PT Do you Consider Anakin Being placed inside the Darth Vader Suit an Iconic Star Wars Moment?

Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by SkywalkerJedi02, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I think it is powerful when Anakin is put in the suit, and I also like the juxtaposition with Padme giving birth. The best part is when the mask is lowered onto his face, there's a little piercing sound that resembles a dentist's drill, and then after a pause, Vader breathes his first breath, which sends the mist above him swirling. The "No-o-o-o-o!" comes a little a later, and I do think it's the weakest part, but I certainly don't think it ruins the overall scene.

    The other thing is I don't know how else GL could've ended it. Vader's first question has to be about Padme. Protecting her has been his sole purpose throughout the film. And it has to end in a huge release of anger when he realizes that Padme has died because of his own actions. Maybe GL could've had Vader make some primal sounds of anger as he tears apart the medical lab using the Force, but I'm not sure that would've gone over any better than the big "No-o-o-o!"

    GL had to end it with something big there, and I don't think he had that many options.

    (I also think the blu-ray "No-o-o-o!" is a little shorter than the film's original, or maybe it just seems that way.)
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    The scene gave me chills. A soft version of Imperial March followed by the first breath was the best part. Honestly, I would've cut the scene there instead of him throwing the temper tantrum and the NOOOOO afterwards.
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    To be honest, I share Camille Paglia's ecstatic assessment of the last forty-five minutes of ROTS.

    She's kinda getting (lightly) laughed at and jeered for her passionate re-telling of how it all goes down, but I'm with her all the way.

    Here it is -- with a transcript of the main part of her speech/performance below:

    How tepid contemporary art seems compared to the passionate quality of this finale with this huge musical score that was recorded at the Abbey Road studio in London. I say it's like a Black Mass and you're getting this tremendous duel that's like dance theatre: the longest duel ever filmed is this duel and there was no computer speeding-up. These two actors -- Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor -- did (hands waving) that for months. They learned this swordplay and it's absolutely phenomenal. It is dance. This is contemporary dance. So you get this music and the passionate emotion. The love-hate between these two men. The whole thing's like a Pucinni opera. You have this huge -- it's like romantic nature painting, the apocalyptic landscape of the lava.

    And you get this theme.

    Lucas crosscuts the destruction of the Senate chamber going on on the planet of Coruscant. So you get this theme of the destruction of politics going on at the same moment. And you have the destruction of industry going on. Because as these two guys are wrestling around they throw off the whole control panels and the whole industrial complex of the planet Mustafar starts degenerating going "woooo" and you get these girders -- "wer-cheee" -- in the lava like this.

    And then, the revelation, after thirty years.

    How did Darth Vader get born? Who is Darth Vader? How did he end up to be robot man? How did that happen? There it is. We see the handsome Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. He loses his arms and his legs and he catches on fire from the volcano. He incinerates. All these horrors and so on. And then finally his broken body is taken with surgical droids putting him together. It's like a "Frankenstein's Monster" thing. Cross-cutting to Natalie Portman dying in childbirth. Luke and Leia whom we met, we met! "Luke", "Leia". They're born. And then, after all these horrors...

    Incredible control. Unbelievable control of tone.

    Luke and Leia are separated because no-one knows they exist. And they're taken to distant planets. And one is a beautiful planet based on Switzerland -- it is footage of Switzerland -- with mountains and valleys. And the other one is a desert planet: Tatooine with its double suns. And so you get this amazing thing. Strong man arriving with baby. Baby handed off to other strong man. Strong man sitting with wife against great landscape. It is so beautiful. And Lucas himself, after his divorce, retired for two years to raise his adopted children. So it's like an incredible personal reference there. First of all, I think that that is extremely progressive, to end with this idea of the tenderness of men toward babies: not just children, but toward babies. And it ends with -- absolutely gorgeous. And I say, "My God!" Nothing has been produced -- I'm serious. Nothing, in the last thirty years, in any of the arts, has been produced, as emotionally compelling and significant as the finale of Revenge Of The Sith.
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    Oh man, I randomly stumbled upon this lady and her analysis a couple of months ago. Then I look into what other people thought about what she stated. She was mostly ridiculed and I can completely understand why.

    BUT, while many people think her last statement (from the post above mine) is ludicrous, I, on the other hand, feel very similarly. Of course I haven't seen all works of art from the last 30 years, but from what I've seen so far, her statement pretty much describes my feelings about the finale of RotS.

    EDIT: This is my first post in this thread, so I should answer its question. Yes, I do consider Anakin being put into Vader's suit an iconic moment.
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    For my money, it's the second most iconic moment in the saga, the first being Vader throwing Palpatine down the shaft.
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    I couldn't of said it better myself

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    Anakin being put into the suit is definitely memorable, to say the very least. I mean there are some instances prone to controversy such as the "Noooo!" scream, and some people even going so far as to say that Hayden didn't belong in the iconic suit of armor because he was too whiny whilst Vader was not. Personally, an aspect that I didn't particularly care for was that Hayden as Vader was too small in comparison to Shaw. This makes no sense, in my opinion, as Vader couldn't get bigger with time due to the fact that he was mostly made up of cyborg parts and all that. In light of that I somewhat think that an actor who resembled Shaw more closely should have been cast. Anyway, one could poke and prod at strengths/faults all day, but the bottom line is who can forget Hayden's being placed into the suit, shouting "no!", and walking for the first time whilst in the armor? It was unforgettable.
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    Yeah, I do. It's pretty much the very moment the entire PT had been leading up to.
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    One of the best scenes in the whole saga but spoilt by that "noooooo" scream.
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