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Star Wars Dominion of Darkness ? The Shadow War

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by NickLitYouAFlame, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    145 ABY ? Dominion of Darkness ? The Shadow War

    The Story

    A hundred and thirty-two years ago...

    The sands of Korriban ran red with blood. A great and terrible legion combed the land for Sith, be they loyal or of the schismatic Red Sith sect, and an armada threatened to bombard the world into ash if victory was not brought. Wedge-shaped destroyers, round-nosed cruisers and ax-shaped frigates trained their weapons on the surface, an army of monstrosities from ancient times ? Kerestians, tu?kata hounds, even a few terentateks ? storming Dreshdae and the Valley of the Dark Lords. 

    They were led by the Kiasyd. 

    Monstrous darksiders, determined to usher their own version of darkness upon the galaxy, the Kiasyd have struck at Korriban in a first strike ? much as Admiral Daala attacked Yavin 4 as the beginning of her campaign against the New Republic a year prior. And just like that, the forces of the New Sith Order, the Star Destroyers of the Empire Reborn, trapped them, even as armies of wraid and hssiss all roared from the tombs of the Valley at the Dark Lords command to crush the invaders. 

    The Kiasyd retreated, taking their dead with them, so defeated they would never make such an attempt again. But it was not long before the Jedi came ? pursuing the Disciples of Ragnos, and the Order was forced to flee, weakened at the key moment when they could have triumphed over the New Republic once and for all. 


    The Red Sith took their own path ? and were born anew. 

    The Dominion of Darkness entered into the Dark. 

    Ninety-five years ago 

    The man that was known as Darth Mentok was wearied and worn. His faith in the Sith runes that had guided him for so long was but a sheet of flimsi, and they had betrayed him time and time again. But of course, Darth Mentok was a betrayer ? so what could he expect? 

    He held the runes in a gloved hand, and looked out into the stars. He had been leading archaeological excursions from the Sith fortress in the Senex sector ever since they had taken it as the Red Sith capital ? now the Dominion of Darkness. But his followers had grown lazy and fat in their opulence, and they were turning into nothing more than another typical Sith group; destined to sit in the shadows, and eventually strike in arrogance ? and die. 

    The same old fools. 

    Mentok moved his weathered face and looked down at the Sith runes, and considered casting them aside, and just trusting his ship?s next location to the mechanics of the shuttles randomizer ? rather than ancient tomes that had betrayed him. He had not been Dark Lord for many years ? perhaps he should simply surrender himself to failure. 

    Anger overtook him, and he threw them down, watching them lay in angles and ways that denoted coordinates. He stabbed them into the computer, and jumped. It wasn?t a short jump, no, but a jump which wouldn?t stop unless he hit a planet. Or a star. Or a black hole. Darth Mentok would not live as such a Sith! 

    The shuttle was yanked from hyperspace hours later, and before him a world sung in the dark side of the Force. A world his sensors had thought lost to time. 


    It was the Unknown World. Lehon. Rakata Prime. 

    The lost capital of the ancient Infinite Empire ? and it was beautiful. 

    And it was his. 

    Forty-five years ago 


    Darth Harestich watched as the fires of vengeance burned down upon the Sith Temple of Nyssa, sadly reflecting on the decades of his rule, usurped from the Dark Lady not long after Mentok?s discovery. With the secrets of Rakata Prime, their Sith Holocrons had bore fruit, filling the Dominion with knowledge and power. With that deepening of the darkness came the inevitable arrogance that Mentok had foreseen, and they struck out into the galaxy, tempted
  2. Evil Incarnate

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    Aug 18, 2003
    [hl=black]Approved by NLYAF[/hl]

    Name: Kye'eldes'taan
    Sith Name: Lord Kye'El (also known as Darth Pravus)
    Age: *unknown*(looks to be mid twenties)
    Species: [hl=royalblue]Chiss[/hl]
    Planet of Birth: [link=]Csilla[/link]
    Gender: Male
    Appearance - [image=]
    Height: 6'2
    Build: Athletic
    Clothing: [link=]Sith Robes[/link]
    Hair: Blue/Black
    Eye(s): Glowing Red
    Rank: Arbiter
    Allegiance: Dominion of Darkness
    Weapons: Specialized Lightsabers, a [link=]custom blaster[/link], and a [link=]small cube[/link].
    Pets: Three altered [link=]Vornskrs[/link]. Caedus, Kol'El, and Thok.
    Skills: Master swordsman, Sith Lore/Teachings, and Tactics Expert/Strategist.
    Personal Ship: Right to Rule
    Bio: Little is known of Lord Kye'El's life before Sith, except that he was once a high ranking officer the CEDF. His Sith career begin in 120 ABY after a falling out with his family. He trained secretly with the Dominion for seven years before being sent to infiltrate The One Sith. In 128ABY, returned to Csilla with a strike force given to him by Darth Krayt. He Staged a massive battle which saw House Taan become the rulers of the Chiss Ascendancy, and saw his strike force destroyed at the hands of House Taan's elite guard. Kye'El, now having destroyed a portion of Darth Krayt's Military Forces, and at the same time forcing his father into power, quietly returned to the Dominion with Krayt assuming him dead.

  3. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Approved by Sinrebirth and all that jazz.

    Sith Title: Darth Ventris
    Name: Tantric Vos
    Age: 76
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kiffar
    Planet of Birth: Kiffu
    Appearance: Tantric stood just taller than six feet and weighed roughly eighty four kilograms. He had olive-hued skin and wore a matted head of dreadlocks. His eyes were the bright orange-red of the corrupted, but that was the only feature that gave his nature away. Tantric took terrific care of his body; making sure his nails and toes were cleaned and cut, and keeping his teeth a brilliant pearly white. He wore all colors of jumpsuits beneath old armor of black Sullust leather, now imbued with the resistant power of the Force. His ankles, legs and feet were wrapped in a canvas-like material. Tantric used the same material to wrap his wrists and hands, as well. In order to give himself the appearance of an aging man, Tantric took to wearing a patchy black cloak. Tantric had the Vos family tattoos on his face and arm.
    Rank: Dark Lord
    Weapon Description: A long-handle lightsaber with a dark red blade and a hilt that could shrink in on itself to resemble a traditional lightsaber.
    Biography: Tantric Vos was born with the power of Psychometry, and immediately destined for a life of servitude to his planet. As a member of Clan Vos, if only indirectly, Tantric had high expectations to meet. His father had taken over as a temporary Sheyf, the year before he was born, and with no sign of a more direct member of the family, it appeared that Tantric would eventually inherit the role. His mother, as deviant as she was, had other plans for the boy, and abandoned her husband to raise Tantric.

    She taught him how to fight, and about diplomacy, history and literature. And, when he was old enough, she revealed to him her origin as a Jedi. So, he learned the ways of the Force, as well. And, only when Tantric realized that his mother could not satisfy his lust for knowledge, did he abandon her, as she had left his father.

    Tantric discovered and sought out the Dominion of Darkness, and charmed himself into the ranks. Tantric absorbed everything he could from his Masters, from scrolls and from holocrons. He discovered the art of illusions. He continued combat training, specializing in the unarmed Echani art. Tantric discovered ways to harm the body with the Force, he learned about poisons and trances, both beneficial and otherwise.

    Tantric, was typical in his quest, but unique in his philosophy. He detached himself from the Sith, working as a lone unit; studying and learning. He did not fully submit himself to the ways of the Sith. And, because of this, he was the only member of the Dominion, at the time, with the foresight to redirect the group. With one Master already inactive, Tantric merely had to throw down the other.

    The transition was quick and painless, and after the failures of those two, Tantric took the Dominion into the shadows of Lehon.

    They regrouped and trained, and Tantric acted more as a guide than a Master. He did not preach the necessity of cooperation, but allowed his charges to flourish as individuals. And, as these underlings grew, Tantric recalled the Sith of the past to bolster their ranks.

    As more and more Sith answered his call, Tantric realized that the Dominion?s presence would not forever escape the notice of the One Sith. He spent several years rebuilding the defenses of the planet. And, when the Dragons attacked, Tantric trapped their troops within the Lehon?s atmosphere, even as they envisioned victory.
  4. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Nick Approved!

    Sith Name: Darth Insipid
    Name: Aden Kya (originally Aden Lin)
    Age: Indeterminate ? chronologically 138
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Tallaan/Fondor

    Physical Description: Pale skinned, turquoise eyed, dark brown haired, tall (but small for his Null heritage), but not especially muscularly bound, nor especially lean, and dark robed, often, but not always
    Personality: A manipulative individual, constantly seeking a way out of a situation. His objectives are shadowed, and he often seems as if he has no intentions beyond reaping destruction for the sake of it; at the core of his personality is his namesake ? the view that everything is weak, and pathetic, and deserves to be his pawn.
    Rank: Master

    Lightsaber: Lightwhip, dual-phase green-silver saber, and single crimson saber
    Additional weapons: Holdout blaster
    Personal starfighter: Ancient Seinar [link=]Blur[/link]


    Force Focus: Telekinesis Mastery and a rudimentary knowledge of Nightsister skills and light knowledge of psychometry. He has mastered the ability to surpass death as a spirit, and to create anchors in many objects, be it objects or unsuspecting people.
    Dueling Capabilities: Soresu, Makashi knowledge, and a light understanding of Djem So.
    Additional Information: Had a fancy of Yuuzhan Vong technology and thus can make use of Yuuzhan Vong weapons

    Bio: Darth Insipid was born as Aden Lin in 7 ABY. His mother abandoned him to rejoin the Empire, and his father abandoned him for a political career designed to spite the Remnant. In 24 ABY, when a teenage act of rebellion cost his father politically, his father dumped him in the slave ranks of Fondor ? where Aden took his mothers surname. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion saw Fondor hit hard, and he was captured ? his nascent Force sensitivity attracting them to him.

    A One Sith task force led by his grandmother, Lomi Plo, saved him from the Yuuzhan Vong at end of 25 ABY, the One Sith collecting new acolytes from the chaos, and Aden eventually became Darth Insipid at the end 26 ABY due to a conceit of Darth Krayt, becoming a spy within a Galactic Alliance squadron as a Jensaarai Force user, his faith in Darth Krayt complete ? until, following the Battle of Gilatter in 41 ABY, Insipid was recalled from the Alliance and instructed to simply wait. Finally acknowledging that his master intended for his current acolytes to die of old age, Insipid began carefully gathering allies within the court, managing to wrangle enough clout to be freed from Korriban to ascertain the strength of other dark side cults following the emergence of the Lost Tribe of the Sith in 43 ABY.



    Insipid gathered knowledge from Sith groups such as the Dominion of Darkness and the Maleficarum, and fought off occasional pawns of Darth Krayt that sought to kill him, gaining numerous titles within various groups as part of his ?mission?. Insipid was openly loyal, and thus Krayt could not strike him down publicly, but when a debate in 65 ABY over a Sith amulet grew violent, Insipid was forced to push his Sith to act, stealing many Holocrons and vanishing into the galaxy, Insipid placing his followers, the Vapid, into stasis.

    Insipid had matured into a manipulator, and placed himself on Coruscant, hooking himself to the fountain of the Force there. When the Jedi weakened in 95 ABY, he was awoken, and became active for another five years, manipulating the Dominion of Darkness to engage the weakened Jedi and the new Imperial Knights in a Force Cold War, making an attempt to crush the One Sith by revealing their existence ? this was a failure, but it allowed Insipid to manipulate the course of the next great conflict in advance, the remnants of the Dominion withdraw
  5. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003

    Sith Title: Darth Xymox

    Name: Norm Tozia

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Species: [link=]Near-Human[/link]

    Planet of Birth: [link=]Rakata Prime[/link]

    --- Height: 1.77m
    --- Build: Nearly under-weight, and though he can run very well, he lacks physical strength
    --- Clothing: Unusually well-dressed, with high collared shirts, vest and long coats, pants usually tucked into knee high, buckling flight boots.
    --- Hair: Naturally black hair, with a red tipped ?death hawk?
    --- Eyes: Hazel-green eyes, with four tattooed dots under each eye; eyes are narrow and thin.
    --- Other: Couple of piercing in each ear; one in his lips; very fair-skinned, with a tiny tint of blue, almost as if he was a corpse; his lips are also unusually thin and dark; fingers are nearly a centimeters longer than an average human, and his nails come to a point; has smallish, pointed teeth compared to a normal human.

    Rank: Marauder

    Weapons Description:
    --- Lightsaber: Solid onyx hilt, with four sharp points coming off the end, crimson blade (belonged to his mother)
    --- Secondary Weapons: A three-barreled, slug throwing handgun, fires three 16mm explosive rounds (one from each chamber), manually reloaded, slung at his side with a shoulder holster; Verpine shatter rifle with range finding scope.
    --- Blades: Six small throwing daggers, attached to his boots.

    Personal Transport: An SoroSuub WLZ-202 Air Coach he calls the Corpus Delicti, onyx finish

    Biography: Norm Tozia was born to a Sith mother and an unknown father. He has long suspected his father was an off-worlder, and perhaps even a non-Force user. His mother vanished eleven years ago, and he assumes was killed by fellow Sith who had long considered her weak and unfit to be a Sith warrior (a reputation he still carries himself). Initially he began plans to hunt down and murder those behind her killing, but the arrival of the One Sith disrupted this plan. He went through his teen years extremely cold and introspective, and grew into a fierce hunter with limited mastery of the Force. Regardless of any accomplishments, he received a cold shoulder from the rest of the Sith clan, at the verge of being an outcast.

    Darth Xymox is very studious and analytical. He has a fondness for [link=]Dusk music[/link] and meditates on becoming more in tune with the natural world. Despite his standing within the Sith, he is known to provide some of the best intelligence on the movement and actions of the One Sith forces. He often operates alone as a scout and hunter.
  6. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    [hl=black]Mother Tested, Sinrebirth Apporved[/hl]

    OOC: Please note that the existence of the ship, and Avarice's Lord Title are only known to him and Insipid.

    Sith Title: Darth Avarice
    Name: Darth Avarice's real name no longer exists, his alias however, is Aravesque
    Age: 95
    Gender: Male
    Species: Koudminshu
    Planet of Birth: Naboo
    Appearance: [image=]

    Avarice stands at six feet in height, with long black hair, blue eyes, and his races (and related races) trademarked pointed ears. Different from his attire of the Force Cold War, which consisted of suits, Avarice wears black robes, with black and gold trimmed leather accessories. His skin is a greyish colour, an effect of delving into the darkside more so then it being a natural skin colour for his race. He was born rather pale.
    Rank: Arbiter (Public) Lord of Terror (Secret)
    Weapon Description: Two lightsabers, of identical hilts. One of which was almost always applied as the handle of a cane so he could move about without his lightsaber noticed. This is also so he can use it as a disciplinary weapon to those under him, and as a blunt melee weapon when he's not in the mood to kill, though was been known to have killed on man with the cane at one point. He also owns an ornate Dagger, this is primarily a torture tool. Finally he has a [link=]Pistol[/link] and a decent stash of ammo that he acquired during the Force Cold War.
    Biography: Avarice was the, at one point, psychotic apprentice of Darth Insipid. A man truly devoted to Insipid's cause and forever faithful to his Lords will even beyond death. During the events known primarily as "The Force Cold War" Avarice was one of Insipid's hands. He participated in the Destroying of Worlds plot, and was mostly responsible for the killing of the Senate on that day.

    Following this he assisted in creating the Imperial Civil War, by installing a puppet Emperor. Following the defeat at Nyssa Avarice remained by Insipid's side, perhaps his closest aid, and a true partner. Avarice's biggest usefulness is his age, his race ages very slowly, and as such Avarice is, and was, Insipid's hand while the Sith Lord was in stasis. He also has the ability to carry Insipid's plan and will for hundreds or thousands of years, baring unforeseen issues.

    To this point Avarice has been trained to be a weapon, a secret weapon. He carries the trappings of an average Arbiter, in strength and in power, but has been as capable of any Lord for nearly half a century. To this effect Insipid bestowed upon Avarice, in secret, the title Lord of Terror. Even now at this point on Lehon he remains a part of Insipid's plan, complete with the capability to leave at any time he needs to.

    Additional Info: Avarice owns the DeepWater-class ship Black Abyss this ship is as much a part of Insipid's plans as Avarice and has been customized with systems allowing it to operate its engines and life support systems inside the Lehon Dampening field. To this effect it is hidden underwater at a secret location.
  7. Lord Vivec

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    Apr 17, 2006

    Sith Title: Darth Verrick
    Name: Janus Karn
    Age: Biologically around 50, Chronologically unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Naboo
    Rank: Lord of Variance

    Weapon Description:
    1 red lightsaber (right hand)
    1 silver lightsaber (left hand)
    2 modified Mandalorian heavy blasters
    1 modified Zabrak Battle Cannon

    Early Life
    Janus was born on Naboo, being the youngest sibling of two sisters and one brother. He was given to the Jedi Order as a young child, but maintained connections with his family, despite disapproval from masters of the Order. His father was a politically motivated writer for the Naboo news and his mother was a high-ranking officer for the Naboo Army. His brother became a soldier in the Naboo Army, and both his sisters joined the scientific pursuits.

    Noble Jedi Knight
    He became an apprentice in the Jedi Order, impressing the Jedi with his skills with both lightsabers and blasters. Being a stealth based fighter, He was sent on ops missions and assassinations. Being proficient in engineering, he was well equipped to destroy enemy technology, which, along with this stealth, made him perfect for search and destroy. He continued rising in the Jedi Order, attaining a rank of Jedi Knight at the age of 23. But that all changed when his brother, a soldier for the Naboo army was killed by the order of the High Council during a planetary conflict. Janus felt at betrayed by the Jedi. He secretly left the Order, where friends covered up his actions. No much else is known by the Sith about his time as a Jedi.

    Wandering the galaxy for two years, he went from planet to planet, working as a hired mercenary. It was then that he discovered his aptitude for electricity. He needed a place to train, train in the arts of the Dark Side. He felt a calling to Ziost, where he centered himself and found his true calling: the Sith Order. He then left to join the Sith Order.

    The Sith
    Arriving on Lehon, he joined the Sith Order under Darth Mystique. Under the tutelage of Darth Mystique, then Dark Lady of the Sith, he rose from the rank of Apprentice to the rank of Marauder, taking the name Darth Verrick. Once he became a Marauder, he became a warrior for the Sith. He created the "tech room" of Order inside an old comms room of the Rakatan Temple. Once Darth Harestich took control of the Dominion of Darkness, Verrick left the Dominion. He did not want to be there when Harestich, knowing he was a Mystique Loyalist, would no doubt try to kill him.

    The One Sith
    He resumed his wandering ways until he went into hiding into a force-strong building in Ziost. He wanted to train and did not want to be disturbed. The passage of time was not known to him in there, for the force prevented it, which was good because he wanted his full focus on training. However, he was found by Darth Insipid in 127 ABY, and realized that he did not age significantly. Insipid, knowing his departure from the Dominion, briefed him on galactic events. He joined Insipid in his plan to enter the One Sith and join Darth Krayt's bid for the Galactic Throne. However, once Krayt defeated Insipid, Verrick fled, returning to the building in Ziost which had served him so well. Once he felt he had trained enough, he left Ziost. He felt a call to return to Lehon, for the Dominion was in danger...

    Sith Lord
    He returned to Lehon in 140 ABY, once again being called Rakata Prime by the Sith, to find the place in fierce battle. The servants of Krayt were fighting the Dominion. He knew he would have to rejoin the Dominion. He was re-accepted as Arbiter by the new Dark Lord, Ventris, and upon training new recruits, became the Lord of Variance. He was a Sith Lord, but also a tech specialist. His abilities in that realm served the Dominion well, for they had to have the utmost technological advantage against the "Dragons," as Krayt's servants were called. It was now
  8. mujapple-juicey

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    Jul 21, 2008
    Approved by NickLitYouAFlame

    Sith Title: Palior

    Name: Veto Dainx

    Age: 21

    Gender: male

    Species: humanoid

    Planet of Birth: Coruscant

    -Hair: light blue, short
    -Eyes: blackened grey and thickly lashed
    -Complexion: ivory
    -Build: wiry and firm despite under-weightness
    -Height: 1.725
    -Attire: normal Sith attire

    Rank: Marauder

    Weapon Description: regular red lightsabre and several laser pistols

    Personality: Veto is extremely cautious and inquisitive. He is a defiant individual, and doesn't bow down to anything unless it is completely reasonable and safe to or if he's being forced to. However, he also has a sense of uncertainty he couldn't shake. Despite the Sith's teachings, he somehow managed to preserve a sense of inward humour.

    -Ages 0-5: Veto was born on Coruscant, where his parents ran a holobook store that the family slept upstairs of. He was the oldest child, and he liked being the third most powerful person in the family. When he turned three, the family got another member, his baby sister. Tragically, two years later, his parents got into a speeder-crash, which killed his mother and left his father crippled, so Veto was in charge, much to his childish dismay.

    -Ages 5-7: In this time, as the unofficial man-of-the-house, he had matured remarkably, almost abnormally. His father helped whenever possible and took his place at home when Veto had to go off to school, but all of them knew that this couldn't last long.

    -Ages 8-9: His father slipped and fell in the refresher, and died of a broken neck. Veto was aghast and his sister terrified. He did his best to give his dad a decent funeral and with what dignity he had, he sold the store. With the money they had, they set of to find their uncle, who neither of them had met but both had known about. They had hardly idea where he was, except that he was in the Outer Rim, but they knew it was their only chance, as they've heard the rumours about the orphanage, and Veto was never going to let that happen to his sister, who he had come to love deeply. They managed to hitch-hike with a cargo shipper to Naboo.

    -Age 10: A very eventful age for him. He and his sister had searched far and wide for their uncle, and finally found him on-board a freighter. Their uncle was unlike anything they'd expected. He was bitter and uninterested in his niece and nephew, but he gave them money and passage to a friend of his. They set off for the friend, but the freighter they were on happened to be transporting something valuable, and it was attacked by space pirates. His sister was killed as the pirates boarded the ship, and Veto lost his senses. The bold ten year old was infuriated, and he broke the leader of the pirates' neck in one forceful shove, stunning all on-board, including a Sith, who's been keeping tabs on him the whole ride due to his connection to the Force. The Sith pounced on this opportunity and persuaded the boy the join the Sith, and the boy, his resolve in pieces and his future hopeless, complied.

    -Ages 11-now: He's been training as a Sith, and he's done fairly well, yet sometimes he questions his decision on that ship.
  9. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Sinre approved

    Sith Title: Darth Bursyrkr
    Name: Piotir Derridd
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Kuan
    Appearance: [image=]
    ---Skin Color: Pale (Darkside Corruption)
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Red-Orange (Darkside Corruption)
    ---Clothing: The armored robes formerly belonging to that of a Blackguard Wilder, which was a sect of Dark Jedi on Mustafar during the Galactic Civil War.
    ---Other Attributes: Pointed Goatee. Long slicked back hair. Muscular/athletic build. Squarish chin and chiseled facial features.
    ---Other Details: Has a few random scars across his body, mainly on his back. during the Galactic Civil War.
    Rank: Marauder
    Weapon Description:
    -----Blade(s): Normal length
    -----Color(s): Crimson
    -----Handle Description(s): Dark Gunmetal, straight, slightly compact hilt.
    Other weapons: Repeating blaster pistol
    Biography: Piotir Derridd lived a life of relative hardship. He was conceived after his mother was raped, by the man who would ironically raise him through most of his life. His mother died in childbirth, and he was thus orphaned from birth, eventually picked up by his biological father ten years later.

    His childhood was all but gone at that point however, his father having only adopted him so he could do manual labor for him on his Nerf Ranch, essentially being enslaved. To top it all off, he was abused. Whenever he didn't do something right, he was whipped with a nerf prod, contributing to the many scars on his back.

    However, by the time he was 17 years old, Piotir had enough. In a confrontation with his father, he accidentally force pushed him onto the top of the Ranch's fence, which was electrically shielded, thus electrocuting his father to death. Piotir, finally free, ran away from home, in his father's freighter, vowing to never return again.

    Eventually, Piotir came across an unknown pyramid shaped artifact, that somehow he was drawn to. This was a Sith Holocron. Upon activating the holocron, the sith spirit who created the holocron appeared before him, who not only sensed his force ability, but his and anger and suffering. This spirit, was Darth Insipid, who saw great potential for him as a Sith, and took him as his apprentice, under one condition. Piotir was to help Insipid with the process of returning to a corporeal body.

    In 133 ABY, Insipid entered a body "made available" by Piotir, and then the two of them, Master and Apprentice, joined the Dominion of Darkness.

    After a while, Insipid helped Piotir come to realize what power he had, but deep down inside, he craved more.

    Eventually, two years later, the Dominion came under attack by the One Sith. In the fighting, Piotir proved himself to be quite the formidable warrior, even for an apprentice. It wasn't long before he was made a Marauder, in 140 ABY, at the age of 25.

    Now, with both groups beginning to grow weary of the fighting, Piotir isn't showing any signs of it, his thirst for power being sated by the blood of his enemies...


    Heavily modified [link=]Starlight-class light freighter.[/link]
  10. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007

    Sith Title: Momo
    Name: Mo Kata-Kata
    Age: 359
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pau'an
    Planet of Birth: Utapau
    Appearance: Gold jacket and grey pants with a black belt. He looks like any pau'an except he's darker, almost black, and wears yellow shades. He's tall, but his body is in top physical shape. Not bulky, but extremely fit to the point of being ripped.
    Rank: Marauder
    Weapon Description: Double bladed lightsaber. (Red)
    Biography: Momo is an old guy. He used to be a Jedi Knight during the Old Republic, but during a mission, apparantly went missing. The jedi had always thought that Mo was normal, as he was truly dedicated to the cause, and though they had noticed that Mo does things at random, this was highly unexpected. Search parties were sent out for him, but he was never found.

    It so happens that while on the mission, Momo discovered that he did not want to be a Jedi anymore and, instead, wanted to spend his days gambling and chasing women. He did so. For over 100 years. Momo then decided he wanted to pursue the Force once again, built himself a lightsaber, and went off to find a band that shared his interest. He found the DoD when he crash landed on the planet 50 years ago. On a whim, like everything he does, he joined them with a wink and a smile. It seems like something that could really last for him. Until something better comes along.

    While he has the role of Marauder, Mo has mastered the basics of the Force, but excels in lightsaber and melee combat. His physical form gives him an edge over any opponent, the Force only aiding an already capable duelist. His Force potential is average and this is on a good day.
  11. General_BlackLegion

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    Apr 14, 2004
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    OOC: I have modified my CS extensively from the one above. This is my new and current CS that is BOTH Nick and Sinre Approved! So use this one instead of the one above. If you are a moderator and you are reading this, feel free to edit-remove the CS above. Thanks! :D Also, I want to give credit to Kahn_Iceay for helping me integrate the character(s) into the ABYverse and TES IV: Oblivion / Mass Effect for their IP ideas.


    Sith Title: Lady Nox
    Name: Aeria Sandria Carcalla
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Echani-Mandalorian Hybrid (Genetically Engineered / Test-Tube Baby)
    Planet of Birth: Near the Outer Rim on FEV Sovereign (Eshan-Class Cargo Ship converted into a Ariake Technologies Genetic Laboratory)


    - Height: 5? 10?
    - Build: Slightly Muscular and Curvy
    - Clothing: ?Knight of Nox? Armor


    --- Handcrafted by herself with the help of Echani Scientists
    --- Forged from a Plasteel/Durasteel/Obsidian mixed material, surfaced with a shiny onyx metal finish and inlaid with a durable cortosis weave
    --- Versatile design for good, sleek Echani armor look and style but also sly practicality with hidden areas to holster small pistols and convenient areas to holster lightsabers or blades
    --- Custom made for Aeria including a unique hood and signature mask

    - Skin: Slightly Pale Peach White
    - Hair: Silvery Gray
    - Eyes: Azure Blue
    - Tattoo: Right Arm has a small Ariake Technologies logo on it with experiment number





    Rank: Apprentice (Advanced Level)

    Weapon Description:

    - 1x Red-Bladed Lightsaber (Main Weapon)
    --- Special Echani-Enhanced Elongated Blade, Elongated Sliver Hilt w/ Black Grips (Classic Darth Vader-like Style)


    - 1x Echani Curved Vibrokatana
    --- Cortosis-weaved blade
    --- Curved design
    --- Onyx Black Finish with Metal Decals


    - 2x Mikaru Corporation Type 703 Hand Blasters w/ a good stock of ammunition



    - Mikaru Shipwright Star Fury-Class Starfighter (The Isolated One)


    --- Painted all Onyx Black with Amber Gold Decals


    --- Industrial Automaton R9-X2 Astromech Droid ?Blacky?


    Aeria was born from the experimental project, dubbed ?Project Nox,? The Free Echani Alliance's response to countless Artificial Force User projects stemming from the Force Cold War. The Echani, having separated themselves from the GFFA following the events of 100 ABY, saw the need to bolster their military capabilities to match those of other galactic organizations. So they utilized an idea of biologically engineering a super breed of Echani that held the best traits of their species, and natural Force Sensitive abilities. Therefore, several Echani investors and government officials decided to execute the project into the hands of Ariake Technologies, an official Echani genetic enhancement firm, in partnership with the Mikaru Corporation, the Echani's largest Military contractor. The man assigned with this audacious task was the popular, retired military adviser and genetic scientist, Arbiter Gaius Morganus Carcalla, who founded Ariake Technologies and has worked extensively with the members of the Mikaru Corporation in previous projects.

    For Arbiter Carcalla, he found this project to be very useful for a personal, secretive project that he always wanted to attempt. Unknowing from the Free Echani Allia
  13. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Nick approved

    Sith Title: (Darth) Pelandra
    Name: Pelandra Harrn
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Bestine IV

    Appearance: [image=]

    Rank: Rankless (Red Sith have no ranks. She is functionally equivalent to an average strength Sith)
    Weapon Description: Single blade lightsaber (ice blue), blaster pistol

    Biography: Pelandra is the direct grand-daughter of the Red Sith leader, (Darth) Mentok. Right before Mentok discovered Rakata Prime, he had relations with a Kuati noblewoman named Casmara Haarn. When Mentok took leave of her to go on another "mission", she was forced to bear his child alone. Luckily for Casmara, she was quite wealthy, and was able to give birth to a daughter, which she named Menalisa. Menalisa soon was joined by more siblings as Casmara remarried to a wealthy Kuati businessman, and she soon became "the illegitimate child." In such a conservative and restrictive society as Kuat, this made Menalisa's life very difficult. Upon growing of age, she left for the aquafarming world of Bestine IV, where she would not be judged or known. She met a nice farmer there, settled down, and had an extensive family, of which Pelandra was also the eldest. The force was with Pelandra, just as it was with Menalisa, despite her efforts to ignore or suppress it.

    Unlike her mother, however, Pelandra embraced her force sense. This caused no small amount of discord between the two women. When Pelandra became of age, she set out to learn about her enigmatic, force using grandfather. She began a life of wandering, much like Mentok did so many years ago. She retraced his steps, eventually finding Mentok's original lightsaber on Korriban and a few scattered writings along the way. She took to her grandfather's Red Sith ideology enthusiastically, and now arrives on Rakata Prime to see what became of her grandfather's body and his legacy. She is less skilled than most Sith when it comes to "traditional" Sith force-skills, but more skilled when it comes to Runes and Alchemy, traditional Red Sith areas of expertise.
  14. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Nick approved!


    Name: Darth Ardeur
    Age: 52
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tall, blonde long hair normally worn back in a ponytail. Blue eyes, slim, muscular build. Has a scar that runs down her right cheek.
    Allegiance: Sith
    Weapons: Red lightsaber

    Unknown home planet, Ardeur was found by the Sith at a young age. She was raised on Korriban at the Sith academy and thus Ardeur knows only how to fight and be a Sith. She trained next to Darth Insipid as they were growing up frequently sparring against him and conspiring their takeover of the Sith together. A bond formed between the two and he could not resist her beauty and ability to draw men to her. The two were lovers until after Insipid?s plan to put them in stasis and appear later in time when the Sith were more powerful. Ardeur was put in stasis against her will, resenting Insipid?s selfishness to keep her at his side.

    Upon returning to the galaxy, Ardeur fled from Insipid?s grasp when the two rejoined Darth Krayt?s Sith. Darth Krayt quickly utilized Ardeur?s skills at stealth and treachery in the fight against the Jedi and Imperial Knights in 128 ABY. During the Battle of Bastion, Ardeur struck down the mighty Lowbacca, causing the tide of the battle to change in favor of the Sith. Darth Insipid soon failed Darth Krayt, leading to his death and the defection of Ardeur to another side of the fight. She joined a cunning Verpine known as Xaare, who intended to use the war to implement and cover up his own ideas for taking over areas of the galaxy.

    Unbeknownst to Ardeur, Insipid had anchored part of himself to her, causing him to continue to ?survive? even after being killed. The betrayal of this infuriated Ardeur who refused to listen to Insipid?s suggestions. Ardeur fought against another of Insipid?s pawns, Darth Idoneus, while on the Steadfast, leading to the ship?s destruction, but escaping in an evacuation pod as she ordered the ship to ram the enemy. Idoneus followed her pod but fought Xaare - Idoneus believing he succeeded. The destruction of the two was reported galaxy-wide, but at the last minute Ardeur had activated the pod?s defenses and micro-jumped away from the area, saving herself and the Verpine.

    From there, Ardeur spent several years with Xaare continuing to help him build up his army against the Sith and the Empire. When news of Darth Krayt?s death reached Ardeur, she decided it was time to return to the Sith to reclaim what was hers. A council was formed for the Sith, who referred to themselves as the Dominion of Darkness. Ardeur?s knowledge and prowess shown during 128 ABY garnered her stature befitting her years. Ardeur was appointed to the council and for now, is content to stay there. She was off-world when Krayt discovered the base of the Dominion, and she continued her own campaign against Krayt with the few Dominion scouts that were free to do so.

    In 137 ABY when Insipid returned physically to the galaxy, he hunted down Ardeur. Through an unpleasant confrontation that almost resulted in both their deaths, Insipid revealed a useful skill which he promised to give to Ardeur if she would stop her tirade and not kill him. Ardeur consented and there learned the ability to transfer her conscious between bodies. Thus Ardeur is able to be the Dark Lady of the Acolytes of Darkness and also be on the council of the Dominion of Darkness. One day she hopes to utilize her loyal Sith forces to take over and unite all the Sith in the galaxy.

    Being used as a killing machine for most of her life has hardened Ardeur?s heart into an ice cold ball. She would sooner strike you down if you step out of line than to deal with your mistakes. Her fury and ability to back it up has made her revered and feared as the years pass.
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    I fully realize that his post is late in its arrival, and I apologize for that. Now, at the point, the game has begun!

    Tantric Vos, in the guise of Tantric Vos
    Private Chambers, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    It had become commonplace for Tantric to sleep restlessly, in the last few years. His mind worked like a factory, processing information even as he slept. His dreams were muddled with calculations and schemes. Schemes of his allies, for he had none. Or, none that he would admit to, rather. Tantric had always been one to play dumb, a trait instilled in him by his mother, more than half a century ago. His thoughts had always been his own.

    Tantric sat up in his bed, and swung his feet over the edge. His toes touched cold marble. Tantric pushed himself up from the bed. He glanced at the wall; at his staff. Tantric walked the short length of his five by seven meter chamber, to his conjoining refresher. He stripped down, removing his brown and blue jumpsuit, and stepped into the shower. The water was scalding, and Tantric felt as if his flesh was peeling off his muscles. It was rejuvenating, in a way. Tantric was no stranger to pain.

    Tantric grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, before leaving the shower. He grabbed another, smaller, towel and dried his long braids. Tantric shaved, quickly, nicking his neck, and then washed his face. Then, he stopped and stared back at his eyes. The iris was a deep, powerful orange. The whites were stained a pale red, from sleep deprivation. Tantric leaned towards the mirror. He looked at himself for several minutes, before turning his eyes blue. Natural. Tantric swallowed, and turned away from his reflection. As he walked back into his bedroom, his eyes faded back to orange.

    Drawers flew open in anticipation of Tantric?s touch, as he walked towards his dresser. He grabbed a light blue jumpsuit from one, and a roll of his canvas wrap from another. He pulled the jumpsuit on under his towel, and then let it drop from around his body. Tantric zipped the suit up to his neck. He rewrapped his hands, wrists and ankles with the canvas, to prevent stress on a body already strained by decades of combat. Tantric sat on the floor, and began his morning workout routine.

    An hour later, with sweat dripping from his hair, Tantric emerged from his chambers, fully suited in his leather armor, and covered by his iconic black cloak. In Tantric?s right hand, was his staff; a metal lightsaber hilt nearly as tall as him. Tantric ambled, aided by the staff, through the temple?s main hall. He was Darth Ventris, again.

    While wandering the temple, Ventris was approached by a young Rodian that the Dark Lord recalled as Tol Skoza. Tol, an apprentice, bowed before Ventris. Ventris rolled his eyes. It was too early for formalities. Ventris asked, ?How can I help you, Tol??

    Tol spoke quickly, stuttering, ?My Lord, forgive me for interrupting your? you. The weapon master is dueling Momo again; refusing to teach until he defeats him.?

    Ventris smiled at the thought. Darth Rabic had been trying to best the old Pau?an ever since he joined the Dominion. Ventris nodded at the Rodian. He understood the situation. ?I?ll speak with Rabic later. In the meantime, I?d like you to go collect Lady Nox and locate Darth Xymox. He?ll be in the jungle. Somewhere??

    Tol looked like he wanted to ask something, but Ventris was already walking away. He had prior engagements.

    Darth Rabic - Locke Legon
    Exterior Training Ring, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Light streamed past cross beams, creating a halo around Darth Rabic?s blonde hair. Rabic had to look up, to look at the being before him, but what he lacked in height, Rabic made up for in width. And, persistence. This would be the fifth time that Rabic, one of the Dominion?s weapon masters, fought Momo. The rivalry had began, at least for Rabic, the day that Momo was tested before the House of Lords. The human Sith had
  16. Lord Vivec

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    [hl=black]IC: Darth Verrick[/hl]

    The House of Lords
    Command Center, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Verrick had been sitting in contemplation across Lady Ardeur when The Dark Lord had entered. Verrick looked up, acknowledging his entrance, as he nodded at Verrick and bowed to Ardeur. He then took a seat facing the door, leaving the last one for Insipid.

    After looking around, The Dark Lord spoke: ?Has anyone been able to keep track of the good Lord of Betrayal, this morning??

    Verrick looked up "I have not. I rarely keep up with what he does, as it usually never makes any sense to me." He then relaxed in his chair. "He will come. And if he doesn't, he can catch up on talking points later.

    [hl=black]TAG: Nick, s65horsey, Sinre[/hl]
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    Jun 24, 2006
    [hl=black]IC: Darth Ardeur[/hl]
    The House of Lords
    Command Center, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Her blue eyes flashed towards the door as Ventris walked in. She had assumed it would be Insipid who walked in next and her eyebrows almost rose in slight surprise to see the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Ardeur chose a chair that put her back to the wall and allowed her to see the whole room, including the entrance. She did not want to sit directly across from her former lover, Insipid, so she did not fully face the door. Her head bowed slightly back to Ventris as he threw a bow in her direction before sitting.

    ?Has anyone been able to keep track of the good Lord of Betrayal, this morning?? Ventris asked.

    "I have not. I rarely keep up with what he does, as it usually never makes any sense to me." Verrick responded.

    Ardeur snorted loudly. "He wishes." and that was her only acknowledgment of the question.

    With one leg tucked underneath her, she pulled a knife from a sheath attached to her other leg and started using it on her fingernails while they waited for Insipid. Robed in her favorite tight black suit, she practically blended into the black hoverchair on which she sat. However, her blonde hair was a stark contrast with the blackness of the chair which engulfed her tiny stature.

    What could be keeping Insipid? she mused to herself probably another hair brained scheme to win her back or time jump them again or some other crazy thing. But not this time. She wasn't going to let him control her ever again and she was sure that her position on the House of Lords was the key to making it possible to retain her freedom. Insipid and Ardeur had come to an understanding, but this sith had learned the hard way not to trust the Lord of Betrayal.

    [hl=black]TAG: Nick, Vivec, Sinre[/hl]
  18. Evil Incarnate

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    Aug 18, 2003
    IC: Kye'eldes'tann
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Kye'El was tired of the arguments thrown at him from this Sith whelp he had been told to train, he would have to. If there was one thing that this boy would learn from him, it would be not to argue with a superior, no matter how right you may be. He stared blankly at the boy for a moment longer, then grabbed the boy by the throat, and threw him full force into the wall. His years of using Sith Alchemy on himself lent his muscles much greater strength then it appeared they had. It was a good thing the walls in the Training Facility were heavily padded, else the boy might not be able to recover from this without at least a week in medlab.

    TAG: mujapple-juicey

    OOC: sorry about the rough start! :p

  19. mujapple-juicey

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    Jul 21, 2008
    IC: Veto Dainx
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    For a moment he was standing in front of a Chiss, asking questions and hoping they were safe ones. The next, he found himself getting too well acquainted with the wall for his liking.

    Veto sputtered as he slid to the ground.

    What did I do wrong this time? I can't get any smarter if they keep throwing me on walls and stuff like that. And then they get angry because I don't understand anything. Where's the logic in that?

    He looked up at Kye'El, wondering what he should say. Maybe he just should keep quiet and stay away until the Chiss was out of steam.

    I wonder what the rumours are going to be this time.

    "Should... should I go, now?"

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    OOC: lol, way to change arguing to innocent questions. :p

    IC: Kye'eldes'tann

    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    "Should... should I go, now?" the young marauder said looking up at him.

    "No, I have not finished with you yet." in an even tone "Just know that I will not abide stupid questions, or questions of why you are doing something. You will first learn to do what you are told without question, after you have mastered that, I will tell you why you are doing what I am telling you." He turned and motioned for the boy to follow him as he strode towards the weapons rack on the other side of the room.

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  21. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Lehon, Command Center

    [blockquote]Darth Insipid opened his eyes, reasserting control over his arms and legs at his boredom. He was in the turbolift, taking his time from his chambers. It had been a dissatisfying few months, what with violence peaking and just as many One Sith dying as Dominion Sith as of late. Not that any of the others would acknowledge as much.

    He could already sense they were ahead of him, if not because they were absences in the Force, but because they were evident. Or... because he knew they would be at this meeting, and Insipid was late. The Sith Lord watched as the door opened, and he saw, directly in-front of him, Darth Ventris. The current Dark Lord of the Dominion. Insipid added the word 'current', because he'd met earlier Dark Lords, and had met other Dark Lords, of other sects. His interest had only been in one Dark Lord - Darth Krayt. Long gone, now.

    Without that man, Insipid had lost some of his darkness. It was as if his choices had been defined by those who had inflicted harm to him; Lumiya; Darth Krayt; the New Republic itself, to a degree. All gone, now...

    The Sith Lord nodded his head at Darth Ardeur. Insipid allowed a small smile to touch his lips, reflecting on the old chuckle he had often shared with her. Before. When they had been One Sith. He saw her, toying with her knife, as ever. Insipid didn't even flinch for his weapon. Insipid pointedly didn't - because he'd beaten this woman dozens of times in his life. He paid no attention to Darth Verrick. He didn't care for him - how could he?

    The Dark Lord took a breath, and inclined his head slightly to the Dark Lord - a small bow, as ever. "Sorry I'm late. I was checking the frontline." True enough. The perimeter was weakening daily, if only because Ventris had demanded that they hold this position. The Sith Temple was key to the Dominion position, which made it impressive that they'd defended it for so long. He was well aware that he was showing his back if he sat - so he chose not to.

    Darth Insipid folded his arms behind his back, and started to pace around the table. "We're not going to hold onto this position forever. We need a plan, my fellow Lords." Insipid didn't edit his statement for Ardeur - she deserved the pure Dark Lord title. Without female modification. Not that he'd admit it.[/blockquote]

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    Jan 8, 2003
    IC: Darth Xymox

    A Forest
    Vicinity of the Dominion Compound, Lehon

    Darkness. A simple concept went through Darth Xymox's mind as he peered into the trees. The darker it became, the harder it was to see. But, the longer you remained in the dark, the better your vision became both in the dark and in the light.

    This was a dark world. Even without a cloud in the sky, at the mid of the day, it felt dark. And the Force was just an inky pool, especially for one still learning the ways of the Force. Reaching out into the Force, the forest was a shadow of life. Every animal and plant caused small vibrations in the ink pool and the movement of nearly a dozen of Force powerful beings stirred the blackened depths as they transited the area.

    Xymox tried to get an exact fix on the beings, yet as they got closer, the Force around him buzzed with a deafening hum of malice and hatred. He closed his eyes, trying for anything that might break the beings out of the sea into a fixed point. However, the hum turned to a ringing in his head, as the intensity of the dark Force filled his mind and a small trickle of blood leeched out of his nose.

    Then in a flash of light in his mind, everything became clear for a fraction of a second. The world around him went silent and into slow motion and he began a tumble forward. One hand gripped the soft moss of the forest floor and the other went for his holster. His head touched the ground and his eyes flashed open, looking upside-down between his legs as he continued the roll. His legs curled against themselves and as they passed over his body, they began to extend. Just as his head lifted off the ground, his body now in a midair arc, his body began to come upright, his right arm now extended out over his head. The blur of the ochreous-coloured blade slicing down towards where he had been less than a second ago. Still arced and the world inverted, a yellow-white flash signaled a lightening bolt crack, as a trail of smoke followed a hypersonic slug towards its final destination. The blade seared its way into the forest floor as the leaves around the area began to shutter from the blast. As his feet touched the forest floor again, the slug contacted the flesh of his target. Milliseconds later it had torn several inches into the torso when the charge detonated. The force of the blast rippled out into the flesh, powderizing bone and turning flesh into a spray. A jet of shredded meat shot out the back of the attacker, as the explosion and the remains of the slug continued to travel, tearing through the foliage. The explosion continued to tear its way though the body of the victim, forcing the upper torso up with the head as the ribcage flew out with the liquidize organs behind them. The final grip on the attacker's lightsaber held, and as the remains of the arm flew, the blade went with it, cutting through the under brush. The force of the blast and a high velocity spray of gore and bone fragments struck Xymox just as he was barely upright, still about to lurch forward with the momentum into a somersault. Tiny bones slivers torn through the layers of clothing and just penetrated the skin as his back was nearly soaked in the gruesome rain. As the sharp crack of his weapon and the wet thud of the slugs detonation were echoing throughout the forest, Xymox finished his somersault and slid to a nearly unbalanced stop just under three seconds since he had realized the imminent threat.

    He grabbed his right arm, where sliver of bone had sliced deep enough to touch his own bone. He spun in place to see the settling mist of gore and smoke, and looked around for other threats. He had caught one of the Sith attackers off guard, yet now he was faced with multiple targets from unknown locations and no element of surprise. Unable to use the Force for their location, he had only his physical eyes and ears to alert him to threats.

    ..come closer and see; see into the trees.. just follow your eyes.. ..into the trees..

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    Apr 14, 2004
    IC: Lady Nox

    Personal Chamber, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    She woke up to the sounds of loud knocking on her chamber's main door. The bright sun rays are beaming into her massive skylight above her bed as she glared around her own bedroom.

    "Arrgh, waking up to the sounds of knocking. Great," she said in a groggy, unenthusiastic tone.

    As the pounding continued, she sat on her bed and called for her droid, Blacky. Blacky rolled to its master and made a beep of acknowledgment.

    "Go get the door and see who is it," she muttered to the astromech droid and then yawned. The droid beeped for confirmation and rolled to the main door.

    The droid soon flipped the switch to open up the door's visual intercom and saw a face of a nervous Rodian, with sweat coming down his face and his hands were twitching. The droid soon spoke into the intercom in DroidSpeak, "How may I help you sir?"

    Tag: Nick
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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Derkomai

    [blockquote]The One Sith camp, today, was at the beaches. In time with this, Darth Derkomai had sent half a dozen skirmishers into the forests close to the approximate location of the Dominion Temple. The Sith strode through the rickety area, watching as half a dozen 'tamed' rancors dragged the shield generators into the centre of the new miniature fortress. Power packs had ran out months ago, and though a few of the more mechanically minded of the acolytes had attempted to transform lightsabers into power supplies, the simplest solution had been to put together solar collectors to gather enough power for the generators. It was a slow process, and as such Derkomai had stepped back the offensive aspect of the campaign for now.


    Such a neat word, she idly reflected. Because to describe this as a 'campaign' was a foolish concept. This had stopped being a mission when they'd lost contact with the Dark Lord. As his personal force, the Dragons, only he had retained direct control of these forces, created in secret by Darth Krayt, as his own version of the Imperial Knights; dedicated to the Sith Emperor. The One Sith could be trusted, but individuals could only be trusted to a degree - and Krayt had not been Dark Lord for such a time without some sense of practicalities. Derkomai had been trained by Darth Kruhl, one of the few elements within the One Sith who knew of the Dragons.

    Reports had that Kruhl had died shortly before they stopped receiving communiques from the known galaxy. Derkomai had no idea what had happened. Not that she told her shrunk legion - Derkomai had simply informed them that Krayt, displeased with their progress, had kept them on this world without assistance until they succeeded. A truly Sith punishment, it could be said. But after ten long years...

    Cracks were starting to form.


    From behind Derkomai, a Sith, one Darth Sentinel the Third, eye missing as well as an unpleasant chunk of his shoulder, leaped, an aggressive and quick lunge, stabbing at Derkomai's back. With a sidestep and a flourish, she ignited her twin blades, turning and meeting his attack not at his blade, but at his neck.

    The head flew off.

    Nobody reacted in the camp, everyone simply continuing with their tasks. The beach was permanent Dragon territory, simply because, periodically, supplies from the wreckage of a thousand escape pods and shuttles floated here, giving them much needed supplies. While the Dominion had, seemingly, been prepared for a siege, she certainly hadn't. So they improvised. Because they were Sith.

    And now it was time to try something different.

    And victor.


    The main forest ran between the beach and the Sith Temple, the two the points of a triangle which the 'right angle' was made by the location of the ancient Rakatan Temple that had been used by Darth Revan millennia ago. The triangle was made up by tens of kilometers, and as such the forest was particularly deep. In the years gone by, it had receded somewhat by the efforts of either side to create a clearing, the largest between the Dragon length of the triangle.

    A mountainous region, difficult to navigate, backed the Sith Temple, acting as somewhere where skirmishes could again take place. The years had been a wave of offensives by the Dragons that had been broke either in the forest or at the mountains. A few tactical raids by the Dragons had broken the enemy time and time again, and the Dragons had created traps, drawing them in. These campaigns took time, and a three year long blockade by the Dragons had tried to cut the Dominion from the forest or mountains - from their theoretical sources of food and water.

    That had been when the Dominion had made use of their tunnels, adding a three dimensional layer to the conflict beyond the occasional duels between flights of TIE Predators and the motley array of Dominion fighters. Those engagements had cost the Dragons as much as the protracted siege, and the Dominion had managed to break the blockade befor
  25. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Darth Bursyrkr

    He was roaming through the forest, looking for a potential One Sith to strike down, and then it hit him. He, the hunter, was being hunted. By someone he knew all too well.

    Studying upon Darth Sidious, his favorite Sith Lord from history, taught Darth Bursyrkr many things. One of them, was that it was possible to conceal yourself from an enemy that was all too numerous, and strike at a moments notice. All without revealing yourself, at least completely. Thus, today, he was going to use a technique that could hide him from his enemy, all starting by enveloping him in despair. It was what you could call a refinement to a technique used by Lomi Plo during the Dark Nest Crisis, as he not only used his enemies' doubts and fears to mask himself from view, he created them. And, since he knew this particular enemy better than usual, the doubts and fears would be even better than usual.

    So, within a moment's notice, Bursrykr turned around, to face his target, although concealed by the underbrush, and, reached out with the force, and with a wave of his hand, dug into the mind of his target, and, using Force Fear created illusory nightmares, that were specifically tailored to his enemies worst fears. He then, used that fear, that was now most likely pulsing within his enemy's mind, to conceal him from him.

    TAG: Sinre for if the Trick works on Darth Carrin
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