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    I thought we could use this thread to post comments and or idea's for the story posted in the LONG ROAD OF THE SITH.... What do you guys think???

    So far I must say that the unknown future of our hero's by the spooky kid is my favorite! The idea behind a possiable future already foreseen by Luke is most disturbing!!! Keep up the great work dude!!! And if anybody else has idea's feel free to jump in!!!!


    Anbody at all????
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    Ideas & Questions

    How long after ROTJ is our story taken place?

    Who of the Rebel Alliance is still alive?
    Mon Montha, Gen. Madine, Luke, Han, Lando, Adm. Ackbar, ect.

    Who of the Empire is still alive? Commanders and other military leaders/Garrisons that where in other parts of the Galaxy when the Battle of Endor took place.

    Could Leia be some what trained as a jedi by now and her and Luke is now training padawans to rebuild the Jedi?

    Are there any Garrisons/Military leaders/Politicians still around that resist the Rebublic/Alliance or atleast are still corrupt?

    Has the rebel alliance taken over/rebuilt Coruscant or built a new Republic on a different Planet?
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    You will never totally rid yourself of my Empire. The Rebel Alliance has no hope. [face_devil]
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