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  1. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Tenku Zan

    Tenku listened and thought before deciding to ask a question. "And how does one know when they have achieved mastery of the Dark Side?" Tenku waited for the response.

  2. yipeekayyay

    yipeekayyay Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 18, 2007
    Liam Dextrim
    Force Training Chamber
    [blockquote]The Kiffar watched as the Miraluka at his side warily fixed himself a 'drink' of cheap wine from one of the drawers ahead. He smiled, eyes narrowing some. Unbeknownst to the rest of the students, the ignored bottle of alcohol was suddenly beginning plummet towards the ground infront of its previous controller, aiming to crash and spill all over the place. Normally, he would have let the Seer humiliate himself, but this was a perfect opportunity for him to express his adeptness within the Force and it's most basic usage.

    Liam reached his left hand over towards the bottle as it lowered, rapidly stopping it in it's tracks and pulling it idly towards him and higher up to about chest-height. With his opposite gaping hand, he fell into the Force, lightly grasping three large plastic cups within one of the drawers and lifting them up and towards him aswell. Just barely, miniscule dots of sweat forming over his brows and temples, he'd managed to place one cup within the other with his own mind, making a small tower of them before placing the bottle upright within them and setting the entirety onto the center of the half-circle.

    In the end, the young man huffed some, calmly catching his breath and lowered his head for a short moment before re-establishing his posture. He was looking for no one else's response or criticism but that of his current lecturer. He waited intently, hands on either knee.[/blockquote]
    TAG ~ Force Training Chamber Students, D_W
  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Wolf Raiden

    Wolf's mind had had a secure grip on the bottle itself. It was the glass that his concentration had ebbed on. He began to set the bottle on the ground in a controlled drop.

    He felt another power rip it from his control and had it zoom towards it's source. Liam.

    Wolf's eyes narrowed behind his shades.

    He extended his power again, stronger this time and ripped the bottle right back. It was sent flipping through the air back towards him, contents spraying globs of wine in the air. But the globs stayed stationary in the air.

    Wolf gained an unnatural sense of clarity when he was angry. It aided him now in accomplishing a feat that would have been otherwise difficult. His eyes were straining as the bottle flipped back to his hand. His fingers closed around it's neck tightly. One of the cups that had been placed on the bottom of it flicked itself off and traced a path overtop of the hovering liquid, filling the open container with it's contents. He knelt down and placed both wine glass and bottle on the floor, then reached up and grabbed the cup as he walked over to Liam. He extended the cup to the other Acolyte with a dull expression on his face.

    "You know, it is very rude to snatch things from people. Had you wanted a drink that badly... you should have simply asked...."

    Wolf crouched down next to him on the balls of his feet and extended the cup to Liam.

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    OOC: For the record my character still had possession of the bottle in question.
  4. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: please disregard my previous post. In place of it I am going to write the following. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    IC: Wolf Raiden

    Wolf had begun to set the bottle down with his mind when it was pulled from his wanning grasp. He watched the glowing strand of energy flow from Liams mind to the bottle. He gazed upon the following display and he managed an irritated smirk.

    Wolf tipped his head to Liam in mock "thanks" before continueing to wait for the rest of the class to finish what they were doing, awaiting further instruction and hoping that the next task would be more of a challange to his, and apparently, others' skills.

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  5. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: GM Note: All pts toward missions, classes and prestige will be on the offsite. I cant give a link due to browser troubles.

    Name: Idoneus
    Mission: Infiltration
    Pts Total: 4/15


    ****** Warrior Update ******

    High Paradise Suite, Mid Level, Coruscant

    Idoneus used blackness to give him stealth through the Control Command Center, while in camouflaged he cleverly used black tentacles around the droids to incapacitate them. This enabled him to gain free access to the mainframe without any distraction. Making his way toward the mainframe computer terminal, he noticed the droids were struggling to free themselves. Paying no mind to them he started to look for the key code for Toris Parker.

    Parker?s name came up and from the smile on Idoneus?s face so did the key code to Toris Parker?s apartment suite. Looking on the data pad he knew he wasn?t too far from it. All he had to do is quickly leave the control command center before more security comes in.. As he rounded the corner he began to run, watching both with his eyes and the Force for people who might grow suspicious of him. When he got far enough away he dispelled the tentacles, vanishing, leaving the security team no evidence of an intruder.

    From the information he received he learned that the suite was only a five floors above and close to a docking pad for mid level residents. Finally reaching the level , he sensed that there were only a limited amount of security guards, two sentients and three droids. Before heading to the suite, he needed a distraction . Obviously to Idoneus, the security team already knew that the fire was a false alarm. They may have thought it was children pulling a prank. Never the less, he needed to get past them to be able to slip into the room of his target.

    TAG: SWBob


    Private Landing Pad, Denon

    The Sith Warrior looked in to the eyes of the image in front of him. ?As you wish my lady.? was his reply to the details of the orders that was given to him by his superior. Darth Mystique returned the stare with a retort ? Yes it is? The image quickly faded leaving Sabith alone and on his way to his destination.

    Denon was a smaller version of Coruscant with its wide city sprawl throughout the planet. It was the headquarters of the GA during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Virtually untouched during the war, the planet was one of the few planets to remain prosperous. Like most city planets, Denon had its seedy side where gangs and other beings considered scum and low lifes in society hung out. In an isolated part of the planet where industrialized factories were located, was a warehouse hidden from view. The only way you could see it was if you were up close to it.

    The streets were long and dark. There were noises, but it was out in the distance. Sabith was able to find an obscure landing pad for his ship. It was now time for him to somehow find where he was suppose to pick up the cargo. Though his task seemed vague, Sabith figured there was a reason for Biner?s lack of info concerning the pick up. On the data card that Biner gave Sabith was a hidden code that if one looked would not be able to decipher. This code was to be inserted to a specific data card , which only the supplier and the receiving client had. If the code was inserted from a different data card then it would not work.

    As Sabith got out of his ship there was someone in the distance walking toward him. He had no idea who it was, but it appeared the person was expecting him. It was very hard to see due to the lack of light in the area. Then finally as the figure came into closer view, Sabith was able to make out more of the appearance of a tall green Rodian Male with bulging red eyes.

    "This landing pad is for private use buddy."

    "State your business if you have any."

    TAG: Darth_Sabith

  6. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Jake Sling
    Force training

    he watched as one student pulled a bottle of wine off the shelf and power himself a drink. Jake just sniffed at the stunt and watched as the other took the bottle and got himself a drink. Jake looked impassively towards them and got up and walked to the wall. Then he grabbed a stone about two inches round, and carried it back.

    As he sat down, he placed the rock a few feet from himself. Then he stared at the rock and concertrated on it. Sweat broke out out on his forehead. The rock moved slightly, then lifted only a few inches off the floor, then it fell back to the floor.

    Jack stared at the rock, then cursed, then wiped sweat from his brow. "Maybe, I should have taken the fighting part instead. At least I would have a chance to get something done." He thought.

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  7. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
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  8. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
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  9. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
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  10. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
    ~IC: Mandalorian Warrior - Mercenary Camp~

    [blockquote]Standing around the outskirts of the camp, near the tree-line, the large-framed Mandalorian downed the last of the ale in his bottle, grunting once it was done, and wiping his mouth with his gloved hand. His comrades further into the encampment were making a level of noise which could only be considered "Unnecessary", and it was beginning to make him nervous. Tossing his bottle aside, he ran his fingers through his black hair, and prepared to begin his patrol once more. The sun was beginning to set, and the night patrol was always the worst. Just as he was about to replace his helmet, some faint rustling in the bushes caught his attention. Any normal human would have been oblivious to the activity, but this man was far from normal. He was a Mandalorian. A finely tuned machine, with keen senses, and quick reflexes.

    Reacting quickly, his right-hand retrieved his custom-made Mandalorian heavy blaster, a pistol just about as large and powerful as anything else in the galaxy. Taking a few steps forward, he wasn't particularly expecting anything more than an encounter with one of Lehon's many beasts.[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: Nemisis, Falling_Leaf~


    ~IC: Darth Haretisch - Main Hall~

    [blockquote]"And how does one know when they have achieved mastery of the Dark Side?" one of the acolytes asked. Haretisch always favored the kind of students who participated in the discussion with questions or comments rather than sitting idly by and listening.

    "If one is truly in tune with oneself, and with the force," he replied, "one will know where they are where power is concerned."

    Clasping his hands behind his back, he glanced up to the rafters for a moment, before gazing back down at his students again.

    "Overconfidence has been the undoing of nearly every otherwise great Sith leader in history. A good warrior knows strengths. A great one acknowledges his shortcomings."[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: All in philosophy class~


    OOC: If it's not quite clear what you guys need to do here, although it should be, send me a PM and I'll explain it ;) Sorry for the sub-par post and the almost unbearable cheesiness of it all, but I was very rushed :p

    ~IC: Darth Angentine - Force Training Room~

    [blockquote]Angentine looked on, with a sneer, at the students who were practicing their telekinetic abilities on the assorted items throughout the room. Satisfied that they were adequately distracted, the Sith Master suddenly fell through the floor, using her well-honed phase shift ability.

    Suddenly, just as the teacher had left the room, two panels along the back wall slid upward, revealing hidden compartments within, from which emerged two heavily armored lightsaber wielding droids, normally used by the higher ranks in the order for lightsaber combat. Luckily for the acolytes, these droids were set fairly low where skill was concerned. They would still be a problem, however.

    Likewise, the leftward wall, which had been a force illusion from the beginning, quickly faded away, revealing another of what could be considered a hidden compartment, only this time the only objects within were a large stone block which would be all but impossible for a single acolyte to move, and a colored floor tile next to it.

    Meanwhile, the door behind the students locked itself from the other side, preventing any and all from passing through until the lock was undone.[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: All in force class~

  11. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    IC:Rhi Lodus Quimen
    Main Hall

    "If one is truly in tune with oneself, and with the force," he replied, "one will know where they are where power is concerned."

    The towering Kiffar acolyte proccessed what they were being educated on especially this small piece of vital information for the lone fact that he was in a loop for how intuned he himself was. The darkside was a very difficult maze in of itself to navigate, and any direction he might receive was welcommed in the genesis of his darkside education.

    "So master are you suggesting that like the jedi we should submit our will to that of the Force"? Rhi questioned shortily allowing for the disdain he held for the jedi to seep into his words though not at an amount that it would distract the Sith Lord from his question.

    "Overconfidence has been the undoing of nearly every otherwise great Sith leader in history. A good warrior knows strengths. A great one acknowledges his shortcomings."

    The following words that the dark lord answered with were humbling in every aspect for the lone fact that Rhi had never heard of a single Sith refer to themselves in such a way. History was indeed littered with countless examples of powerful Sith who surcame harsh fates due to their overconfidence, and if truth was told Rhi noted that it was one of the few areas the jedi had the edge on the sith. He schooled his features into a mask of nothingness at the remark finding his voice was ready for him to voice his next comment for it was a truth of the ages that knowledge was amongst one of the most addictive aspects of life.

    "Then master how does one find balance in the darkside when it calls for emotions that contribute towards one's self exhaltation"? Rhi answered with a question of his own though his tone was non challenging. "Is it possible to find your center within the darkside, and not truly lose the potency it gives"?

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  12. yipeekayyay

    yipeekayyay Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 18, 2007
    Liam Dextrim
    -~- Force Training Chamber
    [blockquote]The Kiffar clenched his jaw and looked sternly back towards Wolf through the facade of his cloak, hunching over as he stared back, one elbow on his thigh, the opposite fist on the other. He'd begun to open his mouth when something perculiar caught his attention. Their mentor, Darth Angentine has phased through the ground and dissappeared from sight rapidly and efficiently, when suddenly the entire chamber blew up in confusion.

    At the sound of a pair of humming lightsabers, the young man sprang up, reeled his weapon from his side, through his cloak and into his grasp with a twitch of the Force and ignited it almost instantaneously. He held it in his right hand, at an angle towards the ground at his side. During this manuever, the Kiffar hadn't sensed much life eminating from the general direction of the sabers humming, and that only meant one thing to him; damned droids.

    It was a sure threat towards him, because if it had no substantial business being around him, it was only a hinderance or danger of some sort. He already knew this was a test and sent a silent nod towards those around in assurance to keep their cool if they expected to get out of there alive.

    "May I suggest one for either droid and the rest to conjure up a solution to that dreaded puzzle?", he spoke loudly and with utmost control, eyes fixated on the smallest movement or advance made by either combat droid.[/blockquote]
    TAG ~ D_W, All others training
  13. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Tenku Zan

    "Then master how does one find balance in the darkside when it calls for emotions that contribute towards one's self exhaltation"? Rhi answered with a question of his own though his tone was non challenging. "Is it possible to find your center within the darkside, and not truly lose the potency it gives"?

    Tenku thought for a moment. "Perhaps it is to use our emotions and passions while at the same time controlling them and bending them to our will rather then letting them control us?"

    Tenku waited for the response, hoping he was at least close to the truth. It certainly wouldn't hurt. Indeed he was glad he had settled on this class, for it was one thing to use the darkside, another thing entirely to understand that use.

    Tag: main hall
  14. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    IC: Nemisis

    [blockquote]Nemisis stood silent, still enshrouded in darkness, as the merc slowly approached. By the looks of him, and by the emotions he was emanating through the Force, Nemisis could tell he was a Mandalorian. He was adorned in Mandalorian armor, but he had yet to replace his helmet, taking away some of the intimidating features that the helmet would have given off. Not that it would have affected Nemisis in any way; Mandalorians were tough beings, but they were no match for a Force User trained in the ways of the Dark Side.

    The Sith apprentice, who had thought about approaching his fellow apprentice, Veralis, changed his mind when he saw the Mandalorian. It was obvious, by the mans cautious steps and the fact that he was holding a weapon that looked like a hand cannon in his hand, he had heard one of the two Sith apprentices. Luckily for the Sith, they had the advantage, not only in skill, but in surprise. Nemisis was still enshrouded in darkness, invisible to the naked eye, and Veralis was well hidden. Besides, the Mandalorian most likely thought it was some animal looking for it's supper. Close enough.

    As the Mandalorian approached slowly and cautiously, Nemisis took out the hilt of his lightsaber, keeping it unlit. He would like to kill this man without making any noise, which would still give him and his fellow apprentice the advantage of surprise when they began the attack on the camp. Nemisis stepped to the side, getting out of line of the hand cannon that the man was carrying, and reached out with the Force, clouding the mans mind, making his actions slow and sluggish (the power of Slow). This would provide another great advantage, and allow Nemisis to approach close to the man and reveal himself, giving ample timing to decapitate the man.

    Nemisis did just that. He walked forward, stepping carefully so as to not be heard, and came within a meter of the man, giving him enough space to reach forward with his saber. He uncovered himself through the Force, making himself totally visible, and ignited his saber, slashing violently down upon the mans head. If all worked according to plan, the man would not be able to react in time due to his slow reactions, and the sound of the lightsaber would be drowned out by the unnecessary noise protruding from the camp.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Darth_wanderguard, Falling_Leaf
  15. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC:Wolf Raiden

    Wolf had closed his eyes and regained his calm, his feat done. He concentrated on regenerating his strength. The sweat that had peppered his forehead was now gone. He looked over at the instructor just to see their Force presence slip through the floor. Her essence dissapearing under the ground they all stood on.

    I need to learn how to do that....

    His ear twitched as he heard doors slide apart and lightsabers hum. As soon as he heard the hum his hand was at his own blade at his side. But when he looked at the beings in the Force it was strange..


    "May I suggest one for either droid and the rest to conjure up a solution to that dreaded puzzle?"

    Wolf looked over to Liam who stood ready, blade in hand.

    Wolf himself was a bit tired of scuffling for the day so he removed his hand from the hilt of his saber and jogged passed Liam.

    "If I turn my back on you, will you defend it or shove that blade through it?"

    Wolf smiled as he ran over to the puzzle.

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  16. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    IC:Darth Sabith
    Private Landing Pad, Denon

    The world of Denon to most was a place of hope and wealth, that was not the case for Sabith for when he looked upon the world all he saw was the weaklings that lived here. Only the true suviovors lived in the lower regions of the world and like corescent they tended to be considered the low lives. Sabith pondered how many of the "noble" men and women of this world would last a single day in the lower city. Chances where very few of them would be able to make it even an hour down in this place.

    Bringing his vessel down Sabith noticed the dozens of broken and cheaply produced holovids to advirtise to the people of this place. Many of these images had been sliced and changed while others where destroyed completly. After a few moments Sabith located the area where he was to bring his vessel down. With his eyes closed Sabith instucted the ship to do what it needed to do and though he had called upon the darkside to do so it did not drain him to do so. Already his power had begun to increase soon he would be a master of the darkside.

    The landing pad had been located in an obscure place and that ment it was the perfect spot to hide his vessel. Leaving his ship Sabith exited the vessel. Walking down the Crimson steps that would bring him to the surface of the landing pad. Hidden in a secret chamber on his left arm bracer was the data card that Biner had given him. Reaching the bottom of the walk way the ship slowly began to close and seal itself. Now only one trained in the dark arts would be able to enter the vessel.

    In the distance walking towards Sabith was a worm of a being and though Sabith did not know the name of this being it was clear that this must be one of the contacts he was to meet. As the being drew closer Sabith could make out the features of a tall green Rodian. The creature had bulging red eyes that seemed to be close to the color of Sabith's own.

    A thin smile came upon Sabith's face at that thought but it vanished nearly as quickly. "This landing pad is for private use buddy. State your business if you have any." the voice of the Rodian was a bit higher then most but Sabith payed it no mind. Continuing to walk forward Sabith did not need to explain everything to the being.

    "I'm here to make a pick up and then I'll be gone." Halting for only a brief moment Sabith pulled free a few credits that he had on him. "I'm looking for a place that doesn't exist if you catch my meaning." With one hand holding out credits Sabith brought his left hand down to his hip. Though he was much better at using his lightsaber with his right hand he doubted the Radian would give him a hard time.

    Tag: GM
  17. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Jake Sling

    He was having no luck in lifting the rock that he picked out, and it seemed everyone else was. He looked around, just in time to catch the Master, drop through the floor, and panels started to slide open. "This is not good poeple, we have been betraded." He pulled out his knives, and jumped to his feet. Seeing the droids, he knew that his blades would do no harm to these.

    He watched as one stepped in front of the other to confront the two droids. "Hold on you two, one take each side, and I will come up the middle to distract them." He hoped they would follow the quick plan, and he can get through before they cut him to pieces. Not waiting to see if they did hear, he ran full tilt at the middle of the two droids.

    TAG: All in Force Training.
  18. yipeekayyay

    yipeekayyay Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 18, 2007
    Liam Dextrim
    -~- Force Training Chamber
    [blockquote]Liam took a stern, serious look back with his peripherals as Wolf responded to his suggestion, and tightened his lips to a mere smirk. "That depends on whether you do your part properly or not, comrade." He turned his gaze back towards the torpidly advancing battle droids, saber still at the ready as he began to take a formal Djem So stance and prepare to move forward.

    Suddenly, he heard the vague command of Jake and barely caught his blurred image as he hurried past him and towards the two saber-wielding droids. He was a fool, but an honorable one. And on Liam's watch, today wasn't his lucky day. He admired his tenacity, and charged onward. Either that, or few if any would get out of there in one piece.

    The Kiffar's fierce crimson blade flew through the air rapidly, going into a faint forward thrust towards the torso of the left-most droid, soon switching in angle and pulled back before it made any contact to turn into a wide, roundhouse horizontal sweep towards the battle droid's left side, around the neck-piece, aiming to behead it. Even through this manuever, his eyes were more focused on the other droid then the one he was attacking. No chance in Hell of him being taken by surprise so early, regardless of who followed up with any of their suggestions.[/blockquote]
    TAG ~ All in Force Chamber, D_W
  19. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Wolf Raiden

    "That depends on whether you do your part properly or not, comrade."

    Wolf smirked as he made his way over to the rather large stone. He then heard Jake run into the fray barking orders.

    Wolf stopped. Stood up straight and cocked his head over his left shoulder. He saw Jake run at two alloy plated, lighsaber wielding droids with.... metallic knives? Wolf severely hoped that he was wrong in what he thought he saw. He pulled a knife from a hidden sheath to look at it in the Force and then compare it to what his eyes told him he saw in jakes hands. It was the same signature.

    Brave or stupid. That bravado will get him killed regardless of what Liam does to help. He didn't much feel like picking up any bodies today.
    He turned back to he large stone and surrounded it with the Force. Then gave a mighty heave with his mind and nearly made himself black out. The stone had barely moved.


    He looked back at the duo taking on the droids.

    "Uhhhh... quick decision... GET BACK!"

    He yelled at Liam and Jake to pull back a few feet. He hoped they would listen because if they didn't things were about to get ugly for everyone. He took a huge enhalation of air, filling his lungs with oxygen and the Force. He breathed out heavily and golden orange flames burst from his mouth in a tight spray. He cocked his head and spread the fire in the space between where Liam and Jake should have leapt out of the way, and the droids. The fire hit the floor and erupted into a high wall of heat. It wouldn't do much against the droids physically but it would confuse them for a moment or two if he was lucky. He turned his back, breathing heavily as he shouted back over his shoulder to the two he hoped had jumped out of the way.

    "...Rocks to big for one person of our strength. We all need to do it....THEN we can take the droids. That fire will keep them occupied for about 3 more seconds. I suggest we move quickly...."

    Wolf turned back to the rock and began to concentrate. WIth any luck, the others would be helping him.

    Tag Liam, Jake
  20. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Officially signaled as official by the Officiates

    Character Information:

    Name: Doge Renoir
    Order/Division: Death Marauder
    Rank/Level: Acolyte Level One
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Species: Theelin/Arkanian Hybrid
    Home world: Carratos
    Appearance: Doge has an exotic and shockingly beautiful appearance.
    Height: Extremely tall, at 6?5?
    Weight: 185
    Build: Muscular, but not bulky; seemingly carved from stone.
    Hair: Shaved, but just visible. White
    Eyes: Light blue
    Skin: Blue tint
    Markings: White stubble. Tattoos on his upper body, including a huge sprawling one on his shoulder and down his arm and across his back.
    Clothing: Black robes. The tunic is easily removable, as Doge often worked bare-chested.

    Weapons & Equipment: None

    Personal Ship: None

    Lightsaber Description: None
    Lightsaber Fighting Form: None

    Bio/History: Doge was born to an Arkanian Offshoot smuggler father and a Theelin slave mother. His father wanted nothing to do with him, leaving Doge to be raised in slavery, by his mother. However, it didn?t cause him much agony at all. He accepted his lot in life and tackled every day with vigorous diligence.

    Doge was bought from his mother?s owner, when he was 14. He was put to work mining ores. The hard labor sculpted Doge?s fine physique. And, while he wasn?t particularly unhappy, even as a slave, when he got the chance to escape, he took it.

    In fact, he made two attempts to escape his master, but the first proved fruitless. The second had him stowing away on a smuggling vessel. It was, in fact, a ship under the control of the Sith, and was making it?s way back to Lehon.

    When Doge was found on Lehon, he was nearly killed, but his captor had the mercy to give him up to the Sith. Sensing the Force flowing through him, despite it being veiled, they recruited Doge.

    Despite having no formal training, Doge can manage simple feats of Telekinesis, but further opening his connection to the Dark Side, while a viable pursuit, is an up-hill battle. Doge is only accepted by his natural fighting skills and awareness of self, and a deep-seeded eagerness to better himself.

    Powers and Abilities:

    -Telekinesis Level 1
    -Enhance Endurance Level 1
    -Enhance Strength Level 1
    -Lightsaber Combat Level 1
    -Shield of the Force Level 1
    -Force Fury Level 1
    -Absorb Energy Level 1
    -Feed on the Darkside Level 1
    -Control Breathing Level 1
    -Remove Fatigue Level 1
  21. SWBob

    SWBob Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2003
    OOC: Do I still post in brown, or do I do I get to use that beutiful red now? :p

    IC: Darth Idoneus

    Idoneus felt the security in front of the door he needed to go through. These fools will not even know what happenend to them. Calling on the force to take control of the sentients, he began to utter magical words to manipulate their feelings. "Your comrades are now your worst enemy. Eliminate them." Idoneus heard the blaster erupt as one of the men fired on his compatriots.

    The bolts took down the others before they even registared what was happening. The threat didnt come from an outside source like most security details are ready to defend against, but it came from a man that was talking to them just moments before. The last man still in his mental grasp, tried to struggle as Idoneus steeped out. Walking up to the man still in his mental grip he could see the fear on his face and the terror filling his sences. He breathed in these emotions. Looking at the name badge he replied as he sent a mental command to the man standing there. "It's a shame Anderson that you killed all of your friends and co-workers. Oh well, you wont be facing any jail time as you will no longer be alive when they arive."

    Slowely the arm that held the still smoking blaster came up to aim at his own head. The emotions doubled as the man's lip began to tremble. Idoneus turned towards the door as he heard the blaster discharge, he could smell the ozone of the burned flesh. He heard the body drop to the floor, lying there on the ground next to the men who dectectives would determine he killed before killing himself. And as the proprieter of this room I shall have to give a beliving proformance of how I cant believe he would do something like this. It is a total suprise.

    Curling his lip into a smile he got back to buisness, he would have to work fast to eliminate the original ocupants and take over their roles before the investigators arive.

    Tag: Tee

  22. Falling_Leaf

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    Jun 26, 2007
    I remained to the confines of the tree in which I was hiding. This was boring. The most interesting thing of this journey was a merc looking around a thicket breaking the fragile branches in his wake. He seemed to be aware of something or someone watching the camp. If he only knew there lives was coming to a stop very soon he may have brought more comrades with him. Even if he did the others would be just as dead as he was soon to be. As he approached them the man became sluggish in a strange manner. His body began to crumple inward losing height and stature as his neck and face began to flush as if under some sort of strain. For a moment she felt sympathy for his death, seeing his body sprawled out on the grounds dead struck her. Nemisis was surely about to spring into action and surprise the man with a swift beheading.

    My lip began to hurt for the biting they were receiving from my teeth. The tension was thick and bitter in the air. The blow the mercs were about to be dealt, this would shatter there intentions of their gathering.
  23. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
    ~IC: Darth Haretisch - Main Hall~

    [blockquote]"Is it possible to find your center within the darkside, and not truly lose the potency it gives?"

    Haretisch's interest perked when he heard one of the acolytes speak up. Gazing upon the Kiffar, he took a few steps forward, meeting the acolyte's eyes and studying the towering being. He was impressed by the inquisitiveness of this particular student.

    "Yes, to a point." the Sith Lord responded concisely. After a few moments of thought, he spoke again, "The problem which has plagued nearly every incarnation of the Sith since our original exile from the-" he paused for a moment, his rage visibly building, "heathen Jedi Order," he paused again, calming himself before he continued, "is that in many cases they seemed to be unable to control themselves to the extent that was needed. They allowed the dark side to cloud their minds and control their destinies. Rather than using it to their own ends, they submitted themselves to it in a vain attempt to gain more power. None of them seemed to realize that in doing so, they sacrificed the very form of power which should be the ultimate goal of any Sith. Outer power. By surrendering oneself to the dark side, rather than simply using it as a means to achieve one's desired ends, what comes about is the opposite of the desired effect."

    Glancing to the rafters for a moment, he clasped his hands behind his back and began to pace slowly. "Moderation is the key. Mastery of the dark side is necessary to achieve mastery of oneself, but if one fails to remain sufficiently independent of it, the result is a loss of self-control. Control your anger, do not let it consume you. Know when to calm yourself, and learn how to maintain your self-control." pausing the lecture for a moment, he noticed a new addition scurry in through the corner of his eye.
    ~TAG: All in philosophy class, NickLitYouaFlame~


    ~IC: Mandalorian Warrior - Mercenary Camp~

    [blockquote]As he continued to stride forward, his mind suddenly became cloudy, his control over his body becoming sluggish. He had experienced something like this before, but...

    He grew frantic as he realized what was happening. Trying with all his might to overcome his handicap, he reached for the thermal detonator on his belt. Focusing what little coherency he had left on this final task, he managed to pull the device from his belt, just as his attacker revealed himself, ending the proud warrior's life in a single, swift blow.

    But the damage was done. By the time the Mandalorian's headless body had hit the ground, the thermal detonator clasped in his hand had been activated, with only a few seconds left on the timer.[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: darth_nemisis, Falling_Leaf~


    ~IC: Dueling Droids - Force training room~

    [blockquote]The droids reared back for a moment, confused by the wall of heat before them. They were currently set to work off of heat sensors, and so a pillar of fire was usually an easy way to delay them, at least temporarily. Reacting appropriately, the droids stepped forward, swinging their blades viciously at what they perceived to be the enemy.

    Meanwhile, the stone pillar was beginning to move, ever so slowly, toward it's destination.[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: All in force class, MandalorianLegecy~

  24. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Name: Doge Renoir
    Location: Main Hall

    Doge had entered the lecture late, but it was off no consequence, in his eyes. And, from the small taste he had just received, it wasn?t even a waste. His first experience of the wisdom of his instructors, was of an apparent boot-licker, spewing nonsense about self-control. When the man paused the lecture on Doge?s account, producing silence, Doge made a point to audibly snort.

    Locking eyes with those searching the rafters for the disturbance, Doge exhibited defiance in his twinkling gaze. Glaring down at the Master, Doge spoke loudly. His first few weeks had bred an independence he had no control over, and with a building heat in his body, it escalated to public outcries. However, his words were not without, by his determination, just cause.

    ?By refusing to fully submit yourself to it?s power, the Dark side would remain an outward shell. An easily breakable exoskeleton, revealing your vulnerable conscious.?

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  25. yipeekayyay

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    Liam Dextrim
    -~- Force Training Chamber
    [blockquote]The Kiffar's saber had locked in place with that of the droid's, both blades colliding and being held just above the left side of its 'head'. His teeth gritted in struggle, his head completely exposed from his cloak. Liam pushed with all his might against the strength of his lifeless opponent, keepiing an eye on the opposite combatant droid which by now had most likely kept its focus on Jack and wondered if the guy would be able to handle his own turf under the circumstances.

    "... quick decision... GET BACK!!!"

    Liam had barely taken a glance towards his six o'clock before releasing much of his grip on his weapon, and pushing his momentum off of the droid to keep it off balance long enough for him to execute a wide, evasive dive towards the ground behind him. Rolling out onto one knee, saber still at the ready, the young Marauder had managed to escape the wall of coarse flames created by the formidable Wolf.

    He looked with squinted eyes for a moment as the flames quickly intensified, and then began to rapidly die out as Wolf explained to him and Jack (not sure of where or how he was at the moment) about how little time they had left. Liam turned quickly on his heel, disengaged his weapon, and waved his a half-opened hand towards the large stone in duet with the Seer.

    Already, he'd felt the intense resistance. He couldn't do this with one hand, even with Wolf's help, or perhaps with even Jack's. He dropped his weapon, the hilt clanking against the stone-tiled floor and he raised his right hand into the air, using every bit of his prowess to make things happen. With both his aptitude with the Force, and his ability to tap into the elements to manipulate the boulder's earth properties, things would prove just a smidgen easier than before for all three of them.

    C'moooon, Jack![/blockquote]
    TAG ~ All in Force Training Chamber, D_W
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