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    URGENT: STAR WARS EPIII Advance Screening Wed. May 18 at 7:00pm
    Hi Edmonton FanForce Members,

    My name is Phil Parks. I'm with 20th Century Fox in the Vancouver office. As you all know, 20th Century Fox is releasing SW EP III for Lucasfilm. We're hosting a special advance screening of SW EP III at 7:00pm Wed. May 18 at South Edmonton Common Cinema.

    I know most of you have already purchased your 12:01am May 19 SW tickets for various screenings at theatres in the Edmonton (SC WEM etc.), but you may want to attend this advance screening for free at 7pm, five hours earlier and before anyone else sees the film, and sell the tickets you've purchased.

    I will offer two Admit One passes to each person from The Edmontooine Chapter who will wear a full, authentic Star Wars costume to this special advance screening. As you know, many will begin lining up even as early as the morning but if you're participating with us, we'd like you to arrive after work on Wed. May 18th. You can change from your costume to join us during the film.

    We have a lockup and change room in the theatre so your costumes will be safe and secure.

    I just want to increase the excitement and "event" nature of this screening - the only advance screening of SW EP III in Edmonton before the film opens to the public. I know how many of you love to wear your costumes and get involved in the excitement so I thought I'd extend this offer.

    If you're interested, you may reach me by return email at

    Also, if you know any members of the brand new Calgary Chapter, the invitation to dress in full, authentic SW costume and attend the Calgary advance screening (Paramount Chinook Cinema) for free is extended to them as well.

    Thanks very much for your consideration.


    Wow, i wish i had a costume :(
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