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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Teegirloo, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    ~IC: Darth Haretisch - Main Hall~

    [blockquote]"By refusing to fully submit yourself to it?s power, the Dark side would remain an outward shell. An easily breakable exoskeleton, revealing your vulnerable conscious."

    Haretisch flashed an evil smirk, glancing up once more to the acolyte.

    "Why not come down here with the rest of us, my lord?" he asked, mocking the hubris of the student, "and while you're at it, watch your tongue. Otherwise, you may find it on the floor, when those with the power to crush you like a bug rip it from your mouth." he responded, dropping the smirk.

    "To answer your question," he started, purposely misrepresenting the words of the acolyte, "to submit oneself to anything, including the dark side, is fundamentally opposed to everything a real Sith should seek to accomplish."

    "The notion that one cannot achieve control of the dark side while maintaining self-control is a foolish, outdated, and destructive concept, fit only for the lowly sheep who would freely submit themselves to the will of an unconscious force. A force which, in reality, exists only to be manipulated."[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: All in philosophy class~

  2. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Of Doge Renoir
    Main Hall

    Doge didn?t shift; either his eyes, or his body. In his position, he watched the class?s reactions, judging their docility, in it. And, while perhaps he would regret antagonizing the Master later, he was lost in the moment, perhaps truth that opening yourself to the Dark side was dangerous.

    ?I had no wish to disturb your lesson, but I just couldn?t control myself.?

    The sarcasm was apparent in his words. He stood up now, walking to the other end of the ramparts. In truth, he had only meant to observe the lecture from his elevated perch. He had no idea how he was suddenly debating with a full Sith Lord, but he trudged on, digging a hole that he would be hard-pressed from which to climb.

    ?If you truly believe your words, then I pity you. You shall never reach your potential, if you hide behind a veil. Do you denounce the code established in the old; the code implemented by Bane and Revan??

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  3. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    ~IC: Darth Haretisch - Main Hall~

    [blockquote]"If you truly believe your words, then I pity you. You shall never reach your potential, if you hide behind a veil. Do you denounce the code established in the old; the code implemented by Bane and Revan?"

    "I build upon it." Haretisch responded without hesitation, his face resembling stone as he looked on stoically at the acolyte. "The Jedi of the Old Republic were destroyed because of their short-sightedness and refusal to adapt."

    He stopped, eyeing Doge intensely. "Potential? You know nothing of how I have fulfilled my potential. When you wield the power that I wield, then your words will carry the meaning that mine carry now. Until then, open your mind and be willing to learn. Or you will find yourself with wasted potential, child."[/blockquote]
    ~TAG: All in philosophy class~
  4. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Of Doge Renoir
    Main Hall

    Doge was taken aback by the man?s conviction in his views. That momentary hesitation was enough to calm Doge. Lacking that passion, he was able to contain a retort leaping to his throat. However, unwilling to appear a coward, he tried to remain as defiant as was possible.

    ?Words only carry as much worth as by which they are perceived. To ignore them would waste my time and I have no wish to do so. Unleash your knowledge, my lord.?

    Doge paused, leaning against the railing, his intense gaze meeting the stony look from the Master. He realized that his first confrontation with this Sith had been out of his favor. He had no intention of letting it stand, but continuing this fight would only serve to work against him.

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  5. MandalorianLegecy

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    Mar 20, 2008
    IC: Uthar Medious-Force Training Chamber

    When he reached the Door to the Force Training Chambers, It was locked. Uthar struggled to open the locked door. Uthar kicked it, which didn?t help at all. Then he concentrated thinking of how you can get a door open in a Sith academy, the Force would be a good try. Uthar used Electronic Manipulation to open the door, surprisingly it slid open. Calmly Uthar walked in, waiting for more surprises.

    Uthar stood in the Force Training Room, to see droids fighting other Acolytes. The Droids were fighting furiously. Uthar placed his hand on his lightsaber. Waiting for everyone to notice him, he walked in making the door close. Turning around fast to see the door had Locked right behind him again. Uthar saw several students beating the droids and some weakening from the droids.

    Uthar Ignited his lightsaber walking in forward. Pausing to look upon droids and people fighting each other. He had just arrived at Lehon today and was told to come here. Uthar didn?t know anyone here, except the Force. Besides that no one.

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  6. darth_nemisis

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    May 15, 2004
    IC: Nemisis
    ~Outside Mandalorian camp - Lehon~

    [blockquote]Nemisis was glad to see his foe had been swiftly taken care of, but he got a feeling through the Force of a severe danger. Looking at the source, he saw a thermal detonator falling to the ground, the green light lit, signifying that it was active. Immediately, he darted away, running as fast as his feet would allow. He did not even warn his fellow apprentice, Veralis of the danger - if she could not feel the danger, she was not worthy of being a Sith.

    At the last possible second, Nemisis lunged into the air, attempting to avoid the blast, the concussion and any debris that would ensue after the blast. He hoped he had cleared enough space not to be hurt by the blast - thermal detonators were not known for their short blast radius. As the Sith apprentice was flying through the air, he let his anger at the situation fill his body. This blast would alert all the mercs within the camp of some sort of danger, which would make this task much more difficult. Not that it could not be done, but it just got a lot harder. That is, if he was able to survive the detonation.[/blockquote]

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  7. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: GM Note: Sabith and Bob i will get to your updates as soon as i can, i have a new job which has been a bit hectic due to the schedule they have given me. So just bare with me. I haven't forgotten you. :)
  8. Darth_Venin

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    Apr 21, 2007
    [hl=black]GM APPROVED[/hl], and ready to get moving...finially.

    Name: Venin
    Order/Affiliation: Sith
    Rank: 3rd Lv Apprentice/Marauder/Assassin
    Age: 152, (Looks 35)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shi'ido
    Home world: Unknown
    Height: Unknown/7'4"
    Weight: Unknown/110lb
    Build: Unknown/Thin and muscled
    Hair: Unknown/usually very short and black
    Eyes: Unknown/usually red
    Skin: Unknown/light tan
    Markings: Unknown
    When at the temple: I wear loose fitting clothing, for all forms of combat, and work.

    Weapons & Equipment:
    Duel, or single light sabers

    Personal Ship:

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: Nothing fancy, but functional(Made from parts from the Death Star)
    Blade Color:Dark Red
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: Dun Möch, Vaapad

    Our people are shy and curious poeple, and we try to advoid any fights, but I was different, I tried to invite fights. One day, a Marauder-Class Corvette appeared in our skies and a very old man disembarked onto our planet. His stay was short lived, but he had what he came for, and it was for me. Some of us have the force, but I was found to be stronger than the rest, and he took me from my mother and father, in the middle of the night, at the age of 3 years old.

    For the next six years, he taunted and hit me, to upset me to my anger was all I knew. Then the real pain and training begain. I learned about my own natural powers to shape shift, and then about the force, mainly the dark side. To my amusement, he was very watchful when I had a weapon, no matter how meager. Though later I found out why. His last student Dark Sun, had tried to attack him during one of her classes. Though she is someone I would like to meet some day.

    By the time I turned fifteen, I was on my way to greater things in my life, and powers, but it was not meant to be. During one day, he had asked me to get as many "egg sacks", from this white flowery plant. Being who I am, I was warned never to walk into the flower bush, to get those sacks, but I did not care. I was upset for failing my master on a major study, so I went in boldly. I went in to prove that I am no failure of his teachings and studies. I had seen several sacks that were five inches long, they were the largest poison sacks, that I have ever seen!

    I returned after ten minutes, I had scratches and open wounds from the thorns, and thistles of the flower. Though at the time, I did not know that it was a very poisonus plant, made more deadly by his hand! When I returned to my Master, I felt weak, but strangely stronger than normal. I guess, he accepted the gift of the large sacks, but I excused myself and went to the only bacta tank that we had, and admitted myself for medical needs.

    Ten years later, I found out, that the Master had stayed by my side, and nursed me back to health, but it was my own weird chemistry that actually saved me. The poison that almost killed me, actually saved me. My Master Dark Lord Silion, grew concerned, and tried a theroy of his...he injected me with the same poison that almost killed me!

    When I was mostly healed, he made me make my first light saber. I was still weak, but I did not let it show, at least not in front of him. The actual build time was one month, mainly becuase I was picky about what type of saber and hilt I wanted, then finding the correct crystal. The hilt was from the First Death Star, I was hard pressed to obtain this part of my saber, and could have lost my life, but the ship I was using was quick, and had a cloaking device, which burnt out escaping them. The crystal is maybe one of a kind. I traveled to Alderraan, or I should say, what was left. It took me the most time to find the red crystals that was mysterously made when the planet was destroyed. As I made my return to my Master's temple, I studied the manual he had sent with me very rigerously and memorized all the steps, then I build my first saber. When I finished building it, I took a shuttle out, away from the ship, a
  9. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    OOC: GMNote: Bob, Sabith your rank in the RPG will remain the same but you have earned a sub level up. So Sabith is Level 9 and Bob is Level 10. There is no cross promotion in the RPG when your Master Level in the EUC.

    Venin, I will make a post for you in the next update.

    [color=sienna][b]****** Warrior Update ******[/b]

    [b][i]High Paradise Suite, Two hundredth tenth level, Coruscant[/i][/b]

    There was silence everywhere as the bodies were all on the floor, including that of the young man, who was the tool behind such a horrific scene that looked like a page out of a holo vid. Suddenly a sound came from the other side of the hall. Two Security droids that were at the other side of the level were coming at a speed which showed they were on alert.

    Idoneus knew that he couldn?t not be found in front of the crime scene that he manipulated. He quickly used the key code that was adjacent to Toris Parker?s door on the left side. Hearing the sound of the beep after he put in the code, Idoneus stepped inside the mid size suite. The door locked immediately behind him. He looked around the room, trying to get a sense of who his target is. It was a relatively small room though it?s considered mid size for Coruscant standards. In no means was this a luxury suite. It was just too plain, but it was charming to say the least. Idoneus figured that Toris parker was just an underling that was not paid as well as he should be for his position.

    Idoneus sensed that more security was outside as well as investigators for the homicide division for the Coruscant Security Force, who police the streets of the city wide planet. He knew that they were not going to check the apartment suite for all the evidence was right there in front of them. Since Toris Parker was not here and it could be awhile before he was allowed back due to the crime scene, Idoneus waited though keeping patience was hard for the Sith.

    Hours later, Idoneus felt a presence coming toward the suite. He hid in the closet to avoid detection. Toris Parker entered the room. His blond hair was disheveled and his energy was a bit weary. It had been another long day at work and all he wanted was to go to bed. He had to wait till CSF finished which took longer than Toris wanted. He was a bit shaken up about hearing the news of the massacre that was next to his suite. He never had thought that something like that would have been right where he lived. A shiver went down his spine at the thought. He walked to his bedroom, as his eyes were nodding on and on.

    He didn?t hear a thing for right behind him was Darth Idoneus, who came out quietly from out of the closet. Idoneus knew he couldn?t kill Toris just yet. He needed him to give him the key code to Cedric Alrich?s penthouse suite. It was simply figuring out how he was going to do it.

    [b]TAG: SWBob[/b]


    [b]Private Landing Pad, Denon[/b]

    The landing pad was quiet enough though the distant sounds of noise in the far off distance could still be heard. This area was notably for smugglers, crime lords or anyone else that had something to hide. Security rarely came here which made some people think that they didn?t have enough personnel or they were bribed off from one of the local crime organizations.. Most people thought the latter.

    Left in charge of being the go between guy for his boss and the client, Jinks a green average height Rodian with red bulging eyes due to a side effect when he was born walked up to the incoming spacecraft that just landed in the private landing pad. No one was allowed to just land in the bosses private dock, unless given special permission. With his modified blaster in his holster he put a hand on it as we walked out to meet the stranger.

    With his mind swirling around on who the intruder might be, an idea popped into his head. The boss did tell him that he expected someone to pick up the shipment. The person should have been here a couple of days ago. This must be him now. If it wasn?t Jinks had somethi>
  10. Falling_Leaf

    Falling_Leaf Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 26, 2007
    From the bough of the tree I could see the Merc's death was swift in completion. No more dwelling on feelings for his death, it was done. The agenda at hand needed to be put into action for completion.

    As I made my way down the tree my sense's went haywire. The jungles surroundings became clear and sharp, the world spun into slow motion before my eye's. As the hair's on the back of my neck spiked indicated my life was threatened. I felt the force not only was warning me but urging me to cut tail and run far from where I was standing. Faltering for only a moment to decide if running away would compromise my position and expose more danger than I was already in.

    Soon it became clear as I made a mad dash across the seemingly forbidden landscape before the mercs camp. This way was safer at the moment. Several seconds later the ground disappeared beneath my feet as the blast from the jungle hit. Tumbling out into the empty fields from the blast had proved my sense's were right on one thing. If I would have stayed put would have proved a unsettling death by a dead merc's tricks.
    Soon my body finally stopped rolling in the grass only to be blanketed with fresh stone, and earth. Deep scratches riddled my body as I pulled myself up from my landing. Sharp pains flew down my side revealing a ragged gash along my upper thigh. Evidence she had been exposed was now clear to her now as the merc's camp was in full swing and coming her way.

    Unsettling as the thought was of the whole camp fully loaded with arms on there way to her position gave her no grief. She was injured and in no condition to run. So she waited without word or motion as they came towards her.
    This was truly going to be a long night.
  11. LordPullus

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    Jul 6, 2006
    IC:Rhi Lodus Quimen
    Main Hall, Sith Academy

    "Yes, to a point." the Sith Lord responded concisely. After a few moments of thought, he spoke again, "The problem which has plagued nearly every incarnation of the Sith since our original exile from the-" he paused for a moment, his rage visibly building, "heathen Jedi Order," he paused again, calming himself before he continued, "is that in many cases they seemed to be unable to control themselves to the extent that was needed. They allowed the dark side to cloud their minds and control their destinies. Rather than using it to their own ends, they submitted themselves to it in a vain attempt to gain more power. None of them seemed to realize that in doing so, they sacrificed the very form of power which should be the ultimate goal of any Sith. Outer power. By surrendering oneself to the dark side, rather than simply using it as a means to achieve one's desired ends, what comes about is the opposite of the desired effect."

    Rhi internalized each thing the aged sith lord spoke comitting each to his memory bank for further pondering a act the rather physical Kiffar had come to appreciate. If what the old sith said was true then the darkside truly was the greater, and true mastery of it allowed a Sith to maintain control over themselves. Unlike the weak minded jedi who submitted themselves to a entity they only hoped to converse with in their meditation the Sith sought to wield the darkside as they saw fit, and remained independent of it. He nodded his head shortily in understanding as he could feel the currents of the darkside flow throughout the area invitingly, and through his intuition with the darkside Rhi was able to detect the presences of one in the rafters who would continue to interrupt their lesson. More was learned from the age master as he put the detractor in his place, and Rhi was pleased that the focus of their discussion had returned to the basic's once again.

    "If all you say is true then the ability to overcome death must surely be obtainable should it not", Rhi posed his question as he felt his curiosity swing upward.

  12. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Of Doge Renoir
    Main Hall

    Doge perked up at the sound of the recent question. Not unlike most, he was interested in a possibility of eternal life. Doge glanced down to where students sat. He noticed a Kiffar, smaller, but bulkier than himself, watching the instructor intently. He assumed that the humanoid was the origin of the query.

    Merely his size, told Doge he would need to watch him. But, there was something else, something in the way he carried himself. He had the capability to become a serious threat. Doge noted it, before turning back to the so-called Master.

    Tag: wanderguard
  13. SWBob

    SWBob Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2003
    IC: Darth Idoneus

    Idoneus stood in the closet waiting. He found a bug to manipulate to pass the time. He gave it venom, razor sharp legs, and made it twice as big. He then took a second bug and dueled them. Hearing his prey come in he killed the bug to prevent distractions. He heard the man walk into the room, his feet scuffing the carpet as he tiredly walked into his bedroom and sat down in a chair.

    Drawing on the Force, he sent tentecales around his body traping him in position, one grabing each appendage, one around his mouth, and one around his body. Stepping out from the closet he walked over to the man he had caught in his trap. "Toris Parker, I presume? My name is...Well lets just say my name is not important. You have access to something that I want. Now are you going to give me the acess code to the penthouse? Or are you going to let me enjoy this?"

    Idoneus let a ball of fire materialize in his palm. Floating the ball of fire over to Parker, he brought it right underneath his hand. Letting it sit there he could see the skin start to blister as the flames licked at it. When he could start to smell the ozone, he put out the flame.Wouldnt do to set off the fire alarm, now would it?

    "Dont worry, I wont set you on fire, that is far too messy. No what I will do will be much more painful. But you can end all this before it starts, and I assure you, that small little burn will be the least of your concerns if you decide to resist me. All you have to do, is just tell me what the acess code is, and then you'll be free."

    What he didnt add, was that by free, he meant it in the most spiritual way possible, for there is no way that he would let go a man who had seen his face, and the powers that he commanded.

    Tag: Tee
  14. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Jake Sling

    His movements were quick and persice, as he neared the two droids, he leapted. His plan was for him to leap just high enough, or dunk down and get between the two droids, while the other two split up and came at each droid while watching him. Though that is not what happened. His plan failed, as he leapted high, he could feel the roaring heat from the sudden fire on his feet, and the stink of burning of his robe. He did not hear the call of anyone, and at this moment he did not care.

    As he landed, his clothes were on fire and spreading quickly, then he dropped and rolled, but the flames were eating is clothing as quickly. His time was not good at this moment. He may get burned up or be chopped up by the droids before help made its way.

    Tag:Force Class

    [hl=indigo]GM APPOVED[/hl]

    Name: Jane Cree (Forgotten)
    Age: 18
    Rank: LV-3 (Assassin)((I would pick Maradur, but I am no mindless killer. Warrior would be fine.))
    Alias: Dark Sun
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Homeworld: Aduba-3 (Forgotten)

    Heigth: 5'10
    Weight: 110
    Build: Her body belies the muscle tone that is steel strong.
    Hair: Dull, long and a ravens black
    Eyes: Icy Blue
    Skin: Is almost pale from staying out of the sun.
    Marking(s): A scar across her throat, and a blue, black flame tattoo on her shoulder.
    Clothing: She wears the clothing of her clan.
    It is the same clothing that Darth Nihilus wears, but where it is black, it is red. All of the other colors are black.

    1 Light Whip, blue
    2 Light sabers (Staff saber) Each was made out of junk speeder bike handles.
    1) Red
    2) Blue

    2 Vibro blades (One foot long, one in each knee high boot.)

    Personal Ship: Imperial Theta-class shuttle, called the "Hammer"
    The color of the shuttle, is a light grey, instead of the white.
    *Updated systems.*
    Ten hotwired droid brains, each has it own voice command word.
    Small cloaking device, than operates for only 38 hours at a time.
    Heavier cannons and more missle compartmen-Holds 20 more

    Jane Cree is from a secrete Sith Clan that lived on Aduba-3. Their base was inside a tunnled out mountain, that stayed a secrete because the locals were afraid of the poeple in the mountains. When she was born, her parents were sacraficed to the dark forces, to bring her more into the dark side. (No she is no Anakin Skywalker)

    As she grew older, she was being taught the ways of the force, and how to use a light saber. When she turned 15 years old, her master Darth Silion had taken her to a dark tunnel, and handed her a small package. "I want you to take it to the man at the other end. You have one day to full fill the requirment." With that he had left.

    On her trip, it was filled with tests and tasks, and she had passed them all without fail. As she neared her target, the man attacked and without any weapons, she had defeated the old man. Bleeding from his attack, she took the small package, and opened it. It was a pair of light sabers, though at the time, she did not care. Cleaning herself up, she ran all the way back to the enterence, finding her master there. Igniting the new sabers, she attacked her master, and lost. Now she carries the scar of a saber burn across her throat. Two days later, a military group entered and killed and destroyed everything she knew.

    When she awoke, she had forgotten her name, and everything in the past few days, including where the new sabers were. Finding a ship, she stole it, and at the age of 18 she has finially found a new sith compound to finish her training as a Warrior Sith.

    Here is my force powers for Dark Sun:
    Control Mind-2
    Feed on the Dark Side-2
    Dark Calling-2
    Magnigy Sensis- 2
    Enhance Attribute-2
    Remove Fatigue-2

  15. Darth_wanderguard

    Darth_wanderguard Game Host star 6 VIP - Game Host

    Apr 26, 2005
    ~IC: Darth Haretisch - Main Hall~

    [blockquote]"If all you say is true then the ability to overcome death must surely be obtainable, should it not?"

    Haretisch scratched his stubble for a moment, contemplating his response.

    "For some, yes," he started, but paused for a moment, "but only for a time. Even the afterlife is not eternal. Even the most powerful of us, who manage to maintain consciousness within the force beyond their own physical death, will eventually fade from existence and become one with the force."

    "This concludes today's class. I hope for your sake that each of you has learned something today. You are free now to do as you wish until I summon you once more."

    And with that, the old master turned, heading upstairs to his private quarters.
    ~TAG: Anyone, all in philosophy class~


    ~IC: Mercenary Leader - Mercenary Camp~

    [blockquote]The burly leader of the Mercenaries sat quietly in his tent, balancing his chair on it's back legs by pushing off against the table in front of him with his left boot. He wasn't a large man, not compared to the other Mandalorians, anyway, but everything about his appearance suggested his persona; that of a ruthless mercenary with little or no conscience.

    Anyone else would have nearly jumped out of their skin when the roar and the flash of a thermal detonator erupted at the edge of the camp. Not this man. With a frustrated sigh, he stood from his chair, strapping on his jetpack and donning his helmet in mere moments.H e carried various weapons, including a few particularly nasty gadgets which were hidden.

    Curious to see what had occurred, he stepped out of his tent, brandishing a scoped blaster pistol in each hand. Although what he saw didn't scare him, it certainly put him a bit on edge.

    A Sith. Or something that looked like one. Not too far away from the man sat a smoking crater, presumably from the detonator. The Sith has somehow escaped the blast, although his assumed partner, a female, hadn't been quite as lucky, and even from the distance she was standing, the leader's keen vision could make out a gash in her leg.

    Not surprisingly, he was more concerned with the first one he had spotted, who had just stood up and began to gather his wits.

    Acting quickly, he rose his blasters, sending a barrage of blaster bolts toward the male Sith with deadly accuracy. Meanwhile, several of the other inhabitants of the camp, most of them severely intoxicated, quickly began to approach the injured female. Three or four of them opened fire toward her, intending to finish her off quickly. Luckily for the Sith, her attackers were not displaying the best marksmanship, due to their drunkenness.
    ~TAG: darth_nemisis, Falling_Leaf~


    ~IC: Training Droids - Force Training Room~

    [blockquote]As Jake Sling frantically attempted to pat out the fire on his clothes, the droids took advantage of his predicament, turning their attention almost solely on him, jabbing and thrusting towards him repeatedly in an attempt to destroy the vulnerable acolyte, before he had a chance to lift himself from the floor. Luckily, their blades were set to a high stun, which would result in incapacitation and unconsciousness rather than death, although no one other than the instructor had known this. Whether Sling could avoid the assault, however, remained to be seen.

    All the while, the stone had slowly but surely begun to make it's way toward the dark-colored tile which would unlock the door.
    ~TAG: All in force class~

  16. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Wolf Raiden

    Wolf clenched his teeth as Jake began scrambling around the floor trying to put our the flames that wolf hismelf had spewed to save the man moments prior.

    Fool should have dodged it. It isn't as if I didn't give them fair warning..... sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the greater good...

    Wolf continued to steel his concentration on the stone, trying to push it with all his might so that this test may end. He figured it would at least unlock the door but the droids may still be a problem after the fact. He would be more than willing to go blade to blade with them after this was done though. Things were getting out of control and he had some steam to vent.

    At the realization of this, anger poured into his mind. It strengthened him, gave him renewed vigor.

    Wolf's eyebrows knitted in fury as he poured his thoughts into moving the rock.

    tag all in room.
  17. yipeekayyay

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Liam Dextrim
    -~- Force Training Chamber
    [blockquote]His fingers shook under the intense pressure thrown back at him from the large boulder, but through his tenacity, elemental control, and assistance from Wolf, things were looking brighter by the moment. And there wasn't a moment to waste. His eyes were shut tightly, forehead furrowed, beads of sweat evident from temple to temple across. His breathing was regulated, and just for a moment, he felt a sharp disturbance nearby.

    The Fool, Jake, had gotten himself in a heap of trouble. He'd bitten more than he could chew, and even under Liam's loose code of honor, he'd taken it way too far under the circumstances. He was on his own, due to the Kiffar's lack of patience, and even more severe lack of time to waste on the pea-brained Acolyte. He also sensed the sudden presence of a certain newcomer, realizing that somehow he'd managed to open the doorway to get inside while the rest of them were busy, but managed to quickly let it slam shut behind him just as soon.

    Couple of damned geniuses, Liam thought. Maybe one of these slackers can give us a hand and get this over with...[/blockquote]
    ~TAG~ D_W, Force Trainees...
  18. darth_nemisis

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    May 15, 2004
    IC: Nemisis
    ~Mercenary Camp - Lehon~

    [blockquote]Nemisis was relieved when he got away from the blast. It left him reeling a little bit, but he did his best to shake that off. He knew the loud blast had been heard by all within a large radius around the area of the blast - there would certainly be some of the Mandalorians coming to see what had caused the blast. If they could see any of the remains of their friend, they would certainly be very, very pissed off.

    The Sith apprentice thought of catching a glance at Veralis, but decided against it, as he saw the frame of another armored man coming his way. This man was armed with two blasters, one in either hand. The Sith held both his lightsabers out, one in each hand - mirroring that of the Mandalorian coming his way, but with lightsabers. They were both unlit. Nemisis thought of hiding his presence in the Force, but the Mandalorian had already spotted him, making his trick useless.

    The man pointed his blasters at Nemisis and sent a barrage of bolts at him. The Sith had expected them to be wildly off target; he had assumed that the yelling and screaming coming from the camp earlier was a result of drunken partying, which should have made anybody with a blaster very inaccurate. This man, however, was as accurate as if he were a professional sniper. Nemisis reacted instantly, igniting both his lightsabers, batting the bolts away, not caring where they ended up going. He did not have the time to send them back at the mandalorian. At the same time, he lunged away from the blasts. He weaved through the trees, using the large trunks of wood as cover in order to advance closer to the man. Hopefully, this trick would work and, before any more reinforcements could arrive, he would be close enough to the Mandalorian in which he would slice the man to pieces.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Darth_Wanderguard, Falling_Leaf
  19. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Jake Sling

    Pain was getting unbariable. The fire had burned through most of his clothes. If he lived through this, which he doughted, he would leave this place. As he tried to crawl away, he glanced up and saw the two droids look his way.

    "Oh no, no not now." Jake started to crawl faster, but his wounds were too much to bare and he passed out from them.

    TAG: All
  20. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: Sorry this took a bit long my schedule at work is still getting in the way. As i said before haven't forgotten anyone. Just bare with me still hopefully my schedule will taper off a bit.

    [color=royalblue][b] High Paradise Suite, Penthouse, Upper City Coruscant[/b]

    Cedric Alrich was unaware of the commotion going on way down below in the middle city part of the building. He was sound asleep after he took his shower and ate his prepared food from a servant droid. He didn?t like the noise of the city nor did he like to mingle with other people. He was satisfied with being to himself. His assistant Toris Parker was suppose to come by and drop off some information that he requested. It was unlike him to not comm him or not show up at all.

    Cedric let the event pass through his mind thinking that the assistant would contact him in the morning. He hoped it wouldn?t be too early. Cedric liked to sleep in to the later afternoon. As the night went on Cedrc slept peacefully dreaming of vacationing in Naboo while the servant droid powered down for the night.

    In the hall way close to the penthouse suites several security officers were on duty patrolling. The days events were on their mind which made them highly alert than usual. [/color]


    [color=green][b]****** Apprentice Update ******[/b]

    [b]Apprentice Dormitories, Sith Academy[/b]

    The emptiness of the Apprentice dorms gave off an eerie feeling that resembled a ghost town due to the fact that most apprentices were either training or off on missions. One of the few that were available was [b]Jane Cree[/b] who had just came back from a training session not too long ago. She was feeling quite confident afterwards and as always had to gloat about it, especially when his rival [b] Venin[/b], a
    Shi'ido with a nasty temper was nearby. Both were apprentices and at the same level. When ever they had the chance they were at each other?s throat. It didn?t take much for both to get in an argument. So far they have managed not to kill each other. This didn?t stop them from trying.

    While Venin and Cree were having some words, within the shadows came a dark presence that was not detected by the apprentices. [b]Darth Mystique[/b], appeared before them. She didn?t mind the competition between the two Sith. To her, it was training that would make them stronger. A wicked smile came upon her face as she crept closer to them.

    ? Well, well what do we have here?. She said in a taunting voice as if she was playing with them.

    ?I see that?s there?s still no love lost between you two.? her smiled widen slightly.

    ?I have something for you both. Yes it?s a mission. I want you to go to Korriban and look for some scrolls and amulets that may have been left undiscovered. ?

    Since both were apprentices and haven?t been on missions yet, she needed to test them first before she sent them out on more pertinent missions. It was also a test on how they worked together. Though she expected them to fight, she was curious to see what the results would be of them actually able to accomplish a mission together for the sole purpose of the Sith. Would only one come back alive or will they both finally set their differences aside to complete the mission. She had her doubts on the latter.

    [b]TAG: Darth_Venin, jedi_killeroak[/b][/color]


    [color=sienna][b]****** Warrior Update ******[/b]

    [b][i]High Paradise Suite, Two hundredth tenth level, Coruscant[/i][/b]

    Toris Parker was finally able to enter his apartment after the long wait until the Coruscant Security Force was able to clear away the crime scene. It left Toris a bit rattled knowing it was so close to his apartment. As he walked to his room, something startled him. His body suddenly froze in place as a slimy substance in the form of tentacles wrapped around his body. It was too late to scream for his mouth in an instance had been wrapped tightly.

    Toris heart felt like it stopped as a sound of a strange voice rang out. All Toris could do is w>
  21. SWBob

    SWBob Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2003
    IC: Darth Idoneus


    Idoneus' smile faded into a frown. He had been hoping that the little man in front of him would have put up a little more of a fight. He hadnt had much chance to work on his "questioning" tactics and he was looking forward to a little practice. Guess that means I dont need much practice if he broke that fast.

    Realeasing the tenticles he watched as the man slowely stood up. A look of terror on his face. When he started walking towards the door Idoneus grabbed him with the Force and brought him back to his position. His feet dangling in the air, Parker managed to squeak something out. "I thought you were going to set me free."

    Idoneus nodded, "But I will. The only problem is that you are not a Sith, so you do not have the ability to break the chains the hold you. You can not use the Force to free yourself. So the only way for me to free you is to bring you to the Force. Carrying him out to the balcony, he held him in the air as he drew on the Force. Flame lept through the air towards his body. It's tendrils licked at Parker, erasing his skin and muscle, destroying all that would identify him as Toris Parker. When he was just a pile of ash and charred bones, he dropped him. His body landed on the balcony and a plume of ash rose into the air. Idoneus breathed in, the ash burning his nose. To take a life was the ultimate pleasure for him. Sending a wave of telekenisis at the ground, he brushed the remains off the building, the ash being picked up by the strong winds, spreading them through the air, becoming one with the lanes of traffic and people rushing around. The bones flew outward, far enough away that it would be hard to tell what building it came from.

    It's time to move to my next task.


    OOC: Are there gaurds back in place? Or am I able to just move on to the penthouse and face the gaurds there?
  22. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006

    Name: Darth Alastor
    Order/Division: Shadow Assassin
    Rank: Minion
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Echani
    Home world: Telos
    Appearance: [image=]
    Height: 5'10?
    Weight: 170lbs
    Build: Light Muscular
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Red
    Skin: white
    Markings: Shoulder Tattoos
    Clothing: For normal clothing please see [link=]LINK[/link]
    For Cloak please see this image: [image=]
    Weapons & Equipment: Dagger: [image=]
    (while in ship) Combat headset with Communications and H.U.D. display.
    Personal Ship:
    Lightsaber Description:primary saber [link=]Image[/link] Saber is dual phased.
    [link=]IMAGE LINK[/link] (back up saber rarely carried)
    Hilt: See above
    Blade Color: Blue/Red
    Lightsaber Fighting Form: Form V: Shien / Djem So
    Bio/History: Alastor, who's original name he tells no one, was born on Naboo. His parents, were both Echani, who had relocated to Naboo for its peacefulness. Alastor however, at a very young age showed an innate behavior towards deceit and violence, the exact opposite of his brother who seemed to be extremely serene and honest.

    At a very young age Alastor began stealing, starting small at first, but eventually moving up to breaking and entering by the age of 12. When he was 16 he broke into a small library to steal several old tomes that he assumed were worth money when he was side tracked by a small, triangular pyramid object. When Alastor places his hands on it he is overcome by a wave of Darkness that to him, feels like it would consume him.

    It took all the will power Alastor had to pull his hand back away and even then he felt an urge to grab the device and let the darkness take hold of him. Like it would make him whole. But there was also something else, another 'pull' this one, far away. A wanting, an urge to leave and travel towards this, darkness that he felt.

    When Alastor was 5 his brother was taken away by the Jedi to be trained by them, something that Alastor had loathed. His brother had always been the special one, and it had driving Alastor mad with envy. And now Alastor had found a way to be just as Special, he just didn't know it yet. What he found was a Holocron, and though he wasn't able to activate it, it had implanted in him a homing beacon of sorts, that would lead him to the Sith. Where he could be trained in the ways of the force, and become the exact opposite of that which he loathed, His Brother.

    Force Powers: Level 1 Acolyte

    Telekinesis ? 1
    Control Pain ? 1
    Inflict Pain ? 1
    Magnify Senses ? 1
    Force Lighting ? 1
    Enhance Atribute ? 1
    Web of the Darkside ? 1
    Lightsaber Combat ? 1
    Blood Storm ? 1
    Blackness (Stealth) - 1
  23. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    OOC: Killeroak, just write that you were sent alone instead of with Venin?s character.

    [color=royalblue][b] High Paradise Suite, Penthouse, Upper City Coruscant[/b]

    Cedric Alrich was unaware of the commotion going on way down below in the middle city part of the building. He was sound asleep after he took his shower and ate his prepared food from a servant droid. He didn?t like the noise of the city nor did he like to mingle with other people. He was satisfied with being to himself. His assistant Toris Parker was suppose to come by and drop off some information that he requested. It was unlike him to not comm him or not show up at all.

    Cedric let the event pass through his mind thinking that the assistant would contact him in the morning. He hoped it wouldn?t be too early. Cedric liked to sleep in to the later afternoon. As the night went on Cedrc slept peacefully dreaming of vacationing in Naboo while the servant droid powered down for the night.

    In the hall way close to the penthouse suites several security officers were on duty patrolling. The days events were on their mind which made them highly alert than usual. Alrich never had contact with the security he hated to be bothered with them, claiming they were a mere nuisance. The two droid and three sentient security were doing their routine patrol across the upper level?s hoping that the days events was just a fellow co worker stressed out with the pressure of life.[/color]


    [b]OOC:[/b] Idoneus recieves 5/5 pts for his assassination mission making his total 9/15.

    [color=sienna][b]****** Warrior Update ******[/b]

    [b][i]High Paradise Suite, Penthouse level, Coruscant[/i][/b]

    Toris Parker knew he would regret his decision no matter what he decided. He on the other hand was a coward and thought that he would do more with his life than his own employer Cedric Alrich, who was a recluse. Toris just hoped that the stranger would do as he said and let him go. He wanted to get as far away from him as possible. His mouth trembled with fear as the tentacles were released. He slowly got up and headed for the door. Just when it seemed that he was able to make a clean get away, it happened. He was jerked up in the air and backwards to his former position.

    His feet was dangling in the air as his eyes widened with fear. ? I thought you were going to set me free.? he wimpered out to the strange man.

    "But I will. The only problem is that you are not a Sith, so you do not have the ability to break the chains the hold you. You can not use the Force to free yourself. So the only way for me to free you is to bring you to the Force.?

    Toris had no idea what the man was talking about. Something about a Sith but he did recognise the word the force. It was what the Jedi used. This man was surely no Jedi. They were suppose to be honorable and such this man was down right evil and Toris now feared for his life once again. It appeared to him that this man had no intention of setting him free. Toris didn?t know what to do or how to stop the man. He was too powerful and no one was around to save him.

    ?Please I beg you let me go.? he cried out in mercy hoping that there was some compassion in the dark man though Toris knew it was a long shot.

    [b]TAG: SWBob[/b]

  24. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Dark Sun
    Sith Dormitories

    Dark Sun felt left out of everything. She was ready for her first mission, but yet here she was lounging outside in the hallway. Then she saw one of the Masters coming her way. Excitment turned in her stomach, but she settled down and waited. It was Darth Mystique, and she had a mission for her. She was supposed to go and search Korriban for any missing or lost scrolls.

    She thought about all of those tombs, and what could be inside. A feral and hungry grin crossed her features, she bowed and left. The first place she headed was to her room. "Those places are very dirty and not to easy", as she pulled out several objects of questionable ownership and stowed them away in her bag. Dark Sun always had her ship stocked and ready to go, so it did not take her long to get on the shuttle and leave.

    Leaving the piloting to her droids, she meditated and researched more about the planet, and any Sith Lords that were buried there. She imaged that many of the sites were still unfound and whole, those where the ones that could still of power?

    TAG: GM
  25. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Of Doge Renoir
    Main Hall

    Doge had since come down from the catwalks. He stood stone-like, staring hard, as Darth Haretisch had before at Doge, at the Master?s quarters. His unwavering intensity hid regret at his earlier outburst.

    Haretisch was probably the most formidable fighter in the Dominion. Doge had momentarily shaken him off as a heretic coot, but his mistake had been realized at the end of the lesson. Now his cold eyes looked on hungrily. He might have passed up a huge opportunity to better himself.

    His behavior during the lesson, made Doge hesitant to confront the Master. Let alone request guidance and individual training. But, it was only through fear that he would grow stronger. He could use the fear to strengthen himself.

    Doge took slow deliberate steps towards the stairs. His feet pounded thunderously upon the stone floors and he did all he could to silence their whine. Doge paused and look up again. The door was foreboding, suggested greater evil lay behind it?s protection.

    Doge shook himself and took the steps two at a time, and stopped again, before the door. A gateway to either advanced training or humiliation. With shaking limbs, Doge brought his fist against the door.

    Tag: wanderguard
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