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  1. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000

    Archon Dovanan looked at Bastilla then Shayden as he said "Always in motion is the future...."

    He repeated an oft-misquoted Jedi maxim.

    "Though destiny always remains unchanged."

    He crosses his arms.

    "This changes nothing for me. If nothing else this merely settles my firm opinion that I have to find others and strike while the iron is hot. I know a powerful force user who lives on Alderaan...Scholar Zu Dharma and I'm going to contact him."

    Archon said

    "Then I'm going to take the fight to the Empire. It's now for a time of The Jedi Strikes Back."

    Bastilla looked...cheated...of her revenge.

    "The Military-Industrial complex, individuals who support Palpatine like the Corporates of the Trade Federation. His Dark Jedi Knighthood. The Moffs who are dictators of his systems. The support network for the Empire is vulnerable and I intend to destroy the evil where I find it. It is my nature as a Jedi."

    He begins walking towards his ship

    "You're all welcome to take the Dark Reaper if you want and come with me. It's the second fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."

    He hated having to call it that after losing that race to the punk Corellian...

  2. Darth_Tier

    Darth_Tier Jedi Youngling

    Mar 20, 2002
    The Agent of Darkness felt the tremmor resonate across the universe and while many were stagered by the wave, he basked in its torturous pain and allowed a sadistic grin to pass over his tatooed lips. Gradually he returned to the present and his "opponant", the puny Jedi stood before the Agent of Darkness, his green bladed lightsaber at the ready, unaware of his emminant demise.

    The Agent of Darkness reached out without making a move and swatted the weapon from the Jedi's grasp. Before the aged Jedi could react, he was gasping for air. Unable to defend himself, the Jedi's body was shattered and crushed before falling to the ground at the feet of the Agent of Darkness and bursting into flames. This Jedi would not be the last...
  3. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001

    Shaden looked to Archon and nodded with a small smirk across his lips. According to his mission fragments, he would find Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in the company of a Correlian, rumored to own the fastest ship in the galaxy. "Count me in," Shaden accepted. "Unless too much has changed, we'll need all the speed we can get..."

    Shaden asked that Antar and Kev-Mas come along too on the Dark Reaper while filling Archon in on his plan to retrieve The Twins and Obi-Wan from the still secret Death Star...

    TAG: Charlie, Kev-Mas, Luke, Leia
    and Obi-Wan. Everyone else... Well, the universe is your playground. Be creative and have fun! If you think you might be stepping on toes, PM me.

    OOC: In the timeline, the Millenium Falcon has just been pulled in by the Death Star's tractor beams. Darth Vader will not be onboard as he was just killed by Darth Grave and Darth Chrono. With only meesly Imperial officers to stand against a ragtag band of Jedi... Well, this oughta be fun.


    Dagobah, the Fodai Blade

    The Droid Valarys was still hard at work, modifying his master's ship as commanded. Though originally designed as a combat droid, Valarys posessed a wide range of skills gained via the data dump he recieved from Shaden. In essance, he was a complete mental copy of his master with the exception of self awareness or the ability to manipulate the Force.

    Shaden's voice suddenly echoed within Valarys' head. Valarys, I will be leaving Dagobah for some time. Mind the ship and aid the Jedi here if they require it.

    Very well, my master, was the simple reply. Valarys returned to modyfing the ship as ordered, working tirelessly.

  4. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Kev-Mas Colcha and Antar Fodoh, Dagobah

    Kev-Mas then replied to Shaden with an excited, "All right! We will be coming! Right Antar?"

    Antar then replied with a calm, "Yes. This should be good."

    TAG :: GJAF
  5. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000

    Archon Dovanan nodded as he said "Good then, let's get this show on the road."

    He tossed off his Jedi robe to reveal a spacer's outfit as he tossed it to Bastilla who was removing her own to reveal a co-pilots' flight suit. It was almost blasphemous to see a pair of blaster pistols on the side of a Jedi Knight but they were significantly less conspicious than that of a Jedi's true weapon.

    As a word of explanation he said "The Jedi Knighthood is hunted primarily because we choose to live our lives in a manner conspicious. On one of my missions to Coruscant I blew up the file containing my Jedi files but also inserted a computer file for myself as a known smuggler and crimminal."

    He says "By hiding in plain sight. I've managed to avoid a great deal of attention."

    Bastilla said then "By shamefully portraying yourself as one of the most loathsome scum in the galaxy."

    Archon said "A portrayal nothing more. I supply the Rebel alliance with much needed weapons and medical supplies. Furthermore, this position supplies me with much the required information I need to serve as a champion of justice my dear. You really should learn to obey your master."

    Bastilla says "I merely await the time when I am allowed to complete the Trials and I may find my own way in the universe master."

    "It's difficult for you to complete the trials my dear when there is no jedi council to determine whether or not you are fit to be a knight," Archon slyly said. "You have faithfully studied the old ways and are indeed mighty with the Force now but there is much you have yet to learn."

    She frowned "Wonderful. Learning how to immitate space garbage is not exactly what I had in mind."

    "I remind you that you sought me out..." Archon said as they entered through the back of the extremely large vessel. "Permit me to introduce my crew. They are not Jedi but can be trusted with my secret."

    "This is Bok-38," Archon gestured to a Morgukai mercenary "Yet another product of the Clone Wars that managed to survive. The last remnants of his warrior brotherhood destroyed by the Jedi were revived only to be exterminated by the Jedi once more. He is understandably bitter but has no love for the Empire."

    "Bah! More Jeedai! We need no more pacifists on boat!" Bok-38 sneered as the cortosis armored warrior was grizzled and unhappy looking, having sustained many scars in his numerous battles against the forces of the 'Republic that has merely changed names.'

    Bastilla sighed dryly.

    "This is our droid P2-R2..." Archon gestured down to a primitive Astormech unit that had obviously been heavily modified. "He's an excellent mechanic but since I don't believe in memory wipes, he's developed something of a quirky personality...especially when I had to jerry rig him with an assassin droid's core."

    "I hate meat," The droid muttered through a patched on vocabulator "You can all kiss my shiny metal ass."

    The droid rolled off.

    Archon said "Wonderful collection of individuals I know. I'd introduce you to our last crew member but he's unfortunately dead. We expect him to get better though given he's a Xen'nagai like the late Jedi Killer may take him a bit though."

    He then went to the cockpit and started powering up the ship

    "Next stop...Alderaan..."

    Sadly, unable to feel the destruction since Darth Vader's death had drowned it out.


    The Dark Reaper

    Type: Customized Freighter
    Class: Unique (in the shell of an old Sorosub 13-"Firefly" Bulk Hauler)
    Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, engineer, and 2 gunners
    Capacity: 1000 metric tons (mostly engine space)
    Range: Galactic
    Hyperdrive Motivator: .75
    Sublight Speed: X-wing class due to modified carrack engine)
    Sensor Array: Enhanced
    Shields : A converted dreadnought's shielding array


    4 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked
  6. DarkLord_Do_Urden

    DarkLord_Do_Urden Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 21, 2005

    [blockquote]The Explorer nodded at the departing of the only Jedi he had come across for years. He followed them to the Dark Reaper, just to get another view on things and learn as much information as he could. After a brief introduction to the crew, Matisyahu noted that their destination was Alderaan.

    "Alderaan, how I miss it. I grew up there. May I come along? Is so, my estate is still intact if you need a place to stay."

    Matisyahu remembered his childhood. Both of his parents were wealthy nobles that had bought many acres of land on the beautiful planet of Alderaan. Matisyahu was usually neglected, but when his sensitivity to the Force was revealed, his parents developed a pseudo-love for him. That pseudo-love had caused Matisyahu to briefly move to the Dark Side and murder his parents.

    The Explorer brought his senses about to the present and looked around. Everybody was staring at him. Then he realized that this flashback had released a great deal of anger and hatred which radiated out about the ship.[/blockquote]

  7. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Vader.....Anakin Skywalker was dead, and so was the hope to save the universe, if Shaden was right about his mission. But like before, what if this prophecy was misread? What if there was an alernative?

    Like Archon, Yoda had felt the passing of the 'Chosen One', but the diminutive Jedi Master had clutched at his chest for more than just that reason, but no one was the wiser to it, except for maybe Daniel and Archon.

    And now, these new Jedi, these new Force users began to mobilize themselves, still full of hope and with a new plan. There were still two Skywalker's left, if the prophecy revolved against a Skywalker at all.

    It was clear that certain event's leading to Shaden's dark future were already taking place, but not necessarily the way they were supposed to happen. Shaden's mere presence was a clear indicator that certain continuities were not immutable, and to add to this, these Fodai were not the only ones who could tamper or manipulate the fabric of time.

    Yoda resisted the urge to shake his head sadly. He silently recalled the story "The End that almost Was." It was a story not told from before the time of the Jedi. When the name of Arr'Aganos Shiva was a nearly forgotten name. A story that needed not be repeated, seeing how Shaden had already lived it in his own time.

    Still, there was hope. These Force users, for the term Jedi did not really apply here, were of one mind and one purpose, and THAT was what really mattered when all was said and done. Dagobah was evidently the initial rallying point and staging area, that much was clear now. Yoda's hope was that the remote swamp planet would be remebered and considered a sanctuary, long after the REAL fighting had begun.

    The diminutive Jedi master regarded all gathered in silence and nodded wordlessly to himself. All were busy now, going to and fro, preparing for what was to come. This was good. He contented himself by observing and staying out of the way. He would be here when needed.

    Without making as much as a sound, Yoda serenly returned to his Hut, after all, his stew needed attention. He quickly glanced at Daniel and inclined his head. A signal the last of his students recognized clearly. Master Yoda wished to speak to him at his Hut, privately.

    Yes, events were now in motion. More Force users would eventually come. Both Good and not so Good. Was this to be a repeat performance of "The End that almost Was" or was it time for a new work, the definitive last installment. The End.

    There was only one way to find out, and only time and the Force, would tell.

    Tag: Ktala

    OOC: Scholar Zu Dharma. :)
  8. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Death Star
    Detention Block AA-24

    Scholar Zu Dharma sat across from the formerly third, now second, most evil man in the galaxy in Grand Moff Tarkin. The destruction of Alderaan he'd left the planet to try to prevent but he'd come too late as Tarkin had destroyed it anyway with his death machine. All things passed in the end though but it was interesting that despite the fact that the stormtroopers had brought him here, the Moff had come to meet him personally.

    "You flatter me, sir. And to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure." Scholar Zu Dharma responded, calm as usual. "The last Force user you say? I highly doubt it, but then again what do I know. Please, continue, pardon my ride interjection."

    Grand Moff Tarkin did not like being taken lightly "I wanted to speak to you of the possibility that you could avoid the painful execution that would await you if I turned you over to a High Inquisitor. I could furthermore interest you in saving the galaxy from Sith perhaps?"

    "None can stop the turning of the Great Wheel , sir. But I shall indulge your query."

    Zu Dharma seemed oddly at home as he struck a pensive posture.

    "Save the galaxy from the Sith you say? I'm listening."

    Grand Moff Tarkin said "His Majesty's rule is...erratic as you know. He ordered me to destroy the world of Alderaan....and it was a helpless world..."

    He lied, Zu could tell. "It is my hope now to save the Empire from itself by destroying the Sith and installing a new and more beneficient ruler."

    Zu tried not to chuckle. Tarkin was refering to himself as 'beneficient.' The Grand Moff was playing a most dangerous game. His dejarik skills were clearly atrophied.

    The Grand Moff said "Just think on this. Your dealing with Palpatine would be more pleasant than the alternative to liberating the galaxy."

    He rises as he heads to the door.

    Alderaan had been one of the three founding human planets along with Coruscant and Corellia. There was no doubt what he meant.

    "None can stop the turning of the Wheel, sir. Just as none can escape their destiny," Zu said.

    The door slammed shut behind him.

    "Tarkin's arrogance is as great as it was when he performed the Ghorman Massacre on my homeworld," a familiar voice spoke in his mind.

    Zu Dharma merely closed his eyes once again and went back into meditation. The Grand Moff was clearly tired of living and was in need of some final delusion. Zu would help him facilitate his own end.

    Suddenly, upon hearing a familiar voice, Zu Dharma's eyes opened.


    "I followed the traces of our force bond from when we were mutually apprenticed during the Clone conflict. I believe we first met when we ended up in a lightsaber duel over Darth Revan's armor on Malachor IV," Archon replied "And good guesser."

    [/i]"You will never cease to impress, my old foe and ally. It is good to hear from you. My mission here will soon be complete." Scholar Zu said. "However, I sense a disturbance in the Force. Have you felt it?"[/i]

    "That was the death of Darth Vader. Something is...wrong...about it though. I can't put my finger on it though. My family has always had a strong connection to the Unifying Force though. I inherited from my mother Vima Da Boda. I can't suggest my suspicions though. I also sensed something else within moments of Darth Vader's death too....what has happened?" Archon said to him.

    The trioculus Force User sighed. "He destroyed Aldeeran, just like that. Their deaths must be avenged. Tarkin is a monster who's time has come. His own lust for power will be teh vehicle of his end. But yes, I too feel a strangeness in the Force.....I must meditate further upon it"

    "It is a far greater disturbance than you might imagine. It's difficult to explain but someone is trying to alter the past from the future using arcane force techniques that alter the tapestry of the Unifying Fo
  9. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Daniel - Dagobah

    Daniel frowned as the waves of the Force surged violently, and he quickly closed himself to such feelings. He had seen the others, especially Master Yoda's reaction. There was something very wrong with what had just happened. The eddies of the Force were wrong, disrupted, polluted. Was the stranger telling the truth? But there was something more wrong here, Daniel feared.

    The ills of messing with a current timeline, Daniel could only imagine. He guessed that more than just Shaden had managed to do just that, and if that was true, they could reek untold havok on their own futures. To unravel the flow of the Force was never a good thing. Daniel watched Master Yoda intently.

    The diminutive Jedi master regarded all gathered in silence and nodded wordlessly to himself. Without making as much as a sound, Yoda serenly returned to his Hut, after all, his stew needed attention. He quickly glanced at Daniel and inclined his head. A signal the last of his students recognized clearly. Master Yoda wished to speak to him at his Hut, privately.

    The leaves rustled softly, and with barely a motion, Daniel withdrew from the clearing. Once he was clear, he made his way to Master Yoda's hut, using his abilities to keep out of sight of the others. Daniel noticed that Master Yoda was being quite silent about the events that had come to pass. Daniel knew that his Master was feeling more, than what the others had stated, and what had been felt eariler. He opened himself back up to the flow of the Force, as he walked. Once he arrived at the hut, he patiently sat, waiting for whatever words Master Yoda wished to share with him.

    Tag: GreyJedi

  10. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    Dark Deaper

    Little preperation was left and the group of Force sensitives were nearly at their destination on Alderaan. Shaden had taken a few minutes to meditate, allowing the Force to recharge his mind and his power cells.

    Shaden's time

    Fodai Master Anjin Slytu, the senior Master on the station had been observing in silence as the meeting had progressed. He spoke up with a calming power to his voice, his every word accented by the Force. "If the council has ordered it, then it must be done. Order 66 will be executed as soon as we're in position and powered. We have 6 hours, Masters and must move quickly. May the Force be with us all." As the hologram deactivated, everyone vacated the room and moved with a purpose.

    Shaden and his former Master, Udai'Lau'Neruodo, moved quickly, falling into step behind their Master, Anjin Slytu at the conclusion of his meeting.

    The more outspoken on Slytu's two apprentices, Daila was the first to break the seconds-long silence. "We can't do it, Master! The council must have been corrupted by the Shadows, they wouldn't command Order 66! It's never been done in all these mellinia! It could destroy the universe." She was forceful as she spoke but not openly beligerant as she respected her Master a great deal.

    Slytu smiled only for a few moments, maintaining an incredible pace but appearing only as though he were taking the most casual of strolls. His glowing white eyes narrowed slightly as he replied, "The have not become corrupted, Daila. All of the computers on this station can verify the encription utill the end of time..." he paused considering that the end of time is less than a day away. "I was in direct communication with the Council myself. The order is real, as is the danger we face by doing nothing."

    Shaden finally spoke. "What are we to do, Master?"

    Master Slytu smiled still, always trusting in the Force even in the face of the end. "We will return to our stations and wait. Everything onboard is in the most capable of hands."

    Dark Deaper

    Shaden's eyes opened and he was immediatly on his feet and moving towards Archon and the others. "You must sense it too..." he said blindly as most of the other Force users were in the room. "Alderaan's gone."

    "How can you- I sense it too." Archon replied, his gift for farseeing giving him an advantage over the other Jedi aboard. The Rogue Jedi Master seemed to fall into meditation briefly.

    Shaden noticed that Matisyahu also seemed well aware of Alderan's absence, perhaps devining the information while Shaden was still in meditation. Bastilla and Antar also realised the truth as they stretched out with their feelings, Kev-Mas still too inexperienced to reach out that far.

    "We have a friend waiting for us...", Archon anounced, awareness returning to him.


    I would assume that the Millenium Falcon is arriving at the Death Star around the same time or slightly before the Dark Deaper. So heads up Luke, Leia and Obi-Wan.

  11. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001

    You'll never believe what I found in the archives, folks! This may be new to many of you but it'll bring back the nostalgia for a few...

    [link=]THE NEW DARK TIMES[/link]

    Enjoy! I'm gonna be reading it.

    EDIT: Arr'Agonas Shiva is intro-ed on page 10 for anyone interested.

  12. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Dark Reaper

    Captain Archon Dovanan wasn't sure how to break the destruction of the homeworld of two individuals onboard this ship to them. Archon had never particularly liked Alderaan truth be told. The planet always had given him the sense of vague condemnation to the rest of the universe with its avowed universal pacifism, its touristy beautiful habitations, and its universal care for its citizens.

    The planet had survived the Clone Wars despite being bombed heavily and had made itself into a paradise, but Archon had known that eventually someone would come to punish that world for being a paradise. A paradise for people who didn't want the struggle that Archon Dovanan thrived upon.

    He had grown up on Coruscant but he'd lived for most of his life on Ghorman, a planet that was just slightly nicer than Hell. All thanks to Tarkin.

    "We're coming out of hyperspace now..."



    Death Star
    Shooting Range 37

    Grand Moff Tarkin wore a suit of the new Dark trooper armor that his friend General Mohc had sent him as a courtesy as he aimed at the varios targets and scored hits every time. Tarkin had served a fairly decorated military career in the Clone Wars and before it. Rocket Jumper Special Forces, Starship commander, Anti-Pirate captain, Ground Commander, and military governor.

    ...the military was one of the few places you could be paid to kill. He didn't really need the money but any other position and his family would have had extreme difficulty getting him out of trouble for his need for slaughter.

    "Obi Wan Kenobi?" Tarkin said. "Surely he must be dead by now."

    "He is here. The Force is with him," Darth Grave spoke, a 'guest' that had unexpectedly arrived from the Emperor's request. One whom had privately also assured him that she would not interfere with his plans to destroy the Emperor.

    "He must not be allowed to escape," Tarkin said.

    "Escape is not his plan. He believes erroneously that his apprentice is here. I shall destroy him and his latest student. After that, the fire of the Jedi Knighthood will at last be extinguished..." the woman said coldly.

    Tarkin nodded "Good, carry on."

    "There is something more...I have sensed other presences coming. Archon Dovanan will arriving soon...." Darth Grave spoke.

    Tarkin looked at her "The man who killed my son?"

    "Yes," Darth Grave said.

    "Leave him to ME," Grand Moff Tarkin hissed.



    Alderaan System

    They entered into the rocky asteroid belt that was once the most beautiful planet in the galaxy, the echo in the Force nearly overwhelming.

  13. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: The following is taken from the movie script of Star Wars: A New Hope which can be found [link=]here[/link].



    A trooper runs through the hallway heading for the exit. In a
    few moments all is quiet. The muffled sounds of a distant
    officer giving orders finally fade. Two floor panels suddenly
    pop up revealing Han Solo and Luke. Ben Kenobi sticks his head
    out of a third locker.

    LUKE: Boy, it's lucky you had these compartments.

    HAN: I use them for smuggling. I never thought I'd be smuggling myself
    in them. This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I'd never get
    past the tractor beam.

    BEN: Leave that to me!

    HAN: Damn fool. I knew that you were going to say that!

    BEN: Who's the more foolish...the fool or the fool who follows him?

    Han shakes his head, muttering to himself. Chewbacca


    The crewmen carry a heavy box on board the ship, past the two
    stormtroopers guarding either side of the ramp.

    TROOPER: The ship's all yours. If the scanners pick up anything,
    report it immediately. All right, let's go.

    The crewmen enter the pirateship and a loud crashing sound
    is followed by a voice calling to the guard below.

    HAN'S VOICE: Hey down there, could you give us a hand with this?

    The stormtroopers enter the ship and a quick round of
    gunfire is heard.


    In a very small command office near the entrance to the
    pirateship, a Gantry Officer looks out his window and notices
    the guards are missing. He speaks into the comlink.

    GANTRY OFFICER: TX-four-one-two. Why aren't you at your post?
    TX-four-one-two, do you copy?

    A stormtrooper comes down the ramp of the pirateship and
    waves to the gantry officer, pointing to his ear indicating
    his comlink is not working. The gantry officer shakes his head
    in disgust and heads for the door, giving his aide an annoyed

    GANTRY OFFICER: Take over. We've got a bad transmitter. I'll see what
    I can do.

    As the officer approaches the door, it slides open
    revealing the towering Chewbacca. The gantry officer, in a
    momentary state of shock, stumbles backward. With a bone-
    chilling howl, the giant Wookiee flattens the officer with one
    blow. The aide immediately reaches for his pistol, but is
    blasted by Han, dressed as an Imperial stormtrooper. Ben and
    the robots enter the room quickly followed by Luke, also
    dressed as a stormtrooper. Luke quickly removes his helmet.

    LUKE: You know, between his howling and your blasting everything in
    sight, it's a wonder the whole station doesn't know we're here.

    HAN: Bring them on! I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking

    THREEPIO: We found the computer outlet, sir.

    Ben feeds some information into the computer and a map of
    the city appears on the monitor. He begins to inspect it
    carefully. Threepio and Artoo look over the control panel.
    Artoo finds something that makes him whistle wildly.

    BEN: Plug in. He should be able to interpret the entire Imperial
    computer network.

    Artoo punches his claw arm into the computer socket and the
    vast Imperial brain network comes to life, feeding information
    to the little robot. After a few moments, he beeps something.

    THREEPIO: He says he's found the main computer to power the tractor
    beam that's holding the ship here. He'll try to make the precise
    location appear on the monitor.

    The computer monitor flashes readouts.

    THREEPIO: The tractor beam is coupled to the main reactor in seven
    locations. A power loss at one of the terminals will allow the ship to

    Ben studies the data on the monitor readout.

    BEN: I don't think you boys can help. I must go alone.

    HAN: Whatever you say. I've done more that I bargained for on this
    trip already.

    LUKE I want to go with you.

    BEN: Be patient, Luke. Stay and watch over the droids.

    LUKE: But he can...

    BEN: They must be del
  14. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    The Dark Reaper, Cockpit

    "We're coming out of hyperspace now..."
    , Archon announced, his hands moving expertly over the controls.

    Shaden almost put a Force cloak over the ship but this was Archon's ship and if a cloak was wanted, it would already be up. He could sense a plan already forming within the mind of the rogue Jedi Master that would abide to no word of Shaden's.

    "Matisyahu, I want you with me," Shaden began. "I sense something disturbing and familiar and I think I'll need your help. Archon.... Do what you have to," Shaden added, leaving Bastilla to her Master's discretion. "Antar, Kev... Do you think you two can create a diversion and keep the Imperials out of our hair?"

    As Shaden's last word still hung in the air and the giant battle station was quickly growing in the main viewport, the Dark Reaper was ensnared in a tractor beam. "No sense fighting it... They know who we are and want us onboard..."

    The diminuitive starship was tractored in and drawn into one of the battle station's countless hangar bays. The crew of the Dark Reaper could see at least a half dozen garrisons of Storm Troopers standing at rapt attention waiting to give the ship a formal Imperial welcome. As the ship finally touched down within the hangar, the Stormtroopers all drew their weapons, obviously ordered to use the utmost caution.

    "Shall we, ladies and gentlemen?" Shaden asked, clearly undaunted by the force that stood before them. Suddenly, everything within the hangar was thrown away from the Dark Reaper by an unseen Force. Strormtroopers, droids, equipment, TIEs and even a couple shuttles slammed against the outter walls of the hangar. "Afterall, I don't see any reason we can't just waltz out of here as though we owned the place..." he added with a snide smile across his lips.

    TAG: Death Star people!


    Death Star

    Obi-Wan Kenobi moved with more stealth than he'd expected after so many years in hiding. Still, the Force answered his call as it always had. Looming carefully over a seemingly bottomless pit, Obi-Wan deactivated the last of what he thought to be odly placed tractor beam controllers.

    Two Imperial Stromtroopers chatted idly on the nearby catwalk, speculating as to whether or not the alert status of the station was just another drill. Obi-Wan was able to sneak off after a quick nudge in the Force, distracting the two Stromtroopers. He continued onwards through the station, sensing a very strange disturbance in the Force. Knowing that the escape would not be as easy as deactivating the tractor emmitors, the Jedi Master followed his senses towards the Dark Presance, ever cautious to avoid drawing attention.

    TAG: Charlie

    Sorry Mark, Obi-Wan's still yours when you're ready to pitch in but I gotta do something here...

  15. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    The Shadow Core, Korriban

    The monster arose from the centre of the circle, blinking in the light of the flaming torch that was suspended above it. It was as large as a man, and a reptilian humanoid. It possessed strong scales of mottled green and black, and its eyes glowed yellow with malice. Its tail whipped around and struck the floor several times, and it flecked the ground with spittle as it lashed out at the air, before its eyes came to rest on the human in front of it. Cardinal Gray.

    ?I am your master,? spoke Gray slowly and softly, as was detailed in the ritual book. ?You will be my most loyal servant and bodyguard. You shall be called Kriar. Do you understand??

    The lizardman nodded, and the Cardinal smiled. It had been a long and arduous process. He had to first capture a sufficiently strong specimen, alive, and that had been difficult enough, and he had gained a few scars in the process. Then he had to inject it with the ancient serums and potions (which had to be created and mixed properly beforehand) before finally casting the chant that had been written down in the tome. It was an undoubtedly marvellous result- it had turned a normal beast into a strong and loyal warrior, but the overall procedure was extremely time consuming. Still, in the end it was been more than satisfactory, and he now had a bodyguard. Which would be important for the mission ahead.

    A couple of hours later...

    The Cardinal was prepping his ship, The Trapped Soul, an Imperial shuttle that he had stolen a few months earlier. He was loathe to leave Korriban, home of the Sith, but the place was becoming very dangerous. Best to leave with what he had learned and come back with followers. But that was not the main reason he was leaving.

    No, the main reason was the strange disturbance he had felt a couple of nights before. It had woken him from his sleep in a cold sweat, and at first he thought he had died. For that was what it had felt like?death. But not just death?something more, somehow. Something worse. He had dismissed it as a simple nightmare, or something even more trivial, and tried to return to his rest, but he could not. His mind would not stop thinking about the disturbance. When he gave up on sleep and left his bed things took a turn for the worse. Areas that he thought were safe to tread suddenly seemed dangerous and sinister. The shadows around him seemed to be alive, whispering unintelligible words to him. Even when he tried to meditate in the hallowed ritual chambers he felt nothing but discomfort. Disquiet. It was not frightening?just eerie. Strange. It was as if Korriban was itself unsettled by something. Something had happened, out there in the galaxy. Death. Yet more important than that.

    And so he decided to leave, as soon as he had got himself a bodyguard. And now that he had one, the time had come. It was time to find the source of the disturbance. He stepped into the pilot?s chair of the shuttle, and Kriar settled nearby. A few moments later, the ship lifted off in the shadow of Korriban?s looming tombs, and headed out into the abyss of space.

    Tag: no one?yet
  16. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC :: Kev-Mas Colcha and Antar Fodoh

    "What kind of diversion?" Antar quietly asked as they were walking out of the ship.

    "Is it the kind where we stay here and watch out for potential risks, and guard the ship?" asked Kev-Mas, in the same volume.

    TAG :: Antar (the player & GM)
  17. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    "What kind of diversion?"
    , Antar asked.

    "Is it the kind where we stay here and watch out for potential risks, and guard the ship?", Kev-Mas added.

    Shaden smiled slightly, turning to his two informal apprentices. "I think Archon's crew can mind the ship. Let the Force guide you. I'm sure you two will know what to do..."

    TAG: Kev

    Truthfully, Kev, We have more than enough Jedi for the mission. I thought you might have some fun making a mess and drawing the Imperials away from The Falcon, Reaper and Obi-Wan...
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Sorry to say, I am departing the RPG. I really liked the initial concept.

    Everyone, else enjoy.

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    Jul 1, 2005
    OOC: Sorry I took so long in posting my first, I had alot of reading to do so I could get caught up. Go easy on me as this is my first RPG of this kind that I have played.

    Time: Whenever this part happens

    With that there was a thunderclap around the universe with the decapitation of Darth Vader.

    Darth Chrono then restored itself. "It is done."



    An old man sits alone in his modest desert dwelling as he often does pondering the sequence of events that brought him to this place. Although Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master knew better than to dwell on the past with all of it's regrets, he allowed himself a few minutes indulgence for two reasons. For one he no longer was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, but Old Ben Kenobi, crazy old wizard, or so the natvies thought. The second reason was simply that for the time being, there was nothing better to do on this Sith forsaken rock. Obi-Wan took a sip of his Jawa juice, another small indugence, if not a necessity out in the Jundland Wastes, and remembered the first time he came to Tatooine. How sparce and desolate it was then, how he was glad that he was a Jedi Knight in training who would never be stuck in a place like this. He chuckled if only for a moment at the irony of it, almost believing that the Force itself had a sence of humor. Then as quickly as his smile came it faded, replaced by a distant sorrowful look as he remembered what really lead him to this place. The conflict on Naboo, the Clone Wars, and most of all, Anakin. That name pierced his heart like a Tuscan spear, both his greatest achievement and greatest failure at the same time. It was at this memory, all those years ago on the volcanic planet of Mustafar that Obi-wan shook himself out of his indulgence. He reached into the Force, drawing on it's ever flowing light to push back the shame and guilt when suddenly his mind was pierced. A force shockwave gripped his heart, dizzying his mind to the point where even though he was sitting down, he fell to the floor.
    The dizziness passed as quickly as it hit him. Obi-Wan stood up to see a familiar figure. "He is gone isn't he master." Obi-wan said. "Yes, Obi-wan, your former apprentice, Anakin, has been killed." The voice was that of his former master Qui-Gon Jinn, long since dead now appearing as he sometimes did in astral form having mastered the secret of crossing over from the netherworld. "I am sorry, I know that you held out hope for him even in his twisted condition." Qui-gon tried to comfort Obi-wan as he often did during Obi-wan's exile. "I am afraid that mourning will have to wait, Anakin's passing is not the only reason I am here."
    ?What do you mean master?? Obi-Wan suddenly felt like a Padawan again as he questioned Qui-Gon, he learned a lot since Qui-Gon?s passing, even more so during his exile on Tatooine, but for some reason, he felt disturbed by the sense of urgency in Qui-Gon?s voice. ?There is a great disturbance in the Force? Qui-Gon continued. ?One unlike any the Jedi have faced before.? Obi-Wan was rapt with attention ?What kind of disturbance, Master?? he asked. ?As you know, since I departed I became one with the Force, when I did it granted me great power, I am in some ways more powerful than you can imagine. One such gift is to see great distances, I can travel the ebb and flow of the Force itself like one would drift down a stream. I was on one such journey when a great power entered the currents of the Force. I cannot explain it, but it felt neither light nor dark, yet both at the same time.? Obi-Wan stroked his beard as he pondered this statement then asked, ?Where did this power come from?? ?That is the disturbing part.? Qui-Gon said with the most serious look on his ghostly image. ?It seems as if it has come from somewhere outside of our time.? At this statement Obi-Wan straightened from the pensive slouch he was in. ?Outside of our time?? He repeated, not sure if he heard his master correctly. ?How is that possible?? he questioned. ?I do not know how, but I am sure of this, since nei
  20. RamsenVette

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    Jul 1, 2005
    I assume that we pick up the action on the Death Star as Obi-Wan stumbled upon Luke while crossing the Jundland wasts to find him and everything proceeded according to the movie up until....


    Two Imperial Stromtroopers chatted idly on the nearby catwalk, speculating as to whether or not the alert status of the station was just another drill. Obi-Wan was able to sneak off after a quick nudge in the Force, distracting the two Stromtroopers. He continued onwards through the station, sensing a very strange disturbance in the Force. Knowing that the escape would not be as easy as deactivating the tractor emmitors, the Jedi Master followed his senses towards the Dark Presance, ever cautious to avoid drawing attention.
    Suddenly from behind him came the familiar sound of a single pair of Stormtrooper boots running toward him and a voice saying ?Hey, wait!? Obi-Wan spun around and flattened himself against a wall hoping to hide, but the Stormtrooper was determined and seemed to have already spotted him. After cursing himself for being to old to think of a better way of hiding he drew his lightsaber hoping that the noise of taking out one single trooper would not bring more. Stepping out to face the trooper head on he ignited his saber and was about to slash when the trooper skidded to a halt just outside of striking distance and with his rifle hooked on his belt lifted both hands up and in a half whisper said ?Whoa, whoa, please don?t, at least not yet.? At this odd request Obi-Wan relaxed his stance a little but kept his saber up. ?I don?t want to hurt you.? he said to the trooper closing the distance by a step. ?But no one must know I am here. So if you have a better idea as to what I should do with you, now is the time for me to hear it.? Obi-Wan could not see the face behind the mask, but he could sense that for some reason, there was no aggression coming from this particular soldier, but instead, sorrow, and something kind of familiar. The trooper said, ?I do have a better idea, you could listen to me first.? Slowly the trooper lowered his hands toward his helmet and removed it. As soon as the helmet was off, the trooper placed it under his arm, and looking over his shoulder once, looked back at Obi-Wan and gave a crisp salute and said ?General Kenobi, good to see you again, sir.? Obi-Wan was stunned, but his Jedi training would not let him relax completely, his senses told him there was no ill intent, and without the helmet on, the trooper?s voice was very familiar indeed. Even though the face showed his age along with some colorful scarring, it was indeed a familiar face, or at least what the face would look like at this age. Obi-Wan realized he was staring at a clone of Jango Fett. The way the clonetrooper stood with the kind of stance that came from years of service and too many battles to count, and the look of remorse on the trooper?s face told Obi-Wan all he needed to know about which of the millions of clones this was, but still he asked to be sure. ?Commander Cody?? The trooper nodded, but said with a half smile. ?Well, technically, it?s Drill Seargent Cody now, sir.? Obi-Wan looked at him in disbelief, ?But you?.? He began to say, but Cody cut him off. ?have had a lot of time to think, sir. Sorry to cut you off, but there is something I have wanted to say for years, so please, before you cut me down with that thing, just let me say that I am sorry.? Cody hung his head, as if inviting Obi-Wan to cut it off. Obi-Wan looked at his lightsaber and realizing that he was still battle ready, relaxed and attached the saber to his belt. ?Thank you Cody, I accept your apology, even though I know you were only following orders.? At this Cody looked up and smiled, ?Thank you sir, now, let?s go, I need to get you out of this hallway, I sent the rest of my squad on a wild gundark chase, but they will be back soon. I know a safe place that isn?t monitored too closely, we need to talk.?

    TAG: Anyone else, but don't take Obi-Wan away from the "Safe Room" yet. Thanks for waiting everyone, g
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    OOC: Heya, Folks. Regretably, I must bow out from this RPG. :(

    As much as I'd like to stay, I have to be honest and own up to the fact that I just don't have the time! I'm not even sleeping lately. Please, take care of Yoda and Zu. ( I can't believe I won't to get to play Zu, the horror!)

    Antar, I'm still doing that thing for you. No worries.

    Have fun all.

    It was great see you all, even if for a moment. (Btw, Thank you Antar for the TNDT link. hehehehe. :D )

    MTFBWY, always.

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    OOC: Wow, we're losing a lot of folks rapidly.

    I'll try and get my next post to get things chugging along again.

  23. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000

    Okay, I've been very busy recently and was worried about my ability to continue this story. However, I've been working out how to proceed from this point and am happily going to do so.

    Welcome Ramsen Vette.

    Death Star

    Archon Dovanan lifted up his hand as he bashed to the side of the ground as the individuals moved across the side of the Death star while he moved down the hallways with lightning like speed. Bastilla tried to keep up with the Captain of the Dark Reaper even as she said "Father....please try and stop. It's important we stick to..."

    Archon lifted his fingers and shut the door behind him that locked her away.

    "Where are you Tarkin?" Archon muttered as searched for the man that was high on his lift of targets.

    It was then that he also sensed the presence of a person that was him, Darth Grave.

    "Yes...this will be most excellent," Archon muttered before licking his lips.


    The Dungeon Level

    Scholar Zu Dharma moved through the hallways of the Death Star as the powerful magician sensed the presence of the others that made this mission seem all the more probable. He also sensed the presence of a powerful evil onboard the Death Star, that seemed to overwhelm his ability to use the Force with its strength. It also wasn't helped that his attention was being distracted by the young woman beside him.

    "This isn't the right way!" Princess Leia spoke.

    "It is away from the Dark Siders," Zu spoke.

    The doors then slid open then as they revealed the image of a shadowy dark figure with his lightsaber extended.

    "Archon...I am pleased to see you," Zu said.

    "As a,," Archon said before cutting off the scholar's head and placing his hand around the throat of Princess Leia.

    "You will remember none of this...." Archon said as she dropped her illusion and revealed Darth Grave.

    She blinked and nodded before Archon stepped over the robes and stepped into a corner as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo came down the hallway and found Princess Leia present.


    Tarkin's ready Room

    Grand Moff Tarkin found himself trying to deal with an impossible situation. The extinct order of the Jedi Knighthood had seemingly come out of its death to arrive and now it was restored, doing its best to create a brutal distraction by killing as many of their troopers as possible. Darth Grave was also seemingly doing nothing to stop this and it was proving to be most wearisome. That was when the form of Archon Dovanan stepped into his office.

    Tarkin lifted up his blaster pistol as he said "How did you get in here...."

    The strangled forms of General Motti and Admiral Tagge fell to the floor beside the Jedi Master.

    "I walked in..." Archon said.

    Grand Moff Tarkin said "If you think that this sort of grandstanding is going to make you any sort of progress then you are DEARLY mistaken. The Jedi Knighthood is finished and the Rebellion will be crushed."

    Archon said "On the contrary Grand Moff, I want nothing remotely resembling the Jedi Knight to continue."

    Grand Moff Tarkin blinked "I don't understand."

    "In my wanderings across the galaxy, I studied a great many things....and when I died....I was bestowed the title on by my last master Darth Traya the title of Darth Traya. It means in the Ancient Tongue Betrayer. A person who takes on the mantle of Darth Traya recieves the benefit of being able to hide himself from even the greatest Jedi's abilities. It is a title that has allowed us to continue until the time of the Sith's return...." Archon said.

    Grand Moff Tarkin listened to Archon's rant.

    "I have little time for your games," Tarkin said.

    Archon clutched Tarkin's throat with the Force and pushed him against the ground "No games."

    Tarkin choked.

    "Gah...." he coughed.

    "What do you want," Tarkin muttered.

    "Everything," Archon said. "But we'll start with the access codes."

  24. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    There's no easy way to say this so here goes... Effective immediatly, this RPG is over. We all liked the concept or we wouldn't be here but things have gotten a bit crazy. I will PM NaboosPrincess in a week or so to lock the thread.

    In the mean time, everyone interested in sticking around for version 2.0 is more than welcome to do so and post ideas. We'll use this thread as a planning thread till we're ready to re-start in a few weeks.

    Thank you all for sticking with it this long.


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    Hey guys, I must withdraw too.

    However, I'm starting up my own game and everyone here is invited to join
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