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  1. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    This is the official Dominion of Darkness RPG. The main DoD thread may be found in [link=] Here![/link] Members of the Dominion of Darkness will be notified what level they are on. If you are not a member you are welcomed to join, please note that you must start at Acolyte, then work your way up.


    This RPG is completely AU, there is no Darth Krayt?s Sith nor are there any other Sith.


    There is no such thing as a coincidence. The will of the force can be a magnet that pulls everything together no matter what distance, place or time. In the deepest realms of space, you will find the birth of new stars, but even within the flow of new growth, everything comes back in full circle. It is inevitable that darkness covers the light; there is no escape no matter how much resistance there is.

    Darth Mystique - Dark Lady of the Sith

    The Dominion of Darkness: Emergence of the True Sith

    Many thousands of years ago the planet Lehon was the capital of the ancient Infinite Empire of the Rakata, an advanced species that used advanced technology combined with their ancient rituals to dominate the galaxy. Thousands of years later, a former Jedi and self proclaimed Sith named Darth Revan found one of their weapons called the Star Forge, to use against the Republic. Though Revan eventually turned back to the light and destroyed the Star Forge, he had a mission of urgency in the Unknown Regions. His goal was to eradicate the True Sith that would someday come and bring a wave of destruction to the known galaxy. He left and never returned again. No one knows if he ever encountered the True Sith for like most legends they become myths then fade away in to obscurity.

    65 ABY - Thousands of years later???.

    Like a shadow in the night, they came with a purpose. Masked within the force, they achieved their first goal. To enter the galaxy without detection. They found a planet suitable for their needs and strong with the darkside of the force. The location of the planet was perfect. They were outside the territory of the Galactic Alliance and their planet was not on any map found because the Jedi have conveniently erased all known darkside planets from all maps found in the galaxy to prevent exploration and contact.

    Lehon became their home base where they trained their Acolytes in newly built Sith temples. They were patient and remained so by watching events unfold, bidding their time before they unleash their Dominion of Darkness?..The True Sith!

    Sub Order Ranks:

    Death Marauders - They are the warriors of the Sith Order where brutality, physical prowess, and aggressiveness with lightsabers and Sith weaponary are their specialty. They emphasize dueling over force powers though are capable of doing both, but are more skilled toward combat.

    Shadow Assassins - work from the shadows rather than engaging enemies in standard combat. Using stealth and subtleties to target enemies. They usually work alone or in small groups. They like the Death Marauders are lethal with weapons, but tend to rid their enemies using force camoflauge.

    Black Plague - Are primarily Sith Alchemists and force users only. They usually don?t rely mainly on weapons as the Marauders and Assassins do. The Alchemists use a mixture of science and Sith Magic infused with the darkside of the force. The Black Plague also consists of force users who do not use weapons as a focus of their skills, instead they use emphasize on force techniques.

    Character Sheet:

    Order/Division (Death Marauder, Shadow Assassin, Black Plague)
    Home world:

    Weapons & Equipment:

    Personal Ship: (If applicable)

    Lightsabre Description:
    Blade Color:
    Lightsabre Fighting Form:



    Lehon Temple Schematics:

  2. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Glad to see this finally up.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Darth Haretisch (born Plo Wanderguard)
    Order/Affiliation: Dominion of Darkness
    Rank: Level 20 Triumvirate
    Class: Death Marauder
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home world: Coruscant


    Height: 5' 9 1/2"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Build: Slim, lean but muscular.
    Hair: Black, medium-short length, very unkempt and undone, with a touch of gray along the sides.
    Eyes: Gray
    Skin: Sightly pale Caucasian
    Markings: A few facial scars, the Wanderguard family-crest branded on his left wrist.
    Clothing: Black Sith robes, accompanied by a cape and hood, worn over a suit of hand-made armor based on that of Darth Revan.

    Weapons & Equipment:

    Personal Ship:

    Model: Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer
    Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
    Length: 1,600 Meters
    Height/Depth: 448 Meters
    Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0
    Shielding: KDY ISD-72x shield generator domes (2)
    Targeting Systems: LeGrange Targeting Computers
    Armament: Dual heavy turbolaser turrets (6), Dual heavy ion cannon turrets (2) Medium turbolasers (2), Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolasers (60), Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (10)

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: Standard length, curved hilt with blade-guard. Used for Makashi.
    Blade Color: Red.
    Lightsabre Form: Master of Makashi, Djem So, Shii-Cho, and Soresu. Proficient in all other forms.

    Backup lightsabre description:
    Hilt: Standard length, standard shaped hilt with sturdy design and black rubber grips. Used for Djem So, Soresu, and Shii-Cho.
    Blade Color: Red.


    Plo Wanderguard was born into poverty in the lower levels of Coruscant. Living at the bottom of the social ladder for his entire childhood, he grew into an angry young man, and was a bitter criminal by the time he reached adulthood.

    Working as a mob enforcer and hired gun from his late teens into his early twenties, he developed a reputation as an intelligent, but sadistic individual. Before long, he was a trusted lieutenant in the ground army of Coruscant's most powerful mob family. It was during this time that he began studying military tactics, and became known for his impressive understanding of tactical warfare, both large-scale and small-scale in nature.

    At the age of twenty-two, his world was shattered. While accompanying an associate on a smuggling run, the vessel was caught and attacked by galactic authorities, becoming severely damaged. Plo was gravely wounded in an onboard explosion, and his partner had been killed. In a final move of desperation, he punched in a random set of coordinates and sent the vessel into hyperspace before dragging himself to the cargo hold and tipping the contents of a bacta tank onto his crippled body, losing consciousness shortly afterward.

    He presumably awoke an unspecified amount of time later, far beyond the reaches of Republic territory. Through means known only to himself, he came upon the Sith and managed to join their ranks in the far reaches of the galaxy.

    Years later, he had become an esteemed Council Member of the Dominion. He now serves as an important member of the Sith hierarchy and a powerful Death Marauder.

    Despite his position of respect among the order, his philosophies on the Dark Side, The Force in general, and morality are considered outside the norm by most, and so he was dubbed "Darth Haretisch" upon ending his apprenticeship, a corruption of the term "Heretic", the origin of which is largely unknown.

    His low-key demeanor and calm disposition sets him apart from his peers. He is recognized by his emotionless stare and cold calculation in most situations, reserving his anger for the heat of battle, during which he can be particularly vicious. He is also highly opinionated, and keeps himself up-to-date on Galactic events in the political world.

    Distinguished by an intense hatred for any establishment that would seek to limit his individual freedoms, in his well-known memoir "Crusade of The Sith: An In-Depth Analysis Of the Corrupted Motivations of the Jedi Order.", he describes
  3. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Character Sheet:

    Name: Rane?wen Nightcaster
    Alias: Darth Mystique
    Order/Sub Rank: Sith/ Black Plague
    Rank/Level: Dark Lady - Triumvirate/ Lv 20
    Age: 38
    Gender: Female
    Species: Morganian
    Home world: Onderon

    Height: 5?11
    Weight: 125
    Build: Athletic, Muscular but Feminine
    Hair: Dark Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: fair
    Markings: Sith Tattoo around her belly button, Corusci Gem belly button ring. Red Diamond tattoo in middle of her forehead
    Clothing: Black long sleeve half shirt with maroon stripes down the side of the sleeve, black flexible pants. Black knee high boots. Black cloak, Dark Red cloak


    Weapons & Equipment: 3 Lightsabers Utility Belt, 2 Vibro Knives,
    Astromech Droid named Gambit -


    Personal Ship:

    [link=]The Black Abyss[/link]

    Lightsabre Description:


    Saber in Gambit:


    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Form II, Form V, Form VII

    Bio/History: Benin and Rochelle Nightcaster were force sensitive Morganian nomads. They were traveling from planet to planet to find some way of understanding their gift. It led them to the planet of Onderon. They found data about the uprsing of Freedom Nadd in the old library of Onderon.

    It fascinated the Nightcasters. They had a thirst for knowledge that wouldnt go away. They ended up on one of Onderon?s moons, Dxun.

    During their excavations of the tomb where Freedom Nadd was buried a pregnant Rochelle found a Sith amulet, not long after she went into labor. Within the tomb, the taint of the darkside was strong. The pain of childbirth was more than any natural birthing for it seemed to fuel Rochelle with much needed strength.

    What she didn?t know was that the darkside energy around the tomb and the amulet that was still on her had seemingly embraced her during the labor. Rochelle?s screams were animalistic as it went on for 20 grueling hours. Benin could do nothing but watch as his wife looked as if she was about to die as well as his baby.

    Finally, Ranewen Nightcaster was born with the taint of the darkside within her. The baby was what the amulet was attracted to for the force was strong in her. She was much stronger than her parents were. It was a natural fit, for the child was its destiny at this moment in time.

    Rochelle lived on but was not as strong as she once was. Nethertheless, the couple remained studying the amulet and history of the tomb. They started to form their own cult to worship Freedom Nadd.

    For five years, the Nightcasters were strong with knowledge and influenced many people who were still loyal to the old ways to join them. People of Onderon were starting to get nervous with this new cult of Naddists. The Queen asked for the aid of the Jedi to help so that the influence would not spread anymore.

    The planet was becoming divided as a civil war was on the brink. The Jedi entered in to try and calm the situation. It was too late. The anti Naddists formed a militia and attacked the cult followers.

    It was chaos but all the Jedi could do is help the Militia because the Naddist cult were darksiders. Five year old Ranewen was hiding as her parents fought with the militia. The child who wore the same amulet her mother wore on the day of her birth watched with fear and anger.

    Death was all around as both militia and cult followers lay dead on the ground at the city plaza. Someone discovered Ranewen and came af
  4. SWBob

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    Jun 19, 2003
    Approved [face_peace]

    Name: Darth Idoneus
    Alias: Major Bob Hoget
    Order/Affiliation: Sith
    Rank: Aprentice
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home world: Ord Mantell but raised of Togoria
    Appearance: See pic at end
    Height: 5' 11'' (1.8 Meters)
    Weight: 175 lbs (79.4 kg)
    Build: Muscular but not muscle bound
    Hair: Brown goatee
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Slightly tanned
    Markings: None

    Clothing: His Sith armor is a black and red brest plate with a customized Sith symbol on the left shoulder. His legs are covered by black armor that end in sturdy boots. To protect his legs more, he wears a grey kama over his leg armor. All of his armor has been created using Sith Alchemy, making his armor lightsaber resistant. It will still be cut by a direct hit, he does not have to worry about grazes, or glancing blows.

    Weapons & Equipment:
    -Gauntlets made of Phrik alloy
    -Two lightsabers
    -A couple thud a razor bugs collected durring the Yuuzhan Vong War
    -Two high powered blasters holstered to his boots for use with Dancing Weapons.
    -He used his Sith Alchemy to increase the power generated by his blades.
    -He also used Alchemy to increase the effeciency of the power pack, making it so he almost never has to repower it.

    Droid: Flash
    -Fist sized housing
    -Small micro repulsors for movement
    -Voice modulator to speak but prefers to stay sighlent unless talked directly to
    -Variety of consealed security cracking devices
    -Can plot Nav Courses
    -Can fly ship by its self
    -Can even perform rudamentery combat menuvers
    -Lack the restrictors that prevent droids from taking lives

    Personal Ship: A Twi'lek Chir'daki aquired by Twi'lek friend.
    -Twin Ion Engines
    -Four laser cannons
    -Two torpedo lauchers in the original Tie's laser slots
    -X-Wing class sheilds
    -Class 1 Hyperdrive

    Lightsaber Description:
    Hilt: Matte black
    Blade Color: Deep Red. Just lighter than blood red.
    Lightsaber Fighting Form: Form II Makashi

    Force Powers
    Level 8 Black Plague- 42 points
    -Control pain-3
    -Magnify senses-1
    -Control Breathing-2
    -Control Mind-2
    -Elemental Control(fire)-3
    -Sith Alchemy-2
    -Dancing Weapons-2
    -Force Lightning-2
    -Pyrokenetic Kill-3
    -Dragons Breath-3
    -Force Storm-2
    -Feed on the Darkside-2
    -Enhance Attribute-2
    -Black Gaze-2
    -Deadly Sight-2

    -Hississ mutated by Sith Alchemy
    --Its skin is as hard as durasteel and is impervious to blasters.
    --It's venom has been highly concentraited to be even more lethal.
    --It's tail has been mutated to have razor shap blade on it that can cut through light personnel armor(ie: light stormtrooper armor)
    --Its claws were mutated in the same fashion.
    --Like other Hississ, it can vanish and become invisable, even from the force. Idoneus sometimes makes use of this and lets it spy for him, it semi-inteligence making it smart enough to report back to him with images.
    --It's completely loyal to Idoneus. it follows him where ever he goes, taking it's place at his side when he sits, letting Idoneus stroke it's head.
    --To prepare for the unlikely situation that it turns on him, he surgiclly istalled a capsule that contains a fast acting poison that will kill it almost instantly. It is veiled in the force so that it cannot be used except by those who know its position.

    Bio/History: His father and mother were Corilian smugglers. Durring their journeys they saved a Trogorian male named Hargh. They had their first child Bob on a space station over Ord Mantell. A month after his parents went down on the planet to complete a deal to get a great supply run to Nal Hutta. They were betrayed by their associates and were killed. Upon hering this Hargh took Bob back to his home planet feeling an obligation to his parents for saving his life.

    Hargh raised Bob as any other Togorian. He taught him how to hunt, be steathly, and to work as part of a team. He befriended a Mosgoth named Flip. He would ride him when ever he wasnt on a hunt. When Hargh thought he was old enough he told him of his parents death. This was w
  5. Darth_Allana

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    Jan 19, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Allana Frey
    Order/Affiliation: Dominion of Darkness
    Rank: Level 1 Acolyte
    Class: Sith Sorceress
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Home world: Corellia

    This is her exact apperance.

    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Build: Slim, Athletic (Swimmers body).
    Hair: Deep Flame colored, shoulder blade length,
    Eyes: Dark Rust
    Skin: Slight Tan (Oriental looking)
    Markings: Reddish skin coloring across her eyes. (Not a tattoo but only she and maybe her master knows this)
    Clothing: Blood Red Gown with Crimson Highlights (The gowns skirt can be removed as the rest is a one piece body suit . See picture.

    Weapons & Equipment:

    Personal Ship:
    Model: T-21 Dragon
    Manufacturer: Custom
    Length: 10 Meters
    Width: 6 Meters
    Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0
    Shielding: KDY Edr Class IV Regenerative Shield Generators
    Targeting Systems: Veroth Sensor/Targeting Package
    Armament: Turbo Pulse Cannons (2), Matter/Anti-Matter Torpedo Launchers (2), Matter/Anti-Matter Torpedos (12) six per launcher.

    Lightsaber Description: (Lightwhip-Besker core)
    Hilt: 30cm curved Burnished Metal hilt with a Black non-skid grip.
    Blade Color: Fire Orange.
    Lightsaber Form: Makashi (Modified for use with a lightwhip),Jar'Kai
    Second: lightsaber description: (Shoto-shortsaber)
    Hilt: 20cm straight Burnished Metal hilt with a Black non-skid grip.
    Blade Color: Fire Orange.

    Bio: Allana Frey was born on Corellia. She was discovered by a Jedi when she was six years old. Since her parents were dead, and she had no other living relatives, the Jedi decided to take her to the temple for Jedi training. On their way to the Temple their ship suffered a malfunction. They dropped out of hyperspace on the edges of a uninhabited system. The Jedi busied him self trying to fix the hyperdrive. Allana was sitting in the lounge playing with the holo board.
    All of a sudden a blast rocked the ship. She felt through her fledgling powers that the Jedi was hurt, although at the time she didn't understand how she knew this. She had a sudden urge to move, to run, to flee the ship. She let the feeling guide her to a hatch. She slapped the control and the escape pods lights came on. Climbing in she pushed the large red button. The hatch sealed and the pod jettisoned. Moments later the transport she had just been on exploded. She was in the pod for days, she lost count how many, before something happened.
    The pod shook like it was in the grip of a giant. Then a heavy thunk and everything was still. The hatch opened and artificial light filtered in. She heard a rich voice calling to her to come out. Allana thought it was a beautiful voice, and she stepped from the pod to the deck of a large ship. A woman stood before her. Her skin was a pale white, and her hair a dark blond. Her ears ended in points that fascinated Allana. The woman told Allana how fortunate it was that they had found her. Allana told the pretty woman how the Jedi had found her and said he was going to take her to the temple to become a Jedi herself. The woman smiled at Allana "Now why would you want to be a Jedi. They don't care for people like you and me. They are weak and would be envious of you. Let me take you somewhere you'll be appreciated."
    Allana became a very capable student and powerful in the force. She has been at the Sith Temple for eleven years. She chose to be unorthodox and built a Lightwhip and shoto instead of normal lightsabers. Her Master was pleased, but tested her often. She learned Form II Makaish, its fluid technique similar to how the Lightwhip works, and the Jar'Kai form gave her the bases to defend with the shoto while attacking with the Lightwhip. She also custom built her own fighter, the Talon.

    Powers & Mastery:

    Control Mind-1
    Sith Alchemy-1
    Force Lightning-1
    Pyrokinetic Kill-1
    Life Energy Drain-1
  6. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Double GM Approved :)

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Wolf Raiden
    Order/Division: Shadow Assassin
    Rank/Level: Acolyte lvl 1
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Miraluka
    Home world: Alpheridies
    Appearance: Tall and solid, allows his hair to stand at odd angles.
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Build: muscular tone
    Hair: Spiked, medium length black hair
    Eyes: white, (blind by human standards)
    Skin: Slightly tanned
    Markings: Has a circular black triabal design on the backs of his hands leading into whirling patterns up his arms and stopping at his shoulders
    Clothing: Black robes covering his entire body, black medical tape wraps his feet instead of boots. Sometimes wears gloves when handling sharp objects or when deemed that he needs the extra grip. Wolf wears black, thin framed shades to conceal his sightless eyes.

    Weapons & Equipment: Lightsaber, black banded belt holding multiple throwing knives, Concealed long daggers on his legs. Grappling hook whose pikes stay concealed in a small 4 inch silver cylinder.

    Personal Ship: N/A

    Lightsaber Description:
    Hilt: Single 15 inch black hilt with red glowing runes carved into it
    Blade Color: crimson
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Form III mostly, can occasionally drop into Juyo if times call for it.

    Bio/History: Wolf grew up on his home world of . His early life was normal for a male of his species. He grew up in a loving family of force sensitives and was initially chosen to be in attendance to the Jedi Academy due to his proficiency in certain areas. However things went bad when a band of mandalorians invaded his small home and attempted to pillage the place. The Jedi showed up as they normally do to fend off the invaders. Except things went differently this time than the Jedi could have forseen.

    The Jedi did in fact fend off the mandoâ??s, but in the heated battle. Every single member of Wolfs family were hit by deflected blaster bolts. Each of them died a smoking heap. After the battle was done, the Jedi turned to see what they had done and seemed to think it was an acceptable loss. Raiyâ??den got to his feet as anger boiled out of him threatening to overtake him. Well this time he let it. The Force manifested itself as fire and erupted out of his mouth as he screamed at the Jediâ??s back. The Jedi had only turned in time to get caught by the flames and went down trying to extinguish them. Wolf found a knife laying on the floor and grabbed it up, then proceeded to leap onto the burning Jedi and stab him to death while the flames continued to claim him.

    Wolf now had blood dripping off of his hands and his clothes were on fire. The fire didnâ??t seem to bother him though. It burned but he barely noticed. He elected to leave his home and never return. Vowing to show the Jedi exactly how weak they were and swore an oath to himself to wipe them from the galaxy. Wolf lit his home on fire and cremated his family before leaving the planet aboard a outbound transport.

    A year later he had had tribal tattoos branded on his hands and arms in remembrance to his family and their needless slaughter. Shadows were now his best friend. His ears led him to places that normal people would neglect. His own inherent Force Sight showed him the aura of almost everything around him. Wolf began training hard in the shadows, developing his skills to the point where he was exhausted. But the effort paid off in the end. He was now extremely accurate with his preferred blades as throwing or stabbing weapons. Wolf knew he was good. But not good enough to take a Jedi in a straight up fight. So he needed to find someone to teach himâ?¦.

    At age 18 he found a group of figures that hated the Jedi as much as him. And has begun training under their watchful eye to develop his skills as a tool for them to destroy their natural enemies.

    Force Powers:
    Level 1 Shadow Assassin acolyte- 10 points

    Elemental Control (fire)- 1
    Enhance Attribute- 1
    Shapeshifting - 1
    Dragons breath - 1
    Spider walk - 1
    Force Phantom - 1
    Blackness - 1
  7. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    GM approved!

    Name: Tenku Zan
    Order/Division: Shadow Assassin
    Rank/Level: Acolyte/Level 1
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home world: Anaxes
    Appearance: Fair features + see below
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 165
    Build: medium
    Hair: black
    Eyes: ice blue
    Skin: light tan
    Markings: none
    Clothing: Black tunic with a matching hooded cape bound around his neck by a thin dark chain.

    Weapons & Equipment: Lightsaber, small thin double barreled dart launcher hidden in his left glove, lethal and paralysis darts.

    Personal Ship: N/A

    Lightsabre Description: See below
    Hilt: Slim and elegant appearing black hilt
    Blade Color: Very Dark Blue, almost black
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Makashi, Ataru

    Bio/History: Tenku was an ophaned street urchin for most of his life, he never knew his parents, only that they were dead.

    Before this though he had learned that in order to survive one couldn't always play by the rules. Sometimes Tenku had to steal to live, be it food or money. At first he didn't like it but as time passed he accepted it more, and even began to like it. Unfortunately, one rainy night he was caught, and in his flight from the security forces he found himself saved by an odd dark looking stranger. The same one that told him he had the ability to use the force, that that was why he had been so fortunate in his thievery for most of his life.

    The same stranger gave him an offer, to take him to a place where he could teach him to control this great ability, and where he would never go hungry either. It seemed a win/win situation to Tenku, who leaped at the offer and started down the road of the Sith.

    Tenku leaped at the oportunity and has since learned much from the rigorous training of the sith academy, although still has much farther to go. His talents have led him down the path of the shadow assasin, although where it will take him he doesnt know.

    Force Powers:
    Level 1 Shadow Assassin acolyte- 10 points

    Elemental Control/Resistance(water)-1
    Lightsaber Combat-1
    Phase Shift-1
    Blood Storm-1
    Force Lightining-1
  8. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006

    Name: Arklos Taral
    Alias: Darth Sabith
    Order/Affiliation: Sith
    Class: Black Plague
    Rank: Black Plague (lvl 8 42pts)
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Species:Kissai and (half sith)
    Home world: Bogan (located Deep Unknown)

    Height: 5?9''
    Weight: 130
    Build: Athletic Slim,
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Red
    Skin: White
    Markings: Sith Tattoo's on Back, neck and for arms.
    Clothing: White Sith Armor with a Black and Red Cloak (The Cloak is actually stained in Blood giving it it's dark texture.
    Weapons & Equipment: Lightwhip, Lightsaber, Sith Sword and Great LightSaber
    Other Equipmen: a dozen Nang hul (thud Bugs), specially created Mandalorian Crushgaunts that have been embedded with the darkside

    Lightsabre Description:

    Hilt: Black and Red Sith Crystals made completly from the force. Inside each small Crystal is a sith hierglyphs that is the opposite of its color. (IE Black crystals have a Flame red symbol and Red has Black symbols.) These symbols enforce the sith code, and Sabith's own beliefs. The Hilt also was designed to work with only Sabith's unique force touch and has a Sith blade attached to it's rear end.

    Blade Color: Dark Red near Black

    Great LightSaber Description:(His first Lightsaber)

    Hilt: Is made of Red Hiss Bone and Sith Alcomy to give it extra stenth. The saber has multipul engravings on it. These engravings are in the ancient language of the sith and have mulitple Dark Lords enscripted upon it. The LightSaber Houses a black crystal and has a black blade attached to it as well.

    Blade Color: This Lightsabers Blade Is Dark Blue near Black

    LightWhip Description:

    Hilt: This Whips hilt is made from the remains of Tulak Hords ancient Lightsaber and contains added Mandalorian Metal. The hilt is Jet Black and is has ancient teachings of the sith engraved upon it. The Light Whip's Hilt also posseses 3 Claw like blades.

    Whip's Color: The whips color is a deep Violet that resembles the darkness with in Sabith himself.
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Form II, and Form VII (also learner of Sokan, Tulak Hords lost form, and the use of Telekinesis with multiple Lightsabers)

    Bio/History: Born on a planet deep into the unknown the young child Arklos was amoung the few to survive the terrors of the last Sith Cival wars. A son of the Dark Lord of the Sith Arklos was sent into there worlds unknown regions by a mystrieus figure from the republic.

    This women would one day choose Sabith to become her Padawon. At the age of 6 Sabith begain learning the ways of the jedi and his new Master decieded he needed to learn the ways of war and Battle Meditation. Sabith quickly grew and become a shining light in the galaxy but that light would deem as the sith war struck. Using his unique skill in Battle Meditation and his gifted ablity with the lightsaber Sabith and his Master lead the war againt the sith. Then one day the two of them fall into a sith trap. Sacrificing herself to save her Padawon Sabith's Master ensured his excape.

    It would be almost six months before Sabith was choosen a new master this time it was a male jedi healer who taught Sabith the benifits of healing both the soul and the mind. This master also taught him the ways of the darkside so he would understand his oppoint better. After two years of training with this new master Sabith Killed his master on accident during the heat of battle.

    His 3rd Master ended up being the Grand master of the jedi himself and after another 3 years of Training Sabith was sent to the jedi trails and proved himself worthy of becoming a jedi Knight. Soon after Sabith once more headed the war against the sith. At the age of 20 Arklos was made a jedi Master the youngest in many centuries. Eventually as Sabith's fame and power grew he begain destroying all things connected to the sith unforently he was also killing Million of innocent lives in the process. One of this attacks was against the worlds of Korriban and Zoist killing all life from both worlds but the attack seemed to only unearth darker secrets from the planet ancient past.

  9. Rebecca_Daniels

    Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 3, 2006
    GM approved. :D

    Sith Name: Darth Morpheus
    Birth Name: Captain Kallipso (Kal) Hallyn
    Order/Division: Sith
    Rank: Apprentice
    Sub Class: Shadow Assassin
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Home world: Agamar

    In force shield:
    As fighter pilot:
    Height: 5?7?
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Build: thin, athletic
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: pale blue/violet
    Skin: white
    Markings: Tattoo with Sith styling around her upper left arm.

    Personality: For the most part, Kal is a reserved, but fierce woman. She has a wild streak, which has caused problems in the past, but otherwise she appears to be rule-abiding. In her Sith persona, she is vicious and tough, but occasionally she allows her ?fun? side to show.

    Weapons and Equipment: Single bladed lightsaber, sniper rifle.

    Personal Ship: XJ7 X-wing
    -4 laser cannons
    -Proton torpedo launcher
    -Class 1 hyperdrive

    Droid: Jinx (R5-J6)

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: [​IMG]
    Blade Color: Purple
    Lightsabre Fighting Form:


    For Kal, growing up on Agamar was pure torture. Nothing ever seemed to happen, and her entire family was made up of farmers. Therefore, she was expected to continue the family business, marry, and have a whackload of kids.

    Yeah, right.

    At a young age, she found that she had a natural skill with weapons, mostly blasters. She used that skill to amass a small fortune during her teenage years, enough to buy an astromech droid and find passage offworld to go join the GFFA Military, as a starfighter pilot (or so she hoped).

    Once on Coruscant, she went through training, easily graduating from the academy, and was placed in Wraith Squadron, because of her sniper and weapons skills. It was through the military that she first learned of her Force powers. But being on Coruscant, with its huge population, was difficult for a farmgirl to get used to, especially since Agamarians tended to be formal and strict. However, she recovered from the culture shock and made some good friends because of her struggles.

    During her many years in Wraith Squadron, and after her promotion to Captain, she took a leave of absence, hoping to receive Jedi training. They turned her down. Apparently she didn't have the temperament to become a Jedi, so she turned to her other option, a cloaked figure that came to her in her dreams. He offered power, training, a group that would accept her, and a chance to break any lasting ties to her homeworld, which she now hated.

    Force Powers: LV 2 ? 15 pts

    Control Pain - 1
    Inflict Pain - 1
    Slow - 1
    Electronic Manipulation - 1
    Magnify Senses - 1
    Detoxify Poison - 1
    Control Mind - 1
    Remove Fatigue - 1
    Reduce Injury - 1
    Enhance Attribute - 1
    Absorb/Dissipate Energy - 1
    Blackness (Stealth) - 1
    Force Lightening - 1
    Life Energy Drain - 1
    Shock Burst - 1
  10. jedi_of_darkness

    jedi_of_darkness Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 26, 2003
    ~GM Approved~

    Name: Ito Terukata
    Order/Division: Shadow assassin
    Rank/Level: 1 Acolyte
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Species: human
    Home world: Coruscant
    Appearance: Short military style cut hair, peircing grey eyes, Ito's face is relatively plain, no blemishes or scars marking his body.
    Height: 5"10'
    Weight: 74kg
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Grey
    Skin: light tan
    Markings: N/A
    Clothing: Desert camo pants and a white shirt. Brown jacket for colder wheather.

    Weapons & Equipment: Lightsaber. 2x vibro daggers. 1x heavy blaster. Daggers and blaster kept in jacket. Ration tablets.

    Personal Ship: N/A

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: Rune inscriptions.
    Blade Color: Green
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Atura, Shii-cho (Novice in both, preffers Atura)


    Ito was born on Coruscant and lived there for the majority of his life. However instead of living in the upper parts Ito lived on the lower levels of the city planet.

    Ito used his affinity to the force for evil deads. Ito used it to aid him in the avoidance of his foes and the stealing of whatever he could get his hands on. Ito was suprisingly good at his job.

    Ito was a much wanted man, both by the police forces and by gangs and criminal organisations. Ito managed to avoid death on five occations before he was recruited by the Sith into their ranks. He was a perfect member, having refined his hatred for the current society due to the way he had to live, for the lack of family he had.

    So Ito was recruited amongst the ranks of the Sith with pure ease, quickly adapting to their lifestyle.

    Powers & Mastery:

    Telekinesis - 1
    shapeshifting - 1
    Blackness - 1
    Phase shift - 1
    Wither - 1
    Control mind - 1
    Farseeing - 1
    Magnifying Senses - 1
    Control Breathing - 1
    Dark Ball - 1

    OOC: This really does look sweet... And for once it looks like I'm joining at the start of a major RP
  11. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    GM Note: We wont start this up till the weekend. We still have a few people that have to post their C-S's. What im going to do is give the load down on how leveling up will work.

    A maximum of 5 points will be given for smaller missions and classes. The final amount will be dependent on how well the roleplayer performed. Most will get 4 points out of the maximum 5. However, if one displays a poor performance, 2 or 3 points will instead be given.

    A maximum of 10 points will be given for large missions. As with smaller missions and classes, the final amount will usually be slightly lower than maximum. Most likely 8 or 9, with 10 being reserved for only the absolute best roleplayers.

    The 5 point system works like this. This is for small missions and classes

    5 pts - Excellent
    4 pts - Good
    3 pts - Fair
    2 pts - Poor
    1 pts - Incomplete class or failed mission.

    10 point System will be used similar. These are the bigger missions only

    10 pts - Excellent
    9 pts - Above Average
    8 pts - Good
    7 pts - Fair
    6 pts - Below average
    5 pts - Poor
    4 pts or less can be considered incomplete class or failed mission.


    We will have some NPC's that will be around throughout the RPG. Now NPC's can be killed, but it wont be as easy as you think.



    Darth Hateress - Twi'lek Female - High Master - Death Marauder

    Darth Treacherous - High Master - Shadow Assassin
    (Human male)

    Darth Angentine - Human Female High Master - Black Plague

    Darth Cursar - Wookie Male - Master - Death Marauder

    Darth Necror - Zaborak Male - Master - Shadow Assassin

    Darth Devanoth - Cathar Male - Master - Black Plague

    MID RANKS (Warrior Status):

    Darth Agononist - Devorian - Male - Death Marauder

    Darth Toxic - Miraluka Female - Shadow Assassin

    Darth Raptid - Human female - Black Plague

  12. SWBob

    SWBob Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2003
    OOC: how many points will equal a rank up in RPG level?

    Also are these the same as the prestige points on the off site?
  13. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: 15 pts per Rank up. There is no guarantee on getting the full points. It all depends on how you RP.

    The prestige is 5 pts max.

    We have different ways of prestige earning. One is for members who have training in the main thread only or participate in the RPG as well. The other is the RPG only.

  14. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    OOC: I think it's worth noting the distinction between rank and level. Ranks are Acolyte, Apprentice, Warrior, Master, High Master, and Triumvirate. Levels are 1-20, with several levels within each rank.

    I just figured it would be good to point that out and avoid confusion.
  15. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name:Rhi Lodus Quimen
    Order/Division:Black Plague
    Rank/Level: LV1 Acolyte
    Species: Kiffar
    Home world: Ryloth
    Appearance: Ruggedly handsome. Intense eyes alongside a strong chin.
    Height: 6ft 4in
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Build: Muscular/athletic
    Hair: bald
    Eyes: purple
    Skin: dull bronze
    Markings: clan tattoo's over left eye. Prison tattoo on right forearm, and tribal tattoo over both deltoid muscles.
    Clothing: metallic black pants, and vest with matching high cut boots. black inner tunic, and gloves.

    Weapons & Equipment: Lightsaber, throwing darts.

    Personal Ship: Not yet.

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: Metallic black double bladed hilt with greyish tint.
    Blade Color: flame colored orange.
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Djem So(single blade) Ataru(double sided)


    Rhi Lodus born to a Kiffar mother, and human father was disowned by his mother for some reason thus leaving Raz in his fathers care for most of his life. Rhi opted once he reached the age of nine to keep all reminders of his Kiffar heritage secret adopting his fathers family name though the he was stuck with two things he did inherit from his mother which were the ability for precognition by touching objects something that is genetically passed on, and the clan tattoo that are over his left eye. His father was a bar owner in one of the smaller cities on the planet of Ryloth who's two main exports were that of Ryl, and slaves.

    At a young age Rhi learned quickly of how to survive amongst some of the galaxies more vile creatures, and learned his lesson well. His father pressed him into learning how to defend himself properly while his older half brother tutored him on how to handle most ships due to his extensive time spent in private shipping before returning home to help their father.

    By the age of thirteen Rhi was rather stunted in his growth social though he could defend himself one on one in land or sky as good as most. His father paid no mind to his younger son's naivety in regards to social situations knowing that Rhi would come out of it soon enough. Around the same time Jedi investigated their city, and by chance they sought to take away the slaves that Rhi's father owned. The situation soon turned deadly with Rhi's father, and brother dying at the hands of Jedi, and Rhi murdering a padawan in reaction which landed him in prison.

    From the age of twelve till eighteen Rhi served time in prison bettering his ability in one on one combat, and furthering his ability to socialize sufficently. His hatred for the Jedi has only intensified as Rhi has searched for the rumors of an Order that hated the jedi as much as him. At the age of nineteen Rhi has escaped his stature now one of imposing measures as he has found the order long rurmored amongst those he met in prison to have the same hatred of the jedi as he holds.

    His anger now has a purpose, and as he grows in the teachings of the sith his wrath and fury will now have means in which he will obtain his vengence.

    Powers: 10pt max


    Elemental Control/Resistance-1

    Lightsaber Combat-1


    Enhance Attribute-1


    Phase Shift-1


    Disapate/Absorb Energy-1

  16. yipeekayyay

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    Dec 18, 2007
    [hl=black]TEEGIRLOO Approved[/hl]

    ~Character Sheet~

    Name: Liam Dextrim
    Order/Division: Death Marauder
    Rank: Acolyte, Lvl. 1
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kiffar
    Homeworld: Kiffu

    Appearance: Crass, youthful, and strong; some facial hair
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 184 lbs.
    Build: Tall, fit; lightly muscled
    Hair: Black; shaped and trimmed into a crew-cut
    Eyes: Auburn
    Skin: Tanned
    Markings: Intricate design over his left eye bearing his Clan's seal; colored yellow, tattooed

    --Basic Sith Robes--
    --- Dark grey under-tunic
    --- Black tunic
    --- Dark grey obi
    --- Black trousers
    --- Dark brown utility belt
    --- Dark brown leather boots

    Weapons and Equipment: The Force, Single-bladed lightsaber; all else standard for survival

    Personal Ship: Slayer VI -- re-named and highly-modified Starfighter; Stolen.

    Lightsaber Description: Single-bladed, standard length blade
    Hilt: [link=]Concept[/link]
    Blade Color: Red

    Lightsaber Fighting Forms:
    --- Form II, Makashi - Novice
    --- Form V, Shien/Djem So - Novice


    Liam Dextrim was the son of Kayl and Alidel Dextrim, members of Clan Dextriimus. Liam was born with psychometric powers, the ability to sense and experience the "memories" of inanimate objects by merely touching them; a trait valuable for obvious reasons. Most Kiffar, however, had this psychometric ability to some degree, but Liam's latent ability with the Force enhanced his own, and he was considered by many to be one of the best example of the ability that had ever been seen for years.

    Years passed, and when his mother was murdered by a house thief, the people of his sector urged heavily upon Liam, who was at the time seven, to find out who did and why it was that his mother got killed. During this time, Liam was handed his mother's necklace, a jewel given to Alidel by Liam's father during their dating years; a jewel found on her corpse following her death - odd, indeed how it wasn't stolen. Liam relunctantly examined it with his psychometric abilities, and the visions he experienced left a void within him so profound, that nothing could ever repair it.

    Liam went mad, fleeing far into Kiffu's wilderness. The trauma he'd suffered at such a tender age was never repaired. He seeked only one thing: vengeance. For miles he travelled, surviving the hostilities of the wild on his own like a common Reek, his demeanor molded into that of a rabid animal, and no longer that of the sweet, charismatic boy everyone knew. He'd found a distinct camp in the heart of the forest; a camp belonging to his mother's killer, he recognized.

    Like a mad-man, he jumped at the murderer, and the two embraced in a violent brawl. Eventually, Liam manifested himself within the Force, manipulating the 'Dark Side' to tear and shread the villain's spine into mince, killing him instantley. He went up to the battered corpse - a sense of grandeur eminating from him at this point - and lashed off the male's mask, only to reveal that his face had been horribly disfigured during the battle. Alas, Liam never managed to discover the true identity of his mother's assassinator, nor did he ever manage to gather the will to face his Clan-members and weary father again. He scanned, and quickly boarded the small craft belonging to the killer. Using what small piloting knowledging he had at the time, he banked away from the Kiffu system, on to other adventures.

    A decade past, and after some time doing 'odd-jobs' for merchants, crime-lords, and bounty hunter-employers all the same on many distinct worlds throughout the mid and outer rims, Liam was approached by an ominous figure. This entity introduced herself as a Dark Jedi. She explained that s
  17. DarkSideAssasin

    DarkSideAssasin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 15, 2008
    [hl=black]GM APPROVED :)[/hl]

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Darth Terros
    Alias: Resk Beroya
    Order/Division: Dominion of Darkness, Death Marauders
    Rank/Level: LvL 1-Acolyte
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Ancestors: Mandalorians
    Home world: Mandalore, but raised on Corruscant
    Appearance: Smooth handsome face, and the sight of Evil in his eyes.
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 137
    Build: Athletic, slim
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin is Tan
    Markings: Two scares on his face, one above his eye, another on the right side of his face.

    Weapons & Equipment: Single Red Lightsabers

    Personal Ship: Sith Cruiser

    Lightsabers Description: One lightsaber
    Hilt: Black Hilt
    Blade Color: Red
    Lightsabers Fighting Form: Juyo, I

    Resk was born on the planet of Corruscant. His mother Natalie Beroya died in child birth, his father, Tarj Kren, was a Crime lord. When money was tight he had Resk, at age 8, steal from place. he was very good. When he became of age 18 he was able to fight extraordinary, having been training to fight all his life. Resk had made his own gang, named after his family's last name, Beroya. Beroya in Mandalorian language means Bounty Hunter. His gang Beroya's Guild, was the most destructive gang in Corruscant.

    The gang stole, kidnapped, committed space piracy, and various other crimes. One a smuggling run he was caught, they chased them back to the ships. Resk fell and couldn't get up in time, when he did there was lazercuffs on him. He was brought to a asteroid prison, where he would be sentenced to a two years of prison. 1 year past, in those months he witnessed people hang themselfs.That made him cringe at sight. Later after, a man in his young fifties came to prison. He felt an ora of darkness around him." Name's Resk, yours ?said Resk cautioning," Darth Kiru, Sith" Kiru said. 'Why is a sith locked up in prison, more importantly why am I talking to a sith' Resk thought."W-why are you in prison, your lordship? Said Resk,?Why did I say you lordship? wondered Resk."My padawan, struck me down for my crimes, as he said they were, then turned me in, he was no sith" Kiru said getting angry."Oh, but what gets me is, you don?t have a plan to get out yet ?Said Resk calmly."Who said I didn't" Kiru said, as the cell door opening and a small droid on wheels rolls in. A hologram turned on, Kiru and the Hologram had a conversation while I got up and went to the cell door. ?The dumb wardens keeping the weapons near my cell? Thought Resk laughing a bit, as he rummaged through the pile of weapons, until he found a small tubular object.? What kind of weapon is this' He thought confused. Resk found a small button and pressed it, a red, glowing blade swished out. He got the hang of it fast and stabed the control panel for his cell. It opened and he went to the control panel for the jail, he opened all the doors and said "Follow me to the docking bay and we'll fly out of here with victory, before we do this though grab weapons from the cart by my cell ?Commanded Resk. There was enough for everyone except another lightsaber. He picked it up and gave it to Kiru and said "Let?s do this?. Then Kiru asked Resk something as they ran to the hanger "Do you want to join the Sith, Resk, I see great talents in you, and how you mastered your saber so quickly".'Umm, why not ?Agreed Resk, "Good" replied Kiru happily.

    Once they reached the hanger they had to fight of a lot of guards. They quickly defeated them because of Resk and Kiru and their lightsabers. After taking them all out, everyone rushed into ships. Resk taking the biggest one claiming it his own. All around you could hear the high pitched whine of the ships about to take off. Out of the hanger came out a fleet of ships hurrying out of the system. Resk and Kiru set coarse for Lehon. Resk now waits for a master of his own.

    Telekinesis - 1
    Sith Magic - 1
  18. Cobar_Yik_Jedi

    Cobar_Yik_Jedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 9, 2005

    Name: Kell Skirata
    Order/Division Black Plague
    Rank: Acolyte
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home world: Coruscant
    Height: 6ft, 5
    Weight: 180lbs
    Build: slightly muscular build
    Hair: none
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: pale White
    Markings: he has a few scars across his head from were he had been hit by various objects

    Clothing: white shirt brown tabards and obi-wrap brown cloak (Both taken from a dead Jedi), utility belt around his waist with various sized of packs on it for holding his tools, ration packs and data pads, brown combat styled pants and heavy combat boots

    Weapons & Equipment: 1 Hiker & Hunter Dura shelter, 1 Survival Gear Water Jug Filter, 1 Biotech Fast Flesh Med pack, 1 Fabritech CH-15 Camouflage Netting, 1 Fabritech PAC20 Visual Wrist Com, 2 Gandorthral Atmospherics Oxidizer, 1 Modified Aratech A14 Repulsor disk (planet side mode of transport), 1 Merr-Sonn Model Q2, 1 BlasTech DLT-20A

    Personal Ship: (If applicable) none yet he has used commercial transportation to get around

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: Plain Silver hilt x2
    Blade Color: Orange and Green
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: unknown and very sloppy, he has never had formal saber training

    Bio/History: Kell was abandoned as a child on Nar shada after his mother and father were killed but hutties thugs when he was 9 years old before then he was raised on Coriscant the place of his birth, struggling to survive he learned to live of the streets and his wits but all the time there was something else with him helping him along guiding him.

    Age 9 upwards

    Kell was lucky in one respect when he joined a small gang of thugs who worked for a small time smuggler?s ring as security for there planet side base, this gave him a job and a safe place to sleep, he soon found he had a knack for mechanics and was taken from security duty to maintenance.

    This for Kell was step up in the right direction, higher wages, no more standing around outside on the cold nights unless he choose to go hang with his mates after he was finished his shift fixing the various droids, speeders and even getting to work on some of the groups space ship engines and computer systems, he worked for the gang for 10 years, as he worked he picked up tips from the other members of the smuggling group as well as other spacers he was now hanging around with in the local cantinas.

    During this time Kell decided he was feed up walking everywhere so he bought an old Aratech A14 Repulsor disk and modified it with foot straps and a wrist mounted control system removing the safety bar and control panel, as well as adding an additional repulsor and thrust engines at the rear so it could now go up to 75 KPH and also hold 1 additional person or cargo, he also added a Droid brain from a R5 Astrometric droid so he could have it perform small tasks for him using the 2 grabber arms hidden in either side of the disk.

    One night after Kell had left the compound to head home and clean up it was raided by some unknown to him and the place was gutted out and all the members of his family were murdered savagely. This left Kell alone with his anger rising in him. He had no idea who did this too his family, but he swore that someday they would pay for it some how. Days had gone by then months before he finally found out who killed his family.

    He was ready to get his revenge. He brought along some weapons and staked out the place where the thugs were at. He then proceeded to go through with his plan of revenge. Without him realizing he felt a surge of the dark side rising within him as he shot the thugs one by one.

    He left without having no real destination. He knew that something was different about him and that it gave him a strange and powerful feeling. He was obsessed to find out what this power was. Kell went on a journey and found himself on Tatooine where he heard something about the force from some spacers who frequented cantinas. Understanding that this was what he used the night he killed the thugs, Kell knew that he had to seek out th
  19. jedipassion

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    Sep 9, 2007
    GM approved!

    Name: Rogan Hitaru
    Order/Division:Death Marauder
    Rank/Level: Acolyte 1
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Species: Chiss
    Home world: Unknown Regions ( Csilla)
    Appearance: Comepletely tightskinned Black suit thats worn around the academy and wears black sith tatooed matrix armor with a nihilus replicated mask only allowing his eyes to be seen.
    Height: 6ft 0in
    Weight: 190lbs
    Build: medium bulky
    Hair: none (bald)
    Eyes: Ashlander Scarlet
    Skin: Charcoal Galaxy Black
    Markings: Incisioned sith tatoos
    Clothing: Tighskinned black suit worn in the accademy

    Weapons & Equipment:
    Weapons: single bladed lightsaber
    Armor: Matrix Armor and Mask with eye slots

    Personal Ship:N/A

    Lightsabre Description: Spiked at the base with a ring around it and towards the ignition surface the words power is victory is written.
    Hilt: Single Electrum
    Blade Color: Crimson
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: uses Ataru

    Bio/History: Rogan was born on the Planet of Csilla in the Unknown Regions. With the laws of the planet demanding isolation for them he was always eager to see other worlds knowing the dangers of it he stowayed onto the cargo hold of ship which ended up having system problems. Within days he woke up on the planet of where the temple was located.

    Powers and Mastery:

    Control Pain-1
    Elemental Conrtol/Resistance-1(water)
    Enhance Attribute-1
    Absorb/Dissipate Energy-1
    Feed of the Dark Side-1
    Life Energy Drain-1
    Force Scream-1
    Remove Fatigue-1
    Control Breathing-1
    Dragon's Breath-1
  20. DarkSideAssasin

    DarkSideAssasin Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 15, 2008
    OOC: Jedipassion you join to, this should be intstresting.
  21. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    ooc: yupzers
  22. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004

    General Information
    Name: Nemisis
    Order/Division: Death Marauder
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home world: Unknown, raised on Korriban

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 184
    Build: Smaller than normal, muscular physique, very defined.
    Hair: Long black hair.
    Eyes: Dark Brown, almost black
    Skin: Has a sort of tan to him. Though, as he delves further into the Dark Side, his skin tone brightens.
    Markings: Has a couple tattoos: one on his right arm and one on his back.
    Clothing: Nemisis wears a black cloak, with red lining on it. He rarely ever takes these off, except for when he is fighting, and always wears his hood up, so as to hide his face. Underneath, he has a very unique looking style of clothing. His clothes underneath has a few straps that is connected in the center of his mid-section. The bottom is similar to a robe, hanging down. Underneath that, he is bare, wearing only underwear.

    Weapon(s): Dual lightsabers. The Force, and an assortment of small lightsabers.

    Personal Ship: Conflictor, Sith Starfighter

    Lightsaber Description: The hilt of Nemisis' blade is shiny black, and has gray lining on it as well as red buttons. Both hilts are curved, and both are identical. The blade extends to the regular size of a lightsaber blade, and includes crystals that make the blades red. Also, some other crystals make the lightsaber very strong, and durable.
    Hilt: Shiny black with gray lining and red buttons. Curved.
    Blade Color: Crimson
    Lightsaber Fighting Form: Form IV and Jar'kai

    Little is know about Nemisis' past. He does not share information about his past; he actually prefers not to talk about it, believing it should be left exactly where it is: in the past. It is known however, that he had acquired training in the ways of the Force from an unknown, dark figure who instilled many of his teachings and philosophies onto Nemisis. Some include that lightsaber technique is essential to any Force user, which explains his extreme desire for combat with a lightsaber. To go along with that, his master taught him that two blades is always better than one, which explains his training in the form of Jar'kai. His training took place in an unknown cave deep within the mountains on Korriban.

    Nemisis arrived in the hands of the Dominion because it was his destiny. His master had gone out on a mission, and to bring back food for the couple for their survival. However, he did not return. Nemisis waited for days with little amounts of food and finally decided to check the planet surface to see if he could find any clues. When he surfaced, he found the shuttle of his master, the Conflictor, meters away, and completely empty. Nemisis felt an urge, as if the dark side was telling him to get on the spacecraft and take flight. So he listened, leaving the planet behind forever, never seeing his master again.

    The Force guided Nemisis to a planet called Lehon. He had heard of the planet in his studies, the ancient Rakata used to live on this planet. It was here that Revan faced his former apprentice and killed him. Nemisis could feel the lure of the Dark Side, the sheer affinity of the Dark Side the planet held. It was amazing.

    On the planets surface, he found what the Force was guiding him to: a group of Force Users who called themselves the True Sith. Nemisis could not believe it. He was only 17 years old, but he could recall from his studies that these were it. These were the ultimate Force Users in the galaxy, those that Revan had gone in search for. What happened next was natural.

    He was accepted as a member of the Order and began his training. Now, two years later, Nemisis is deadlier than ever. Though, he still can't help but wonder what happened to his previous master,
  23. Falling_Leaf

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Name: Veralis Na'kyrah
    Order/Sub Affiliation: Sith/Shadow Assassin
    Rank:Lv 4
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Home world: Ord Mantell
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 140
    Build: Athletic, Tall, muscular, Stocky
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Fair
    Markings: Two Tattoo's on her forehead
    Clothing: Regulation pants and shirt that you would find on any common person.
    Armor: Wears only a light plate armor that cover the right shoulder.

    ---Traits: Wild, Ruthless, Brilliant, Self interested, Manipulative
    ---Likes: Credits, Sweets, Winning, Fast Ships, bare fist fighting and Gambling
    ---Dislikes: Idiots, Jedi, Traffic, Ewoks and Hutts
    ---Habits: She grits her teeth when annoyed, constantly plays with her hair, and is insulting to anyone in hearing range.

    Lightsabre Description
    Hilt: Black/Gold
    Blade Color: Black with a faint inner red glow
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Form I: Shii-Cho, she uses Dun Möch along with Form I to anger her opponents into losing control.
    Other Weapons: BlasTech light repeating blaster, CryoBan grenades, KX-60 blaster rifle
    Other Equipment: Fake ID, Utility Belt, Tool Kit, Medical Backpack, Comlink (Encrypted), Credit Chip (50,000 Cred Limit), Utility Belt, Macrobinoculars, Data pad, Code Cylinder.

    Personal Ship: The Raith
    Technical specifications
    Length 20 meters
    Maximum acceleration 1,500 G
    Sublight Speed: 150MGLT
    Maximum speed: 1,800 km/h
    Engine unit: Sienar Fleet Systems Z-Rk5 ion engines 4 in a bar
    Hyperdrive rating YV-929 Mark-III
    Backup Class 10
    Shielding Multiple shield generators Rated 150 SBD
    Hull Reinforced durasteel/carbon fiber hull Rated 76 RU
    Navigation system Navigation computer equipped
    Armament Standard configuration:
    Steerable forward 2 mounted Light Turbolasers (on 'shoulders')
    2 ? wing mounted Tri-Photon Machine guns
    Aft retractable twin blaster cannon 2
    Crew Pilot 1
    Gunner(s) 3 max
    Minimum crew 1+ 1 droid
    Passengers Standard:
    4 passengers
    5 Prisoners
    Cargo capacity 3 metric tons
    Consumables 2 months
    KDY Prototype Remote Pilot Interface
    Other systems HoloNet transceiver
    Cockpit escape pod

    Force Powers

    Telekinesis Lv 2- Allows you to pick up, move, or stop a solid object with the Force.

    Control Pain Lv 2- Control pain lets Sith continue a task despite great pain. Lower levels can control small pains, but the higher the level the more the pain is reduced and the greater the pain that can be dealt with.

    Inflict PainLv 2- The character can use this to inflict great agony in her target. The actual physical result of the power is that the target is not able to move for several minutes after the attack. The Sith can not kill using this power, for it only stuns the target. He/She does not need to be in contact with her target to use this power.

    Control MindLv 2- Allows you to take control of someone?s mind, turning them into a puppet per say. When done correctly you can control the actions of others to get them to serve you like loyal automatons. Note: This power can also be used as Alter mind, and Dim another's senses.

    Elemental Control/Resistance Lv 2 (earth)- Allows the wielder to control 1 specific aspect of nature, to the exclusion of all others (air, earth, fire, water), and manipulate it to their own gain. It can be used in various ways and the higher the level of the user the more adept s/he is at controlling the power. It can also provide resistance to those elements, such as walking out of a building that is burning down unscathed, or remaining underwater without need to breathe, or being resistant to Force Wind attacks etc.

    Blackness (stealth) Lv 2- allows a S
  24. Mikaboshi

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    [hl=black]~GM Approved~[/hl]

    Name: Har Megiddo
    Alias: Darth Paragon
    Order/Division: Black Plague
    Rank/Level: 5 (30 points to allocate)

    Homeworld: Brentaal IV
    Species: Human

    Gender: Male
    Hair: White, shoulder length
    Eyes: Pale Blue
    Skin: Ashey Hued
    Age: 31
    Weight: 186
    Height: 6'1


    Weapons: 2 Lightsabers, red bladed. Hilts are black with platinum trim.
    Lightsaber Fighting Form: Jar'kai

    Personality: Calculating and cautious, prefers stealth and cunning over brute force or agressive tactics though he will not shy away from a fight if the need arises. While in combat, and even before the need for such, Har constantly seeks out weaknesses in potential rivals so that he can take advantage of them.

    Har strives to be seen by others as a noble man and believes that true nobility is earned through actions rather than given through birthright, and if he gives his word on something he will strive to honor that such he is reluctant to make such commitments lest he get trapped into an action that is not beneficial to himself.

    Har fully and openly believes himself to be superior to all Sith regardless of their rank or level of power, and he believes that true power lies not in ranks but in ones mind and understanding of the Dark Side.

    Whatever action he takes, no matter how misguided or delusional, he feels is completely justified and in the best interests of everyone whether they know it or not. In Darth Paragon's mind he is the most honorable man in the galaxy and all slights against him or his honor, no matter how small, must eventually be righted.

    Har's ego is his greatest weakness, though he doesn't see it as one, regardless it from time to time will cause him to underestimate his opponents...and overestimate his own abilities.

    Interests: Archaeology. Sith lore, history and culture. Alchemy, sorcery and relics.

    Background: Har Megiddo was born to a wealthy family, which bred a sense of entitlement and arrogance toward those he considered below him. This was something learned from his father, though he hated the man for his drive towards perfection, this same attitude was also ingrained in his psyche at an early age. His mother reinforced this belief as she was weak of will and easily cowed by his father, she never had the courage to stand up for him or his 2 siblings, and for that he will always despise her and those like her.

    Har knew from an early age that he was different than most, having what he refered to as a "sixth sense", he was able to sometimes catch a glimpse of what others were thinking or intending and often times instinctively knowing when things would go good or bad for him.

    His training as a Sith began when a wealthy traveler doing buisiness with his father recognized his talents, though nobody new at the time this traveler was a Sith Lord working covertly to secure discrete sources of income for the Sith Order on Lehon. When the Sith had finished his buisiness on Brentaal IV he abducted Har, that was the last time Har spoke to or saw his family. His family was from that day forward the Sith Order, and under their parentage he has prospered greatly.


    Telekinesis: 2
    Control Pain: 2
    Magnify Senses: 2
    Detoxify Poison: 2
    Reduce Injury: 2
    Farseeing: 2
    Control Mind: 2
    Feed on the Dark Side: 2
    Enhance Attribute: 2
    Sith Alchemy: 2
    Sith Magic: 2
    Summon Dark Side Spirit: 2
    Force Fire: 2
    Dark Ball: 2
    The Black Gaze: 2
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    GM NOTE: Just letting everyone that this will start tomorrow. Again if you want to discuss the RP OOC please go to the link in the first post. You may also discuss it on our [link=] Offsite[/link] There you can keep in track of what level, prestige points you have or anything else that is connected to the RPG.
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