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  1. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    Chumza Incorporated Presents

    Click?? Tzzzzzzt?. ??and if you call now?? Click. ?Alfred, I have to stop hi?? Click. ?Steph, you can?t go. I love you?? Click. ?We have to find the artifact. We have to stop Xan?? Click. ?And welcome back to ESTC?s special coverage of the MCBLM Cross-Dimensional UMF Tournament, held at the Kiwi Corporation Castle in Northern Germany. The Battlers are beginning to arrive, tension is in the air, and my pants are itching.? The first announcer finished, and the second glanced at him strangely.

    ?Weir? that was completely unnecessary.? His co-announcer, a beautiful female and his sister, incidentally, responded. ?But, yes, we are all very excited about this year?s competition. We have some big names here? some small ones too. Why do we never talk about the small names? I mean, weren?t the big names small once?? Now it was the man?s turn to stare at the other.

    ?Betta?. It?s no wonder you dropped outta high school.? Betta looked hurt.

    ?Weir?. That was just mean.?

    ?Deal with it, sista?.? He looked back at the camera and began speaking again. ?Kiwi Corporation is proud to have roped in the indisputed champion of Underground Monster Fighters, the mysterious ?R?, dressed as usual in his customary black.?

    ??Weir? I believe it is undisputed.?

    ?? Quiet you. Let?s remember who has the high school diploma here.? Betta looked down, ashamed for just a moment before speaking.

    ?Well, while Weir here attempts to destroy my self confidence, let?s follow as the Battlers enter the Castle, where they will be locked up for weeks on end. Kiwi Corporation has generously provided each Battler with their brand new product, the Kiwi Brand HolBattler Arm Thingy, pictured right here.?


    ?Now, Betta, that is a smooth looking arm thingy.?

    ?Weir???.. that?s??.. a fish.?

    ?Oh?.. right.?


    ?That?s the arm thingy.?

    ?Ah. Very nice. I approve Betta.?

    ?Okay?. Well, we have secured the Multidimensional Card Battler League of Multidimensionalism?s express permission to follow this live, so remember to keep this channel turned on as we watch the Battlers duke it out for fame, glory, and the ultimate prize.?

    ?Yes indeed, Betta. We will now break for a word from our sponsors. This is Weir and Betta Thanue for Enjoyment and Sports Television Channel. Remember, don?t change the channel. We know where you live.?



    Thank you so far for the interest expressed in Dimensions Collide ? The Rise of Evil. Join us as one of many Battlers; men, women, and children who have honed their skills in a trading card game known as Underground Monster Fighters. You will be fighting friend and foe, player and NPC, as you make your way to the finals to acquire the ultimate prize.

    This game is designed for the sole purpose of offering a light hearted and entertaining game to play in a zany and free environment. We as GM's will strive to provide a quality game in which our players can thrive and enjoy themselves as easily as possible. We would like to note, however, that while this game is in no way serious, we are serious about this game.



    Character creation is very open. Each player will have a uniquely themed deck, set either in an established franchise (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Blue?s Clues, etc) or a ?dimension? of your creation. The important thing is that your deck must be thematic and your character must be tied to that theme. In the case of an established franchise, your character does not need to be an established character. Original characters are highly encouraged.

    - - - - -

    Character Sheet

    General Appearance:
    Deck Theme:
    General Per
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Hey hey! Your ever lovin' co-GM here, with a bit of reference material. Namely... LittleKuriboh's excellent Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.

    Particularly episode 10:

    But really, the show's hilarious, and you'll get an idea of what we're looking for with absurd card game shenanigans.
  3. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Fruity GM Approved

    Name: Tiffany Belle
    Age: Reported to be 24!
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human / Caucasian
    General Appearance: This blond haired beauty is dressed in a bright blue showgirl uniform. Blue sparkly top and bottom, decadent blue choker and necklace, gloves, and a big blue feathery headpiece. Think [link=]this[/link].

    Deck Theme: [hl=black]***Las Vegas***[/hl]

    General Personality: Similar to Vegas itself. Glitzy and bright on the outside, but not opposed to cracking some skulls when push comes to shove.

    Brief Biography: Just a beautiful girl that knows it. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, with the lights of the Strip deeply ingrained in her psyche. She wanted to be apart of it, and when she got of age, she went straight to the Foilles Bergere. She got the job and has been living a showgirl's life ever since. It has its up and its downs, but in the end, she would rather be no one else.
  4. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Chuckles Approved!

    Character Sheet:

    Name: The Ultimate Fangirl aka jobrosrock
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: white
    General Appearance: 5'3" pigtails, black Jonas Brothers t-shirt, Jonas Brothers bag, socks, shoes, I love Jobros painted on her fingernails
    Deck Theme: [hl=hotpink]Jonas Brothers[/hl]
    General Personality: giggly, squeals, fiercely loyal to her fandom
    Brief Biography: Fangirl, aka jobrosrock on twitter, is 16 and got her driver's license so she can drive all over to go to Jonas brothers concerts. She knows all of their songs which are constantly playing on the ipod permanently attached to her head. She has signed the Jobro's bus multiple times and almost fainted when she got to meet them as their biggest fan. Her life goal is to marry Nick Jonas and follow him on tour for the rest of their lives.
  5. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003

    Eh-hem *Straightens tie*

    Name: Doctor
    Age: Ageless
    Gender: Male
    Race: Time Lord
    General Appearance: Human
    Deck Theme: Time Itself and Weird Technology
    General Personality: Know-it-all
    Brief Biography: "I'm the Dr. Slightly older than you and slightly younger than time I travel wherever I want. I am a Time Lord. We are feared throughout the galaxy as being all-powerful.
  6. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002

    Character Sheet

    Name: Jeremiah Prideson

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    General Appearance: Tall and lean, with very defined athletic musculature. His handsome visage inspires hope in most all who meet him. He has dark blue spiky hair and green eyes. He doesn't wear a shirt, covering his back only with a dark blue trench-coat with a red flame on the back. His pants are loose fitting and black, with several metal clips on them that jingle when he walks. His black boots come up to the midpoint of his leg, they also have heavy metal clips on them. He carries around a long nodachi for decoration, since he doesn't know how to use a sword properly.

    Deck Theme: GAR (The epitome of manliness. All his cards are characters from anime, manga, and games that exude awesome manliness. Think hotblooded characters.)

    General Personality: Charismatic and straightforward. He is loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect them. He is a natural leader, capable of and willing to give epic speeches of inspiration. Even in the darkest of times, he never loses hope.

    Brief Biography: Growing up, young Jeremiah spent a lot of time with this father who was a very honorable and strong man. He instilled in Jeremiah a burning passion for justice and leadership at an early age. However, his father was growing ill, and knew this. Too proud to wither away in front of his son, Jeremiah's father took the boy to a MCBLM event. While there, his father tasked young Jeremiah with growing up to be the man he knew he could be. A savior for the broken, the beaten, and the forgotten. Not long after that, his father passed away, leaving Jeremiah, whose mother died in childbirth, an orphan on the streets. He may have been an orphan, but he was determined to make his father proud. Seeing the conditions on the streets, he brought the MCBLM to the unfortunate, creating a gang of urban youth who stopped violence through the use of a children's card game. Now, with the urging of his friends, he has set out to become the voice of the generation, to make his father proud, and show the world just who the hell he is!
  7. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005

    Name: Puffles
    Age: 3 (since mutation)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Giant Hamster/God
    General Appearance: Giant, fluffy, and wears loud hawiian shirts. Also very brown with beady black eyes and a cute pink little nose.
    Deck Theme: Fluffy furballs and Divine wrath
    General Personality: Childlike and has a voice in his head that seems to come from beyond the fourth wall.
    Brief Biography: Puffles really doesn't know where he comes from, or if he's really a god or not, but his stature--larger than your average man--suggests SOMETHING is up. He is teh mysterious though. However he found a deck of cards once upon a time two years ago and fell in love with Underground Monster Fighters. That has been his life since then. That and pellets.
  8. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved!

    Name: "Lady" Radella Brown
    Age: 50
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    General Appearance: With her dark hair graying around the edges and powder blue dress coming down to her ankles, Radella fits the part of the fairy godmother she tries to portray. She carries around a handbag with different odds and ends, including a fan that resembles a magic wand when folded up. Standing at 5'4", she is still rather spry for her age.
    Deck Theme: Disney Animated Features
    General Personality: She is rather bubbly and always manages to have a smile on her face. If the moment moves her, she has a tendency to break out into song in an attempt to cheer up the people she is with. She means well, but she can also be quite annoying.
    Brief Biography: Deep down, she is a kid that never grew up, permanently transfixed with the fantasy world of Disney and the way it makes her feel. While growing up, she had traveled several times to the Disney theme parks with family and could never get enough. Now as an adult, she works in the public school system, teaching first grade and loving every minute of it. In her free time, she wanders the streets of her hometown, spreading good cheer and 'pixie dust' to anyone willing to cross her path.
  9. EmpireForever

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    Mar 15, 2004
    Oh, right, approved by his GMness.

    Name: Maximilian Von Trapp

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    General Appearance: Trapp is of slightly below average height, and has a very slim build. His looks are androgynous, and incredibly attractive, and are often augmented with some kind of make up. His hair is shoulder length, fabulously styled in various ways, and pink, and his attire is often foppish, and, in some cases, outright female in style.

    Deck Theme: Trapp's deck features any and everything fabulous or outrageous. Specializing in pomp, deception, and misdirection, Trapp's seemingly harmless fighter cards are supplemented by a deck bulging with Arte and Response cards.

    General Personality: When winning, Maximilian is cool and calculating, though dandified, and often boasts of his greatness, while making personal jabs at his opponent. When losing, he is prone to fits of outrage, and is often reduced to screaming. However, this behavior has been oft used by him as a feint to lure his opponent into a false sense of security, just before pulling out one of his famous trap cards. He loves explaining how he has just beaten his opponent before actually beating them. Often cries after a loss, and takes all of them personally.

    Brief Biography: Maximilian grew up wealthy, over privileged, and incredibly bored. He searched for different ways to alleviate his boredom. These included different schools(from which he earned several degrees at a young age, being something of a prodigy), extensive exploratory expeditions into unknown regions(discovering an entirely new continent in the process), and varied and exotic extreme sports(sky fencing, deep sea gymnastics, etc.), none of which were able to hold his interest, though he threw himself into the wholeheartedly and with great zeal. Recently, Underground Monster Fighting has caught his attention, though for how long not even he can say.
  10. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    Name: Locke Lamora
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (Camorri/Vadran)
    General Appearance: Completely unremarkable and slightly built. His only noticeable feature are his eyes, which give him an oddly piercing gaze.
    Deck Theme: The Lies of Locke Lamora
    General Personality: Larcenous and too clever by half.
    Brief Biography: Locke is the Thorn of Camorr, a legendary thief said to walk through walls and steal for the poor, a master with a blade and a ghost in the night - and it's all a simple lie.

    Name: Jean Tannen
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (Camorri)
    General Appearance: Tall, muscular, built like a street fighter. His teeth are all slightly crooked and his face has seen better days.
    Deck Theme: The Lies of Locke Lamora
    General Personality: Cautious, introspective, and too clever by half.
    Brief Biography: Jean is Locke's right hand and oldest friend: a true brother in arms. Locke is the brains, and Jean is the brawn - though it's often Jean exhibiting more sense than Locke.
  11. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    GM Approved

    Name: Vaikkö Hanssen
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Race: Scandinavian
    General Appearance: Long blonde hair, 6'2", pale skin, muscular (as in ripped), a black t-shirt with a ripped off midriff and sleeves, with a harness type getup made of chains and spike studded leather, with a logo in the middle, that is a skull with two crossed flying-v type guitars, gaudy, large spike bracelets with large spikes, a belt with a buckle in the same design as what is on the "harness", long black pants that are tucked into golden knee-length boots.
    Deck Theme: Gods of Heavy Metal
    General Personality: Very bombastic and proud, especially of heavy metal. With that said, is usually rocking out to some heavy metal tune, either in his head, or his portable stereo system he likes to carry with him.
    Brief Biography: Vaikkö is a former, washed out heavy metal guitarist, hoping to use this children's card game as a springboard to regain fame and perhaps his record deal.
  12. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    GM Approved!

    Name: Danny Fenton/Phantom
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human-Ghost Hybrid, usually called a "Halfa"
    General Appearance:
    -Human Half:
    -Ghost Half:
    Deck Theme: Ghosts and/or ghost related items and technology.
    General Personality: Confident(though at times loses this), witty, as well as at times being a bit naïve.
    Brief Biography:
    -Series Bio:
    -"Since then" Bio: After the series of events that led to him saving the world from an asteroid, Danny found himself with a lot more time on his hands, mainly due to the lessening ghost problems and no longer having to worry about keeping a secret, and needed something to save himself from boredom. Fortunately, Danny soon discovered the Underground Monster Fighters trading card game and has been addicted ever since...
  13. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Name: Marcus Fairholm
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Pale White Nerdy person (White, Scottish)
    General Appearance: Tall and skinny with a very pale complexion. Has white hair, clearly dyed, that is rather unkempt, like its not been brushed or combed in ages. Wears a black shirt and pants combo with a white lab/trench coat looking thing with more pockets then Marcus himself knows exist.
    Deck Theme: Giant Robots and Sci-Fi Technology
    General Personality: Marcus is very quirky, and very friendly, and mildly mentally unstable. He's an avid (and open) lover of all things Sci-fi, and "Heavy Metal", and the Giant Robot genre. Though he does listen to loud rock music its widely assumed his "Heavy Metal" is reference to the giant robots and ships that have become so abundant in his deck. He often can't decide if he's going to speak with a Scottish accent or a more neutral one. He'll also speak in technobable, most common when he's using a card that is "Best described in manners the average person couldn't comprehend."
    Brief Biography: Marcus is a nerd, and a self proclaimed professor of "Speculative Science". Despite his impressive IQ he never actually finished college. Called it boring and that the teachers were dumbing down the students so that they couldn't make breakthroughs that would make Science Fiction Science Fact. He left to do his own research and makes a living playing video games and card games.
  14. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    The Above was GM approved, I however, am absent minded >.<
  15. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007

    Name: Bale
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Egyptian
    General Appearance: Golden well oiled skin, American blue jeans and a white tanktop, flipflops.
    Deck Theme: Planet Earth
    General Personality: Quiet, intelligent, gives off the air of a man who knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. Not overly cruel, but will not help someone unless it actually involves him or his well being. A dreamer, but a realist. He dreams of greatness and works out a way to get there.
    Brief Biography: Bale is a young guy who has read up on the history of the world and has created his deck accordingly. He has come to this tournament to win and nothing else. His deck mainly consists of countries and political leaders, past and present. He was born in Washington D.C and upon the age of six immediately took a major interest in politics and card games, because the two are increasingly similar. He hates the corruption that has plagued the U.S government and governments around the world, which is why he designed his deck to only reflect absolute power of the Law. He believes in the law and those who oppose it will fall by his hands, the Hand of Justice.

  16. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    ?Head On. Apply directly to the forehead!?

    ?Head On. Apply directly to the forehead!?

    ?Head On. Apply directly to the forehead!?

    ?Annnnd welcome back to ESTC?s 24-hour coverage of the MCBLM Cross-Dimensional UMF Tournament! We?re your hosts Weir and Betta Thanue, and everyone here at the Kiwi Corporation Castle is eagerly anticipating the opening speech from the multiverse?s top card battler, ?R.? Until then, we?ll be providing you with lots of color commentary nobody cares about!?

    ?That?s right, Weir,? Betta replied as the camera shifted over to her, ?And joining us for that exact purpose is the self-declared ?Number One Fan? of ?R,? Yan Dere, who?s also a participant in-?

    [hl=black]?Helllllo everybody out there in TV audience people land! My name?s Yan, nice ta meetcha!?[/hl] a pink haired girl suddenly interrupted, as she shoved her face in front of Betta?s and waved at the camera.

    ?Er?? Betta stammered, ?Like I was saying, Yan is also a participant in the tournament, and she??

    ?SHUT UP OR YOU DIE!? Yan suddenly barked, her voice an entirely different pitch, her expression one of pure rage. Just as abruptly, she switched back to being her normal self. [hl=black]?I?m going to be battling my way all the way to the top! And once I beat my beloved Arry, he?ll fall in love with me for sure! Nothing?s going to stop me!?[/hl]

    ?Positively adorable,? Weir noted, apparently unphased, or perhaps just oblivious. ?Let?s take a look at our leader board now, before the matches begin.?

    ?Weir,? Betta interrupted, ?How can there be a leader board? No one is leading.?

    ?Shut up, Betta.?


    ?But remember,? Weir added, ?No matter who wins this tournament, they?re all winners. Except for the ones who lose.?

    [hl=black]?Which will definitely not be me!?[/hl]

    ?Indeed. Now, it seems ?R? is ready to give his speech. Let?s take you to the courtyard with live footage.?

    [hl=black]?ARRY IS LOVE!?[/hl]

    R stood majestically over the many battlers scattered below, their eyes all on him. He was the World champion, and everybody who is anybody knows that. He was a man of perhaps forty years old, by his appearance, and he had aged with quite the dignified air. His hands were shoved into the pocket at the front of his black hoodie, the hood hanging down his back. His legs were clad in extremely nice designer black slacks and his shoes?black, of course?were equally as prestigious and expensive. His hair, about shoulder length, was swept back sophisticatedly? and it was black, but did we really have to tell you that? His skin, well, go ahead and guess. NOPE! Wroooooong. It was not black, but very pale, though not quite unhealthily so.

    But we digress. R withdrew his hands from their pockets and spread them wide to take in the whole courtyard below him. ?My friends! Welcome to the UMF World Tournament! I have teamed with the prestigious Kiwi Corporation to bring the finest battlers in the world together to further my e?.. er?.. I mean? to find a worthy opponent and maybe the world will find itself a new Card Champion!? There was some screaming, but that may have just been the fangirls. We aren?t totally sure just now.

    ?Now, each of you will notice the Kiwi Brand HolBattler Arm Thingy that is now strapped to your wrist. This will be used to allow you to battle anytime and anywhere. As well, you have been issued 2 Kiwi slices each. They are real, so eat them at your own risk. If nothing else, when you are locked in my dun?. I mean?. Each Battler must collect six slices to proceed to the finals, where you will compete for the chance to battle ME! ?? Silence. ??. Oh? and the ultimate reward!? At this, there was much cheering.

    ?Now, here is the sequence of play. Each battler will begin by shuffling his or her deck. From there, you will insert the deck into the slot marked ?Insert Deck Here, Stupid.? After that?? A
  17. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005

    Name: The Luggage
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: It
    Race: Wood Box
    General Appearance: [image=]
    Deck Theme: Furniture and Lost Baggage
    General Personality: Vaguely malicious, enjoys making people uncomfortable, tends to stare at things even though it has no eyes.
    Brief Biography: Not that much is known about the luggage, as this before it shows up in the discworld books. Before it was purchased by Two-Flower, The Luggage was obsessed with Underground Monster Fighters. It has gone out of it's way to find rare cards to decimate it's opponents with utterly innocuous items.

    my first post will come either later tonight or tomorrow, as a side note.
  18. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Tiffany Belle
    Location: Kiwi Corp. Castle

    Tiffany looked at herself in the mirror of her compact. She took her lipstick and applied to carefully. Hmm, perfect.

    She looked her face over one more time, gave herself a wink, and closed her mirror. Perfect. She looked perfect as usual.

    There was some guy that was talking. Eh, whatever. He was ugly. And a nerd for sure.

    Tiffany didn't like this card dispenser thingy attached to her arm. Her one in Vegas was much less clunky. And, you know, actually looked good. And the fruit theme? Gross. She hated having her famous "Underground Fighting Monster" Vegas Deck in such a retro thingy.

    The woman was out of uniform today. She wore a short jeans skirt and the turquoise top Bally's gave all their showgirls to wear when they went out to official functions. It had her name "Tiffany" embroidered over her left breast. When the battles began tomorrow, she would be in full dress and waiting to kick some butt.

    She looked over the rest of the crowd and wrinkled her nose. What freaks. There were like, two, guys that looked any good. And there were only two other women, some young girl and some old beggar lady. Definite ew. Where do they find these people?

    The woman admired her perfectly matching turquoise nails as the geek finished up and the crowds wouldn't shut up. He seemed like he was finishing. Hrm, one side of her left pinky nail was a little longer than the other. She would have to file that down when she got to her room.

    The crowds gave a big cheer as the geek finished, and the group of battlers were excused. She hated Germany. So cold and clammy. Hm. The woman suddenly had a craving for gum. Perhaps the nerd had a vending machine in his house. She sighed, adjusted her brown hair (in a well kept ponytail of course) and unceremoniously entered the castle through one of its side doors.

    Inside was a large and dull hallway. To most people it would be pretty impressive, but it was nothing Tiffany hadn't seen before.

    TAG: None of you losers [face_talk_hand]

    [b]OOC:[/b] ;) :p>
  19. BartSimpson-SithLord

    BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 24, 2002
    Jeremiah Prideson
    Kiwi Corp. Castle

    Jeremiah stood tall, his back straight as he gathered a view of everyone in the tournament who was gathered around him. There were some who didn't seem too decent, but overall he had a blindingly optimistic opinion of everyone he met. It was for that reason that he sometimes found himself betrayed, though those who betrayed him often found themselves on the wrong side of his deck in a duel.

    As he was admiring everyone gathered, a person appeared above them. It wasn't anyone too spectacular looking, nor did he really command any presence, but Jeremiah recognized him immediately. The man was the target for all who wished to reach the top of this game. It was R.

    ?My friends! Welcome to the UMF World Tournament! I have teamed with the prestigious Kiwi Corporation to bring the finest battlers in the world together to further my e?.. er?.. I mean? to find a worthy opponent and maybe the world will find itself a new Card Champion!? There was some screaming, but that may have just been the fangirls. We aren?t totally sure just now.

    ?Now, each of you will notice the Kiwi Brand HolBattler Arm Thingy that is now strapped to your wrist. This will be used to allow you to battle anytime and anywhere. As well, you have been issued 2 Kiwi slices each. They are real, so eat them at your own risk. If nothing else, when you are locked in my dun?. I mean?. Each Battler must collect six slices to proceed to the finals, where you will compete for the chance to battle ME! ?? Silence. ??. Oh? and the ultimate reward!?

    "HEAR, HEAR!" Jeremiah called out in agreement with the mention of the ultimate reward. He could hear others cheering as well.

    ?Now, here is the sequence of play. Each battler will begin by shuffling his or her deck. From there, you will insert the deck into the slot marked ?Insert Deck Here, Stupid.? After that?? At that moment a kumquat came flying out of the crowd and almost hit R.

    An angry yell of, ?Get on with it, old man!? could be heard. R scanned the crowd menacingly.

    Jeremiah laughed heartily at the eagerness of the young boy, though he disagreed with the method and knew that this would not be the time or the place to challenge R. His suspicion was confirmed when R called out,

    ?Who threw that?? And the boy shyly raised his hand before being carted off.

    ?Do not worry about him, he will be taken out back and? um? returned safely to his mommy and daddy. Now, let us begin! Tonight, there will be the chance to mingle and build rivalries, as well as sabotage each other, making it all the easier for me! Mwuahahah?. Er? I mean? kidding. Tomorrow will be the true beginning of this Tourney. Remember, the most important thing is that my evil agenda is furthered?. Or, uh, rather, HAVE FUN!?

    "HEAR, HEAR!" Jeremiah called again. That was the most important thing, they were here not only for the dreams of becoming the very best, but also to have. For Jeremiah, that meant going beyond the impossible and kicking reason to the curb. The rest of the crowd found also cheered, and Jeremiah felt that, for now, he was in the presence of like minded people.

    With an air of confidence surrounding him, he made his way inside the castle, choosing to explore the workings of the place they would be staying and to find his own quarters. If anyone stopped him for a friendly duel, he would gladly accept and prove his strength in battle.

    "OUTRAGEOUS!" he announced to no one as he entered the castle halls. "Why, this reminds me of the time I had to storm a dungeon in order to duel a demon to save a princess. I call that, 'The One With Hot Dueling a Warm Greetings'. HA HA!"

    TAG: Anyone
  20. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Fangirl
    Kiwi Corp. Castle

    Once upon a time, fangirl aka jobrosrock had been known by the name of Emily. That was years ago though, before she had met her destiny: The Jonas Brothers. Since then all of her sign in names were jobrosrock or the ultimate fangirl as she became known to legendary status within the tween communities her real name of Emily had dropped off. Over 100,000 people followed her on twitter and teen from around the world had donated to send her to this tournament with her deck dedicated to the greatest band to ever grace the stage.

    Glancing at her ipod, fangirl noticed that the Jonas Brothers' first song "[link=]Mandy[/link]" playing and thought how appropriate it was that their first single was playing as she was just about to embark on a journey herself and took it to mean good luck. She flicked the volume up and rocked out to the song that started it all.

    "Get on with it, old man!"

    Fangirl jumped as a shout from next to her rang out. She quickly turned the volume down to find out what was going on. A boy on stage was speaking..."Have fun!" she heard. Well of course she was going to have fun. She had traveled to a gorgeous castle, was decked out in head to toe Jonas gear, her ipod was stocked full of songs to last her throughout the time she spent here, and she had a most treasured item in her pocket. A personal note from the Jonas brothers.

    Dear jobrosrock,

    We heard you are representing us in
    the coolest tournament in the world!
    We hope to hear that you're Burnin' Up
    the competition. Keep in touch! We're
    your biggest fans!

    Kevin, Joe, and Nick

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  21. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Marcus Fairholm

    Marcus was mildly aware that he was surrounded by a large amount of loud people. Obviously. You don't get corralled into a court yard with dozens of people and not notice it. Marcus was also vaguely aware of why they were standing in a court yard. The 'R' Person, that anyone who played UMF with any seriousness knew about, was gonna give a 'thrilling speech' to his competitors or some such.

    Marcus however, was totally oblivious to anything being said, yelled or screamed at the moment. He was honestly lost in his own world. He was instead pondering the cards in his deck while listening to the Epic Masterpiece [link=]Ramund Hin Unge[/link] by Týr on his MP3 player, at maximum volume output.

    He was however brought of of this by the sensation of something flying past his head. This only brought him halfway out of his little trance however, while he was paying Visual attention now to R, who had some sorta produce all over him, he still couldn't hear a damn thing. Maybe he said something stupid? Marcus thought for a moment before being pulled back down to his hands and the cards there in.

    I need to keep the Z-01Z Lancelot Albion... But I don't necessarily need the Z-01/A Lancelot Frontier to use it... Should I replace it with a Mercury-class Battlestar or a ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom? Sigh... decisions decisions... Oh! Another Annular Confinement Beam... he was again drawn out of his little world by cheering, cheering so loud it drowned out his music. This, was bothersome.

    Sighing he paused his music and pulled his headphones out just in time to have the loud screams deafen him for a split second. joy... He thought popping his hears to deal with the annoying shift in sensitivity. He looked around at the rest of the duelers in the courtyard. There were your standard people you expect to see in a crowd.

    Your average Joes and Janes. Some fangirl decked out in paraphernalia for a boy band that can't half sing. One guy who looked way to excited to be here. Another woman who looked like all the preppy girls he'd seen in high school and college. The only person he saw that me might have anything to talk to about looked like he was on his way to The Ragnarök Metal Festival and took a wrong turn. ?Right Country, wrong gathering of people.? Marcus thought to himself.

    Shrugging Marcus moved his way through the crowed towards said 'metal head' ?Yo!? he started, ?Looks like we kinda stick out. Though for different reasons clearly. From the look of ya 'seems like your inta Metal. Same here. Figure we're gonna be here for a while we may as well find someone to talk to about something the two people have in common.?

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  22. EmpireForever

    EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 15, 2004
    Maximilian Von Trap

    ...was bored, his eyes half open as he listened to the incredibly old man giving his speech. He yawned in the most exaggerated way possible, to display to anyone who could see him that he was, at this time, not taking an interest in anything going on around him. That he was, in fact, very far above it, and that, at any second, he may just leave and find something more appealing to do. Preferably something blonde.

    After some commotion the speech was finally over, and people began milling about, Maximilian refrained from milling, as it seemed all too pedestrian for him. Instead, he flipped his longish hair which had fallen slightly into his face, and strode quite purposefully towards the interior of the castle, making sure to not look in the direction he was going, but instead down and to the right just a touch. In his left hand he held a walking cane, which he hardly needed, and ground it into the earth forcibly with each pace. He wore an inverness cape over his three piece tyrian purple suit, the est of which sported numerous buttons in several rows, and had a very high, stiff neck that came up to his jaw. His shirt had a Grafton collar, and a regency neck cloth was tied in a bow around his neck. He might have been wearing a, but he never went in for hats, especially not when he had hair as magnificent as his own.

    His attention was once again brought to the giant thing attached to his right arm. He would not be caught dead in such a thing normally, and decided he would simply have to get a new one which didn't make him want to die every time he looked at it. Kiwi Corporation indeed. He rolled his eyes and continued striding.

    He had found himself inside the entrance hall of the castle. It was gaudy. And he yawned yet again. If only something interesting would happen for a change without him having to make it interesting. For now he pulled out a compact mirror and began to look at himself, what he considered the only thing worth looking at given the circumstances.

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  23. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Danny Fenton
    Kiwi Corp. Castle

    Danny listened attentively for about the first half sentence or so before deducing it was the same information that had been on the information sheet they had been given the week before. So rather than waste time hearing the same information over again, something that reminded him far to much of school, he studied the device on his arm.

    The layout was similar enough to his usual one, but was a bit bulkier and the design, well he preferred his own. To think he had only started playing the game a few months ago to relieve the boredom that came with the decreasing ghost problems and now he was so far into the game as to be concerned over something as insignificant as the design of his card dispenser/battle arm.

    Of course, trading card games had always been addicting, and the fact that this one was played across multiple dimensions made it even more so. When he had learned that the cards themselves were also drawn from the various dimensions, he had thrown himself into collecting a deck that fit him, and perhaps only him. It had paid off.

    Going through his deck on last time he then took the time to take in who his competition would be. It didn't take long for him to realize he hadn't met any of the people here before, and with a smile, thought of how it would be nice to make some new friends in the game. As soon as the mysterious "R" was done speaking, not that Danny had been listening, having read enough about it from the information sheet, he chose to enter the castle and start exploring what would be the battleground for the tournament.

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  24. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Approved by both GMs

    Name: Toshiko Sato

    Age: ? 28
    Gender: Female
    Race: Earth human - British, partly raised in Japan.
    General Appearance: Five foot, three inches. Slim, dark straight shoulder length hair that parts in an inverted V over her right eye. Too much?
    Deck Theme: Torchwood alien technology, Doctor Who aliens and technology that has featured in Torchwood, or the Torchwood Institute may logically have encountered it, anything from contemporary Earth and it?s mythologies.

    General Personality: A diva with technology, but generally socially awkward and easily. She has just been fatally shot at the end of Torchwood Season Two, so this may change.

    Brief Biography: Worked for the Ministry of Defence till her mother was kidnapped, and she was forced to build a sonic modulator to get her back.

    UNIT, the Unified Intelligence Taskforce arrested her along with the kidnappers as soon as the device was tested, and she was incarcerated until given the chance to work for Torchwood 3 in Cardiff, Wales, led by Captain Jack Harkness.

    She was fatally shot by Jack's damaged brother Grey, inside the Torchwood facility, while trying to comfort unrequited love, Owen, who was also about to die, trapped inside a nuclear reactor that was about to flood with radiation.
    Answers to the name of "Lucky."

    Actually answers to "Tosh".


    * * * *

    Since I need to have at least two characters to work with, I requested the placing of this npc.

    Name: Moe
    Age: ?
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cloned Sentinel from Byss.
    General Appearance: Nine foot high, dark armour and cloak, two glowing red eyes.
    Deck Theme: n/a

    General Personality: Friendly.

    Brief Biography: Working as a steward in the RPF/EUC Lightsabre Tournament. Nothing much happening there for him or my contestant, so I would like him doing a similar role here, please.
  25. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Locke Lamora and Jean Tannen
    Kiwi Corporation Castle

    "I have two Kiwi slices."

    "Indeed. What in the name of the Crooked Warden is a Kiwi slice?"

    "I dunno, some kind of fruit maybe."

    "Sounds weird."

    "You're one to talk, Lukas Fehrwight, alias Orrin Ravelle, alias-"

    "All right, all right, Jerome, keep it under your hat! Gods, you think it's easy remembering so many names?"

    "Locke. Please, it's me."

    "...yeah, it is actually pretty fun."

    "I thought as much."

    The two thieves stood side by side staring at the board, as if by concentrating hard enough they could suss the trick to the ranks.

    "Look at that, I'm higher up than you are."

    "Oh, like hell you are...son of a-" a nearby fellow's outburst of "outrageous" here cut off Locke, "- you are! Sanza brother trickery, I say."

    Jean grimaced. "Locke, please."

    His compatriot was already nodding. "I know. I'm sorry. Too...hell, it'll always be too soon. We should have gone to ground. Calo and Galdo and Bug would still be-"

    Jean glared sharply at Locke, who got the hint.

    "Okay, okay, not starting that again."

    Jean smiled. "Good."

    There was a pause.

    "That trunk has feet."


    "Like, hundreds of little feet."

    "...that's damned singular."

    "More like plural."

    "You win, Jean. I'm not one to argue with a warrior-scholar."

    "That what they call me now?"

    "Well, no, but I can't really say those names to your face and get away with it."

    Jean grinned.

    Locke grinned.

    There was another pause.

    "You think it's got anything inside it? Like money?"

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