Saga Discovery ~ (ANH AU, Reposted)

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    Discovery - (A NEW HOPE AU)

    Summary: Leia learns that her longtime family friend Mia is so much more
    to her in her life than she could ever have imagined. Her Mother


    Tatooine Space


    The ship rocked as the continued assault from Darth Vader's stardestroyer
    beaded down Princess Leia Organa's vessel, until it lay dead in space.

    " Princess, they will board the ship at any moment." Cried that of C-3PO.
    Padme shook her head. After all this time, that droid hadn't changed in
    the least.

    " Mother, what will we do?" Leia asked from her seat on the sofa in her
    rooms on her ship.

    Eirtae Organa looked at her daughter, then into the eyes of Padme
    Amidala. The one Leia only knew as Mia, her Nanny as a child, and her
    closest friend and aide now as her teen years came to a close. Eirtae's
    daughter Siecara Organa, only fourteen, looked at her older sister in
    fright. " Don't get excited Leia. They won't get us." Siecara told her sister

    " You're so naive sometimes." Leia said, shaking her head.

    " Be nice Leia. Now isn't the time." Mia said. Leia looked into the woman's
    dark eyes that matched her own. The woman was not only afraid of the
    Empire capturing them. There was something else too. Leia couldn't really
    place it, but she could have sworn Mia's greatest worry was only for her
    right now. Not for the fourteen-year-old minor in the room, or the ruling
    princess of Alderaan herself.

    " Yes, Mia." Leia said.

    " You think he'll know?" Eirtae asked Mia, looking at Leia with deep
    concerned eyes.

    " Has he ever seen her before?" asked Mia.

    " No." Eirtae said.

    " Then lets keep it that way, and we won't have to worry." Mia said,
    patting Leia's hair as if she were a child.

    Siecara looked at the two women confused. * Don't worry.* a voice said in
    Siecara's mind. She looked at Leia across the room, as the ship rocked
    again. Leia smiled, trying to comfort her younger sister, as she always did
    when times were bad.

    But no kind words would protect them against the dark force that was
    knocking down there door now.

    Siecara could feel it in her bones.



    n another part of the ship, R2-D2 moved along the corridors in a frightened
    pace. People were hurrying about him, as the doors from outside, on the left wall
    about ten feet to his right, began to make a buzzing sound. It was then the
    droid quickly realized that people were going to come in from the other side.
    Vader's ship had caught them. That meant the Princess and her two daughters
    were in grave danger. He had to get to Mia and fast. Isn't that what Obi-Wan
    had told him once? Should there be danger, tell Mia? Mia, who was Mia? As the
    tiny droi
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    This will be reposted in about four parts.

    Look for the second half by Monday morning. :)
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    Oooh, very nice. I like it a lot.
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    ***Slaps Vader!***

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    Thanks guys. :)

    Leia found her way slowly to the Aldera Palace through a long walk
    through the city. Building's near the Palace were nothing now abut
    piles of rocks and dust. The few people that were still around were
    walking around crying and others lay on the ground dying in their
    loved one's arms.

    The princess swallowed back her own tears and forced herself to
    continue on. Her family was inside the palace and needed her. She
    had to continue on.

    It was a longtime but she found her way inside. It wasn't hard to
    be guided to the High Council chamber as it was one of the few
    structures that still remained standing on its own.

    She suddenly could hear a girl screaming in grief and sorrow.

    The pained voice she knew instantly.


    Leia ran into the Council chamber as fast as her legs could carry
    her. Her sister was hovered above a body on the floor.

    Obi-Wan had his arms around her.

    Luke was there too. On the other side of the body.

    Han was there. Standing...Watching.

    Leia stared, watching this picture.

    This couldn't be happening.

    Han turned around as if sensing she was there. His blue-grey eyes
    edged in pain at the sight of her. She followed his gaze back to the
    body on the floor.

    It was then Leia noticed the crest that was on the left arm sleeve
    of the body's white robes. It was the family crest of the Organa
    royal family. Only the ruling monarch wore it. Her father.

    Her father was the body on the floor.

    The dead body.

    There was no life in him.

    "Noooooooo." Leia screamed, running toward her father and sister.
    Han caught her tightly in his arms.

    "Leia it's to late." He whispered in her hair.

    "No, let me go." She sobbed.

    Luke stood and faced his sister.

    "He's right Leia. It's over. I'm sorry."

    Leia's eyes went wide as if finally hearing those words for the first
    time. Her father was dead, and there was no saving him. It was to

    Leia broke down then, and Han still held her. Rocking her back and
    forth as she grieved for the only one she ever knew as her father.



    Aldera City Outskirts

    Three hours later


    "Has she moved much since you arrived?," asked Obi-Wan Kenobi
    as Luke, Siecara, and himself entered the Organa House that sat
    just outside of Aldera city. It was where the Organa family often
    vacationed away from the Palace.

    Han shook his head no, and then turned back to the devastated
    Princess Leia who sat before him in the small kitchen. Her dark
    brown eyes were large and sad. It had only been an hour since she
    had stopped crying. She still hadn't spoke to him though. That
    worried Han greatly.

    "We must learn what h
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