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directions to New Year's Eve party

Discussion in 'Idaho Falls, ID' started by nordicgal, Dec 27, 2003.

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  1. nordicgal

    nordicgal Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 12, 2002
    Hey, everyone!

    I hope this works!

    The Idaho Falls Star Wars Alliance is having its annual Christmas/New Year?s party this year on Wednesday, December 31. It is being held at Alan?s and my house at 767 Reed Ave. in Idaho Falls. Festivities start at 8:00 pm.

    To get to our house, follow these directions:
    Drive west down Broadway towards Reeds Dairy.
    At Skyline, take a right at the light. You will see Walker Video, The Crossing,
    Karnations, and the Unfinished Furniture place.
    Turn left onto the first street that you can ? Raymond.
    Immediately turn right onto Reed Ave.
    We are the 4th house on the left. We have a large spruce tree in the front yard
    and 2 barrels with small trees in them under our big window. The house
    is painted light blue (almost white).

    If you need more help, our number is 524-8890.

    Everyone needs to bring a dish to share. Alan and I will provide cheese dip ? you need to bring the rest. Check the thread about the party on to see what everyone else is bringing.

    Also, bring your own beverages. Since this is not an official club meeting, alcoholic beverages are allowed, but we ask that you please drink responsibly and make arrangements for a ride home if you?ve had too many drinks to safely drive.

    We are also having a ?white elephant? gift exchange. This means that you need to bring a small gift ($5 or less) to give to someone else. Wrap it up, but don?t put any names on it. The gift should work for either a guy or a gal. Gag gifts are OK, but please no ?dirty? or ?naughty? gifts!!!!

    Finally, we respectfully ask that no small children come to the party. Since we do not have children, our house is not ?kid-proof,? and we do have a flight of stairs. Please make arrangements for the little ones.

    That?s it! Hope to see you next Wednesday night!

    Laura & Alan

    PS ? We have 2 dogs and a cat, and although we will isolate the animals away from the party, those of you with allergies may want to take your allergy pills before coming over.

Thread Status:
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