Docking Bay: Golden Orbit and T99IG need crew

Discussion in 'North' started by timbolton, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Our friends and partners in the Docking Bay collective (the united front of Star Wars fandom and costuming!!! ;) ), the 99th Imperial Garrison ([link=]T99IG[/link]), have been invited to help at the [link=]Golden Orbit[/link] fairs - costuming and entertaining the crowds that come along. T99IG has asked member groups of the Docking Bay collective to invite their members, so here I am.

    If you want to get involved as crew for the 99th Imperial Garrison at the Golden Orbit events, please go to their message forum and post your interest - this is because it's part of their insurance policy that to attend as crew you have to post attendance on their message forum. All members of Fan Force UK (North and elsewhere) will be welcome at these events as crew for T99IG or just as members of the public.

    Events on so far -


    23 Feb is our joint meet with FF-UK Scotland so I doubt any of us can go, but I'll attend the Liverpool one unless there is something I have forgotten to write in my diary.
Thread Status:
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