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    I was checking out TechCrunch the other day and saw [link=http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/12/16/exclusive-ex-myspace-execs-launch-gravity-into-private-beta/]This[/link]. It details a new startup company called Gravity, created by three former high-level employees of Myspace. They're creating a product called Gravity. This is many things, as I take it, one of which is the evolution of the message board. Click the link above to get more information on Gravity.

    When I found this, I was very interested in it. The article states clearly: "At a high level Gravity is an evolution on forums". That intrigued me because it brought up something I hadn't really thought about; forums have not changed much over the past decade. There are different styles, many with the ability to have add-ons/applications and what-not, but they mainly remain the same as they were in the early '90's, from what I've seen. So, what do you guys think on this subject?

    Btw, go to [link=http://www.gravity.com]Gravity's Homepage[/link] to sign up to get a private invite.
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    So it's basically like mashing twitter, BBS, facebook, etc. together? Perhaps I'll be more enthused by actually using it.
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    I'm interested in seeing how this evolves too There seems to be a paradigm shift from static conversations on message boards to realtime chatting on social networking sites.
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    I just got my invite yesterday. Did anyone else?