Discussion Do you think it will be explained in Ep VII why Han does not like robots?

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    Yes I agree. Wonderful symbolism in that scene. :p
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    who does he dislike more, droids or bugs?

    *runs to freezer to get some ice cream*
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    When you put your points across so clearly and succinctly, I have no option but to change my opinion. You sir, have done the impossible, and changed my mind ;)
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    I know this is not directly concerning the Han Solo part of this thread- but its inferred in ANH there is a big mistrust of droids in the galaxy like in the Cantina where the barman tells Luke and Obi Wan that they dont serve their kind in here. I think this fits in really well with the PT as the Seperatist droid army must have laid waste to many a planet in the clone wars. Maybe Han Solo's planet suffered (not sure on EU here)
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    That's a really good analysis, never thought about it that way.

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    I AM Han Solo so I can tell you exactly why I hate droids. They're soulless, humorless know-it-all braniacs that're absolutely worthless in a fight. And, oh yeah, they lack imagination and have absolutely the worst sense of timing.
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    It really doesn't need to be addressed, but if it were it would probably be in the Han Solo spin-off movie, in the same vein they explained Harrison Ford's chin scar in Indy 3 by having him accidentally whip himself as a kid (on the circus train).