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Discussion in 'FanForce Project Runway' started by Obi Anne, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Obi Anne FF manager Celebrations

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    So the rules need to be set firm before we even announce the contest.

    Sarah has suggested that we limit the tools that they are allowed to use, for example no embroidery machines or knitting machines. A person shouldn't have a big advantage just because they happen to have more machines at home. Since I'm not too sure on what kind of stuff we are talking about here I'd like to hear what people think should be allowed, and what not. Of course an ordinary sewing machine will be allowed.

    For the contestants I also want to have it in the rules that if they can't show how they have made their final product, then they are disqualified, i.e they should submit photos of materials used and the construction as well as the final thing.

    When it comes to a budget I would like to limit the allowed costs to $10, not counting material that can be found in the home. The final product shouldn't consist of materials worth more than $30.

  2. Jedi_Dajuan Administrator Emeritus

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    I really like limiting the tools idea, that should level the playing field pretty well. Though, I would suggest lowering the final price to maybe $20, $30 seems like a lot for that many weeks worth of contest.
  3. Jedi Girl of Corellia Manager Emeritus

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    Well... here's some things I think should be added to the list of things that will not be allowed.

    • Knitting Machine

    • Emboidery Machine

    • Quilting machine

    • Serger or overlock machine

    • Computer Pattern Drafting Programs

    • Industrial Pattern Grading Tools

    • Steamer

    What is allowed:

    • Any form of non-motorized cutting apparatus

    • 1 sewing machine that consists of basic stitches and only a few decorative stitches

    • Dress Form or Duct Tape Dummy (and if any of the contestants don't have one I can easily forward them the instructions on how to make one)

    • Iron, one with verticle steaming capabilities should be ok

    • Crochet or Knitting tools, actually any hand aparatus should be allowed, tatting shuttles, inkle looms etc... (there are waaay to many to list, I know limiting it to the creation of wearable things may be something to do so we can be more specific)

    And I'll be coming up with more, but those are the initial things off the top of my head.

    As for the budget I think we should set a maximum amount to be spent, as I know some of the more experiances seamstresses will undoubtedly have many materials already on hand, and actually having a budget that low may limit the resources of some. If we're talking costumes here, or even crocheting, $10 is not very much. I know each Afghan I make usually will cost me at least $30 in yarn. Perhaps each challenge we can vary the budget on how much we think on average the project may cost. Maybe even allow the remainder in the budget to be rolled over to the next challenge? Kinda an incentive for being able to get as many bargains as possible?

    The documentation of the construction process is a great idea. That one should be a must.
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