite different. The Emperor never found Matisyahu though, as the Jedi Temple itself was flowing with the Force. He delved into this Force surge and tracked it easily to the planet of Dagobah.

    "Ah... Master Yoda. We are to meet again." he chuckled slightly before continuing with a mock response from Yoda.

    "Meet, we will."

    The Explorer gathered his belongings, which was a lightsaber and a few scrolls, and made his way to the lower levels of the Jedi Temple. The darkness was overwhelming down there, but he used the Force to guide him to his ship, The Cat's Meow. The Jedi Interceptor rose out of the Coruscanti atmosphere, connecting to a hyperdrive ring which allowed him to then travel to Dagobah.

    Just for kicks, Matisyahu delved into the Force on Dagobah and sent a little "gift" for them. The Force surge was large, but luckily the Emperor wouldn't notice. The interstellar journey ended and the Jedi Interceptor unlocked itself from the hyperdrive ring. "K3-R5, bring us to this destination." He punched the coords into the nav system and soon the tiny astromech droid brought them close to their destination.

    They landed near Yoda's home in the Swamplands. It was raining and mucky, a typical day on the planet of Dagobah. "K3-R5, stay with the ship. If it's anything important tell me over the comlink." He put up his hood and started to climb through the thick undergrowth.

    Voices. Matisyahu heard voices. He crept slowly to the natural "tent", preparing to use his lightsaber if necessary. Using the Force he made himself stronger, younger. Silently he rounded the opening and walked into the space.

    "Do not worry, I come in peace, for now. I felt a large precense in the Force coming here and I decided to investigate." he smiled at Master Yoda. "How good it is to see you, Master."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Charle, Ktala, Antar, GJ125, Kev-Mas


    GM Approved

    Name: Matisyahu
    Race: Human (Alderaanian)
    Age: 132
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Alderaan
    Affiliation: Force Explorer
    ---Height: 5'10" (normal), 6'2" (when Force-powered)
    ---Weight: 143
    ---Eye Color: Grey
    ---Hair Color: White
    ---Skin Color: Causcasion
    ---Clothing: Brown hooded cloak, off-white tunic, off-white pants.
    ---Other: N/A

    General Skills: Lightsaber combat, speaking, piloting.
    Force Power: 130
    Force Power Descriptions: Mastery of basic Jedi and Sith arts, lives through the Force. Extreme mastery of acrobatic skills and mind tricks.
    Ship: The Cat's Meow
    Droid: K3-R5, Atromech droid
    Weapon: Single yellow-bladed lightsaber

    History: Matisyahu excelled in the Force when he was young, but would rather explore it than be contained to one half of the whole. Instead of staying with the Jedi he became a Force Explorer, one who expanded his abilities to both sides of the Force. Learning both the Jedi and Sith arts, Matisyahu soon became very powerful.

    He used the Force to preserve his life well over one-hundred. Always wanting to help both the Jedi and Sith, he set out on a mission to help them realize the truth of the Force. Though he came close to succumbing to the Dark Side, his willpower exceeded the Dark Force.

    Goal: Teach both the Jedi and the Sith the true power of the Force and learn the whole entire Force himself.


    Type: Jedi Interceptor
    Class: Fighter
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    Jul 30, 2000
    OOC: This is a Greyjedi and myself collab.


    Yoda was having a difficult time keeping up with meeting so many old friends, who were also experimenting with Dark Side lore to try and unlock the secret of 'Balance' that the Fodai claimed was their own to command. The only other remaining 'Old Jedi' stood to the side of them and kept his distance as his padawan helped prepare food while they did their own discussions.

    Archon Dovanan stood to the side as he made scratches in the mud with a stick and waited for the Old Man to come back to speak with him. They had much to discuss.

    After listening to Shaden's dark pronouncement and learning that during his exile, practicioners of the Force had forsaken their Jedi teachings and were given to dark and forbidding experimantation, Yoda was not surprise to learn that the Force would be could it not after the very ones who were the custodian of light were killing it.

    Feeling the weight of his age, Yoda hubled to one of his former students. Archon. He too had abandoned the Jedi ways for the quick an easy path.

    It was clear to him that they simply did not understand, despite all the knowledge they had amassed.

    " Most troubling news this is. True I fear the coming cataclysm maybe. Feel it's begins I already do."

    Archon said "Do not blame them Yoda for their ignorance. The woman Shaden speaks from a lack of knowledge of the Dark Side. She treats it as following one's emotions and feelings as if the Jedi did not do that. She speaks of the title Darth as if it is an honored one. She ignores that these things were bought with blood and innocent lives because in her century they have no doubt white washed the Sith."

    He smirked "And do not think that I am of their kind. I left the Jedi and studied the Dark Siders. I never practiced their ways. I studied only to fight them. It is ironic that in the end I have more common with you whom I detested for being too tied to the Old Ways than I have with those who have abandoned those ways in droves for the promise of new power to overthrow Palpatine."

    Yoda shook his head.

    He said "I have always had an uncanny ability to see the future despite the Shroud of the Dark Side. I do not know why. Some of these will fall to the Dark Side and serve the Emperor....others we must look beyond their words to their meaning. Shaden is a Jedi, even if one that thinks the Dark Side can be treated like fire, dangerous only to the untrained."

    Yoda listened to Archon, but his eyes looked through the man.

    "Light counters Darkness, not the other way around. To fight darkness with darkness only makes it stronger."

    Yoda sighed heavily. They simply did not understand.

    "All that you say, I understand, but if my counsel is sought, then listen to me you must."

    Archon said dryly "And what is that?"

    "One who has hidden the children of the Chosen One from his fellow Jedi?"

    Archon's knowledge of them momentarily put yoda off guard.

    "Skywalker is the key." Yoda said dryly.

    Archon says "When I was spying on the Emperor's dark side legions...and they are legion now. I heard many things. Do you truly still believe that he is the Chosen One? The Emperor now claims that he created Anakin with his genetics and left him for the Jedi to trip over. It sounds very plausible compared to what Qui Gon believed...."

    " What do your feelings tell you?"

    Yoda closed his eyes "Despite all, the Will of the Force is still accomplished, even when otherwise, it seems>"

    Archon says "I feel that Skywalker is important still but I believe his son is the Chosen One and not Anakin."

    "Tell me Yoda, do you believe I am on the path to darkness? You speak of others trusting your feelings but you keep yours very well guarded. Filtered through the Old Ways even as the Code distorted the understanding. Look upon me? Am I yet a Jedi or have I fallen like the rest of those out there? We have spoken little since the war."

    Yoda sh
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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: The following with finish up the classic start to Star Wars. You don't have to read the following, if you don't want to, since it will have Luke, Obi-Won, the droids, and Han Solo and Chewie just jumping into hyperspace from Tatooine after escaping the Star Destroyers.

    For the character playing Obi-Won, sorry for advancing your character's moves so much. If you want to yell at me, go ahead. I just want the classic Star Wars to start before to mess with it too much. Like I said, if you want to yell at me, just send me a PM. :p

    The Star Wars: A New Hope movie script can be found [link=]here[/link]. The following is from the Stat Wars: A New Hope movie script.



    Luke enters the garage to discover the robots nowhere in
    sight. He takes a small control box from his utility belt
    similar to the one the Jawas were carrying. He activates the
    box, which creates a low hum, and Threepio, letting out a
    short yell, pops up from behind the Skyhopper spaceship.

    LUKE: What are you doing hiding there?

    Threepio stumbles forward, but Artoo is still nowhere in

    THREEPIO: It wasn't my fault, sir. Please don't deactivate me. I told
    him not to go, but he's faulty, malfunctioning; kept babbling on about
    his mission.

    LUKE: Oh, no!

    Luke races out of the garage followed by Threepio.


    Luke rushes out of the small doomed entry to the homestead and
    searches the darkening horizon for the small triped astro-
    robot. Threepio struggles out of the homestead and on the salt
    flat as Luke scans the landscape with his electrobinoculars.

    THREEPIO: That R2 unit has always been a problem. These astro-droids
    are getting quite out of hand. Even I can't understand their logic at

    LUKE: How could I be so stupid? He's nowhere in sight. Blast it!

    THREEPIO: Pardon me, sir, but couldn't we go after him?

    LUKE: It's too dangerous with all the Sandpeople around. We'll have to
    wait until morning.

    Owen yells up from the homestead plaza.

    OWEN: Luke, I'm shutting the power down for the night.

    LUKE: All right, I'll be there in a few minutes. Boy, am I gonna get it.

    He takes one final look across the dim horizon.

    LUKE: You know that little droid is going to cause me a lot of

    THREEPIO: Oh, he excels at that, sir.


    Morning slowly creeps into the sparse but sparkling oasis of
    the open courtyard. The idyll is broken be the yelling of
    Uncle Owen, his voice echoing throughout the homestead.

    OWEN: Luke? Luke? Luke? Where could he be loafing now!


    The interior of the kitchen is a worm glow as Aunt Beru prepares
    the morning breakfast. Owen enters in a huff.

    OWEN: Have you seen Luke this morning?

    AUNT BERU: He said he had some things to do before he started today,
    so he left early.

    OWEN: Uh? Did he take those two new droids with him?

    AUNT BERU: I think so.

    OWEN: Well, he'd better have those units in the south range repaired
    be midday or there'll be hell to pay!


    The rock and sand of the desert floor are a blur as Threepio
    pilots the sleek Landspeeder gracefully across the vast


    Luke leans over the back of the speeder and adjusts something
    in the motor compartment.

    LUKE: (yelling) How's that.

    Threepio signals that is fine and Luke turns back into the
    wind-whipped cockpit and pops the canopy shut.

    LUKE: Old Ben Kenobi lives out in this direction somewhere, but I
    don't see how that R2 unit could have come this far. We must have
    missed him. Uncle Owen isn't going to take this very well.

    THREEPIO: Sir, would it help if you told him it was my fault.

    LUKE: (brightening) Sure. He needs you. He'd probably on
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    Apr 29, 2002

    After failing to communicate with Archon, the diminutive Jedi master walked over the time traveller. With each step that took him closer, he hoped that the Force would grant him the ability to truly communicate with the being.

    Yoda used his cane and tapped the man on his ankle.

    "Shaden, a moment of your time, I would like."

    Before anyone could say a word, a newcomer entered the canopied grove.

    "Do not worry, I come in peace, for now. I felt a large precense in the Force coming here and I decided to investigate." he smiled at Master Yoda. "How good it is to see you, Master."

    "Welcome Master Matisyahu, led here by the Force were you, hmmm? Come in."

    Yoda gave Matisyahu a welcoming nod, then looked at Shaden, then back to Matisyahu. The vergeance in the force was already attracting many a force sensitive to this place. Many more would soon come no doubt. Dagobah was no longer safe. Now his work was on a time-table.

    "Meet the others you must, come."

    Once inside, introductions and re-introductions were made and Shaden's story was retold.

    At the end of the re-telling, Yoda made a general announcement.

    "Speak alone with Shaden I must, an shortly we shall return."

    That being said, Yoda led Shaden just outside the canopy.

    For a long moment, no words were spoken. No smart remarks were made, no glib or witty anecdotes. With his eyes closed, Yoda simply asked.

    "How will you save the Force?"

    Tag: Antar, Others ( time to interact) ;)

  11. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    "How will you save the Force?"

    Shaden sighed. "Master Yoda, I do not know. I was never supposed to come back. I was just the only one left to come back." He paused, allowing the Force to flood his mind and soothe his confusion. "I only have a partial file on the mission and most of that is just profiles and likely locations of Jedi and other Force users in this time period. I came to you first because even in my time, your name was whispered by scholars."

    "The Dark Lord we face is Arr'Agonas Shiva."

    Yoda's eyes opened at last. "Know this name, I do."

    Shaden continued, "He was able to create what he called the Shadow Force, a negative to the Force that with every use, kills the Force... Master Yoda, in my time, the Greater Fodai Order was a success. The Force was again whole and feuds between Dark and Light were no more. There was peace for millenia. Our Republic spanned gallaxies. Arr'Agonas returned less than a year ago and in that time, his Shadow Sith wiped everything out." Shaden hoped the full scope of his description was registering with the deminuitive Jedi Master. "Billions of Jedi and Sith and Fodai fought side by side against the forces of evil and were exterminated...."

    "All I know is that the Council decided that the Chosen One would be a deciding factor and must live to face the Shadows."

    TAG: GJ125
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    OOC: Everyone, please ignore the script postings...okay, so kill me. :p I totally made a time era that Antar reminded me of. So, please, ignore the script postings. Sorry about that. [face_blush] I totally forgot that it was one year before Yavin, not current. So, I'm very, very sorry.

    Currently, Luke is still on Tatooine, taking a little nap in his land speeder.

    Fire Fighter
    Jackson 105 Fire Department
    Coraggio. Honor. Orgoglio. Dovere.
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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: In reguards to Bravo's previous OOC, I'm calling those script posts "on hold". Truth be told, I would love to tie Han and Chewie in and I'm sure you'd all be willing to help NPC them from time to time. Those posts seem like as good a way as any so I'm gonna use my GMly powers and change the previous timeline of 1yBBY to 1>yBBY and "reactivate" the script posts in the next week.
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    Feb 28, 2003
    The Sorcery Core, Korriban

    It was one of the most ancient ritual chambers of Korriban. Dubbed as the Sorcery Core by Cardinal Gray, it was hidden deep under the tomb of the legendary Sith Lord Naga Sadow. The dank walls scaled hundreds of feet, and up high where the light could not reach, ominous statues perched and hung from black ledges, peering downwards. Dusty torches cast red and orange glows over the vast chamber floor, and over the central area, the most important area. Enormous rusted doors stood at the north, almost as high as the gloomy ceiling, carved with sinister images of death, revenge, hatred, anger?the darkside seemed to seep through the room in the form of purple mist, clinging to whatever it could find. The doors opened, and a figure emerged. The Cardinal.

    He strode towards the centre of the chamber, where tables of alchemical equipment stood, waiting for him. From murky vials violet liquids hissed softly as their master and creator approached. Red flesh burned over a glass beaker, and a series of small, labelled cylinders were spread out over two tables. The Cardinal surveyed each of the experiments, testing something here, adding something else there. After a few moments he came to the cylinders, and picked up a few. Some bore neat inscriptions in Basic, others had symbols or numbers instead. Still others had been scrawled upon in the eerie markings of the Sith, a language Gray was still learning to master, and these possessed potions that had been created long before he had ever arrived on the dark planet...they had been left there by greater magicians and scientists than he. He examined some of them seemingly at random, and placed them carefully back in position, instead picking up those which were labelled in Basic. Most of these had been made by himself. One said ?Strength?, another ?Farseeing?. Most were fairly potent, but Gray was more than well aware that they were as nothing compared to the creations of the ancient alchemists. Such power awaited him, if he could learn how to harness it?

    And there, on a table to itself, lay the old tome which had taught him so much. He had collected what writings he had found around those tombs he dared to enter, and had organised them into one book. The pages were torn, and yellowed, but in them lay the wisdom of some of the greatest Force users to have ever lived. He looked upon them, as always, with awe and fascination. Here was a drawing of a man with wings?here one of a conjured demon?here a Hssiss monster. He sat down, and read, and prayed that the knowledge he would find would aid him in his quest to restore the Sith religion.

    Tag: no one
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    Jul 30, 2000
    The New Sith Order Academy

    Darth Vader moved across the bright metal hallways of the Secret Order of the Emperor's secret palace underneath the Imperial Palace. His cape trailed behind him as he entered in the central hallway where the Grand Holocron of the Jedi Knighthood was playing an image from the past. It was the image of Obi Wan Kenobi's contemporary Archon Dovanan. The metal seats encircling the giant hologram, arranged in bleacher like style, were empty and Vader could tell something was wrong.

    "The First thing to realize about the Force is that it has existed before life and it will exist after life, but it benefits from its connection to life. The Force contains the spirits of all living beings and forms a "heaven" for them after it voluntarily apparently created life for its own purposes in a "Genesis" like moment. The midicloreines are its tool in this respect," Archon's voice spoke in the dry blue holocron.

    Vader seemed almost amused at this basic youngling drivel.

    "The Force is in and of itself a natural and good thing. It encompasses life, death, rebirth, and all the myriad things of the universe. It is good, it is Balance, it is nature, it is knowledge and these things must not be seperated." Archon continued as Vader looked about for Darth Grave, the headmistress of the Dark Side Academy.

    "The Dark Side is Cancer. It is what happened when the microbes of the Force began to gorge themselves for their own sake and fatten themselves at the expense of the whole. The Dark Side was at first weak because it was something unnatural and foreign. Gradually, groups institutionalized the perversity and monstrousness that flew in the face of the natural order. Death, Pain, Fear, and all things that had a place in the cosmos became things to be feared and made mortals willing to do anything to avoid them. After death, the spirits continued their evil selfishness and created a nightmarish part of the Force to call their own. They created Hell. They created the Dark Side that could be used to empower others." Archon's words caused Darth Vader to turn at him. It was like a silent accusation that the Dark Side was not the equal to the Light Side. It was only a stop gate measure and that the true power rested with the Living and Unfying Force. The Dark Side's strength a mere illusion.

    "A Dark Sider, whether he is able to use the Force or not, is a parasite on society. Jabba the Hutt and Tarkin are Darksiders in their own way. Bottom feeders that suck the lives of others of life while giving nothing for others. The Sith are the darkest of all bottom feeders though for their power allows them to draw from the Hell created by their forerunners and spread their black power across a otherwise still peaceful cosmos. The Dark Side is hungry though by its nature and it drains its users unless it can be placated with the lives of others. In the end, they all find they are nothing," Archon seemed to taunt him.

    "BAH!" Vader ripped a chair out of the ground and threw it at the holocron where it smashed, causing the image to waver.

    "Eventually, the Balance will be totally destroyed by the increasing power of the Dark Side in the universe. At which point the Jedi Order prophecizes that the Chosen One will destroy the servants of the Sith and forever end their threat of villainy" Archon spoke before turning off.

    "Your fear is your undoing Lord Vader...." The hissing and malificent voice of Darth Chrono spoke behind him as Vader spun around to face him. "You fear the true power of the Force."

    "I do not fear the Dark Side," Vader raised a hand with an open palm then clenched it. "I embrace it."

    "I was not referring to the Dark Side..." Darth Chrono spoke. "We teach at the Sith Academy that we are parasites...until the day we shall destroy the Force."

    "Ridiculous." Vader sneered.

    "No more than you are still the Chosen One...." Darth Ch
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    Mar 21, 2005

    [blockquote]"Good evening Explorer, it has been many years since I've seen your like. I'm surprised you've continued to live this long. It is a trick I must learn sometime myself..." Archon spoke to the man as he reluctantly held out his hand. "It would appear that in the future there will be a time when such things as the Jedi and Sith are allowed to combine their teachings."

    It was clear he did not particularly like the idea, which was intriguing as he was a known scholar of them himself....studying the enemy to destroy them.

    "Tell me...what do you make of this?"

    Matisyahu smiled, which either signaled he was about to kill someone, or liked what was about to happen. "Being one who explores the whole spectrum of the Force, I would love to see a time where Jedi, such as yourself, come to realize that true power lies in the whole Force. When the Jedi and the Sith realize this, a new type of Force-users will prosper, those such as myself and that man from the future. The Fodai order he speaks of, it is much like my beliefs.

    "The Force is a wonderful thing. Those lucky enough to be blessed by the realization that they can control such a powerful entity should take advantage of that. Do not limit yourself to one half of the whole, but rather open your eyes and use the gift that you were blessed with."

    He smiled, nodded his head and waited for the Jedi to respond. His eyes were wide open to the Force. The Explorer could see plants breath, feel their emotions in the air. The Dark Side called to him, but he easily suppressed it and continued to bathe in the glory of the Force.[/blockquote]

  17. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000

    Matisyahu smiled, which either signaled he was about to kill someone, or liked what was about to happen. "Being one who explores the whole spectrum of the Force, I would love to see a time where Jedi, such as yourself, come to realize that true power lies in the whole Force. When the Jedi and the Sith realize this, a new type of Force-users will prosper, those such as myself and that man from the future. The Fodai order he speaks of, it is much like my beliefs.

    Archon Dovanan said "There is a great deal more to existence than power Matisyahu. Power the Dark Side gives in abundance but it also enacts and demanding and heavy price for its gift."

    He pauses "The Fodai seem to hold many beliefs that are repugnant to the Jedi Order of the past but I question what exactly they mean by the Dark Side. The dangers of the Potenium are different than simply trusting your feelings."

    He sighs "And though the Sith are powerful, they have ever turned on each as rapid vorykners at the slightest provacation."

    "The Force is a wonderful thing. Those lucky enough to be blessed by the realization that they can control such a powerful entity should take advantage of that. Do not limit yourself to one half of the whole, but rather open your eyes and use the gift that you were blessed with."

    He smiled, nodded his head and waited for the Jedi to respond. His eyes were wide open to the Force. The Explorer could see plants breath, feel their emotions in the air. The Dark Side called to him, but he easily suppressed it and continued to bathe in the glory of the Force.

    "In this world one can only be one thing and one thing only. The Whole of the Force like Light and Dark dimishes both," Archon said. "And there is more to a Jedi than how much power he wields, there is also the code he lives by."

    He turned to Shayden "So we must go back to Anakin Skywalker, convince him not to kill us, persuade him that he's the Chosen One despite his rejection of that title, inform him that he must redeem himself to stop a group of force users who haven't even been created yet, and finally have him at our side along with the Jedi survvors whose fellows' he's killed for twenty years....all in a limited space of time to prevent the destruction of the universe?"

    Shayden said "Is there a problem with that?"

    [Is this guy some kind of droid?] Archon thought to himself "No, just being clear. We should start gathering Jedi here immediately."


    OOC: Hey, Antar, could you approve Nicholas' character? I've been doing some collabs with him and I'd like him to post them.


    OOC: please comment on this one Greyjedi. I tried to outdo myself.

    The New Sith Order Academy

    Darth Vader moved at lightning speed at Darth Grave away from the six clones of Darth Chrono as he then lept over her in a spinning sommersault, parrying her two telekinetic lightsabers as they bolted after him and attacked him like she was wielding them with her hands. Darth Vader landed in the middle of the holocron auditorium as he stood on the Grand holocron with his lightsaber extended.

    "DIE!" Darth Vader lifted his hands as the chairs were ripped from their place along with the metal plating and flew at the Sith Lords.

    "Pathetic," Darth Chrono said as his six clones and Darth Grave who controlled all of her lightsabers with an elaborate movement of her hands that levitated them in a stunning display slashed through the barrage and turned them into tiny fragmented metal pieces.

    "Let us see if you can stop your own trick!" Darth Grave sent the suddenly thousands of sharp needles at Darth Vader's body with a wave of her hand.

    Darth Vader knew he could never grasp so many pieces at once so he looked up at the crystal skylight to the room and bolted himself upwards at hundreds of miles per hour as he felt the Living Force in a way that he had not in decades, driving himself into the sky as he he then caught hand on the bottom of an airspeeder.

    [Forced to flee.....a humi
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    Apr 10, 2003
    Leia Organa: Rebel Blockade Runner

    An explosion rocked the ship as two robots, Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)
    and See-Threepio (C-3PO) struggled to make their way through the
    shaking, bouncing passageway. Both robots were old and battered.
    Artoo a short, claw-armed tripod, his face is a mass of
    computer lights surrounded by a radar eye. Threepio, on the
    other hand, a tall, slender robot of human proportions. He
    gleamed bronze-like metallic on the surface surface of an Art Deco
    Another blast shook the ship as they continued to struggle along their

    "Did you hear that? They've shut down the main reactor. We'll
    be destroyed for sure. This is madness!" Threepio cried.

    Rebel troopers rushed past the robots and took up positions
    in the main passageway. They aimed their weapons towards the door.

    Threepio continued to wail, "We're doomed!"

    The little R2 unit made a series of electronic sounds that
    only another robot could understand.

    "There'll be no escape for the Princess this time." Threepio sighed.

    Artoo continued making beeping sounds. The tension mounted as
    loud metallic latches clanked and the screams of heavy equipment
    were heard moving around the outside hull of the ship.

    "What's that?" Threepio "freaked."

    Out in space the Imperial craft had easily overtaken the Rebel Blockade
    Runner. The smaller Rebel ship was being drawn into the
    underside dock of the giant Imperial starship.

    The nervous Rebel troopers aimed their weapons as suddenly a
    tremendous blast opened up a hole in the main passageway and a
    score of fearsome armored spacesuited stormtroopers made their
    way into the smoke-filled corridor.

    In a few minutes the entire passageway is ablaze with
    laserfire. The deadly bolts ricocheted in wild random patterns
    creating huge explosions. The Stormtroopers scattered and ducked
    behind nearby storage lockers. Laserbolts severed the lifeof several Rebel soldiers
    whose screams and bodies staggered through the smoke, holding shattered
    arms and faces.

    An explosion fired near the robots.

    "I should have known better than to trust the logic of a
    half-sized thermocapsulary dehousing assister..." He contiued is woe.

    Artoo countered his comment with an angry rebuttal as the battle raged
    around the two hapless robots.

    In the doorway appeared a seven-foot-tall Dark Lord of the Sith as he made his
    way into the blinding light of the main passageway. Darth Vader, right hand of the Emperor. His form was accented by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which
    stood out next to the fascist white armored suits of the
    Imperial stormtroopers. Everyone instinctively backed away from
    the imposing warrior and a deathly quiet whisper sweeped its way through the
    Rebel troops. Several of the Rebel troops broke and ran in a
    frenzied panic.

    Meanwhile in another corridor a woman's hand slid a simple card into an opening in the blue and white astromech's dome. Artoo beeped a few words.

    Threepio remained in a hallway, somewhat bewildered as he couldn't find his little droid friend. The pitiful screams of the doomed Rebel
    soldiers made their way to the goldenrod protical droid.

    "Artoo! Artoo-Detoo, where are you?" He wailed, afraid that his companion and been destroyed.

    A familiar clanking sound attracted Threepio's attention, he turned his head to find little Artoo at the end of the hallway in a
    smoke-filled alcove. A beautiful young girl (about sixteen
    years old) stood in front of Artoo. Surreal and out of place,
    dreamlike and half hidden in the smoke, she finished adjusting
    something on Artoo's computer face, then watched as the little
    robot rejoined his companion.

    "At last! Where have you been?" The Goldenrod put on his motherly tone of voice.

    Still the sound of Stormtroopers could be heard battling in the distance.

    "They're heading in this direction. What are we going to do?
    We'll be sent to the spice mine of Kessel or smashed into who knows
    what!" Threepio didn't give the droid a chance to answer as the Stormtroopers mer
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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: Great job, all! I hope you're loving this as much as I! The 4th of July is nearing tho and we'll resume regular posting at that time. (I've heard from the last ppl we are waiting for.)

    I will likely be instating a posting limit on the game in the coming week(s) and would like your feedback on what you think would be fair. I was thinking perhars 2/day or maybe no posting on 2-3 days of the week to allow for reading time. Let's face it, we're a wordy bunch.

    Again, great job so far, folks! Let's make GL jelous.

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    OOC: Great posts both to Charle and Jedi_Allegra. :) Both great posts, but we have a problem. In one Darth Vader is dead, in the other he is alive.

    If my personal opnion matters any, I vote we keep Vader alive, keeping Charle's post, and Jedi_Allegra's post. Just keep Darth Vader alive and well.

    Just my two cents. :)

    Fire Fighter
    Jackson 105 Fire Department
    Coraggio. Honor. Orgoglio. Dovere.
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    OOC: Mine's already cleared with Antar. Vader dies after he captured captured Leia though.


    This of course means we lose, OR DOES IT? Antar's got something up his sleeve for this game I'm sure.



    Archon Dovanan paused as he said "Our circumstances are unique in our moment in the galaxy. Idealogically, I left the Jedi Knighthood for reasons that are very silly seeming right now. I desired to marry my childhood sweetheart Allura whom I came to have deep and abiding attachments too. I believed that restricting our teachings to those whom were only children under the age of six was both bizarre and nonsensical. I also believed that we were too attached to the Republic that was both venal and corrupt."

    He paused "I had many students and friends that I had to leave behind. I taught Antar Fodoh's master, I taught Antar himself for a brief time. I taught Kit Fisto, and I taught others...."

    He said "After the Jedi Order fell, when so many of our number abandoned the Jedi way and renounced it, I stopped pretending I was NOT a Jedi. That renouncing the Council's wishes in this regard did not change that my allegiance was to the Force and to Justice. Yoda can tell you of many stories of the Clone War where I was already breaking the vow to never hold a lightsaber again."

    He said "We disagree over idealogy, interpretation of the Force, and even the very nature of the Dark Side. However, we are united I our mutual love of the Force. Also, the fact that none of us have any allegiance to Emperor Palpatine and his armies of Dark Side magicians that exist totally for the purpose of eliminating all those who do not believe as they do. Those who practice the light in any form are his enemies."

    He replies "I believe we should put aside our differences thus to embrace our commitment to STOPPING these "Shadow" Sith...whatever they are. Also, to destroying the Emperor and his Horde of foulspawn. Whatever differences lie in idealogy, can be resolved once this has taken place...."

    Archon then felt his head as he grabbed it while nearly everyone else followed suit. The massive unintelligible agony that followed as the sweeping feeling of power washing over him as a powerful entity died like no other filled him.

    "Vaderr...." Archon clenched his chest as he fell to the ground. "Is dead.."

  22. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    It's time yet again for me to do that GM thing.

    First is a minor timeline amendment. Previously we were working with 1 year before the Battle of Yavin setting. I am changing this to be less than a year before the Battle of Yavin. Frankly, I didn't think this needed to be said so "officially" but better safe than sorry.

    Second is posting and the posting limit. I'm giving everyone 2 more posts till the 4th if you want to use them. Effective the 4th of July, we're going to adopt the Rule of two, limiting us to 2 posts per day. Naturally, if you're in a TAG match with someone, you can pass the two posts, using your judgement but try to keep it to around 2 per day.

    I'll try to post shortly but to be honest, it was a long week at work and my brain feels like Jell-O. If Dagobah gets going before I post, you know what to do with Shaden, Charlie.

  23. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    Shaden clutched the side of his head in controlled agony as the tremmor in the Force tore across the cosmos.

    "Vaderr.... Is dead...", Archon was able to say as he fell to the ground. Shaden ramained standing as did Matisyahu while others braced themselves or likewise collapsed to the ground. Shaden's droid body was unable to surpess the pain he felt as it was the medichlorenes within him that registered the shock in the Force. Shaden had felt this before...

    "I have a bad feeling about this..." he said as the group of would-be heros regained their composure. "It wasn't supposed to happen like this. We must move quickly..."


    I do want to get everyone off of Dagobah ASAP as you've likely gathered in this post but would like to wait until regular posting resumes on the 4th. Think we can hold out another 30 hours?
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    OOC: Antar, I know you wanted me to wait, but I got so inspired by the posts I'd read, I wanted to put up at least this much, to prepare for much later ...


    1 Year before the Mandalorian Wars (yBMW)

    On Mandalore, the inhabitants of the nation of Havol, a mostly peaceful sort (at least, as peaceful as true Mandalorians could be) sense a potential for the Manadlorian way to be destroyed by the coming conflict. To prevent their religion from collapsing, they do the only thing they can think of to truly preserve their lifestyle. The entire planet goes in search of a safe haven, an exile in which to wait until the end of the coming violence.

    On the main ship, the Corellian Freighter Arconis.

    "Gugnat, sir, the other captains want to know if we have a destination mapped out."

    Gugnat, former Chancellor of Havol, turns to the second lieutenant. "Tell them ..."

    "Tell them what, sir?"

    "... tell them that I'll know when we get there."


    15 years before the final battle of the Universe (yBFBU)

    Beltana, a planet 10,000 light years beyond the Outer Rim of the known galaxy.

    An immense battlefield lays before us. Hundreds of thousands of dead aliens litter the ground as a group of armored men stand around surveying the destruction. At the head of the group stands Mandalore the First, in full battle armor.

    "I know that armor."

    Tarquin Barbosa, the last remaining Mandalorian of true blood, wakes from his small hovel on the planet his people found while running from the Mandalorian Wars. He is sweating profusely, but that is not unusual to him, as his dreams are always filled with visions of past wars. Lately though, he has been dreaming a lot of Mandalore the First, and a non-true Mandalorian by the name of Boba Fett. The latter confuses him, as he does not understand how a human can call himself Mandalorian.

    "All will be revealed, in time. Of that I am sure."

    He sits up, and looks over at an old case that has been in his family since before he was born. He stands, and walks over to it, dusting it off briefly before opening it to reveal the old armor of Mandalore the First, the only surviving relic of those days long since forgotten.

    Tarquin stares at the armor for quite some time. "What are these dreams trying to tell me. Visions of past glory, combined with what seem to be images of possibly present deeds? And scenes of battles that appear to be yet to come. What does this all mean?"

    The darkness seems to swell around him, despite it being the middle of the day. He takes no notice, however, and simply returns to his bed.

    "Maybe more rest will help chase these confusing thoughts from my head."


    OOC: This character is approved by the GM. I will also be writing posts featuring Boba Fett.

    Tarquin Barbosa AKA Mandalore the Eternal
    Race: Mandalorian (True Mandalorian)
    Age: 30
    Home Planet: Beltana
    Affiliation: none
    Title: none
    Physical Description: 6' 7", 230 lbs. Shaggy black hair, athletic build, weathered face from living a spartan life in exile.

    General Skills: Sharpshooter, skilled assassin, piloting, stealth
    Force Power: 0
    Force Power descriptions: n/a
    Ship: Scout IV (eventually)
    Droid: none
    Weapon: grappling hook, modified double barrelled blaster, electrostaff, fusioncutter, thermal detonator, kamino saberdart, other "tricks of the trade" for an assassin

    History: The last of his race, Tarquin Barbosa is saddled with an immense responsibility. What his existence means for the Universe, only time will tell. (I don't want to reveal too much of the story here.)

    Goals: see above
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    GAME ON!!
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