Lit Did altering the future kill Jacen?

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    It's odd but I'm not sure we really ever see Luke doing much politically, do we? It's as if that's deemed Leia's territory - though it's fine for her to be a Jedi too. Yet, as you lay out, it's not as if Luke is lacking political capital. There is this tendency that heroes can't be politically savvy, as if the two things are mutually opposed.
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    No, see the Ruusan Reformations! Also note that Leia had decided to quit politics before she stated seriously to train as a Jedi.

    As with Daala, so too with Omas. See "The Unseen Queen" for details.
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    Yes and no. There are moments, but its mentioned many times that Leia is the more political of the two. I'm sure that there's a moment where Luke shows some political savvy and someone comments on it in terms of Leia not being the only one in the family like that.

    But I agree that's how it tends to go in a story, characters are usually limited to the role they embody, which of course makes it certain they won't be some kind of everyman solving everything on their own.
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    Unless their name is Kyle Katarn, whose school of politics is far more decisive than Leia's ever will be.