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Before - Legends "Destroyers" [Malak character sketch]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Elena, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Elena

    Elena Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 16, 2003

    When Malak was seven years old, he met a Jedi for the first time. The Jedi wasn?t human ? she was a Twi?lek woman, young and beautiful and strong, and Malak instinctively understood that she had power. People looked at her first when she entered the room, they strained to hear her low, melodic voice, they fought to attend to her. They loved her, because she was everything they wanted to be, everything they admired, everything they wanted, and even then, Malak had wanted people to follow him. Even then, he had understood that shaping the world meant you had to shape yourself into the best you could be.

    Malak followed the Jedi woman around constantly, trying to understand her secrets, but a few months after she?d come to his world, the other Jedi came and killed her, and when they left, they took Malak with them. He had a gift, they said. A gift for Light. A gift that could change the galaxy.

    Malak left his family willingly in search of power.


    He admired Revan, looked up to her. When he met Revan, she was just a girl whose only talent was her undeniable charisma. Like the first Jedi young Malak had met, Revan was beautiful and young and strong, and people wanted to be near her. They wanted to follow her, they wanted to hear her, and most of all, they wanted to remake the world in Revan?s image. Malak wanted that too.

    But Malak wanted still more to be Revan, or to have Revan?s power over people. So for ten years, years spent mastering the Force, mastering the sword, mastering himself, he watched Revan. Malak learned many things from her, but most important of her teachings was the value of speech. You could weave an entire universe with words; use it to bind people to you, to your ideals.

    And once they believed you, they would do anything to validate that belief. Malak saw that first-hand, when Revan convinced a hundred Jedi ? an entire sector outpost! ? that the war was too important, and too many people were dying. Only they could defeat the Mandalorian barbarians?

    The most Malak was able to persuade was ten at a time. Speaking was never easy for him.


    But it was only during the war that Malak understood the power of horror and atrocity. It was not Revan who taught him this, but a young Jedi General and her...unorthodox methods. He remembered Eres III and the burning, and he remembered Dxun and the blood. He even remembered Dagary Minor and Taris and a dozen other battles where only one side emerged from the bloodbath ? she?d killed everyone else.

    In some ways, she was the apotheosis of everything he?d ever wanted. Beautiful and controlled, she could convince hundreds of otherwise sane, intelligent men and women to create weapons of unbelievable destruction ? and was just practical enough, just vicious enough to use them. He?d walked across whole planets littered with the bodies of the dead, steaming and smoking from the fires she?d started.

    There is something of awe in the fear and terror of a descending horror, something of worship in the way thousands of enemy soldiers looked upon her visage. In the very act of living, she showed the power of fear and of death.

    He was half in love with her, right until the end.


    But it is only now that he understands the nature of power. It is only now that he steps out from the shadows of the women who have dominated his whole life. The first Jedi is dead, and the General is exiled, and Revan?he has spent far too much time following Revan. Now was the time to put his vision of the galaxy into words, now was the time to show the galaxy how the future is going to be.

    And now, in front of thousands of soldiers, here in the Unknown Regions, in the core of a weapon of unimaginable power, Malak sacrifices himself for his ambition.

    He cut his jaw off.

    There was blood, but it was easily staunched. More importantly, whispers were spreading among the Jedi and soldiers
  2. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    Wow, that is just intense! I'm not sure whether to be more firghtened or sympathetic for Malak.

    Fabulous character sketch Elena.
  3. Elena

    Elena Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 16, 2003
    Healer Leona:

    Wow, that is just intense! I'm not sure whether to be more firghtened or sympathetic for Malak

    Well, I was aiming for 'freaked out', but I'll take frightened or sympathetic. Those work for me too.

    Fabulous character sketch Elena.


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