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    An Eleven Doctors fic. I own nothing. Some Companions will show, others not. 'Psychotic pepperpot' is used with permission from Jedi_Ben from

    If you wish for PMs, please let me know. :)

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    Here we go!
    Chapter One: Excitement?
    For once, there was no crisis to go to. For once, a small blue police box flew along the corridors of space and time with little or no direction. The last remnant of Gallifrey, a type-40 TARDIS, meandered along close to the Kurgon Wonder, a distortion in time.

    Aboard the transdimensional craft, a pair of humans by the names of Amy Pond and Rory Williams-Pond swam around in the pool. Amy glided up to her husband and splashed him, giggling all the while. ?Come on, then!? she shouted, flashing her love a toothy grin.

    Rory splashed back, moving closer to Amy. ?And what would the spunky Misses Pond have her centurion be doing to her?? he asked, holding his arms out and enveloping her in a hug. He leaned in for a kiss...

    ?Excuse me, are you two busy?? A tongue was clicked. ?I've got some good news for the both of you-a vacation!?

    Both Amy and Rory drifted apart slightly and groaned, looking up as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor skipped in. He stood over the pool and grinned. ?I've got a perfect place for us to head off to,? he said. He turned and walked away, waving over his shoulder. ?Well, come on then!?

    Amy leaned over the pool's edge. ?Well, give us a few minutes to dry off and change!? she shouted after him.

    The Doctor paused and turned around. ?Why? Do you really think some water is going to harm anything in the control room??

    Rory spoke up. ?You mean around the exposed wiring and other electrical stuff?? He sniffed slightly. ?Oh, yeah. Perfectly safe.?

    A sigh escaped the Time Lord. ?Okay, get dressed and dried up. But not in that order, since it would defeat the purpose of drying up.? He spun around on his heel and marched out of the pool room.

    Amy planted her hands on the tiled edge of the pool and pushed herself up and out of the pool, Rory following. She held her hand out to him and they followed the Doctor out and eventually to the control center. Amy let go of Rory's hand and circled around the Doctor's flank, leaning over one of the consoles. ?So, where to Doctor? Back to Earth, Barcelona, Skaro?? She waggled her eyebrows as he turned to her and shrugged. ?What? Might be a nice little jaunt.?

    The Doctor gave her a wall-eyed stare before returning to the controls. He pulled down a lever and pulled back on a plunger. ?I was thinking of something with a little less radiation. Well, less lethal radiation.? He looked to Amy, then to Rory who had settled on the opposite side. ?I was thinking of the Eye of Orion, actually.? The image of a tranquil glen appeared on several of the monitors. ?Positive ions bombarding the entire surface of the planet,? he exclaimed, suddenly jumping back. He spun around on his heel and ran off around the outer perimeter of the control center. ?Peaceful, tranquil, and will lift your spirits to the outer edges of the universe!?

    The Scottish redhead crossed her arms and snorted. ?Boring, you mean.?

    Rory nodded in her direction. ?We're not exactly looking for certain death, but something that won't put us to sleep.? He made eye contact with Amy. ?Well, a bit exciting, right? Not too much.?

    Amy nodded. ?Yeah, just a little.? She held up her hand brought her thumb and index fingers together. ?Just a little bit of excitement?? She stuck her lower lip out. ?Please, Doctor??

    A sigh escaped the Doctor as he walked around to another part of the console. ?I suppose-? He was interrupted as the entire deck tilted, sending him spinning away from the console. ?Well, this is fun!? he shouted, tumbling to the wall and one of the roundels.

    Amy and Rory grabbed onto the console, Rory inching over to Amy. ?What the hell's going on?? he half-shouted over a very loud screech.

    A large sphere of translucent energy suddenly flashed into existence in one of the op
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    I wasn't expecting to see the Dalek from "Dalek"! :eek: :D And I love how it/he disapproves of the new Dalek paradigm. Heee! :D

    Also -

    Daleks have no CONCEPT of personal space.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Dalek dialogue is always fun to write. [face_peace] I'm looking forward to more of this. :)
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    Idrelle-He was present from the beginning of the concept of this fic, when it was supposed to be Ten he appears in front of. ;) Yeah, he hates the design and so do I. :p No, they don't have a concept of personal space. Why would they? ;) Hope you like.

    Here we go!

    Chapter Two: Stealing Time
    The Doctor ran around back to a typewriter implanted in the control pedestal and began typing at it. ?Right, then! Off to the Eye of Orion!? He jabbed a finger at the Dalek. ?It is time for you to learn how to have fun, Dalek! Alpha, Beta and Omega can't be the only Daleks to live and laugh and have fun!? he ran across the console, jabbing at buttons, pulling levers and stopping to play some pinball.

    The Dalek moved forward, eyestalk never wavering from the Doctor. ?Daleks have no concept of 'fun'. We perform our duties and then await further orders. What does a Dalek need of fun??

    Rory and Amy walked up behind the Dalek, Amy leaning on the back of its casing. ?Well, the Doctor just mentioned three Daleks who had fun! Come on, give it a chance!?

    The Dalek's dome rotated around to face Amy. ?The Heretics were given a human factor that enabled them to feel emotions beyond hate. It sparked a civil war that nearly ended our species.? The eyestalk swiveled around again. ?You did that to them.?

    The Doctor kept his eyes on the controls. ?It was either that or have the Dalek factor implanted into humans. Human Daleks. Humans with the mindset of Daleks and hands. Why would I want that?? He held up his hand and waggled the fingers around, staring at them. ?Do you know what you can do with a hand, much less two??

    Any response was cut off when the Doctor suddenly dropped to his knees, clutching his abdomen and gritting his teeth. His eyes opened wide and he stumbled back, ending up against one of the railing separating the inner perimeter from the outer edges.

    Amy and Rory were by his side in seconds. Amy grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down to the deck. Rory touched the side of his throat, then let out a groan. ?I don't have a clue what's normal for someone with two hearts,? he admitted. ?Not to mention the probably two billion or so other differences between a Time Lord and a plain ordinary human.? He glanced up as the Dalek approached. ?Can you scan him with your eye thingie??

    The Dalek's eyestalk lowered and the iris opened. ?My 'eye thingie' is more advanced than any diagnostic tool you would have available!? it spat out. ?The Doctor is experiencing temporal distention. Parts of his past are being removed.?

    Amy and Rory slowly turned their heads to it. ?Could you be a little more confusing?? Amy asked, eyebrow arching. ?I almost understood a word or two there!?

    The Doctor suddenly sat up straight, gasping. ?No, nono!? he screamed. ?They're taking them away-all away!?
    ?What you're doing is illegal, immoral, against the laws of time and just plain wrong!?
    ?Oh, my giddy aunt! Jamie, Zoe, help me!?
    ?Unhand me you ruffians, unless you'd like me to flip you onto your backsides and skewer you with my rapier!?
    ?Jelly baby??
    ?No, it can't end this way!?
    ?You stupid-get your hands off me!?
    ?I didn't see this coming.
    ?Get your hands off me or I'll shoot myself! No??
    ?You can't take me! Rose is gonna wake up and she's not gonna be happy when I'm gone!?
    ?This is your only chance to stop this! Okay,
    this is your only chance. Now this is your only chance. Is this your only chance??

    The Doctor's eyes slowly focused. He looked around at Amy, Rory and the Dalek and cleared his throat. ?Right, then.? He bounced to his feet. ?Dalek, take Rory and Amy to the Zero Room. Maintain an audio link to the outside but nothing else. Understood??

    The Dalek's eyestalk bobbed up and down. ?I obey.? It moved forward and extended its manipulator arm, touching Amy's hip. ?You will follow me to the Zero Room! The Doctor has commanded!?

    Amy snarled and pushed at the suction grip of the Dalek
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    Hi!!! I am enjoying this immensely! The dialogue is fun and I'm soaking it all up like a sponge! I love the Doctor's earthisms. :D

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    I am terribly amused how Daleks speak like this. [face_laugh] Nice!

    Ooh, and, when in doubt, find River Song. This is going to be fun. :D
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    Jade_eyes-Hi, and thanks. :) Glad you like it. The Doc can be... interesting to write, especially this one.

    Idrelle-Well, it's probably the closest I can get to a visual approximation of their speech. ;) And River... yeah. I'll try my best with her. ;)

    Here we go!

    Chapter three: Getting Together
    Stormcage Containment Facility, 51st century. T-minus ninety-five hours subjective time
    Father Octavian glanced back at the two young humans as they walked along the cold steel corridors of the most secure prison planet in the Human Empire. Two guards trailed further behind, weapons at standby. ?Normally for a prisoner such as this, we wouldn't even consider the request,? he explained as they approached a cell. He pulled a small card from his flak vest. ?But for the Doctor, yes. I can shoot the datawork through for this one time.?

    Amy nodded, keeping her head down and blinking rapidly. ?Yeah, thanks,? she mumbled, cursing fate that Octavian was the one who met them there. Did he die? Will he die? Will the Byzantium happen here?

    Octavian looked through the cell bars at the lone occupant of the prison cell, a woman just passing youth but retaining her youthful energy. She had short, wavy, light-red hair ending just before the shoulders. She looked up from a book and smiled tightly. ?Hello, sweeties,' she said, snapping the book shut and standing up. ?Father, you're looking well.?

    Octavian grunted and slid the card along a reader built into the bulkhead. The cell bars retracted into the bulkhead while the two guards readied their rifles. ?River Song, you are being remanded into the temporary custody of Amy and Rory Pond.? He looked to Amy and Rory. ?This is temporary and she must be returned to this time and place after this mission is complete. Do you understand??

    Amy nodded. ?She'll be returned.?

    River stepped out, hugging Amy and then Rory. ?It's good to see you.? She turned to Octavian and nodded. ?Don't worry, Father. I'll be back in my cell after this little jaunt.?

    Octavian nodded to the guards and they lowered their weapons. He then turned on his heel and marched back down the way they came, eventually arriving back at the TARDIS nestled in a corner. He looked to Amy, Rory and then River. ?Good luck to you,? he said, stepping back.

    Amy looked to River. ?So, why'd you leave your diary behind?? Her eyebrows waggled a bit. ?Spoilers? Because this time, I'd like some assurance it all works out.?

    River chuckled and tossed her head back slightly. ?Where's the fun in that, Amy?? Her smile fell away. ?Tell me something, when's the last time we saw each other?? she asked, glancing at Amy and then Rory.

    Rory's eyes narrowed. ?The Pandorica and basically hitting the reset button on the universe. Why?? he asked, lips curling as he gestured slightly.

    A sigh escaped River's lips. ?Just as I thought.? She held up her hands and pointed in opposite directions. ?Usually it's like this for us, Amy. The farther along in your personal timeline, the farther back it is for me.? She turned her left hand around so it pointed in approximately the same direction as her right. ?I remember the Pandorica, though. And endless repetitions aboard the TARDIS. So no spoilers from me this time. At least not in my diary.? She stepped forward, brushing past the pair. ?So, what's happened to the Doctor??

    Amy and Rory both grabbed her by the upper arm, stopping her just before reaching the TARDIS' door. ?He's been kidnapped, but that's not the big surprise,? Amy said. She reached out and unlocked the door while Rory pushed it open. ?We've got a new passenger. Well, an old passenger the Doctor knew. He's really nice, though! When not learning how to be sarcastic.?

    River gave her an odd look as she stepped through the door into the TARDIS' control room. She gasped and her eyes widened as she saw the Dalek standing near one of the consoles, manipulator arm extended. Her head whipped around. ?Are you two INSANE?!? she shouted, eyes the approximate size of tea saucers. ?That's a Dalek!? she shouted once mor
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    Wow! All the various doctors in one place ;)

    And River Song -- she seems to know how to handle things [face_thinking] Like the name River as well, as Amy and Rory call her. @};-
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    I got annoyed with the Doctor and the Gladius because it was just not appropriate to the setting. Also, the Dalek is really kind of a babbler, which is not how I remember him. But Amy is spot on and your Eleven is making me headdesk in all the right ways.
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    I always enjoy multiple Doctor scenes, especially if he disagrees with himself. :p
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    Jade_eyes-Yeah, but we'll get back to them... later. ;) She does... but I still hate her character.

    DarthIshtar-Thanks for reading. :) The Doc with the Gladius was supposed to not fit with the rest of the scene. We'll have to agree to disagree about the Dalek. Glad I got Amy and Eleven right, at least. :p

    Idrelle-Well, it's standard of their contract to do that. :p

    Sorry about the delay. Found it hard to write the bits with the Brigadier. :(

    RIP, Nicholas Courtney. You are missed. *Five rounds rapid in salute*

    Here we go!

    Chapter Four: Old and New Friends
    Thirteen Bannerman Road
    Sarah Jane Smith let out a weary sigh as the tea kettle let out a whistle in the kitchen. She rose from her seat in the living room and made her way to the kitchen, grabbing a mitt before taking the tea kettle by the hand and placing it on a tray with two cups. She went back to the living room and sat in a chair opposite a couch. She placed the tray down on a table between the two pieces of furniture. ?I think this is your favorite kind of tea,? she said, sighing. ?Sorry, bit of a busy day today. Luke and Clyde had to deal with a Slitheen while Mister Smith wrote a cover story. And I still had to get my article into the paper in on time!?

    Her guest reached over and picked up the kettle. He poured first her cup and then his cup and picked it up, taking a sip. ?It's quite all right,? Sir Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart said, taking a sip. ?It's rather good tea.? He settled his eighty-one year old body back, sighing. ?Reminds me of the time Yates and I were working with this rather pleasant American chap back with UNIT. It involved a Sontaran, two Daleks and-?

    His reverie was interrupted when a rather familiar grinding noise sounded out. He and Sarah looked to a large bay window looking out and saw a shadow appear. ?I do wish he'd call,? the Brigadier remarked. He turned to Sarah Jane. ?Shall we see what the old boy's up to??

    Five minutes later, the two old friends were out in the driveway in front of the TARDIS. Sarah Jane walked around the exterior, patting down the wooden panels. ?Last time I saw him he had regenerated.? She stopped circling next to the Brigadier. ?He looked like a young college professor starting out. He was even wearing a bow tie.?

    The Brigadier chuckled. He looked to the door and cleared his throat. ?Come out, Doctor! I don't have exactly time for any theatrics...? He trailed off as time ticked by. ?Miss Smith, do you suppose something's wrong? I remember when you first witnessed his change after the incident at Metebelis III?? he stepped forward and pounded on the door. ?Doctor? Doctor, are you all right??

    The door opened, forcing the Brigadier to step back. A young, pale woman with long, flame red hair and wearing a short skirt, calf-high boots and a red sweater. ?Oi, do yah mind?? Amy Pond said, snarling slightly. ?It took us a second to synchronize our watches.? She held up her arm and flashed her wrist. ?Have you ever tried synchronizing a watch??

    Sarah Jane's eyes narrowed and she finally snapped her fingers. ?Are you Amy Pond?? she asked. ?The one on the honeymoon with Rory??

    Amy smiled. ?Aye, and you're Sarah Jane Smith, right?? At Sarah Jane's nod, Amy's smile fell away. ?Well, the Doctor's got himself in a right fix this time. Two blokes named the Master and Davros boarded the TARDIS and took off with him.?

    Sarah Jane gasped. ?Davros??

    The Brigadier's hand clenched. ?The Master? Oily-looking with a beard and beady eyes??

    Amy's mouth opened and closed before she cleared her throat. ?I... I'm not sure,? she confessed. ?The Doctor locked us in what he called the Zero Room while he was snatched. We've been a bit busy pulling up old files to get a good look at him.?

    Sarah Jane's mouth set in a grim line. She walked up to the TARDIS and patted the exterior. ?Oh, what have you gotten yourself into this time?? She looked back to Amy. ?I suppose you've come to ask for our help in rescuing that scatterbrained old man in some impossible task that involves tim
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    Jade-eyes-Thanks. :)

    I shall... try to tone down my hero worship, here, since these are my two favorite companions of all time.

    EDIT: The scene at A Charitable Earth headquarters was suggested by my good friend DarthIshtar. Thanks, ish! :)

    Here we go!

    Chapter five: Nitro-nine and Long Scarves
    A Charitable Earth headquarters. London, England
    ?Hello, A Charitable Earth. Please hold. Hello, A Charitable Earth. Your call is very important to us. Please hold. Hello-?

    The secretary glanced up as a loud grinding noise echoed through the foyer. The TARDIS appeared next to a pair of potted ferns. The door opened and Amy and Rory stepped out. They looked around, waving at some passersby before spotting the desk and walking over.

    The secretary pressed a button on her phone and waited a moment before speaking. ?Miss McShane? We have a code seven in the lobby. Yes, they're making their way-I'll tell them. Yes, thank you.? She looked up as the two approached the desk. ?Please have a seat,? she said, motioning to some chairs set up against a wall. ?Miss McShane will be ready for you in a few minutes.?

    Amy and Rory looked to each other, then to the secretary. Amy chuckled nervously and her eyes narrowed slightly. ?Ah, how did you know-?

    ?Miss McShane has briefed all her personnel on what to do if the TARDIS appears,? the secretary said. ?I have contacted her and-?The phone rang and she pressed a button on the main unit before picking it up. ?Main reception? Yes, Miss McShane. I'll take them there.? She placed the handset back down on the cradle before standing up and walking around the desk. She paused in front of Amy and Rory. ?If you'll follow me, please,? she said before turning on her heel and walking to a door recessed in the wall.

    Amy and Rory mutely followed her through the door and down a long, gray-walled corridor bereft of any decoration. The secretary paused at an armored hatch with a control panel and inputted a nine-digit combination into the keypad on the panel. Lights above the hatch blinked from red to green and the hatch groaned open. She stepped through, Amy and Rory on her heels. She walked down an equally long and drab corridor before coming to a hatch and control panel identical to the one before. She keyed in another combination and pulled down on a lever before turning her head and looking to Rory and Amy. ?Miss McShane is inside. Have a nice day.? And with that, she turned and walked out.

    The hatch slid open and Rory and Amy slowly stepped inside. A round table made of solid oak dominated the room, with large flatscreen monitors on each wall. Both Amy and Rory quickly spotted the other occupant of the room. Amy arched an eyebrow and placed her hands on her hips. ?Well, what do we have here??

    Dorothy 'Ace' McShane stood across from Rory and Amy, clad in black pants, white high-top sneakers, a striped shirt and a black leather jacket covered in patches. She wore her blond hair in a ponytail, with bangs just above her mischievous eyes. One hand clutches the strap of a backpack slung over her shoulder, while the other hefted an aluminum baseball bat with a large weld running around the center of it. She walked around the table to the pair. ?So, what's the Professor got himself into this time??

    Amy's eyes narrowed and she exchanged a glance with Rory. ?The who?? she asked, mouth curling slightly. She looked Ace over and her mouth curled. ?And why do yeh look like a refugee from the 1980's??

    Ace's mouth fell open. ?I am from the 1980's!? she half-shouted. She looked Amy over. ?Why do you look like a kissogram??

    Rory piped up. ?That was her main source of income for a while.?

    Amy looked back at him and rolled her eyes before looking back to Ace. ?Okay, fair enough.? She held up her hands and waved them. ?But-just-we've got a problem. The Master and Davros have the Doctor and we've got-? She checked her watch. ?-eighty-nine hours and ten minutes to rescue him.? She placed her hands on her hips. ?So, coming or not??

    Rory pointed at the bat. ?Umm, what are you plannin
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    wonderful post. =D= i too like amy and rory the best. :D
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    Jade_eyes-Thanks... but no. My favorite companions are actually Romana and Ace. Rory/Amy are... fifth, sixth maybe?

    Here we go!

    Chapter Six: Helping Oneself and Getting Help
    The Untempered Schism

    The Tenth Doctor's wrists chafed against the rope tied around them as he strained and stretched against his bindings. He grunted and made odd faces as he struggled. ?Come on!? he half-whispered. He looked to his left, then his right. ?Aye, what's going on with you two? Lend a fellow a hand, eh? Come on, where's our maturity??

    The Ninth's head bobbed up and he regarded his future self. ?What are you blabbering on about?? he asked, sneering. ?We're all tied with no weapons and a platoon of Daleks pointin' their weapons at us.?

    The Tenth rolled his eyes. ?Oh, come on! Where's that bluster and bragging from before?? he asked, voice squeaking. His shoulders bobbed. ?I mean come on, assets!?

    There was a pause before the Ninth's head whipped around. ?Okay, what do we have? We got nothing! Well, that was productive!? He looked back to the Tenth. ?SO, what can we do with nothing??

    The Tenth's face fell and his head lolled slightly. ?Oh, come on! We're the mature ones!? He nodded to the Ninth, then to the Eleventh. ?We're not brash young upstarts who thumb their respiratory bypass systems at authority!? His face nearly split from the grin forming. ?So, come on eh! Let's get it together and show those whippersnappers how to do things!?

    The Eleventh slowly looked up. His head cocked to the side and his brow furrowed. ?I have a very important question, first.?

    ?Oh, what is it?? the Tenth asked. ?Our tactics? Our strategy? How to get the young ones in line??

    The Eleventh pursed his lips. ?Did I leave the iron on??

    The Tenth's eyes widened and he banged his head against the pole he was tied to. ?Oh, I've gone senile,? he muttered. ?Old age has finally caught up with me!?

    A chuckle escaped the Eleventh's lips. ?What, old age? I'm not you, remember?? His wide eyes narrowed. ?Nope, you died and I took your place. But if you're the Doctor and you're dead, what does that make me?? His head leaned as forward as possible. ?I am the Doctor, and no amount of self-pity from you will make that any different!?

    The Tenth nodded. ?Oh, yeah. Wait until you're the one dying and about to change. Then we'll see if you sing a different tune about regeneration.? He looked back down the line to the younger Doctors, stopping on the Second. ?What's he doing??

    The Second Doctor's eyes were screwed shut and a look of concentration was on his long face. ?Quiet!? he hissed out the side of his mouth. ?I am attempting telepathic contact with beyond Gallifrey.? He hummed slightly. ?I might be able to pierce this damned Time Lock-?

    ?And what has happened that caused an actual Time Lock placed on Gallifrey?!? the Sixth shouted. ?This is inconceivable, unimaginable and just plain odd! I demand to know what happened!?

    The First gasped. ?You know tampering in events is not a good idea, and is rather bad! History can't be rewritten, no matter what.? He rolled his eyes and looked away. ?And what are you wearing, my dear boy? Did you get dressed in the dark??

    The Sixth snorted. ?I am merely transcending fashion!? he said, eyebrows quirking. ?I don't see-?

    ?WILL YOU BE QUIET!? Davros shouted, floating over. He jabbed his gauntleted hand at them, forehead-mounted optic sensor flashing. ?Jabber all you want, Doc-tors! But in the end, all you can do is watch as we gain omnipotence and omniscience!? He tilted his head back and laughed. ?And there is nothing you can do!?

    The Seventh tilted his head to the side and frowned. ?Yes, verry dangerrous idea, omnipotence,? he said. He looked to Davros, then the Master and finally the Rani. ?So, amongst you, who will be the more powerful? Who's the 'most' omnipotent??

    The Rani walked over from Adric's workstation and shook her head. ?That won't work, Doctor.? She spread her arms out. ?All I wish for is a planet and an endless supply of subjects
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    The appropriateness of this chapter's title made me giggle. A lot. :p

    ?The Dalek's being a bit fussy and uncooperative.? - [face_laugh] Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. Only you would say the word "fussy" along with "Dalek". :D

    I like the dialogue between Romana and Donna - nice comparison there. :)

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    Idrelle-Thanks. I struggle sometimes with chapter titles. Amy will say that while Ace is killing it with her Bat of Dalek Killing +1. ;) And glad you liked it. :)

    The dialogue from Zoe and Jamie's opening scenes are from the Second Doctor serial 'The War Games'.

    Here we go!

    Chapter seven: Is the Gang All Here?
    Station W3, the 'Wheel'
    Zoe Heriot walked down the Wheel's corridor, looking around with sharp eyes. She wore her usual spangly jumpsuit and an Alice band in her short, dark hair. An older woman-Tanya Lernov-walked up from around an intersection, wearing a black jumpsuit and white coat. She smiled, but it turned into a frown. ?Oh, Zoe. Zoe, you all right??

    Zoe looked up and forced a smile as thoughts at the back of her mind tugged at her brain. ?Oh, yes!?

    Tanya nodded slightly. ?Have the Doctor and Jaime gone??

    Zoe's brow furrowed as the thoughts and half-formed memories struggled with what she knew was right. ?Yes, I've just seen them off.?

    The astronomer looked down. ?Well, we'd better get back to work, you know,? she said, shaking her head and sending her short hair whizzing about. ?There's a lot to be done if we're gonna get the Wheel back to normal.? She looked up at Zoe's face. ?Are you sure you're all right??

    The mask of confusion dropped and was replaced by a smile. ?Oh, yes. I thought I'd forgotten something important, but it's nothing.?

    Tanya nodded and turned on her heel, marching off. ?All right. Come along, then.?

    Zoe began following. ?All right, I'm coming.? She followed Tanya as she rounded the corner, but stopped. The wisp of a girl half-stumbled to a bulkhead and held a hand out, leaning against it. She blinked as the 'nothing important' came back to her. Bits and pieces floated behind her eyes of Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and even the Karkus himself.

    Her reverie was broken by a deep grinding noise coming from behind. The repressed memories exploded in her mind and she brought both hands up to her head, screaming out in pain. The pressure built up and up... and then released as the electrical storm inside her head died down. She spun about just as the TARDIS appeared. ?I knew it,? she whispered. ?They erased my memories, or tried to...?

    Tanya appeared by her side, worry on her face. ?Zoe, are you all right?? she cried out, grabbing the younger girl's arm. She looked up and gasped. ?Oh, my!?

    The door on the big blue box opened and Sarah Jane stepped out. She glanced around before settling on Zoe and Tanya. ?Are you all right??

    Zoe nodded and cleared her throat. She rubbed her temple and smiled weakly. ?I'm better, thank you.? She stepped forward. ?The rush of memories must have produced some sort of feedback or...? She trailed off. ?Excuse me, but who are you??

    Sarah Jane chuckled and extended her hand. ?Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Sarah Jane Smith. I'm a friend of the Doctor, and he needs our help,? she said, smile falling away.

    Tanya glanced to Zoe, then to Sarah Jane. ?Wait, why did you come back here? What memories??

    Zoe looked to her friend. She collected her thoughts, organizing them before speaking. ?When the Doctor and Jamie left, I snuck aboard and had a lot of adventures with them. But eventually, the Doctor's people were summoned to deal with the Warlords.? She glanced off to a bulkhead, far past it and sighed. ?Oh, Jamie.? She suddenly blinked. ?They returned me to this point right before I left and repressed my memories of everything that's happened!? She looked to Sarah Jane. ?What's happened to the Doctor??

    Tanya held out her hands in front of her, palms out. ?Okay, I don't know what's going on, but we can't spare Zoe. We just had a major battle with Cybermen and we lost a lot of good crew. Until we get replacements from Earth, we're understaffed and can't spare Zoe!?

    Sarah Jane locked eyes with Tanya and let out an almost imperceptible sigh. ?Miss Lernov, I am sorry about the loss of life, and I can assure you Zoe will not be missed while she's gone.? She stepped back and motioned to the TARDIS. ?This fantastic machine can tr
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