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    I was checking out TechCrunch the other day and saw This. It details a new startup company called Gravity, created by three former high-level employees of Myspace. They're creating a product called Gravity. This is many things, as I take it, one of which is the evolution of the message board. Click the link above to get more information on Gravity.

    When I found this, I was very interested in it. The article states clearly: "At a high level Gravity is an evolution on forums". That intrigued me because it brought up something I hadn't really thought about; forums have not changed much over the past decade. There are different styles, many with the ability to have add-ons/applications and what-not, but they mainly remain the same as they were in the early '90's, from what I've seen. So, what do you guys think on this subject?

    Btw, go to Gravity's Homepage to sign up to get a private invite.
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    So it's basically like mashing twitter, BBS, facebook, etc. together? Perhaps I'll be more enthused by actually using it.
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    I'm interested in seeing how this evolves too There seems to be a paradigm shift from static conversations on message boards to realtime chatting on social networking sites.
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    I just got my invite yesterday. Did anyone else?