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    Title: Different
    Time frame inter-trilogy probably AU
    Disclaimer: Disney owns all the characters

    Aunt Beru says other kids feel this way. No. Somehow I know this time its different.

    Maybe I’m the one who’s different? Uncle Owen would say that’s my imagination and everyone is a little different. Yes, that’s true; but once again I know that isn’t the case here.

    I hear the others after a speeder race talking…and wonder what exactly I did that they seem to call impossible. Obliviously its not – I just did it. That always grantees me some dirty looks and being called a cheater.

    I guess one would say flying comes easy to me. Its like feelings are so much clearer to me flying. It’s like I’m sensing the world differently when I fly. Once again this apparently isn’t normal. I wonder what my Uncle would say if I asked him…I can imagine it would be something like this: An expression of fear mixed horror then a long lecture about unnecessary risks followed by extra chores. If I were to tell my Aunt this look of pity and worry would cross her face then she’d say something like, “Just be careful, Luke.”

    Then there are the dreams. They’re not normal dreams. They terrify me! Sometimes I see myself in strange places, sometimes there’s a dark haired girl there, sometimes it’s a red headed girl always glaring at me, but mostly it’s of harsh breathing chasing me but I can never see the source. I don’t tell people about these dreams…but I wish I could make them go away!

    Both the flying and the dreams have always happened though, and I always just ignore them, but today it was something that I can’t ignore! I did something that I can’t explain away…

    Fixer was provoking me again, but this time I didn’t just lose my temper- something about it felt cold and wrong-and I never want to feel that way again! Anyway Fixer went from talking to suddenly choking on nothing! I didn’t even realize something was wrong till Biggs shook me form some sort of trance, I guess. But once Biggs got my attention Fizer quit choking.

    Everyone at school thinks I just froze from panic… Maybe? It didn’t feel that way though. I know that Fixer almost died because of something I did.
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    Oh, excellent bit of characterization =D= and very much something Luke would/did experience. You really have Luke's "voice" perfectly. :) [:D] !!
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    That was outstanding from the first line to the last. You managed to give a snapshot of what it was like to grow up as Luke Skywalker in so few words. I am in awe.
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    Yeah, you captured something from Luke.

    Great job! :)

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    The dangers of not being trained...yet in this case it appears Luke's "accident" only strengthened his desire to do good and be good.
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