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    Hi everyone. I couldn't find a thread on this, so just wanted to create one to discuss the highly underrated 1994 Lflm. production "Radioland M******". I just recently saw this (twice), and really enjoyed the movie. I remember when this came out in 1994, but it didn't get much attention at that time for some reason.

    RM is a great homage to old-time radio shows of the '30's and '40's, before TV took over as the primary source of entertainment (at least in the U.S.). I would categorize the film as a dark comedy/mystery, with some great performances and a great story. As with any good period piece, the costumes/sets really make you feel like you are in the 1940's.

    Also, to eagle-eyed Lflm. fans, RM has cameos by both
    Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark. Both CC and BH had solid roles in 1973's "American Graffiti".

    Anyway, post any thoughts/discussion on RM here.
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    I do remember they shot this film very quickly, with several setups a day. It was also a early cinematic testing ground for some of the digital fx techniques Lucas had pioneered on television with Young Indy.

    This film had an excellent cast too. It's far from my favorite Lucas film but it has its moments.

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    Any reason why Mhurders is being starred out??? :confused:


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    In Swahili, Urders means ************. We must show respect to our Swahili brothers.
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