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    DFWFF & IBMW Lan Party
    ***use the above link to our current forum for questions or comments***

    WHAT: Join us for a night of computer gaming.

    WHEN: Saturday, Feb 28th, 2002
    immediately following the group meeting [around 4pm]

    WHERE: stone/mike/brandons apartments, frankford @ tollway, dallas apts. 508, 529 and 631


    System Requirements
    PC with an ethernet network card
    10-Base-T, 10/100, or 802.11b wireless [128bit WEP req'ed]
    Ethernet network cable
    Recommended: Windows 98 or Windows XP

    What To Bring
    Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Power Cables
    Windows 98/XP CD
    Any hardware driver CDs
    Game CDs
    $5 for pizza
    a chair
    WE NEED TABLES folding or otherwise, or you'll be playing on the floor

    Assorted beverages
    Blank CDRs
    Network multiport HUB/SWITCH

    Games [subject to change on game nite]
    please make sure to upgrade all your games to the latest patches before coming to the party
    Jedi Outcast / Jedi Academy
    WarCraft 3 & Frozen Throne
    Unreal Tournament
    StarCraft & Brood War
    Quake 3
    ...any others?

    will NOT be playing
    SW Galaxies [that's right, you heard me, i'll block the firewall ports]
    or any other form of MMORPG

    we also have a vast software/MP3/and other "stuff" library you are welcome to gank stuff from, as long as you return the favor and let us do the same. you show me yours, i show you mine, kinda thing.

    open invitation bring whoever
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