Did Obi-Wan make the same mistake as Anakin?

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith' started by Captain_Lando67, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Anakin ultimately turned to the dark side because he, unlike the other Jedi, learned to love at a young age, which later led to him falling for Padme. Despite his best efforts in AotC to convince Padme otherwise, he really was breaking the code of the Jedi -- don't love some people more than others, it'll only interfere. It's a lot like being a priest. Now, in RotS, Obi-Wan made it very clear to Yoda that he would not fight Anakin, that he was a brother, and he'd basically rather die at the hands of Palpatine than have to fight his brother.

    I obviously understand that Anakin and Padme had a sexual attraction while Anakin and Obi-Wan had a brotherly attraction, but regardless what kind of love it is being shared, isn't this still a conflict of interest? Isn't this what the Council didn't want their Jedi to have -- love that would change one's viewpoint on what to do? Obi-Wan did fight Anakin anyway, but he even made it clear at the end for Anakin not to make the dumb move that would lose him the battle. Was Obi-Wan breaking the Jedi Code by having that strong conflict of interest between his job and his desire?
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    I don't think he was breaking the jedi code. If he was I think Yoda would tell him he is breaking the jedi code because Yoda knows about the bond they have.:cool:
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    Was Obi-Wan breaking the Jedi Code by having that strong conflict of interest between his job and his desire?

    Desire is a bad choice of word. :D A strong relationship between a Master and Padawan couldnt be that unusual, so there must be some allowance in the code. Maybe Yoda was taking it easy on Dooku in AOTC ?
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    I think people don't understand the Jedi's views on love very clearly. Anakin clearly says in Episode II that Jedi are encouraged to love. Its more of the obsession that comes with attachment. Love can lead to that, which is why it is so "dangerous". Master/Padawan relationship is obviously going to be very close. A padawan spends pretty much their entire adolescent life with the master. Unless they hate each other's guts and always argue, its reasonable to assume they will grow close. Not in a weird way of course, but just like family.

    The fact that Obi-Wan tried to give Anakin a chance to live is not conflicting to the Jedi's belief. If anything, he was trying to be compassionate and save him, a core Jedi belief. He didn't have to necessarily kill him, but just stop him. Unfortunetly Anakin was too fargone and the only way to stop him was to "kill" him.
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    A Jedi can love, but they cannot become emotionally attached to people. That's what happens to Anakin.
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    Jedi can love, they just cant get attached as Anakin was
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