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    Hi! Starlight here! :)

    To all of you who have read The Gift of a Destiny,this is the dark ending to the Destiny Trilogy. For those of you who haven't, that's okay! :) You can read on without reading the original stories, or check them out through the link on my signature. :D Either way you should read this story! ;) :)

    The major characters are: Starlight, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon.

    Here's the Summary-

    Qui-Gon's adopted daughter, Starlight, thought she could change Xanatos after he turned. But, what if she didn't? What if he changed her?

    The story takes place eight years after she disappears for the most part, though there are some flashbacks.

    Well, Enjoy!




    Qui-Gon knew something was wrong the moment he stepped off the transport. Master Yoda, along with the rest of the Jedi Council, stood waiting for him on the landing platform. \\I expected a warm welcome? but not this warm.\\

    Master Yoda walked forward slowly. Qui-Gon could tell he was upset about something. The diminutive master?s ears drooped a bit and he seemed to lean more heavily on his gimmer stick.

    ?Master Yoda?? Qui-Gon didn?t bother to bow. He was worried. Here was the Council, but where was Starlight? Usually, she was the first one to greet him when he got back to the temple.

    Master Yoda looked up sadly. ?Bad news, we bring. Gone, Starlight is.?

    Qui-Gon thought he would jump out of his skin, but he remained calm. ?What do you mean gone??

    Mace Windu stepped forward. ?She disappeared two days ago.?


    ?She may have been kidnapped. The only other possibility is?? Mace trailed off, unwilling to voice the other concern.

    ?What? What is the other possibility?? Qui-Gon couldn?t take waiting.

    ?We think she may have left of her own free will.?

    Qui-Gon was floored. ?Why would she do that??

    ?She didn?t take the news about Xanatos very well. We think he may have picked her up and taken her with him after he left Telos.? Mace lowered his head.

    ?Why would she have gone with him? Didn?t you explain it all to her? How could this happen?? Qui-Gon couldn't bear the thought of losing Starlight too.

    Master Yoda came forward again. ?Explain it, we did. Accept it, she did not. Think she did, that change him she could. Loved him, she did. Let him go, she could not. Went with him, she did. Stop her, we could not.?

    Qui-Gon had nothing he could say. He had lost the two most important people in the galaxy to him in the course of a week. \\I'll never forgive myself for this. Never.\\


    So, what do you think? :) Feedback is welcome!
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    Intresting start.
    Xanatos is such a great character because you are given the impression that there are many more lawyers to him that were never explored in the JA series.

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    :eek: :D I WANT TO READ MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

    Great start... poor Qui-Gon... ( :eek: Did I just say that? :p *thinks of the other stories she's reading* :eek: [face_laugh] :p )

    Looking forward to more! Thanks for the PM, BTW... :) :D
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    Thanks Cow_Girl! :) I'm a fan of Xanatos myself, so I had to give him more depth than just have him be an evil character. He will definitely have layers to spare in this story.

    Thanks Laura! :D [face_laugh] You wouldn't happen to be reading An Uncertain Path too would you... ?[face_plain] ;) :D (I love that story by the way :) )
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    Great start, Starlight!

    I get what you mean about Uncertain Path, but I'm so far behind on that, it's not funny.

    Post more! :D
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    Thanks guys! Here's your first real post. Enjoy! :D

    Warning: There will be no real gruesome scenes of violence but, seeing as this is the dark ending there will be some. So I'll warn you before any post that contains any violence with simply the letter V in bold print. Thanks! :)



    Chapter 1

    8 years later


    The years had passed, and no sign of Starlight was ever found. Even after Xanatos?s death no one found any trace of her. With its leader gone, it seemed strange that Offworld mining had still survived. Over the past three years, it had grown into a seemingly more planet friendly corporation. There were still those who had their doubts though, so now a team of Jedi were coming to investigate.

    The Offworld powers were not happy. An emergency meeting was called. All the heads of the companies had gathered on Telos to meet with their newest leader. Though they had only been in power three years, it seemed they had the hang of leading the company. Today was an off day it appeared though, the leader was late.

    Everything from hutts to whipids and humans packed into the board room. The stench was horrible but only the few humans seemed to notice. A medium sized young man sat at the head of the long table of beings. He had light blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. Right now those eyes were darting nervously between the occupants of the room and the main door.

    ?Al?yana, where are they?? A hutt in the back started to puff himself up angrily.

    The young man stood up nervously. ?I assure you they should be here any minute. I?m just as anxious to meet them as you are.? He trailed off. \\Of course, being that I am one of the head advisors, I have already met our leader. But, I?d better not let them know that.\\

    Suddenly, the door swished open and a cloaked figure stepped in. Their hood was up and the figure made no move to put it down. The figure appeared to be feminine but walked far less than daintily. With heavy strides she passed all of the staring figures without meeting a single eye? except one.

    She walked quickly to the head of the table and looked down at Al?yana. Then she spoke for the first time. ?I believe you?re in my seat.?

    The young man jumped up quickly and stood beside the chair. Still, the figure made no move to sit down. She threw back her hood and started to speak.

    ?Gentlemen and other creatures, welcome to Telos.? She paused a moment. A large inviting smile filled the face of a young girl. Starlight stood in front of the gaping figures as if nothing was wrong.

    Her hair had grown into one thick, long, blonde braid, and her eyes were still the same dark navy blue. She wore a navy blue shirt with black pants, and her billowing cloak was an exact replica of Xanatos?s favorite cloak. It was a thick black material with a navy blue silk lining.

    ?I am Starlight Tryinne, and I have been the leader of Telos for the past three years.?

    The hutt that had spoken out at Al?yana spoke up again. ?You? I?m probably four times your age.?

    Starlight simply shrugged. ?Probably more, since I?m only sixteen.?

    The hutt reared angrily. ?We cannot be led by some human child. Xanatos must have been a bigger fool than I thought to leave you in charge.?

    Starlight?s smile faded slowly. She looked at the hutt, a look a fierce concentration showing on her face. Her whole body seemed to vibrate as she brought up one hand.

    The hutt?s face twisted from a look of confusion to extreme fear and pain. His tongue flapped from his mouth, and his small arms gripped at his throat. His eyes started to roll back into his head after a moment. Then, his entire body was picked up off the ground and slammed into a nearby wall. He slumped lifelessly to the floor.

    Every eye turned to Starlight. She simply lowered her arm. Her smile returned. ?Any other questions or comments??

    So? :) What'd ya think?
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    Oh my goodness!!! :eek: That was great!!!! :)

    Yeah, I'm reading Uncertain Path... ;) :D That's a really great story, also! :)

    :D I wonder what Starlight is going to do next... that was pretty shocking what she just did! :eek:

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    Here's another short post to go with the first chapter. I forgot to post it earlier. [face_blush] Enjoy! :D :)


    After the meeting, Starlight and Al?yana stood together in the now empty board room. Al?yana was busy voicing his concerns about the Jedi.

    ?We both know that Offworld isn?t as innocent as we would have them believe,? Al?yana was finishing.

    Starlight smiled cockily. ?So? What makes you think they?re going to find anything anyway??

    ?The Senate sent a couple of Jedi who have had a rather? unpleasant past with Offworld.?


    ?A Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi.?

    Starlight?s smile became even wider. She chuckled softly to herself. \\I didn?t think the council would have the nerve to send them. Then again, they don?t know I?m here.\\

    ?What is that grin about?? Al?yana looked at Starlight curiously. ?I didn?t think you?d be too happy about seeing the people who killed Xanatos.?

    ?Oh, I?ll be ever so happy to see them. I just don?t think they?ll be too happy to see me.? Starlight stared out into the darkening sky. \\Well, father, it looks like we?ll meet again after all. What a happy reunion this will be? for me at least.\\
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    :eek: Wow, Starlight, great start. If I weren't hooked before now, I would be after reading that. Keep it up!

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    Here's the next post guys. :) Our favorite Jedi makes and appearance. [face_love] :D Well, Enjoy!


    Obi-Wan sat staring out the front of the Senate?s transport. He wasn?t looking forward to this mission. He knew the Senate had sent Qui-Gon and him because they had the most experience with Offworld, but that didn?t mean they wanted more.

    Qui-Gon didn?t look too happy about the trip either. Telos was far from being his favorite planet. It had never held any happy memories for him. But, he was curious about meeting the new head of Offworld. They had kept their identity a secret until now, so he would be the first non-Offworlder to meet them. He had no idea who Xanatos would have left in charge.

    He also knew that this trip would give him a chance to look for Starlight. After eight years he had never stopped looking, but he had never gotten the chance to look in Offworld. He thought Xanatos might have dropped her off to live with one of his worker?s families.

    ?Master, when do you think we?ll be able to look for her?? Obi-Wan knew that Qui-Gon wanted to search for the girl. At one point the two had been friends, but Obi-Wan hadn?t known Starlight that well, so the search only meant a lot to him because it meant so much to Qui-Gon.

    ?I don?t know when we?ll look, padawan. I?m not even sure we?ll be able to. But I?ll try.?

    ?Master, I know this isn?t what you want to hear, but, isn?t it a possibility that Starlight?s dead? After all, Xanatos was evil.?

    Qui-Gon shook his head slightly. ?He wouldn?t have hurt a hair on her head. He was fiercely protective of her. That?s why I think he may have left her with the Offworld people.?

    ?Oh yeah, like she?d be real safe there,? Obi-Wan snorted. ?She?d be surrounded by criminals and outlaws. How much safer can you get??

    ?Don?t underestimate Starlight or Xanatos, Obi-Wan. Xanatos probably established early on that Starlight wouldn?t be hurt under any circumstances. He probably would have killed anyone who looked at her funny. Besides, he was planning on training her anyway, so she?s probably a formidable Jedi now. She is sixteen after all.?

    ?You?re probably right.? Obi-Wan leaned back in his chair slightly. ?I wonder what she looks like now.?

    Qui-Gon turned and raised an eyebrow at his apprentice. ?And why would you wonder that??

    Obi-Wan sat up quickly. ?Just for when we?re searching, of course. It would help us if we knew what she looked like.? He blushed pink, and looked at the floor.

    Qui-Gon smiled and laughed slightly. ?I?m sure it would.?


    So? What'd ya think. :)

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    :D Great post! :D

    ?And why would you wonder that?? :p :)

    Am I sensing possible Obi/Starlight romance? [face_love] ;) :D That would be so cool! :cool: :D

    Great so far... looking forward to more... of our fav Jedi, of course... ;) :D And the rest of the story, too... ;) :D :)
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    YEA!!!!!!! :D You started posting the next story. This is great so far Starlight. I can't wait to see what happens next. The fact that Qui-Gon never stopped looking for her added a really cute touch. :D
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    Obi and Starlight would be an interesting pairing, but then, I always want Obi for myself. [face_love] [face_laugh]
    Looking forward to more.
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    Here's another post for you guys! :) I hope you like it!


    Starlight sat in her private apartment in the Offworld building. Even three years later she still couldn?t believe that Xanatos was dead.

    It had been such a shock to her when he died. His final thoughts had been for her. She knew? she was there. She remembered it all so clearly?


    Starlight was shocked when Xanatos contacted her telling her he was on his way to the mining site. He had left her there that day so she could oversee the progress everyone was making.

    A few minutes later he had shown up on his swoop. His eyes were wild, and he spoke frantically.

    ?Starlight, you have to go! Now!?

    ?Why, Xani? What?s going on??

    ?Qui-Gon knows what we?re doing and now so do the people. He and that stupid apprentice of his are following me. You have to go! You can?t let them know you?re here.?

    ?Xani, I can?t just leave you. I?ll fight with you.? Starlight had grabbed Xanatos around the waist. She was thirteen, but the thought of losing her Xanatos was unbearable to her.

    Xanatos placed his hand on her head. After a moment of just standing there, he knelt down to her. ?Starlight, if they find you they?ll take you away from me. Besides, if I get caught someone will have to take over Offworld for me. I?ll come get you when all of this is over.? He stopped as they heard Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan arrive on their swoops.

    Xanatos kissed Starlight gently on her head. ?Now, go!?

    Starlight took off at a dead run. In seconds she could here the battle raging behind her. She couldn?t take it.

    Ducking behind a row of bushes, Starlight watched the fight rage on. She saw Obi-Wan fall, and prayed that Xanatos didn?t kill him. But, when Qui-Gon hit Xanatos and the two Jedi gained the upper hand she wished she could?ve been fighting.

    Starlight saw the two swoops coming before they landed. She couldn?t take it any more. Reaching out through the Force, Starlight sent a message to Xanatos. [Two more swoops are landing, Xani. Be careful.]

    Xanatos?s face never changed as he answered her back. [Starlight, I told you to leave.]

    Starlight was about to respond when she saw that Xanatos had been backed into a corner. A small pool of acid was at his back. He was saying something to Qui-Gon that she couldn?t hear. Then, she saw what he was about to do. [No! Xani don?t!]

    A moment later Xanatos jumped into the small pool of acid. [Goodbye, Starlight. I love you.] Then, he was gone.

    Starlight had simply stared at the pool, hoping feverishly that Xanatos would simply reappear. But, he never did. After a few minutes the Jedi left, but she simply stayed behind the bushes.

    She never cried or sobbed. She had simply sat there for over an hour. During that time she made a promise, she would get revenge...

    The walk back to the Offworld building was the longest it had ever been. She just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep forever. When she got there though, officers surrounded the building, and there was no way in.

    Starlight had simply stood outside watching the people walk in and out of her one-time home. A hand had dropped onto her shoulder. When she looked up she saw Al?yana. She had known Al?yana as one of Xanatos?s friends. He was only about twenty, but the two young men had gotten along.

    Al?yana simply stood there. He didn?t say anything, he didn?t move, he just stood there. After a moment though, he asked if Starlight knew what had happened. She nodded numbly and he said that he would take care of her from then on.

    Starlight felt the Force incline her to go with him, so she did. He had become her surrogate brother and protector. She had never been as close to him as she was to Xanatos, but he was the closest thing she ever got to a friend.

    The Offworld building on Telos was closed down, but Al?yana didn?t question Starlight when she told him the company would go on. The two moved to
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    Great post! :D Poor Starlight... [face_plain]

    Looking forward to more! :D :) :D
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    Here's the next post guys! :) Enjoy! :D


    Chapter 2


    After the Jedi checked themselves in at their hotel, they had to go to Offworld for a meeting. When they set off, the sun was already starting to set. The sky was a beautiful, burning red color as the sun dipped out of sight. Obi-Wan enjoyed the sight while he could, he didn?t think he?d have much time to later. \\You can never be sure when trouble will start.\\

    The trip to the Offworld building was fairly uneventful, though. The occasional passerby would give the Jedi a strange look or stare, but other than that the people ignored them. When they arrived a young human woman greeted them.

    She led them upstairs to one of the larger offices. The walk down the halls showed how much Offworld had changed. The walls held paintings of the many planets Offworld worked on. Some appeared to be before and after shots, showing how much Offworld had changed their operations of late.

    The apparent secretary led them to two large doors. ?Wait here please.? She walked into the room, after a moment she reemerged.

    ?The head will see you now.? Then, she walked off down the hall.

    Qui-Gon reached forward and opened the door. Inside the room was extremely impressive, it made the halls seem even more bland.

    The entire wall facing the city was one huge window. In front of it sat a large desk made of a mineral neither Qui-Gon nor Obi-Wan could identify. It was highly polished and, though pure black, reflected every color that came from outside brilliantly.

    In front of the desk sat two medium black chairs. Behind the desk sat a large, plush chair. The back was turned to the Jedi. When it did finally turn, the Jedi saw a young man with blonde hair. He appeared to be only slightly older than Obi-Wan.

    He smiled widely, ?Welcome to Offworld. I am Al?yana, the head of Offworld.? He held out his hand to the Jedi.

    Qui-Gon lowered his head slightly. ?I am Qui-Gon Jinn, and this is my apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi.? Obi-Wan lowered his head as well.

    When he realized that no one was going to shake his hand Al?yana dropped his arm back to his side. ?Please, have a seat.?

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan sat down. Qui-Gon was about to speak when the doors opened again. A young girl about Obi-Wan?s age entered the room followed by the secretary.

    ?I will see him,? the girl said.

    The secretary reddened slightly. ?I?m sorry, sir. I couldn?t stop her.?

    Al?yana?s smile lowered some. ?It?s all right, Wrena. She can come in.?

    The girl smiled triumphantly at Wrena. Then, she walked over to Al?yana. ?Al?yana you were supposed to take me home today.?

    Al?yana looked embarrassedly at the Jedi. ?Alayana, you?ll notice I?m in the middle of a meeting.? Al?yana cleared his throat slightly. ?Gentlemen, this is my sister, Alayana.?

    The girl turned to the Jedi. She had short blonde hair like her brother, but her eyes were a deep brown color. She nodded at the two Jedi then turned back to Al?yana. She was an apparently slight girl. She wore a bright yellow shirt and black pants.

    ?You can?t really expect me to walk back by myself. At night no less.? She placed her hands on her hips as she looked down at her brother.

    Al?yana reddened under his sister?s scrutinizing glare. ?I know, but I have to take care of this.? His eyes darted to the Jedi. ?Besides, it?s only a fifteen minute walk away.?

    ?I?ll walk you home.? Obi-Wan stood up as he spoke. \\I wouldn?t mind getting out of this meeting anyway.\\

    Alayana looked at him, one eyebrow raised. ?You don?t have to do that. I wouldn?t want to ruin your meeting.? She glared at Al?yana.

    Qui-Gon spoke up, ?A Jedi helps in any way they can. I can stay here and take care of the meeting. Obi-Wan can walk you home.?

    Alayana smiled slightly. ?I guess I can trust you. Since you?re a Jedi and all.? She paused for a moment. ?Okay bro, I guess you?re off the hook.? She walked over
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    :D Great post! :D I was sure it was going to be Starlight... but maybe she'll reveal herself soon enough... :)

    I want to thank you for posting this (and The Gift of a Destiny, too! :) ) here - it's so good, and a lot of fun to read! I think that many times people take all these fics for granted... so I thought I'd let you know I really appreciate having such great Star Wars stories to read! :) Thanks!

    And a special thanks for the PM's - see how it keeps me from missing so much? :D I really appreciate it! :D
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    [face_blush]Awww... Geez... [face_blush] Thanks for reading Laura. I'd also like to thank annyone who has been reading this. :) You guys are great!

    P.S.- I'm sure Starlight will turn up sooner or later. ;) [face_devil] :) :D
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    Very good Starlight. I love this story. Can't wait for more. Again, thanks for the PMs, they're great reminders. :)
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    Moving along upwards.
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    Here's another post finally! :)

    Sorry it's so short. I've got a project to do for school. :mad:


    Alayana and Obi-Wan walked slowly down the streets. They seemed to be a very unusual pair, the girl?s yellow contrasting with the Jedi?s brown. The two chatted about every topic that came to mind? anything to keep the awkward silences away.

    ?So, what?s it like being a Jedi?? Alayana asked.

    Obi-Wan was a bit surprised by the question. ?Why do you ask?? Alayana hadn?t showed much interest in the Jedi yet.

    The girl shrugged, ?Just curious. As you can imagine I don?t hear many pleasant stories about the Jedi around the Offworld offices.? She laughed slightly.

    Obi-Wan laughed as well, ?I guess not.? He thought for a moment. ?It?s a hard life. I don?t get much time off and I?m usually in some sort of danger, but I enjoy it.?

    Alayana looked at Obi-Wan, an eyebrow raised. ?Yes, I can see how you would enjoy that.?

    Obi-Wan laughed. ?It?s not as bad as it sounds. I have fun traveling with Master Qui-Gon.?

    ?I guess he?s like your father, right?? The question sounded almost sad.

    Obi-Wan looked over at Alayana, ?Yes, he is.?

    The girl was staring at the sky. ?It must be nice.?

    ?Alayana, where?s your father??

    Alayana shrugged again, ?Dead, I think. He disappeared when I was little. Al?yana was the closest thing I had to a father. Our mother was already gone, so he raised me on his own.?

    ?Oh, I?m sorry.? Obi-Wan regretted asking at all.

    ?Don?t be, I?m not.? Alayana smiled, ?We may fight occasionally, but Al?yana and I live a good life. If my father hadn?t abandoned us, Al?yana wouldn?t have started working at Offworld.?

    ?Yeah, I can see how that would have been a bad thing,? the comment came out more sarcastically than Obi-Wan wanted.

    Alayana didn?t take offense, but she did frown slightly. ?I know Offworld used to be bad, but that?s all different now. Al?yana is cleaning things up.?

    \\I hope you?re right, Alayana. For your sake.\\

    The two walked on in silence for a few minutes. The only sound came from Alayana telling Obi-Wan where to turn. As they turned a corner, a looming building came into sight.

    It was tall, and reflected the street lights like a mirror. ?That?s my building,? Alayana pointed out. ?We?ll be there in a minute.?

    They walked a moment, and then Alayana stopped again. ?Obi-Wan, do you like frozen juice??

    Obi-Wan looked over at her curiously. ?Yes, I do.?

    Alayana nodded her head in the direction of a small café across the street. ?Would you like some??

    Obi-Wan nodded, then frowned. ?I don?t have any money.?

    Alayana smiled and pulled out a few credits from her pocket. ?It?ll be my treat. After all, my brother is the head of Offworld.? She paused for a moment. ?Besides, I think I need to? explain a few things to you.?

    So what do ya think! :)
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