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Disney at Oakland, Tink on the 9th!

Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by DarkLordSid, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. DarkLordSid

    DarkLordSid Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 3, 2004

    One tidbit that Old Master K. neglected to mention was our running into someone from the media there Sunday night. I don't have his card handy, so I'll have to fill in his name later. He told us (reminded me actually, I'd heard of this event before) about the exhibit at the Oakland Museum of Disney artifacts. In particular he mentioned that they have the original prototype Mr. Lincoln along with part of his packing crate for the World's Fair. He said it was really not to be missed...

    So let's not miss it.

    How about we plan an outing up there sometime before Aug 20th?

    Don't think we can tie this in with a Boardwalk outing, kind of opposite ends of the area, so we'd have to pick one or the other in that timeframe.

    Either way, I'm REALLY tempted to go next weekend (July 9th) as there is an extra treat...

    Margaret Kerry, the original Tinker Bell live-action reference model for Disney's film Peter Pan, will meet and greet her fans as part of the museum's BEHIND THE MAGIC-50 YEARS OF DISNEYLAND exhibition. Margaret Kerry is the actress/dancer/mime chosen by Disney animator/designer Marc Davis in 1951 to portray the iconic fairy. She will chat with visitors, do informal storytelling, and sign autographs. Kerry, 77, will also show two short films from the making of Peter Pan and hand out surprises from her Tinker Bell Tent. Kerry travels widely to meet her public and loves interacting with children, who still clap their hands and believe in fairies 50 years after Tinker Bell first flew with Peter Pan. July 9 falls on one of the museum's free Second Sundays. A visit with Tinker Bell is included in the separate admission fee for the BEHIND THE MAGIC show.

    (the pic of her is so adorable, she looks like she is one of those "never grow up" types that just has tons of energy and enthusiasm that is so infectious...)

    The exhibit goes next to Japan, so it's the last time this coast we'll get to see it. Weekend of the 16th they have another event to come dressed as your favorite Disney character. That weekend I'll be busy with family, but it's another good one for you costume fiends, especially with Pirates opening the previous weekend...
  2. Master--Kenobi

    Master--Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 8, 2003
    Ohhh sounds like a plan...we will have to all talk about this.
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